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Payton Hayes Feb 2021
I've always dreamed of adventure, but now, I'm not so sure.
I grew up playing video games and playing pretend in the woods.
What I would've given to be Link with my own legendary quest.
But these are turbulent times.
Between my anxiety and the businessman-president and his blue-bird threats and the media, honestly, I'd rather curl up in a ball and stay inside my house forever.
But the truth is, no one ever caught a crocodile by hiding in their
It takes real bravery.
And while I've got problems staring me down like I'm deadmeat,
I've got to be a crocodile hunter. I have to.
It's the only way to free the princess trapped inside.
This poem aged well —ha! Guess I got my wish to stay indoors! I caused COVID-19, so feel free to cancel me, I guess!
This poem was written in 2016.
RLee Feb 2021
The frosty air bites
As I go looking for my elf
There I find her in my  backyard
Sitting on a trampoline
That Santa got for me
One Christmas Eve
Shea Sep 2020
Familiar sights,
I'm covered in bites
and the ants crawl
and the night falls.
Spring comes,
lights aspire
King's set fire
October, the time of falling
Time has no meaning, it is tainted
and our lives are painted.
Wrote this in 2016. One of my favorites/most memorable.
Nat Lipstadt Mar 2016
my Mumbai woman


to my Indian poets & friends
all be advised,

my piety, my muse,
has decamped me for weeks on end
to your
yon far and fair lands

the red dot beside her
electronic signature
a sign of her absence,
seemingly to have been
magically transferred
to her forehead

so perhaps my love poetry
will become absent, reticent,

or perhaps

it will build brighter, effervescing
in my very own Taj Mahal,
an edifice built by great love past
and yet ever still present,
for I testify,
I have many times it,
seen imbued,
lovingly observed
between a certain
men and women here writ large,
who there permanent reside,
and in my heart as well

spend a minute many,
all my fingers and
toes employed
how many, so many,
Indian fellow travelers
on poetry lanes and yellow dust encrusted roads,
in cities unpronounceable
that this illiterate literary fool
has come to know and multi-arm entwine

to you,

I commend and command to you
her safety,
asking immodestly for
an imposition, an interference

pray to the local gods,
your heads of state and highest nature's,
that they be her
her unobserved
as she treks your country's
Northern pastures

let her skin glow from
your brighter rays,
eyes even wider~wiser opened
by the newness of your antiquity,
your glorious,
poetic place
in our world
of words
Mark Toney Oct 2019
sixty-five million
broken hearts shattered, not glass-
the glass ceiling waits
4/25/2018 - Poetry form: Senryu - Copyright © Mark Toney | Year Posted 2018
Today it’s been three years, since I first penned my thoughts
To this day, it remains special
Thoughts and words
Happy and sad
Reasons and none
Expressing them all
Happy to have found a place to share them too
Thank you all!!
Joined HP in Dec’ 16
M e l l o Aug 2019
remember almost
every word
you have spoken
while probably
cannot even recall
the sound
of my voice.
I wrote this piece exactly last August 7, 2016. Sharing this piece here in Hello Poetry after 3 years now with a title. Lol
My life was all smoke and mirrors
trying to disguise the pieces that were broke.
Smoke filled lungs made my head feel clearer,
but parts of me were still disappearing.
As I forgot about my motivations,
and was stressed to make end meet.
Waking up with mental lacerations.
I had a lot of plates, but no food to eat.
There was a lot in my life that seemed to go wrong,
but I kept moving forward to the next day.
Delivering pizza my car breaks down.
What can I do to get paid?
Dropped out of college to make more money.
Now how does that even make cents?
One day you were just at my apartment.
This was the first time we met.
Slowly you showed me who I could become.
It's something I can never forget.
One day exactly I remember fully falling in love,
and two years later that feeling still exists.
Growing more with the days, hours and minutes.
You have changed my life more than I can perceive.
How did you survive? Let me know.
Soxna la Donna Apr 2019
Let's not definite the infinity.
And let's be close to the deepest intimity.

(1 juin 2016 17:42)
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