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If you find true love,
Grab it with both of your hands,
Never let it go.

It comes only once,
And that if you are lucky,
Never to return.

Do not question it,
Or **** it to dissect it,
Take it as it comes.

Whether in fair form,
Or worn and riddled with scars,
It will bring you bliss.

Look not with your eyes,
They will always deceive you,
See it with your heart.

Its beauty won't fade,
It will be forever new,
As long as you live.

However it comes,
No matter how strange its form,
Give it half a chance.

It will change your world,
Fill all the empty places,
In your dormant soul.

And it will ripple,
Throughout the known universe,
To outlast the stars.
Inspired by my new short story by the same title that deals with humor with a very serious subject--the ability of true love to fulfill empty lives across any gap among sentient, intelligent species.
Por que buscamos
Verdad donde no vive

Debiendo saber
Que solo se encuentra
En el corazón

Vidas perdidas
En búsqueda de algo
Que ya se tiene

Nos damos cuenta
Cuando ya es muy tarde
De nuestro error

No busques verdad
Escrita en hojas muertas

Puedes leerla
En ojos de quien amas
Estúdiala bien
Comencé hoy un proyecto secundario para este verano de traducir los cuentos que publique en ingles en previos libros, incluyendo el ultimo, Mindscapes: Ten Science Fiction and Speculative Fiction Short Stories. El primer cuento ya esta disponible en Amazon y Smashwords desde hace unos minutos y este poema de haikus enlazados se relaciona al primer cuento, Búsqueda Eterna (Eternal Quest) que es uno de los primeros que escribí cuando estaba en la universidad en Queen College a los 18 o 19 anos. No se si es una tragedia o un dote, pero por bien o mal no a cambiado mucho mi opinión básica en relación a lo que verdaderamente importa en este mundo, y se hoy igual que aquel hombre muy joven para quien todo en la vida aun era posible que no hay peor tragedia que malgastar una vida persiguiendo ciegamente sabiduría o el tratar de descifrar el la razón de ser. Seres humanos mucho mas capaces que yo en la literatura y vida real han tropezado con esa piedra y malgastaron sus vidas en búsqueda de sabiduría o del sentido de la vida en todos los sitios que menos se encuentran, completamente ciegos que la respuesta estaba muy cerca de sus manos. Este corto poema que lleva el mismo nombre de ese cuento--aun mi preferido de todos los que escribí hasta el momento--toca el mismo tema en breve.
wc Jun 4
i opened my door
i let you into my heart
thanks for breaking me

how does it feel? good?
you know that you've broken me
but you do not care

i don't care. do you?
i know you don't care at all
just leave me alone

i lied. i do care.
i care more than you'd believe
whatever. i'll leave.
this is an old collection of poems from when my best friend left my life without an explanation
  don't worry, it was for the best and i'm happier now :)
I've known heartbreak too,
Though few who know me know it,
Longed for it to end.

I've heard the sweet call,
Whispered in my ear at times,
For self-oblivion.

But it always passed,
Too many unfulfilled dreams,
I could not let die.

Though not a young girl,
I still can relate to pain,
That's too hard to bear.

They bring tears of blood,
Young colleagues' words with the pain,
They struggle to bear.

Doing themselves harm,
To escape the greater pain,
Of their precious lives.

I beg you each, please,
Put down the knife, syringe, pipe,
No answers in them.

The answer's in you,
In that hidden spark buried,
Beneath all the pain.

Incredible YOU!
Unique, in the multiverse,
No other like you.

No one with your skills,
No other voice quite like yours,
To sing us your truth.

Boundless potential,
Still a tiny, precious seed,
Waiting to take root.

Life's fetid manure,
With tears of joy and sorrow,
Will help you to bloom.

The spark in your heart,
Will burst into flame in time,
Through your poetry.

Purifying all,
The specters and dark shadows,
That now haunt your nights.

Look in the mirror,
Beyond the scars and tear tracks,
To that ember's glow.

And know you will bloom,
And your mighty bows will bear,
The sweetest of fruit.
As is usual for me this piece was written in one sitting and is largely stream of consciousness focused on poems I've read recently by young poets, I believe mostly young women, about cutting and other forms of hurting oneself in response to pain one cannot deal with. Some are beautiful, powerful pieces. All break my heart and make me feel completely powerless--other than to make an encouraging comment I know will mean very little. I've always dealt with my own pain through music and poetry. I don't know how else to reach out. Unseen tears mean nothing to those in pain. If only they could see themselves through the eyes of those in their lives who can see deeper than the reflection in the mirror. If only. . .
Poolza Feb 24
Banished her away
Forced to leave her family
Cause she is herself

Married a woman
And tried to forget her past
But it still lingered
guess it all started
exactly a year ago
with my Instagram

I faked what I saw
just the simple asanas
like handstands and planks

but before too long
I realized the potential
for getting stronger

went from there to apps
High-Intensity workouts
designed for building

I was skeptical,
but in a few weeks I saw
a bit of a change

found new appetite
and a lot more energy
in every morning

but I soon got sore
so it was back to the 'gram
for a solution

found meditation
along with a bunch of quotes
that got me started

and next thing I knew,
it all became natural
headphones really helped

fully invested
I went all in, went *****-deep
and got rewarded

and I stopped posting
didn't matter anymore
I was addicted

work once avoided
became opportunities
to become stronger

for an hour a day
at the very least, I trained
even on off-days

for 20 minutes
I also meditated
to relax myself

I found contentment
and although i'm sore as hell,
I'm way happier

at twenty seven,
I have reached the very peak
and i'm still climbing
no such thing as death
as long as we remember
loved ones now with God

oblivion lives
only in the mind that fears
its mortality

death haunts only those
who know they are unworthy
of our remembrance
Gabriella Dec 2018
Please no more fighting
We're friends with cruel intentions
But friends always first

We love each other
Eventually we leave
Knowing another

Men must prove worthy
To defeat evils within
Training means nothing

Do not leave yourself
Accept the body and mind
As one entity
Unrelated haikus, but they are great together.
Astral Dec 2018

I just want to vent,
I want to fuss and complain,
So I write haikus.


You don't control me.
I don't even control me.
So please, just back off.

What even are we?
It's up to you to decide,
Its driving me mad.

I could just go on,
Anyway, what is the point?
Oh yeah, I'm stressed.
Oof, sorry for so many vents..
Theia Rhea Dec 2018
Look! She is drowning
You never once turn your head
Even though she cries.
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