I would be amiss
Iffen I were to dismiss
What a seemless bliss

What a lie is this
To pretend that I don't miss
Our soft and gentle....

Silence on my lips
Though my heart's Gaurd lay remiss
A good man's premiss

My soul beckons, "Bis"
I guess what I'm saying is
Wonderful was our....

Tyler Matthew Jun 23

Rain smacking the glass.
White light, automated doors.
The hospital blues.

Waiting room TV
showing Caribbean sands.
Forget where you are.

A black man and child,
lonely wife, poet, vegan.
Guess what happens next.

Elephant painting.
You can tell a child made it.
Elephant, it smiles.

The elevator
opens and I step inside.
The sick frown. I frown.

Once back in my car,
the rain stops and I put it
in drive and floor it.

Tyler Matthew Jun 22

Even when walking
Backwards you still get a bit
Of mud on your shoes.

I held out my hand
And caught all the drops of rain
While you danced in joy.

I laughed in her face
When she told me that she was
Afraid of my dog.

I stood in the dirt
Looking for the picture of
You I didn't burn.

Girl in the black dress
Turns to girl in the red dress
And sticks out her tongue.

The car pulled up and
Out stepped a man wearing a
Better tie than mine.

America has
Exhausted her options and
Now looks to the east.

The elderly sing
With no inhibition for
More days like once were.

As the day passes,
Sunlight crawls across my floor
But can't quite reach me.

I dug up your bones.
They did not resemble you.
So I put them back.

Crouching at the shore,
My reflection reached out and
Carried me to sea.

The toilet was clogged -
That's why, instead, I chose to
Shit in your sock drawer.

This really happened:
A cow jumped over the moon.
Can you believe it?

Called up my mother,
Told her, "Don't wait up for me."
She did anyway.

So many noises.
So many people outside.
So many secrets.

I removed her pants
And looked in her eyes and vi-
olently farted.

She put on her pants,
Spit in my eye, and then she
Galloped to the door.

Tyler Matthew Jun 22

Now it's spring recess
So everybody's shedding
Their clothes and their wits.

Sun lingers above -
Somebody tell me which way
To the hospital.

The hawks are circling
Overhead; pretty soon I
Will be at your door.

Shouting at the clouds
I lost my balance and fell -
The thunder was loud.

Shouting at the clouds
I lost my balance and fell -
The clouds, they just laughed.

Sunlight finds its way
In through my broken shades and
I'm pissed as ever.

Stop all this weeping,
Jesus has returned and he
Brings chocolate cake!

Father sits and stares -
John Wayne rides west with his gun -
Mother tracks the time.

Bob Dylan taught me
To swallow my pride and be
Honest with myself.

Marijuana is
Often my only true friend.
How sad is that, man?

College kind of sucks.
Especially so when you
Don't like to drink much.

I am writing this
Knowing it won't get published.
Won't say more than that.

Hanging on the line,
A blue blouse, and what is this?
These aren't my boxers...

A wave’s born on the
Vast waters and it’s gone torn
From water’s surface

An entranced lone bee
Serenades flower.

Wind in deference
To the sun whistles softly
Paying staid homage

A trifle many
Things happen beneath our nose
That escapes notice.

it is not over
you left me with this nightmare
“sorry” could not work

as a child i loved
last year i was terrorized
today i am gone

i will move on now -
leave the ghosts and memories
flit away, bird-like

when you search for me
see my beauties and meanings
i made all myself

Addiction to this
Way of life, this country pride,
While others love it

Kendra Mack Feb 5

Hurray, Super Bowl!
Gonna eat some Super Soup
With my Super Spoon

Everyone's wishing
For their team to win and for
Wardrobe malfunctions

Time for the big game
There better be enough room
This thing is massive

Under the bright lights
Aggressive man hugs in tights
Spectator delights

Sally A Bayan Nov 2016

Wind blows...trees quiver
Dry leaves disconnect...fall, and
Fly by the window

Some cling to the glass
Some get blown farther away
Ground is wet, but brown

Fine shower falls on
Coffee with RumChata waits
It's cold at the porch...


Copyright November 29, 2016
Rosalia Rosario A. Bayan

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