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Esther L Krenzin Jun 2018
(For Eric Killmonger)
A little boy stared in the clouds
Forgotten tales screaming loud
His word small and nothing wrong
It all shattered after too long
Stories of cities that touched the sky
Clans of people untouched by time
Hope soon filled his boyish dreams
But not everything was as it seemed
One night he came home and saw
His father dead, struck down by claw
Weeping over his fathers head
He begged him to stay, not leave him instead
Shattered dreams and shattered hopes
He held the myth achingly close
Alone, no one there to guide
He locked his humanity deep inside
Battling for a way to free them all
Seeking power and in deaths thrall
The world had taken everything away
And all in one single day
So he would take everything away from it
His soul a star no longer lit
Now he lay there quietly dying
His enemy close, no longer fighting
The world it seemed would take him too
His glittering eyes full of rue
There was nothing left for him here
Breathing ragged and full of fear
Finally he took his very last breath
And slipped away as his life left
And as the sun left the sky
The night descended with a sigh
The little boy was dead and gone
His life a sad and weary song.
-Esther L. Krenzin-
I loved this Eric in the Black Panther movie, and I felt so bad for him.
His whole life he believed in a dream.
His whole life he believed that he could make a difference, and fight for those who are oppressed.
He just wanted to help.
Lion Chaser Aug 2018
It's all fun and games until u get stuck
With ur future, bare, trapped by lady luck
And the Russians, as u bleed water slow.
How low can you go?

It's all fun and games until friends become ur end.
With my end in ICU, I C's to follow U
All alone the end seems full of sorrow.
How low can you go?

It's all fun and games until u realise
That it's the one in the mirror who you truly despise
Changes on changes but ur still broke.
How low can you go?

It's all fun and games until you disappoint
The only thing you passed was a ******* joint
1 pull, 2 pull, hold in blow
How low can you ******* go?

It's all fun and games until you fail
Making mistakes like you're just a day old
Excuses the same old "I didn't know"
How low can you go?

It's all fun and games until you go psychotic
Actions and movements start to seem robotic
When you say it nobody seems to understand though.
How low can you go?

It's all fun and games until you free your mind
From the bliss in ignorance you will find
Frost bite from ignorance like a blissard of snow.
How low can you go?

It's all fun and games until you can't pay the bills
It feels like never-ending steep hills.
Sleep pills make these feels go
How low can you go?
I am not Wakandian.

I wish I could look at a map and say
there that’s where my people came from.
Save money, board a plane, fly
to my ancestral home, and see what made me.

But Africa is a big place
and I’m not Kenyan, Nigerian or Ethiopian.
I have no claims to their past
and no right to their future.

All I know is I have some melanin, ***** hair,
and the knowledge that my ancestors blood and bones
set the foundation for a nation
that hasn’t made its mind up about me.

So sometimes I wonder what if my ancestors
had survived sugar fields instead of cotton.
Faced whips on the islands, instead of the south.
Would I then feel at home because I could look and know.

Or would that leave me emptier since here is still not there
and a claim to there would make me less here.
I guess until I figure this out I’ll take a made-up country
to be my made-up heritage

I am Wakandian
So as black history comes to a close and i feel the blackest i have ever been. yet i am faced with more questions than answers

— The End —