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Luna Casablanca Dec 2021
On her walk,
she treaded the path,
brainstorming the incident
and facing the aftermath.
Along came a man,
walking on his own,
little did she have in mind,
this is someone she had known.

“Why the long face?
why the tears,
why the chin so low?
May you open your ears?”

She replied,
“I wish I cold tell you,
but I really don’t know.
Who I am or where I belong.
I thought I loved myself
but perhaps I am wrong.”

The man looked at her
astonished by her
he could see that she needed to be
told she was fine and deserved to be

“Oh the places you’ll go,
That is a book I wrote I’m sure
You must know?”

I read it as a child,
When it was okay to be
Fun, crazy, and wild.
Wait a second,
Dr. Seuss,
is it you?!
I read your books growing up,
and the meanings were oh so

“I love your feedback,
very genuine, you raise the bar.
Now what’s wrong with who, or how you are?
Do they say you take it too far?”

“I lose friends every year.
I come off as too strong,
I lose control when I go out
and they say I no longer belong.
I then get excluded and I spend weekend nights alone,
I don’t want it to be this way,
I want to show everyone I have grown.
I’m the reason drama happens but I only want to
Have fun.
I told them I love myself,
And they told me to
go away,

“Who is they?
Might I ask,
You’re like the
“Cat in the hat.”
But the mess gets cleaned up
in the end,
You just have to say,
“Yes I did that.””
Knowing when to draw the line
Is just as important
As knowing how to have
A real good

“That’s the thing,
I don’t know when.
I think I’m being too loud
But when I’m quiet
I feel drowned.
I feel like I have only myself,
I’m like the Grinch,
I’m alone on a mountain so angry
I have no help.
No friends,
nobody loves me,
wants me,
invites me,
they tell me they’ve had enough,
my frustration is as high as the sky.
I hate having no one
I don’t know how much more
I can try..”

“My goodness,
you’re so upset,
I’m sorry this is how you feel.
Now this may sound ironic what I am to tell you,
but you are the one who makes it
You are loved
You just have to accept,
You have some work to do
But you must let go of

“Mr. Seuss,
I live alone and I never sweep my floor.
I give my friends space,
But they always ask for more.”

“But you’re in control,
You just need to note,
Your confidence is there,
Now anchor your boat.
Take the anchor out of the ground
When you’re ready to go somewhere new.
Be a captain,
I see a leader in you.
Do you remember Horton?
The elephant that heard a ‘Who.’
If you spend time solo,
Someone like a ‘who,’
Will call for you.
They’ll need you.
They’ll want you,
They’ll be there for you
As Horton Said himself,
“A person’s a person no matter how small.”
The little ‘who’s’ told Horton he did nothing
but save them all!
Sometimes we people hear what we don’t want,
But think of it as honesty and then you let it go and you show them what you got,
“You must not hop on pop.”
Your heart may grow and you’ll be surrounded for a Christmas Dinner.
You are not a loser,
You are a winner.”

“Thank you, Dr. Seuss,
I’m no longer on the loose.
I may have had illogical moments,
But I have so many things to choose.
I may have had a loss,
but I am for now on proud to be alive,
there will sometimes be a cost,
but this is my life,
I am the boss!
I’m continuing my walk now,
I really needed this encounter with you,
Thank you for your words of wisdom,
And I will wait to hear from my “who.””

“Now I wish you the best of luck,
My sweet dear.
I love that you live a life of lessons,
And have nothing to fear.
Your rules are your own,
You know what you are after,
“Those who mind,
Don’t matter,
Those who don’t mind,
Today is your day.
You’re off to great places,
you’re off and away.”

“And I am the person
who will decide where I
Goodbye Dr. Seuss,
you’re a true friend,
I just have to move on and go forward
this story will never end!
You are a good man
and a blessing of a
Right now,
this moment,
I will start happening
Thank You.”
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Kirsty Taylor Apr 2021
Turning twenty two,
A girl can forget everything she once knew,
A birthday comes just once a year
Some people revel in it,
Whilst others hide it.

