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Heavy Hearted Mar 2019
As the growing world unraveled
And I began the dismal ascension of maturity
I stumbled out the  fog of childhood
And there you were:

Advice to head and educate
A Battlecry and a Mandate.

Faith; in things to happen yet
Strength in knowledge- hope in regret;

Stories expressing casually:
Evils impartiality. and
tales of golden fantasies

How no drug is ever stronger than me.

These few phrases I imagine, you see
Into dreams only I can keep.
from start until the seventh day
Waking hour's dreamless sleep.

Oh how you cushion the destruction-
the entrancement of seduction
to paint to play to grow to teach
Expression extending as I reach
A letter to the greatest artist
O how they are seen, seen by the lens of mercy.

Left in the blight of others; the poor, richer than these, yet cares not to share in their wealth.

Man’s pity upon them brings still no such help or aide.

The news of their putrid treatment is rapidly coming to fade.

Let this be their voice, let this define their identity!

Or do we accept the sight of this obscenity?

We build wells, churches, schools; basics of the top world.

All the programs and proposals and projects are never haltered hurdled.

Disease, discrimination, disrespect, the dismembered, the darkened.

More and more we find things to hate, things to judge, things to call our subjects: our plotened.

Let this be their war cry, our call to action!

Let this be our Cri De Coeur; Not a retraction!

This is not something to joke, this is not a game!

We all are human, we all have blood-red veins, we all are the same.

We must abide by the liberties of ourselves; our Human Rights; For all of us to gain!
I am more than I seem,
for I’m Blood bought redeemed.
Gave it all to gain
now serving the one who reigns.
My mission is simple
to live as a symbol,
to bring light to the dark,
and help love find its mark.

My life was brought with a price
thanks to the blood of the Christ.
I’m not better than anyone,
just another adopted son.
I’ll be about my father’s business.
So, apologizes for the realness,
but I got no time to play games
too many people lost to flames.

So, calling all blood saints,
be strong and do not faint.
It’s time to get those robes *****.
Sermons don’t need to be wordy.
Come join us in the trenches
because you also use to be wretches
And the one who saved you
Needs you to help too.
Declaration to my brothers and sisters

— The End —