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Lyn-Purcell Jan 31

Swathed in my caution
I search to find my daring
Fire cracks my egg
I've been long since lost
Colours of the creative
Dulled by daily trudge
I hear the wind call
Fearing the might of my wings
Fall before I fly

Guess who's back! ^-^ on my 995th poem too, ***!
I hope everyone's alright in their part of the world. It's long overdue that I reconnect with my past love. Daily life is droll but I'm slowly finding my colours again. I still don't feel worthy of my pen at times but this is a blessing. Hard to believe that we will be in February tomorrow. May 2023 be a fantastic year for you all! I'll definitely be posting more this year. To reconnect to my inner child and creativity. It's long overdue that I try to spread my wings instead of dealing with the constant fall.
Much love to you beautiful souls out there
P.S - Melissa, this one's for you! ❤️
Take care all!
Lyn ***
Sally A Bayan Jul 2022

Dew-laden grass…bend,
misty air…touches warm skin,
…..a tranquil evening.

Cool night breeze blows…’pon
scintillas of light..….fireflies,
on blue starry night!

Cuppa tea…on palm,
tired body and mind succumb,
bed calls....night is calm.

sally b

©Rosalia Rosario A. Bayan
July 30, 2022

#night #haikus
Zoe Mae Aug 2021
We look for guidance

From a sky born of chaos

Stars think we're insane
june nights end in peace
think of me when the sun comes
oh, be around me
Victor D López Jan 2021
Young, naïve lawyer,
For-profit business school dean,
A Quixotic quest.

Despite the odds,
May yet win the day.

Or will it be crushed?
Humor, angst, triumph, heartbreak,
All par for the course.

Love found and love lost,
Trial by fire tempers or breaks,
Steel in life's hot forge.

Which for our young dean?
Will he too tilt at windmills,
Thinking them cruel knights?

Or will he prevail,
Stay true to his quest until,
He succeeds or fails?

You can hear me read the complete first nine chapters from my new novel referenced in this "teaser poem" in my podcasts at
Victor D López Dec 2020
A baker's dozen
Of speculative fiction
Varied short stories

Could humanity
Survive extinction event
With two years warning?

A plane will soon fly
A cargo of hate that ends
Our Earth and much more

What would dolphins learn
About humankind if we
Could speak in their tongue?

Would the attainment
Of absolute truth result
In joy or despair?

Can the least of us
Be a god in his own right
To species unknown?

Should we take the word
Of professional critics
As to what is art?

Can a long-dead witch
Give a chance for redemption
To one who is lost?

Secret of the Sphinx
To be revealed in prime time
Sure you want to watch?

If you find true love
In a most unlikely source
Don't turn it away

Alien bearing gift
Of life-long health and foresight
Accept it or pass?

What can a man do
When dreams want to live through him
And cost him his life?

Come take a journey
Of inner and outer space
On these themes and more
My newest book of short stories, Echoes of the Mind's Eye: 13 Speculative Fiction Short Stories, has just been published (eBook and paperback versions). You can preview it at all major book retailers, including Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Apple Books. The book contains ten short stories from my previous collections (Mindscapes and Book of Dreams) newly edited and updated, as well as three new short stories.
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