Don Rambus Apr 15

When I was three years old,
I came face-to-face with Allen Ginsberg for the very first time.

I hated him.

In my own little three-year-old way,
I thought he was a mean, rude, nasty, ornery old son of a bitch.
But when I turned twenty, I learned the truth:
He was a fearless, bold, no bullshit old son of a bitch--- he wasn't the only one.

The world wasn't meant to be seen through rose-colored glasses,
but to be witnessed on our feet in the present and off our lazy asses.

Mankind was meant to live and die
in an adventure, seeking peace through trials of wrong and right,
not to bask in a stagnant bath, nor stop in the midst of a path
to a future bright, though out of sight,
for this is no way to thrive,
but to live and die a treacherous lie.

Here in the first world, we are afraid to suffer,
but eager to kill,
to conquer,
to ignore internal issues.
[Pay no mind to the men behind the curtain, the have their own agendas, and we allowed this--- we voted them in!]
We are afraid to be wrong,
but fearless to fight
a battle with no true end in sight.
We will never fix the problem,
nor repair the damage we create,
if we all just sit on down,
grab our egos and masturbate---
[Spoiler Alert:
There will be no orgasm, no explosions of mental cum, no parade, just bullshit, horseshit, and all the other shit that comes along when we bite off more than we can chew and still force it through our systems;
blow it out your asses and let's get a move on,
we've got things to do and places to be!]

We talk in circles,
we talk of change,
we talk making a difference,
we talk in circles...
see what I'm say'n'?

Politicians are a sham,
Real people lose the race, whether slow and steady, or fastly-paced,
so they butt out of it all,
as they had no business running in the first place.

We the people are dis-

and dYsFU[ckIng fu]nctIonal;
all too lazy to gang up and be the CHANGE we seek,
so we
and fight over our spots to sit in a seat on a ship sailing its way south

In twenty--- hell, thirty, forty, fifty years,
we've made little progress,
but we've got iPhones and Wi-Fi, and people going to Mars,
We've got technology never before imagined standard in our cars!
Now, ain't that just swell,
ain't that spectacular?
We're all going to hell
for sucking our own blood from our own dicks like an auto-fellating, narcissistical Dracular.

What do we do? Where do we go from here?

If Ginsberg, Bukowski, Poe, Dante, Plato, Socrates, Freud, Hitler, Christ, Caesar, Shakespeare, Lincoln, Lee, Brooks[1], Miller[2], my parents, Mr. Pete Rose, Franklin, all my friends, and a million other folks taught me anything,
it's that we're all bastards,
we're all sinners,
we're all losers, occasional winners,
we're all assholes,
we're all wrong, though sometimes right,
we all live,
we all die,
we've all got shit going on in our lives---
and what I've learned from all this,
was that I can do better,
YOU can do better,
we can ALL do better than we are doing right now,
that we are each unique, but we are no different from one another, we are human beings;
we can learn and teach, and we must do this always,
from day, through night and to each and ever other day.
But the most important lesson above all:
Don't be such a prick, whatever you DO do,
simply try to understand,
for all the world's fate is in our own
feeble, but hopefully growing hands.

[1]--refers to Mel Brooks
[2]--refers to Arthur Miller
Wilson Knapp Apr 10

Wherever you go,
Go with all your heart.
Whenever you start,
Don’t stop, just flow.

Whenever you choose,
Choose being kind.
Whenever you mind,
Don’t judge, wear their shoes.

Whenever you do good,
Good things will come.
Whatever you think you become.
Don’t be ignorant; be understood

Whenever you disdain,
Disdain becomes your tomb.
Whenever you want to bloom,
Don’t be thunder; be rain

Whenever you get wronged,
Wrongness should be forgotten.
Whenever you feel rotten,
Don’t remember; it’s prolonged.

Whenever you judge,
Judge yourself not others.
Whenever you’re with brothers,
Don’t hold contempt nor a grudge.

Whenever you are true,
Truth will set you free.
Whenever you can be,
Don’t be someone else, be you.

DJColzz Apr 9

When people are people
It's the strangest thing to see
Because people are rarely
Who they pretend to be
Friends soon become your enemy
Smiles don their faces wide
They will profess to be walking
Fornent to God's side

The trickery and fakery
The beguiled full of charm
The only thing they want to do
Is cause you painful harm
The sweetness and the light they shine
Predatory as seen
A flick of a knife in moonlight
Quickly turns vulturine

If they seem too good to be true
It's no wonder, I say
Time will present that truth forthright
In a startling display
They garner an overdue curse
A soul ache deathless slay
So I'll take dogs over people
True friends in every way

Hannah Jan 9

If you had
a beautiful girl
lying naked
in your bed,
would you
take advantage
of her innocence?
would you hold
her heart
in your hands,
and love her
the whole

Eugene Nov 2016

The most painful battle
is the most painful ending.
And that's the story of
how a man at an early age
survive the emotionally tortured
from his very own flesh - his family.

Sue Z L Sep 2016

She's formed a new habit
Lighting a hinoki wood
Candle daily

A reminder
And in honor
Of her marriage past
With Juan Luis

Unlonely are her nights
In the flicker of her candle
Hinoki wood nights
To comfort her
All the days
Of their lives.

The day after their divorce.
Nikita Vyas Sep 2016

"A journey of life,
A journey unknown,
A journey so exciting,
A journey untold,
A journey of discovery,
A journey of adventure,
A journey to experience,
A journey to remember!"

Sue Z L Aug 2016

Dance your gorilla dance
With me
When all is right
In our tropical world

Dance our gorilla dance
Though we have parted ways
For all I've ever wanted
Was for you
To be free.

Micah Alex Aug 2016

The silence is pristine in a shower.
Freely mulling in a cocoon of hot water,
You are safe, in the womb of the moment.
Nourished by this aquatic placenta.
Your mind is set free of the burden of noise,
To meditate and reflect on its own voice.
And grow thee to enlightenment slowly, steadily.

I leave with this advice, bathe thee readily,
For that is the key to life.

Naked Nirvana? Rediscovering the joys of bathing xD
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