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Aug 16 · 149
Euphrosyne Aug 16
As the rain drops
And the time stops
A memory of you pops
And craves for your voice box.

I just missed you
Hoping that you think of me too.
A long rainy day
Hoping that you stayed.

As I close my eyes,
As this tears dry
With the memories having you by my side
Hoping my pillows absorb our cherished times.
Apr 14 · 143
My beating heart
Euphrosyne Apr 14
Hold your head close to the ground
So you can hear my voice as it starts to sound

Can you feel it now, you feel it in your veins
Cuz I feel it now, I'll never change

Hear these poems what I say is true
Every word I write I write them for you

Can you feel it now, can you feel it in your veins
Cuz I feel it now, I'll never change

Just settle down this beating heart
And hold me close right from the start

You set my world on fire but I can't explain
There's no light to guide me if you're not the flame

Hear these poems what I say is true
Every road I take it leads me to you

Just settle down this beating heart of mine
I know we'll be fine because you're the sign
That we'll be fine we'll just give some time
Ain't gonna change my line for you to come and shine

Just settle down this beating heart
And hold me close right from the start
Apr 4 · 1.1k
Euphrosyne Apr 4
Free fall down into the unknown
give you my heart and relinquish my soul
it's best for what life shall bestow
so I take a big step in the unknown

Never look back, for this is the choice
don't question myself, and keep my mind poised
take a look up, thank god and rejoice
because the truth is, I know I made the right choice

So I follow the path and forget the past
this devotion and emotion, I'll make sure it lasts
with passion so wide and a love so vast
pain and sadness will be things of the past
Self love. That's it.
Apr 2 · 353
More than words
Euphrosyne Apr 2
I love you kore than words could ever say
I feel it growing in my heart each and every day
All this love I feel
Has never felt so real
You gave me something no one has ever given me
Its something you cannot see
It makes me think of only you
You're so strong, so true
This wonderful feeling you have given me
Makes me want to be with you endlessly
I want to be in your arms each and every day

To feel your warm embrace
It makes me feel so safe from harm
I love to look into your eyes
To look through your disguise
To feel your hands within mine
As our finger gently entwine
Your eyes filler with unconditional love
Your hugs so soft and so sweet
It makes me crave a thousand more
I wonder how your heart keeps a steady beat

Because mine just soars
I love the way you let me know
Just how you appreciate me so
I love how kuch you care
The love you shown me is beyond compare
I love the way you smile secretly
My eyes are kept on you all the while

I love to hear you say okay
You say it at least once a day
I love the way you apologize
Because it makes me realize
That what you did, was done unintentionally
And you still remain

Even though I'm strange
I made myself change
You say I'm right
Everytime I take a flight
I hate to see you mad
I hate to see you sad
It makes me feel so bad

What you feel, I feel
Because i think our love is real
I hate to see your teary eyes
I always have to wonder why?
I'm sorry sometimes I do the things I do
That makes tou feel blue
I am sorry if I hurt you so
My anger I know sometimes it's hard to control
I don't like it when you feel not enough and insecure
Don't worry too much, because I'm sure
That no one can replace you
Because I love you more than words.
My feelings for you are more than words
Apr 1 · 362
Euphrosyne Apr 1
Someday we'll be okay
Because someday will be our day
Some say after all the struggles we've been on they know we'll both stay
So someday it'll be so much okay

Someday, you'll be mine
Laying by my side,
Fighting each others war
After that fights we'll soar.

Your love please don't give it away
Because someday I'll show you the love you deserve everyday.
Someday we'll be exchanging words
That someday I'll be yours.

Someday I'd like to say
It's so much better with you everyday
Because your the love that I don't need to throw away,
I know people ignored you and stayed away
So I'm here keeping you anyway.
Don't you worry my sweety you'll never be castaway.

