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Hear my new haikus
Sonnets, free verse and blank verse,
At the link below.
k e May 10
Hey Moon, I love you
When you light up the clear sky
Sun, don’t come out yet
I just love the moon
tmartin May 8
words aren't insisting
to be enshrined in poems.
i'm forgetting you
If you'd like to hear,
A reading of my new poems,
Click the link below

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The link is to an about a sixteen minute YouTube video that shows several short poems in both English and Spanish read by me with the text of each poem showing via a quick narrated PowerPoint presentation. I needed a break from working from home and this distracted me for a little over an hour--welcomed during the current lockdown. They are cold readings, nothing special. But fun for me at least to create.
Henry Mar 31
Why are they numbered
It feels like there's more to it
It's just what I like

Might never return
But does it really matter
I don't think it does

I do it for me
Maybe someone will notice
They might think it's cute
Henry Mar 28
First get out the jar
Mix the matcha and water
And shake it real hard

Fill the jar with ice
Now it's time to add the milk
Shake and shake and taste

The color is good
I hope the milk's not too strong
I added too much

Again? *******
I always add too much milk
Matcha flavored milk

Still, I will drink it
It's better than if it was plain
Next time for sure though
The streets are bare as
the cherry blossoms still bloom.
Life will carry on.

A walk in the woods
will still be enjoyable,
while six feet apart.

Slow down and observe
the beat of nature, for it
is good for the soul.
Three Haikus I wrote because I was inspired during these crazy times
Zia Mar 23
you came
you saw
and you left

i cried
i stayed
and i conquered
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