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My life was all smoke and mirrors
trying to disguise the pieces that were broke.
Smoke filled lungs made my head feel clearer,
but parts of me were still disapearing.
As I forgot about my motivations,
and was stressed to make end meet.
Waking up with mental lacerations.
I had a lot of plates, but no food to eat.
There was a lot in my life that seemed to go wrong,
but I kept moving forward to the next day.
Delivering pizza my car breaks down.
What can I do to get paid?
Dropped out of college to make more money.
Now how does that even make cents?
One day you were just at my apartment.
This was the first time we met.
Slowly you showed me who I could become.
It's something I can never forget.
One day exactly I remember fully falling in love,
and two years later that feeling still exists.
Growing more with the days, hours and minutes.
You have changed my life more than I can perceive.

Thank You.
This is for my amazing wife Madeline. You have been the biggest motivation in my life. Without you supporting me I couldnt of got us where we are today. I LOVE YOU WITH ALL MY HEART. Forever wont be long enough.
elle Oct 2018
I started to eat the mailbox,
could not bear to hear from the outside world

I slept in every morning, to put off going out

just imagined you reading my writing
with cruise control on
and a contagious smile spreading

I started to **** the house plants
and dress more promiscuously than ever before

even a glimpse of eye contact might qualm
this rage or
fill the well
which has grown here

can you hear me?
from across this abysmal pond,
it sickens me,
so swift and crashing below

can you see me?
dancing in your living room,
all of eight years old

well, I’m a woman now

and I still need you
유레카 Oct 2018
It's sad how some fires die way too soon
before they could even ignite.

Desperate for a love that will never come.

Waiting for my non-existent lover to return.

Always the shadow in the dark.

Rekindling old flames.

It's you. It's still you.

I just want to be loved.

Aching for your presence.
A collection of attempted poetry in a single sentence written back in 2016.
유레카 Oct 2018
Are you alive or is everything just an illusion?

Slowly dying everyday.

Empty heart's too heavy, how do I carry it?

You look fine, but darling, your eyes are dead.

Let me just fade away.

But my dear, you deserve the world.
A collection of attempted poetry in a single sentence written back in 2016.
Anne B Sep 2018
You look like a wolf
in sheep’s clothing

And yet, you say you
are the dragon

Yet, you make us believe
in your story

You breathe no fire

You only wanted the
castle walls
to protect you
from our glances

If you had opened up
Put away your wolf hide

All could see
how lonely you are

And how wrong our story is

Ann­e H. Bakke  |  02:09  @   29.05.2016
The narrative is all wrong. You are doomed.
nish Jul 2018
they say love is blind
some speak of it’s weakness
lack of existence
turmoiling persistence

oh how they’re wrong

i’ve seen what it does, felt it's affliction
falling in love, you can’t choose your conviction  

love isn't just blind
it's deaf and so mute

your words, how they echo
the feel of unrest
i will always remember you, as nothing but best
your memory won't taint
your image, clean, so pure
the meticulous thoughts, and prominent words
things you said, and phrases unspoken
your hesitation and pride
the look in your eyes
the expressive emotion
all led to my demise

i tried moving on
clearly, it failed
i'll never feel free
save yourself, leave me be.
© M.H

just a revamped poem from 2o16
Maxim Keyfman Jun 2018
You'll go up I'll go with you
You'll go down I'll go with you
You'll go to the right I'll go with you
You go left I'll go with you

I'll go anywhere with you
I'll go with you while my heart beats
And as long as I exist
I will go with you

You will go ahead I will go with you
You go back I'll go with you
You'll go far and I'll go with you
You'll go and I'll go with you

I'll go anywhere with you
I'll go with you while my heart beats
And as long as I exist
I will go with you
I will go with you

I'm the kind of ****** you would be if you didn't have distractions, see?

A dedicated glutton
as the feast is always full of things that make it hard to breathe
and sleep.
I really, don't know.
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