And just like the Hispanics say
(incluso la gente bloquea mi camino)
Even people block my way
(Te amare todos los dias)
I'll love you everyday
When we get to that someday.
Maybe someday we'll be our day.
Mar 31 · 313
Euphrosyne Mar 31
Chivalry is not dead
Because I'm not yet dead
Mar 31 · 292
Euphrosyne Mar 31
You're my guiding star
You're the driver of our car
You wash away all of my scar
And that's why I love everything you do

You're the every line
Everytime I get too far
You're just like my mother
Guides me to be better

You're my ice
On a hot summer day
That keep me at bay
You're making me your everything, so stay

I know life is hard
So we play like life
Dont pretend i know we're fine
And I find it so cute you play it hard
So here I am playing your game
Just to be your man
To change your last name
To mine

You make my heart sing
You changed my perspective to a new theme
I can't believe it, I thought it was a dream
Thank you, you increased my esteem

You're my everything
before that I thought life was joking,
You know exactly everything you do
And that's why I love everything about you.
I literally described who is my loved one and I'm proud of it. Thank you my everything.
Mar 31 · 138
Euphrosyne Mar 31
Fine, you electrify heart of mine
Electrify our golden time
Can't look at those eyes
Without sparkling skies

Fine, don't gas me up with lies
Because it cuts me into size
We can fly together with multiple tries
And have sweet compromise

I'm fine, I know we'll rise
Even I can't look at those eyes
Because with your eyes I can vaporize
But with you I can suffice
Maybe I can survive
With your sweetest eyes
That makes me vaporize
It makes my heart pop likes dynamite

We're fine, we'll make it through time
Just like hikers and mountains we'll climb
Through ups and downs we'll be fine
Because there's a sign
That we'll shine
Just be mine.
I'm hoping we're gonna be okay. Inspired by jack stauber's song "buttercup"
Mar 30 · 469
Euphrosyne Mar 30
Asa labas ng inyong bahay ako'y haharana
Lumabas ang iyong angkan ikaw nalamang ang hinihintay halina
Lumabas ka na diyan sa iyong bintana aking dalaga
At pakinggan ng mabuti ang aking aawitin kong kanta
Na naka paloob ang tamang sukat at tugma

Itong pag ibig ayokong masayang at pumanaw
Hindi naman sa nagmamadali at uhaw
Sadyang binigay lang ang simpleng babaeng mamahalin ko sino pa ba iyon kundi ikaw
Kaya't hindi na magpapaligoy pa dahil ayoko ng may kaagaw

Ito na haharanahin na kita na masarap pakinggan
Huwag kang umalis at makinig ka lamang
Pasensya kahit sintunado ako
Ang mahalaga ay payagan ako ng magulang mo at ikaw na maging tayo

Marami na naka silay nagmumuka na akong tanga
Itutuloy ko parin ang pag awit sa isang dalaga
Siya lang naman kasi ang rason ng aking pag gising tuwing umaga

Tatapusin ko ang pag harana
Sa isang napaka marikit na salita
Na tatatak sa utak nila
Na aking sinta, mahal kita.

Bawat sukat at tugma
Ng aking kanta
Ikaw ang aking inspirasyon na pinagmulan ng aking harana
Na siya naman nagtulak sa akin gawan ng tono at musika

Kaya pagdating ko sa dulo ng kanta
Sa aking hinaharana hindi ka mapapahiya
Dahil hindi ko sasayangin ang pagkakataon na magmahal ng katulad mo aking dalaga
Haharanahin kita ng mga tulang sulat ko na may sukat at tugma
Wala ka nang kailangan gawin pa dahil  sapat na sa akin ang sabihin **** allen mahal kita
Mar 29 · 362
With you
Euphrosyne Mar 29
You taught me how beautiful life is,
Everything from your words, your touch, and your hugs kiss.

You gave me hope, you gave me love,
And I know you were sent from heaven above.

The way you showed me the person I could be,
It's something you, and only you, would see.

You were always different and unique,
But I never guessed it was me and you would seek.

How someone like me would end up with someone like you,
I honestly don't believe it; it cannot be true.

But it is, and I know every day
That I have YOU, and it's needless to say

You've made my life beautiful and taught me how to live.
To show you how much I'm grateful, anything I'd give.

So thank you for the biggest highlight of my life.
In doing so you've taken away the sorrow and strife.

You put a smile on my face and a skip to my stride
And I know you'll always be there by my side.

No one will surpass you, I know if life didn't choose us my life would been on a knife
Thank you my love.
Mar 28 · 93
Euphrosyne Mar 28
Three corrupted men
Lurking through the night
They feel safe because they think they have their right
Groped a minor and said it'll be alright

Covered some stains
Just to hide their nasty remain
Tried make a public apology to their crime
Yet the minor they groped they paid and promised to be a mime

Defended by their colleague
What a shame ester and joe,
Known to be a famous comedian
Yet they made Deliah's story a joke

Until now they're convicted
We all know that uncle changed the system
Even though the true story were written
And there it goes people didn't believe to the victim