The day you celebrate
You also mourn for the girl you once were
As you realise you are not her anymore
You may shed a tear
As you say goodbye to yet another year

A year filled with heartbreak, love, friendship
Life changing lessons
Perhaps it was a year
Where something truly amazing happened
After twenty one years
You realised your worth on this earth and put it into action

So take a second to shed a tear                                    
To raise a glass
Because twenty one was really quite class
Then look ahead because you never know twenty two could be your year.
Back in the day
When those parties
In Venice
That say would have 25 people or so
Walking through?

Now they were
Too big
Over-packed with
With frat boy vibes?

Dana Rick and I
Arrived at one
And I thought a
At the sliding glass door
Oh God
And quickly escaped to the kitchen
Cutting through the living room
Where there was the make shift bar
Nothing much in the

I made my drinks
And turned around
To cross back
And somehow Dana was there
In front of me

She raised her hands
And wiggled through the bodies

While I
I will dance
When I feel like it
I choose

So I began to follow
And every elbow knees hip and arm
Reached out to touch me
Knocking all the contents out of
my little plastic cups

And though
I got to the other side
Looking back

The three of us
Went to stand on the side of the house
By the water meter
And I laid down my cups

So the moral of this story
Although I think it’s obvious
Is to
Venice parties
You know those
200 in a space made for 50?
A monster that
You had to
Protect yourself from?

Three of us
In the living room and I got
To the Kitchen. For safety.

Serving adequate, and me
on my way back
Drinks in each hand
Bodies through Dana leading
Her arms above her head
bouncing she won’t spill a drop
The other hands follow
again, me with
stubborn arms
thus liquid contents emptied and
the floor underfoot

The water meter stood laughing
told us about the flow and to go with it
Tiana Sep 2020
Beauty is mystery
mystery lies in darkness;
That may or may not be visible to the eyes;
And it flows like a dark river
that may carry danger
but also provides for life;
random thoughts
Prabesh Jul 2020
The story of a beautiful beam balance
That decided to balance two weights
Me and my pal were the unknown participants
Clash of the possibility of two different fates

We both were of equal pounds
Yet, every day was a race to outweigh each other
If only the beam would come down to my favor
Hence continued a fight with no angry sounds
A love for the balance that crossed all bounds

Days and months of relentless grinding
The beam still holds strong, but the weights are getting rusty
Masochists with a  false thread and a weak binding
A journey to quench the beam's needs is getting the weights thirsty

Enough of this, I forfeit this war that only hurts the core
Weird mathematics where the addition of purity divides me more
She claims that she was the victim who had to carry two weights
She says"I hurled my fishing rod with no intention of fishing. It is you guys that took the bait."
Ouch, you were a unique beam balance with multiple needles!!
wizmorrison May 2020
After a long years you’ll end up saying why me?
Of all people why me? Yet answers will just flee.
Pretending to be all right you let your tears fall
And let yourself get drowned in the stormy rainfall.

They will tend to push you off with a ****** words
You are trying to fight among those huge wave forms,
Do not just get tired of throwing breads unto them
But just do not let them hurt you just stand up firm.

When someone criticizes you do not feel mad
Just do not stop listening, dear never get tired,
When someone say bad things to you feel it at heart
Do not say a lot just show them you didn’t hurt.

When there are rumors and gossips about you spread
Dear, never to show your flaws instead cried out loud,
Do not simply let them wreck your life’s cursor
Look forward, someday they’ll bow and says your honor.

I know wind is still here and he will wipes your tears
I know that our lives is not about happiness,
The tighter you hold the rose the more pain you get
Believe in yourself and one day they will regret.
Just keep going. Stay on your lane. There's a brighter future awaits you there.
Jo May 2020
i hope you’re happy
and that it was all worth it  
...for yourself

i hope the girl you’re with now
learns self love  
...for herself  

i had to forgive you
without ever receiving an apology
...for myself
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