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Rizer Ashaba Aug 2020
I look into his eyes;
In the pictures in the videos
And I see hope
Not a man who was dying before our eyes
I see a man who found his purpose
Who gave hope to the black nation

I look into his eyes
And I see a warrior
Who wore a mask Everytime he stepped out to the public eye
To hide his pain and give hope to those who were still living

But as I look upon his face now
Eyes closed
I still feel the aura reaching out
Telling us not give hope up
For it is a gift that can never be destroyed

So I gaze upon his face
I feel proud of the man he showed us
The man we knew
The one whose strength we shall never comprehend
For it gave us hope
And in hope we shall remember him in.
I just feel his life was very difficult to go to public occasions as his life was ending but still smile and still live like it was normal like he had no pain is magical. Respect.
I am not Wakandian.

I wish I could look at a map and say
there that’s where my people came from.
Save money, board a plane, fly
to my ancestral home, and see what made me.

But Africa is a big place
and I’m not Kenyan, Nigerian or Ethiopian.
I have no claims to their past
and no right to their future.

All I know is I have some melanin, ***** hair,
and the knowledge that my ancestors blood and bones
set the foundation for a nation
that hasn’t made its mind up about me.

So sometimes I wonder what if my ancestors
had survived sugar fields instead of cotton.
Faced whips on the islands, instead of the south.
Would I then feel at home because I could look and know.

Or would that leave me emptier since here is still not there
and a claim to there would make me less here.
I guess until I figure this out I’ll take a made-up country
to be my made-up heritage

I am Wakandian
So as black history comes to a close and i feel the blackest i have ever been. yet i am faced with more questions than answers
Ivan Brooks Sr Feb 2018
I saw Black Panther
It was awesome!
As a brother,
I Feel wholesome.

Black Panther
Gives us a lot to say
Take it as a reminder
We are here to stay.

Black Panther
Is incredible
Its realism makes me wonder
about my people.

Black Panther
It's kinetic
says my father
and that's fantastic!

Black Panther
Is purposeful
Well done Mr director,
That's wonderful!

Black Panther
A Marvel movie
The hero, a brother
Brilliant in my view!

Black Panther
shows why representation
and identity was a factor
In the Wakanda nation.

Black Panther
I think Loving it
will be far better
Than hating it.

Black Panther
Is not about the Black race
But a serious matter
about our own place.

The time came finally to be proud of something entirely about us, our Dashikis, our identity, our superhero from Marvel couldn't have come at a better time.

— The End —