The minor got traumatized
Her brain and body got paralyzed
She were gone wrong and despised
And decided after 4 years of trauma she planned to suicide.
A true **** case from the year 1990's. Labas mga Pilipino HAHAHA kilala niyo to
Mar 27 · 190
Disco magic
Euphrosyne Mar 27
As we enjoy
The tensions inside,
Something sparked
The darkness inside
Choked by this group of people we were tongue tied
Satan started to go wild
And spread faster than we thought
People started to panic and escape
The death beneath them but they cannot,
The dawn comes people starting to fade
Turning to miserable ashes decayed
Showing people not to enjoy too much death was portrayed
Do you feel the sadness within
Those crying souls for help begin,
Memories of their colorful yesterday
With hundred piled bodies started to gray,
Tried to save their self with their helpless shout
They cannot get out.
Disco magic, once you don't care
Death will take care.
I dedicate this poem to those burned victims of ozone disco way back march 18 1996. rest in piece fellow students.
Mar 27 · 423
The prom
Euphrosyne Mar 27
For every step we take
For every move we make
The feelings that sorround us
We always feel that we are Godsent

Under the beautiful skies
As I look into your eyes
We dance through the night
Only you can suffice

Even though there's so much many reason
Just not to be your partner,
But we always fall the same on one season
And that's the only answer I want to hear.

The song has been done
But my love we're not yet gone
I thought I was sleeping
Because it feels like I was dreaming.

This dance was all along true
There's no reason to get the blue
You lit me up, changed my hue
And now I can finally say I love you.
Mar 27 · 208
The artist
Euphrosyne Mar 27
I'm not that good looking and smart
But you bring my life into a beat of heart
Because of you and your art
For you, I will never be apart

A man of not so many words
But I'll think of writing you a poem is a must
That writes you a tarnished stardust
That brings us to wanderlust

Had so many masterpiece
But the artist I adore brings me at peace
Even though the lyrics are chaotic,
The art itself needs understanding, the art is so harmonic

Ignorant people just walk away and leave
Didn't appreciate what the artist want to perceive
Trust me now you make me complete
Not just your art but it makes us acrete

If another art comes out, gonna check it out
But I know who's my one and only artist no doubt
I have written so many poems you should know I am devout
My poems showed it as your name they shout

Gonna come back as my heart always search for you
My art and you I wanted them to grow
We'll get through this rain gonna have our own rainbow
We'll be shinning through those past of tomorrow
Even though I check those beautiful masterpieces made by other artists I always search for you my favorite artist.
Euphrosyne Mar 26
Not a man of so much confidence
But I have to say this now,
of all the smiles I've seen on earth
Your smile is more than others worth

I'm not a man who’ve seen other worlds
But I've seen more in your eyes
That brought me into the beautiful skies
Even though we revolve in different worlds
That finds us a new environment
I'd still choose you more

Not a man of material things,
But I'll give you all I've got
No expensive gifts nor shoes to give
But all I could give you is my entire heart

I'm not a man with so much confidence
Getting to the point that I can't tell u the words of how I feel, but,
I'll express them on my paper
I'll write them for you to understand
What I feel for you inside.

if you are the poetry
You'll be the words that
ryhmes to the beat
of my heart.
I was too shy to tell this to diane but I have my confidence now.
Mar 23 · 212
Euphrosyne Mar 23
You deserve the love
That I have, a true love,
You deserve flowers everyday
Because I want to show you I'm not cliché

You deserve a cup of joe
That every morning you sip, you glow,
You deserve poems that I write
That I'll send it to you every night,
You deserve ice creams at midnight
And I'll tel you that it'll be alright.

You deserve to be reminded
Every second I am attracted
And that you are beautiful
Every moment that you're blinded
By them, don't listen they are all mindless

You deserve honesty
Forget those awful sanity,
You deserve my consistency
And I believe it is still not dead, my chivalry.

I know you're scared
But I'm prepared
Don't worry too much
I'll be here, I'll keep in touch.
You deserve what we both want in love.
Mar 22 · 206
Purple war
Euphrosyne Mar 22
I wanna be more,
than just a child and explore
I wanna fight
This growing blight

Feelings are genuine
Stars and moon aren't perfectly align
So we drink this purple wine
For this purple war between this line

Let our emotions pour
Anger and fight we search for more
Hurtful words they follow
Feelings of tomorrow

Here we are still fighting
We have flaws, I know we're now admitting,
Stay, we have more stories to be written
We don't have to go we'll just be smitten.

