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Tin man, on the eve of tin,
your apology rings hollow.

I think that you
were only trying to

crack a window,
find a space to crawl back in,

attempt to
erase me some more.

Meanwhile, the police
are off investigating

crimes that happen in
real time. They like

to catch their perps
red-handed. Even with you

cast in the limelight,
confirming that what you did

to me was real,
it was my own nightmare.

I know, we fall into
that grey area.

In a garden of blooms
you walk freely,

inhaling and dreaming
of touching

those yet untouched
pink and yellow buds.
Talia Oct 16
You drag me in
past the point of
personal boundaries
Hands like hot plates
welded to my waist

Eyes undress me
with a penetrating stare
exposing me to everybody
Your kind lurk everywhere

I struggle away from
potent, *** ridden breath
that invades my air space
I try to breathe in
some respect
from anybody, anywhere?!
birds of a feather
no one has put

two and two

daisies gone
Occam’s razor

and he
our common denominator

no monsters under his bed
but in it

scars ripped open
I thought had healed

hurt to heal
heal to hurt

words I had never spoken
out loud before

hot lava
righteous anger

memory loss &
found negatives

was that a kindness?
to ply me with alcohol so that I wouldn't remember?

two weeks
no sleep no eat

hurt to heal
heal to hurt

a new hurt
to contend with

suddenly ghosted
back in the dark

like all dark
eating away at light

till only the stars remain
maybe signalling

to one another
I see you, I see

you, I
Lieke Sep 30
one day I will be oh-
so tall and with my gathered tears
i will build a water wall
nor paddle nor wind for I
will be flying
with a cast of all those with prisoner tongues marching behind me.
Lieke Sep 30
He told me we were hanging out with a group
but he came up to my door alone
said the others couldn’t make it.

I said okay and we went to the moonlight playground
as he poured ***** down my throat.
my body was urging the poison back out
as I cried. I ran and I sprinted
but the fence seemed enclosing
I was stuck in a nightmare all I had were the stars.

after that night I didn’t like stars as much.
alone I lay there in the wet brown grass
rain joining my teardrops I couldn’t see
I couldn’t scream. When I thought it was over
people started looking at me. they thought
I was the ***** and he just hit it and quit it.

Haunted by a vampire
draining truth down my throat
I lost all pieces of myself
offering my roaring willpower to him

the sweat of his touch infiltrates
my defenceless skin
but I didn’t scream
his ****** hands dragging as if I were *** on wheels.

and one day I will be oh-
so tall and with my gathered tears
i will build a water wall
nor paddle nor wind for I
will be flying
with a cast of all those with prisoner tongues marching behind me.
1 Oct, 2020
Saga Sep 24
A wicked presence lurking in the darkness
don’t look back, you’ll turn to stone

Fangs disguised as a smile
A look that brings chills to your bone

A fire is burning within you
Your body unable to move

He offers you wine you take it
The last thing that you’ll ever do

You wade through a sea of thorned roses
They rip you, they tear but you simply don’t care

You sink through the earth, and into a dream
No not a dream, it’s a nightmare

Now this is the part where you cease to be you
You become but a shadow a shell

for the demon has claimed what he though to be his
I fear he will take me as well
Saga Sep 24
The echo of footsteps in a concrete tunnel.
At the end there’s a yellow light.
Flies swarming to the yellow light, bright.

But in here it’s dark, dark and humid.
The humidity of her breath forming clouds over her head.
In the end of the tunnel you can see the clouds with your eyes but in here all she can see are eyes.
Eyes watching, she’s watching them.

In the end of the tunnel there’s only a smile.
A smile piercing and cutting.
There are others there but they are blind.
Blinded zombies staring at the concrete wall.

They’re alone in the crowd, her and the smile.
She turns back through the concrete tunnel.
Roro Sep 10
You gazed at the endless field of flowers
Stalking and scanning them by the hour.
So, you plucked one to keep in your room
Now this one awaits their doom.

Nada Aug 6
my ‘No’ was my lock
and the key was mine
but you became a thief
by stealing the keys
violently breaking in
and taking my peace
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