sneering at the world
we eat cynical candies
and ignore beauty

anger in our lungs
criticism on our tongues
hate consuming us

choking on daisies
honey too sweet to swallow
where did our love go


A wave’s born on the
Vast waters and it’s gone torn
From water’s surface

An entranced lone bee
Serenades flower.

Wind in deference
To the sun whistles softly
Paying staid homage

A trifle many
Things happen beneath our nose
That escapes notice.

Anders Thompson Mar 13

it is not over
you left me with this nightmare
“sorry” could not work

as a child i loved
last year i was terrorized
today i am gone

i will move on now -
leave the ghosts and memories
flit away, bird-like

when you search for me
see my beauties and meanings
i made all myself

Alan S Bailey Mar 7

Addiction to this
Way of life, this country pride,
While others love it

Kendra Mack Feb 5

Hurray, Super Bowl!
Gonna eat some Super Soup
With my Super Spoon

Everyone's wishing
For their team to win and for
Wardrobe malfunctions

Time for the big game
There better be enough room
This thing is massive

Under the bright lights
Aggressive man hugs in tights
Spectator delights

Sally A Bayan Nov 2016

Wind blows...trees quiver
Dry leaves disconnect...fall, and
Fly by the window

Some cling to the glass
Some get blown farther away
Ground is wet, but brown

Fine shower falls on
Coffee with RumChata waits
It's cold at the porch...


Copyright November 29, 2016
Rosalia Rosario A. Bayan

NeroameeAlucard Nov 2016

You can't love me i
Know this feeling all too well
When the heart reaches

Out for someone so
Perfect in your clouded eyes
That you'll do what they

Say in a heartbeat
But love is a drug and
You were my rehab place

So i know that you
Can't love me at all, 'cause
In my heart there is

No space for myself
Let alone someone else so
You cannot love me,


Laniatus Oct 2016

Eyes hidden in words
Death is the outcome.

Watch my expression
Suicide eyes
The rope is too thin.

And every little word
Delves deep inside
I feel everyone.

I deserve flowers and wine
Tiny thoughts
And gentle hymns.

I'm sad and unhappy
I know why
People are everywhere.

Kendra Mack Sep 2016

Thoughts many, words few.
I must write. What should I do?
I’ll write a haiku!

Or maybe write two?
About what? I have no clue!
I’ll write about you!

Breeze-Mist Sep 2016

Cold hands, warm heart means
I have an instant ice pack
Wherever I go

I don't mind the rain
Sixty degrees and misty
Is perfect weather

People know about
Corned beef and Guinness, but not
The lamb stews and tea

Long walks are the best
Both medieval city streets
And grassy green hills

And I know that there
Is a definite difference
In types of tubers

Irish potatoes are floury, whereas American potatoes are waxy.
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