This exchange of words we dealt
We'll probably felt it everyday
This emotions we feel won't decay
This fight of love will repay
Mar 21 · 105
Out of my league
Euphrosyne Mar 21
She's just so out my league.
So many guys want her-
Who’d consider any other?
Seems no one can have her.
She’s just so sunny sweet,
No other girl can compete.
All my friends and I must concede-
She’s out of my league.

She’s seems out of my league.
But is she out of my reach?
Those guys give her the eye—
Discouraged, won’t even try--
Feel I don't even qualify.
She always walks alone.
Maybe I could walk her home.
If I can see past her mystique
She’ll not be out of my league

“Nothing ventured, nothing gained”,
I told myself again and again.
I could strut beside her.
I should smile and talk to her;
Always be kind to her.
Gotta step up, swing for the fence-
Exercise some confidence.
Maybe I’ll slink away in shame;
Or I might set her heart aflame.

She's just out of my league,
But there's no mistake on trying
So this is me doing the impossible, applying,
Because after I confess we might flying
And I must avoid this pain and crying
And I'll deliver my own intrigue
Just to be on her league
Because she's just out of my league.
I found my girl best friend are so out of my league and maybe I can confess to her.
Mar 20 · 124
Magnetic desire
Euphrosyne Mar 20
I love to hold magnets in my hands
and feel them pull toward each other.
It is such a force of nature
that I don't really understand,
but without failure
those two magnets will always want to be together.

But what happens when there is a brick in the way
Or another magnet
or even a tiny piece of paper.
When there is space between them
or something blocking their way,
do the magnets forget about each other?

But even if that paper is there
once it is taken away
the magnet doesn't change its desires
or listen to those who tell it not to want
Or what it wants.

Wouldn't it be great if we all were just like magnets?
But maybe we are,
attracted to one magnet.
We are like magnets we desire both of us and nothing can get through us.
Mar 20 · 180
Euphrosyne Mar 20
Hearing her laugh,
I know she's trying
to be tough.

Seeing her smile
I know she's hiding
The pain for a while.

Seeing her every move
While she groove
Making myself believe she got improve

It lets me forget
That she's in pain
That makes her drain.

I am concern
But I know I can't help you
Because you also need to learn

To be honest,

I'm willing to help
Everytime you yelp
Come closer and I'll skelp.

You have been so strong,
Just need to be tougher
Because challenges are lifelong.

She got bruises
Because of the challenges
But it will be beneficial after the causes.

From all the pain
the world caused,
For the reason
she loved hard most.
Aza means bruises in Japanese, hope we recover in this fight my love.
Mar 20 · 406
Mga pahina
Euphrosyne Mar 20
Madami na akong nabasang libro
Ngunit ikaw parin ang hinahanap kong kwento na nais balik balikan
Na hindi magsasawang basahin muli
Mga pahinang ikaw lamang nagbigay sa mga labi ko ng ngiti.

Bawat kabanata nitong libro bawat pagbasa ko ng mga pahina, pinapangiti mo ako muli,
Na para bang andiyan ka lang sa aking tabi.
Pinapa ulan mo ang aking mga mata tuwing....
binabasa ko ang kahapon.

doon ko lang natuklasan na kaya ko palang magmahal ng tapat sa mundong ibabaw na puro kalokohan lang ang inaatupag ko.

Hindi ka ba masaya? Na binabalik balikan ko ang  hindi makatotohanang kwento,
Na hanggang pahina at kabanata nalamang sila magiging totoo.

Masakit, pero kailangan natin tanggapin, ako, ako lang pala, ika'y lumisan na
Napunta ka na sa ibang pahina
Ako, ako andito pa
Iniwan mo sa alaala nating dalawa

Pwede ba magsabi ng totoo?
Kahit na sobrang gulo,
sasabihin ko sayo
Ikaw ang nag-iisang tahanan ng naliligaw kong pagkatao.

Etong mga pahina... nagiwan ng bakas sa puso kong bukas
Na inalay ko sayo gamit pa ang aking mga kamay na kitang kita ang bakas,
Bakas ng kahapon na sinaktan ako
Sinugatan ako ng taong minahal ko
Na pinalitan lamang ng saksak sa puso.

Itong mga pahina't kabanata
Na nagpapakita
Na mahal parin kita
Subalit nasa ibang libro ka na.

Alam kong tapos na
Wala nang tyansa
Kaya't ibabalik nalamang kita
Sa aking istante
Na madaling hanapin
Kapag nais ko muling basahin
Ang kahapon na sinulat natin.

