Sweet Sibyls of eld
who sing of mysteries held
My envy flowers

How I yearn to see
The written future for me
Miracles and pain

Do I want to know?
What you see in crystal balls?
The magic's in me...

A set of haiku's based on my walk around my local area. A woman was handing out leaflets about palm-reading, the whole sha-bang.
It got me thinking...  few years ago, I believed that people can see the future through a crystal ball. Now, though I believe in the supernatural (that there is something more to this world and beyond), I realised that I'd rather not know. The true magic to make my future lies within me and me alone...

Light softly dimming
From bright rays to gentle brush
The night has come

A haiku

Clearly I recall
the value "it" already made
for me so I know.

Samantha Dec 2017

Anyone here have
Any quesions about the
Latest announcement?

We may be getting
Our first doggo tomorrow
and I'm excited

Each fan role gives you
Access to a special chat
Related to them

So I learned that there's
A website that lets you make
Your own fonts for free

She kept slapping and
Throwing things at me so I
Kissed her and she stopped.

Ahh... yeah. Kind of the
Reason why I thought you were
Older honestly.

Cats walk by putting
Both right feet forward and then
Both left feet forward.

I was unaware
I was being annoying,
My apologies.

But then again, in
That case you can use your socks
To kinda itch them.

A collection of accidental haikus I found. Some were mine, others were said by other people.
Luby Dec 2017

You for a moment
Become the great love of my life
Then I die again

I in the background
Barely passing into frame
Did you see me there

You brought me hot tea
Giving each other soft smiles
I want to kiss you

My body shaking
My mind screaming I LOVE YOU
My lips shut eternal

I fall for strangers
Blind to the ones at my door
My heart in the wind

To every beautiful woman that I fell in love with that doesn't know who I am.  You are all inspirations, though you may not know.
Samantha Dec 2017

Hi, I'm Samantha.
I like to write poetry.
Maybe you do too?

It started quite some
Time ago when I thought to
Put words on paper.

Now I'm here, writing
Some simple little haikus
For everybody.

I hope you enjoy
My collection of poems.
Please have a nice day.

I'm so happy to finally be a part of the Hello Poetry community!
tumelo mogomotsi Nov 2017

close your eyes to see
beauty is found from within
let it radiate.


Sally A Bayan Sep 2017


Nary a frog croaks
terra cotta garden lamp
glows dim...selfish...weird

a striped gastropod
stretched longer, out of its shell
braver....in the dark

neighbors' dogs howl...deep,
gecko sings its night songs loud
bats crash...swoop their prey.....

unseen black cats cross
there's no wind, yet...leaves rustle
shadows multiply

the dark feeds the mind
superstition lives...it breathes
moon hides...........i shall, too...


copyright September 22, 2017

...it's like, my dead folks are still around when observing
    these superstitious beliefs...they had such great influence on us,
    we never forget....
Lyn-Purcell Sep 2017

Silence falls truthful
Trouble brews of love long lost
Children laugh loudly

Raining of lovers
Love's embrace is free to go
Markets spread lively

Young women lament
Nothing now collapsing slow
Singers by the lake

Hear beats among friends
Riding over metal bridge
Silence in my mind

Fountains flows lively
Nature's grasp in tranquil minds
Flags drift over there

Haikus I wrote on a bus journey around my local area. Perhaps I should do more of these? I really enjoyed it!
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