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Sharon Talbot Aug 2018
The faded beauty,
a desiccated blush
Still seen by you and me
was evidence of
a scarlet flush.

But the season is over
And the mating done.
Splendor still hovers
Until the two are one.

But who are we to stand and gawk,
Though they rest in shade and know us not?

Their hour is spent in the maiden sun,
And we arrive after the race is won.

Stoop low to gather useless information
about magnetism and procreation.
We are nothing more than nature's shields
And the guardians of whatever she yields.
Aa Harvey Apr 2018
Our protectors from the storm.

Come shed a tear, for our fallen sons.
Our friends; our children; our brothers in arms.
Our army of deceased heroes;
Our protectors in the storm.

Our love, our life, our hope and future,
Has been washed away
And for what reason we cannot decipher.
But we trust in the Lord, to take care of them all;
The one’s who made it back
And the one’s that had to fall.
The one’s who fought and won our war;
Our protectors in the storm.

So I wish upon this starry, starry night,
That God had not sent his angels into flight,
To retrieve the souls of the fallen;
The lives that were too short and stolen.
From us as dust is now to dust,
The ashes have blown away
And so now have our protectors from the storm.

Why Lord?  Why did they have to go?
Why Lord did you cause us all, so much sorrow?
Why Lord, why my son and not another?
Why Lord?  Why not me, instead of my brother?

He was a hero, I was a survivor;
I cannot protect my family, from the storm.
For this war has taken all our lives;
The ones who live, too are no more.

(C)2013 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Ira Desmond Jan 2018
The Bear emerged
from the wildfire

a smoldering, wheezing ruin.
His paws had been

nearly completely seared off
by the superheated

forest floor
of the Sierra Nevada foothills.

His coat was singed and maimed
by ash and ember.

His eyes and nostrils burned
from the unsparing smoke he had breathed.

The Bear felt
the slightest pinch

behind his shoulder,
and his eyes grew heavy.

When he opened them again,
he was in a new place—

an incomprehensible place—
a place of straight lines

and unfathomable
mathematical precision and artificiality.

He had heard rumor
that such places existed—

the forest spoke of them
hurriedly but indirectly.

He had seen other bears return
with foreign things

inserted through their ears or ringing
their necks, inescapable and alien signifiers

of having encountered
an otherworldly form of existence.

The Bear had lost his strength and could
no longer walk. His paws were wrapped

in linen. He smelled fish skin
just beneath it.

came and went—just like

the ones he had
seen and smelled before in the woods.

But these apes were much quieter,
and less afraid.

They only visited when he was
half-asleep or having trouble breathing.

The Bear drifted in and out
of consciousness like this

until he lost track of day
and night and time.

After one long but fitful sleep
he came to.

He smelled the forest again
before he had even opened his eyes.

His paws were no longer wrapped,
although they still smelled of fish.

He braced his massive frame
against the warm, dry earth and pushed.

His strength had returned
at last.

Three of the apes were standing
just a short distance away.

The Bear did not fully understand
why they had intervened,

or why they abducted him as he was making
peace with his own death.

He thought that they could be divine.
But he decided to stay wary of them, as bears do.

The Bear walked back into the forest,
scorched but now healing.

He wondered who or what would intervene
to help the ones who had saved him,

wondered whether they, too,
have some incomprehensible celestial stewards

that wait to rescue them
as they themselves wheeze and smolder

and shamble, unknowingly,
toward death’s door.
Based off of a photo published in the New York times after the California wildfires of 2017.
Cal Ashiq Oct 2017
I have met souls that are like rays of light
A sun of hope that removes every fright
Their smiles are as beautiful as the rainbow
For they are the kindest persons you'll ever know

They remind you life is worthwhile despite of affliction
For it all depends on our attitude and reaction
In this earth they are like God's blessings
A place of solace from all sufferings

They have dealt in pain throughout their life
Yet they never gave up as there is victory after every strife
They will aid you in times of need and agony
Angels that linger with us silently
Star BG Aug 2017
There is a road I take, this day.
Tree guardians are near.
Leaves move in graceful wind.
tickling inside ears.

The trees shelter me with their love.
Birds sing with divine voice,
telling me to walk in heart.
cause LOVE'S the only choice.

Now harmony and joy, I feel.
It's how I live each day.
Moving with my gratitude
I bow and I do pray.

I pray and walk with my spirit.
I move below the sun
Miracles come every day.
In life I have great fun.

StarBG © 2017
Yv S May 2016
when he sees her first
he tastes the acid in his throat.
it burns hot when she tells him her name.
he tries it once, twice,
five more times,
memorised on his tongue.

she sees him once as a leader and a guardian.
she sees him again as a humble man.
and finally she sees him as a man of anger,
of rage,
and great beauty
pouring blood red between his teeth.

throwback to when they first met,
now with their fingers entwined.
neither are angels although they are guardians,
captivated by each other's beauty.
individual angers, individual loves gleam
molten gold in their eyes.
(inspired by something or other)
Cari Hannaford Sep 2015
I'm trapped in a world full of darkness
Where the demons roam
And the angles stay hidden
Not a single speak of light is visible

It used to be a peaceful place
Until you came and took it all away

Cut all the light out of my happiness and replaced it with the numbness

Where is my angel in shinning armour to take this all away?

I want him to hold me close while we listen to the humming tones

Where we dance forever among the stars

We can be the guardians among these people
And help protect with the ones we've lost

Together we will love
And together we will fight
To protect this world from the demons of the night

Not a tear should we shed and no blood should be spilt

You should be enjoying what this world can preserve

Sure there are monsters in friendly faces but that doesn't stop when you have parents with loving faces

Because here is my angel in shinning armour so I don't have to stay in this darkness any longer

And now we dance among the stars
Solaces Aug 2015
The back door.  Green eyes and smelly fur!  The werewolf comes for our kid.   Its time!  White Knight teddy armed with a wooden sword and Judy the red Raccoon and her magical red powers!  Its time to vanquish this nightmare before it even starts!  The werewolf tears down the back door and howls in the darkness.  All we can see is the bright green eyes shining in the blackness.  And there awaits White Knight Teddy and Judy the Red Raccoon!  W.K.T lands a flurry of blows with his awesome unbreakable wooden sword as the werewolf cries in pain!  Judy the Red then emits waves of magical red beams that knock the werewolf out the back door as it screams in fear and scampers back into the woods!

And so W.K.T And Judy the red Raccoon triumph over the would be nightmare that was trying to haunt their kid.  NOT TONIGHT!!!
Stuffed animal guardians ( Note  My BROTHER AND I HAD THESE 2 STUFFED ANIMALS!   My Mom would tell us that they would stand guard all night when we slept and kept evil things away.  This is how I would picture them!
DarkAmbition77 Jun 2015
In the dark
In the shadows
I'll watch over you,
Secretly protect you from the demons who want to hurt you
All for you.

As worlds end
And fire claims all
I'd protect you
All for you

And as I breathe my final breath,
As my wings loose their feathers and my body starts to fade
I'd protect you
All, and only, for you.
Fayez May 2015

Some want to protect
Who they love
They aspire to greatness
Solely for another.

Remember that after a war
Shields are forgotten
And guardians
Are considered monsters.
Something I feel like should be said to myself personally.
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