Mga pahinang babalik balikan,
Mga kabanatang hindi makakalimutan,
Librong tayong dalawa na ako nalamang
Ang gagawa ng paraan para protektahan
Konting comeback lang sa tagalog. Spoken word poetry talaga siya pero nahihiya ako magsalita kaya hanggang dito lang hahaha.
Mar 18 · 431
Euphrosyne Mar 18
Your name
Just like a board game,
We make moves
Just like the youths.

We dance until we both get the chance
And I'll deliver my romance,
I'll stand like a knight
And you stand there like a princess.

I call you by your name and your
Beautiful face pops up,
And suddenly the heaven and earth shifts and brings me to you close up,
Can't you see? These flowers bloom?
Because it means you and I are not doomed

Lets dance
To get the chance
I don't want our romance
All end up in a trance
Because every glance
I lose my stance
And you help me so we can enhance

This unique dance
Always makes me memorize
Your name and our memories
Just like a treasury
I'd hide you from treachery

Your name
I will claim
From a big game
And tell you that we are the same,
The same in love.

I love the name of you,
You made myself a poet
That our story will be spoken
by my poems
That it makes more golden
With the presence of your name.
It means imagination, it's just a thought of being in love in a unique way.
Mar 18 · 546
Behind the lines
Euphrosyne Mar 18
Behind the lines
What we are doing?
This are for the sake of our feelings
Because we look forward to pursuing.

Behind the lines
We play safe,
To avoid the probable chafe
So we're exchanging sweet words secretly by strafe.

Behind the lines
We play hide and seek,
We are so obvious about our feelings, I can see we are both weak
We're so scared to find out but this could possibly leak.

Behind the lines
We communicate,
We talk for our fate
But we know we're not ready because of our state.

Behind the lines
I made a move,
Asked you to enjoy and groove
And said that I'll wait, just watch I'll prove.

Behind our lines
There's a trauma
That's why we felt this aura
That brings us both to a nirvana

Behind our lines
We are scared
Because we were unprepared
Our feelings were undeclared
But I'm telling you this at first
Before we met at the line
My feelings for you was clearly declared.
Mar 17 · 142
Euphrosyne Mar 17
This world is way too much for us
Tried to run but keep on stumbling
Tried to talk but keep on mumbling
Do you ever felt that way?

Let ourselves bloom
Despite of all those gloom
Wear all of the smiles like my costume
And hide them on your locker room.

I'll be the paint to color your world
Even though we're curled ,
Relax, I won't hurt, drop those blades
Because I'm willing to give you my colored shades.

What are you waiting for?
Lets paint this world, the color you adore
I'll give you this rose don't drop it at the floor
I'll be at your back leading your war

Now the breeze got us feeling good
Cruising 'round the neighborhood
Living like a teenager would
And love you like my mother could.

Don't worry too much
I won't leave, I'll be in touch
And if ever you get tired I'll catch,
Give you some glue for us to not detach.
You deserve that colors we painted, do not let it fade we'll work it out.
Mar 17 · 466
Never stop
Euphrosyne Mar 17
Dont stop chasing your dreams
Until you got that power of your beam,
Do no forget those who got you through,
Always thank them for your success too.

It's like you walk on a storm
That'll challenge you until you got harmed,
But honey don't get too affected don't return,
Because all of the flowers bloomed and it's your turn.

It's okay to be late, just don't stop
Until you get to the top
Just stay at your lane there's too much
Temptation don't swap
I believe that after you get to the top it'll be nonstop.

There'll be demons that'll want you to stop
And if they made you flop
Don't listen to them, listen to me I'll call the cops,
And I'll help you to be in the top.

Remember, do not stop
The rewards will be nonstop
After you get to the top,
So after this I'll be happy and always I'll be at your back.
You'll be okay remember okay? You'll be on the top of your own world don't be sad now I believe in you.
Mar 16 · 309
Rain, rainbows
Euphrosyne Mar 16
You don't need to be in a hurry
Don't forget this is your journey
Close them eyes and don't you worry
Your time will be peacefully coming.

If you didn't feel no rain
Then you wouldn't get no rain-bows
And if you didn't feel that way
Then you'll still stay the same.

The rain make your feelings so cold
But if you never got rained
And the experiences that you got
would have never been told
Would have never been brought
Would have never been bold.

If you didn't get that rain
Then you wouldn't have got this rainbows
I'm happy that you felt that way
Because if you didn't, you would stay the same.

