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Asominate Sep 2
An art of misery
A dedication
Possessed by only me
A separation
Of heart and sanity

It's killing me
How much
You love
To make me bleed
Being a slave
I serve to please
The art of slavery
Egø PrOfETa Aug 27
For I Dream..
of kicking against
these Prícks
Like the martial art of
Kung Fu
or something like
Martin Luther
the King
A Black King
An African..
Best believe
I am Profess'n
All three
of these
But honestly
I could never
have been a
For my mental
Is sorta like
that of
Kunta Kinte
But ain't no half-
with me
For I still have
Two feet
To place
In front of
And that
would be
As I Awake
and Proceed
with no dis-
or Fear in
just to
Lead my

When I think of black lives matter, I have my own way of seeing it
Egø PrOfETa Aug 18
( Instrumental Link ) Epik The Dawn

{ Wait for the beat drop }

Use to the label of an Øutcast
But for me?
It's the usual story
No Guts  No Gløry
Ok so..
Is this the reason why we all gotta put a mask on right now?
No Crowds?
No Safe Zones round?
Just sitting here at home all alone on our phones?
Yo.. Are all us entering into the Fear
Zone right now?
And is it.. with or without our consent?!
Leaving some of us wondering
How are we supposed to cope with
or deal with..
Being separate and alone?
And is this.. now the time
For all of us Mìsfits to rise up
and be equipped?
In spite of being
Now Socially Distant
From all of our loved ones?
And I put a strong emphasis on Løve
For they are.. deliberately seperating our families from the young to the old
And for the reasons we're told?
I'm not Sold
And I'm not gonna let the Løve
that I have now go
Waxed Cold
But here's the real message
As I ask the question
What is this digression?
Seems we've fallen into a deep
Or is this a recession that we're
living in?
Guess it all depends on what the message.. really is
But all I see and hear are Lies and
From different point of views from Tubes and
But to them I give no credit
And I could care less about their brand of politics, messages
or opinions
If it's not in our.. best interest
Because I'm now making
And from here on out?
I'm only investing in
In what the Most Highs interest is
As I'm currently being blessed by the power of his right hand
Irøn Fist'ed
My Lethal Weapon's sprung
Call me a pugilist for all the
In-justice done
Yeah, I'm taking on all the risks
No longer masked in silence
I bet I won't plead the 5th
I bet I won't flinch at the sound of the crack of a whip
Cause I already bear the scars of the past
In a strange sense?
And to me.. It don't make no sense
Cause I thought all that slave ish was ended?
Now we're all the way Flash-back
Way Pass Tense
Feel the tension?
But pay attention
This is just slavery re-invented
Man I tell you
It's the same brand of
Amongst all the buffoonery
But you know what?
They don't really want
No Smoke with me!
In the midst
of all of this
No Joke!
No kidding!!
I'll keep winning!!
For the Lord's my Wit-ness
From start to fin-ish
As I give them
The Bidness!!
This was done over an instrumental.. I will tweak and add more over time. Ok.. fast forward.. 10 hours Later.. I think it's finished✌️
Egø PrOfETa Aug 15
Let me say
First off
Your Pandemic and
To me
Are see through
Matter of fact
The whole entire scheme
In the grand scheme
of things
Is transparent
It's like a game of
Behind the scenes
Yeah I see you
Like a forced
be-tween the 2
You know
The so called quote and quote
And the
"Make" believe
Yeah that's how they make
But boy, Oh boy!
You must be stuped
Ha! Ha!
But the Joke
( Or should I say ? )
The Yoke is on you
They say that proof
is in the
And here's proof
All eyes are now on
Cause we can see you
on the News
Reporting  Half-truths
Like slipp'n  a noose
round our
Keeping the slaves in check
And fear..
In Regulation
A mis-calculation
Cause the fear you produce
Is too loose
My néck's slim like a
So I just re-adjust
And shake it all off
Like a Boss
And stay calm while
Like a Moth
These Days
here Man
Cause these days
here Man
Or at least for me anyway
I don't even.. turn them
And that includes
the T.V.
Social Media
And the News
Or even give it a single
And as I look
all around
me man
Yo I just learn
to play
my part
as I shut it all down
by turning it ALL
This is my opinion, I repeat my opinion 😤
I will add more or change some things if need be
Safana Aug 15
Freedom is a gift
For you and I
From somewhere
Not, from masters
A slavery masters

and freedom
is a Devine

Hurry up!🔁
Build your present
Let you future sleep
In a solid comfort

Aajaadee kee shubhakaamanaen
Happy Independence Day india
Kim Essary Aug 9
This Nation in which we live founded United as One
Built from the bricks of the hero’s stood proudly on display
Monuments and statues to represent where our freedom had begun
This Country has shed blood of soldiers sent to war
Whispers of disgust now wondering what it was all for
Was it to watch as a bunch of thugs burn our buildings and tear our history down
To vandalize the cemeteries of our heroes laid to rest beneath the ground
The screams of chanting black life matters in our street
Don’t they know all LIFES matter even you and me
This discrimination and hatred we are allowing is beyond belief
The things our ancestors did isn’t for us to be blamed
We of all races colors and religion have battled somewhere at some time in this life we live that will never excuse our history and the land our fore fathers founded to be torn to pieces and changed because it isn’t liked.
Strange how the people have lived every day since then just like me
Yet today they have forgotten they remain to live in the land of the free
God be with your people in this time of need
Egø PrOfETa Jul 26
No parallel parking
in front of my
Bro I got a linked-
with an assortment of bargains
Oh.. I beg your pardon
I say I'm not known for
or arguing
So don't make me.. a Target
Yo and it doesn't take a
just to get into Yale,
Princeton or
They say I'd cheat but
That kind of hate is.. way
too.. Obvious
You know, I really think
only mad bro
Because I'm great at self-
Cryptic Freestyle Quickie
Egø PrOfETa Jul 12
I've been fighting with temptation in everyday that I'm faced with
Resetting my mind
All of my hopes and my dreams
Onto the replacement
Of every lose
And the suicidal thoughts of me
Losing Control
Still engaged in my mind I'm inclined
Maintaining the goal
Of walking down that straight and
narrow road of Life
Because I have a date with Destiny in spite of what is ailing me in
While all the while?
Through the dark of night
I'm forced to fight with many
different things
With no self-esteem trying to figure
out who to believe
And who to trust and on whom
can I call?
Slowly uncontent to balance the fence
Slowly committed to fall
All while seeing the steady fall
Of my many bretherens called
For the same purpose and the work that was meant for us all
But still my soul fell slowly down
Depression's Well
Totally left to figure out how to
make it out
Wondering how I slipped and fell?
Fallen waist deep
within the clutches grief
With seemingly no way of me finding
an Answer
And no way of me holding my Peace
So as a means of release?
Im now speaking my Peace
Releasing for this reason having the
means of picking up the
Spiritual Pieces
And putting it all back together using it for what it's worth
Visualizing the Holy theme giving birth to revive my Hopes and Dreams
But these dreams are not seen through the eyes of surprise
But only seen through the joyfulness of watching our spirits Rise
Rising out of the ashes where the
fearfulness is cruel and savage
Out of the madness where the hopelessness is the rule of sadness
Escaping the Pain
No longer bond under heavy
Locks and Chains
No more wounds to be healed no
wounds to seal
No bandages with
Been stuck lately trying to write something new. So I decided to go back to the roots of why I started writing in the first place
Alex Scaife Jul 20
All that was fixed floated before
My eyes. Blood ridden rags flew like doves
Of peace outside my window.
Pictures of slaves framed as freedom

Ink in the pen replaced
With blood and  yellow bile.
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