This is still a journey
That you don't need to hurry
So do not worry
This journey will be worthy.
For the pips that always experiencing rains do not worry you'll get yourself your own rainbow.
Mar 16 · 411
Be +
Euphrosyne Mar 16
You're more than a dime
Come lets make our time
Feel this love anytime,
What are you waiting for?

Breathe, feel how much we should
Talk and take a walk around our neighborhood
Feel blessed but don't get stretched
You gotta get that sun on our sunday best.

Get up, don't be lazy our day maybe wasted
Everything might be challenging but I know we're tested,
Come on get up lets be positive
Leave those on your bed all of the negatives.

If you're hurting I know a remedy
Get up and I'll give you my exciting energy
And forget that hurting memories, let it be
And say you're worth it and tell them "this is all of me".

Just slowly open your eyes
Come right in, take off your saddest disguise
Leave your worries right at your door
Watch them as they drop at the floor.

What are you waiting for?
Come on get up lets be positive
Leave those on your bed, all of the negatives,
It's worth a dime
To take your time.
For the pips that been down lately be positive there's some people who loves you and depends on you.
Mar 15 · 148
Mixed signals
Euphrosyne Mar 15
I know I might be the one
I just wanna give you some fun
A chance to have it all
Before we part in fall

So let's give it a whirl
Make you a happy girl
So much I've never known
Never experienced this on my own

So, stop leading me on
If the chance I had is gone
You send such mixed vibes
Should I send silence or send bribes

We're bestfriends, of course, no doubt
But the level is what I wonder about
Are you asking for your hand
Or seeking a friend - high in demand

My desperation is great
I'm scared I'll ***** up our fate
Longing for more than what's meant
'Stead of the friendship on which we're bent

Still look at me the same
And smile when you say my name
I know when that smile hits your face
You're the reason my heart starts to race

In my head I've perfected
And the scenes I've directed
But in real life I struggle
Cause your heart I can't smuggle

So make up your mind now or tomorrow
End my self doubt, end my self sorrow
All I ask is you give me a chance
So come this time, in your heart so we can dance.
And here we are got a good signal after we talked,hoping that we'll be okay and still follow the flow and take it slow please believe on us.
Mar 15 · 289
Sol & Luna
Euphrosyne Mar 15
You'll be the sun
That brings the fun,
I'll be the moon
That'll keep us in tune,
Just let your light
Stay to keep my light
In the dark to ignite,
Come and I'll let you
Shine through
And let ourselves be true,
And when the night comes
I'll let my birds to sing until we'll hum
Just like the moon
We'll avoid those bad swoon,
And at the breaking point of
The galaxies
We will be both
Be there and
We'll shine the light
Until all of those
Philosophers write
The story of
Sol and Luna.
Please be my Sol and I'll fully commit and fulfill what I promised right from the start.
Mar 15 · 137
The promises
Euphrosyne Mar 15
I can't promise you
That dark clouds
Will nwvwr hover
Over our lives
Or that the future
Will bring as many rainbows,
I can't promise you
That tomorrow
Will be perfect
Or that life will be easy, But
I can promise you
My everlasting devotion
My loyalty, my respect and my emotion
And my unconditional love for a lifetime,
I can promise that
I will always be here for you
To listen and hold your hand
And I'll do my best to keep you happy,
And make you feel loved
I can promise that
I'll see you through any crisis
And pray with you,
Dream with you,
Build with you,
And always cheer you on
And encourage you,
I can promise that
I'll willingly be your protector,
Your advisor, your doctor,
Your bestfriend, your family,
Your everything,
I promise you.
I promise you I'll fulfill this because I know from myself you are worth it.
Mar 14 · 182
Letters I wanted to send
Euphrosyne Mar 14
everybody was cheering for you and me we were voted
after all of those waiting i have done do you see that I am Devoted?
because of you I made myself a writer
you given me light on my darkness
you are my precious igniter
until now I'm still Inspired
because you are admired
you are not required
to give back what i just gave
just watch me until our love transpired
love is truly a leap of faith
i know it might end up becoming a wraith
and goes to a bad abruptness
but i will avoid those shortness,
because of you i Accomplished
one of my goals in my life
to fulfill what I promised
that i can wait for you and I think it's polished
so listen to my golden words,
let my silver ballads sink in
and let my lovely sonnets abide you,
because you are my Necessity
of my prosperity,
you are my love that is Easygoing
that is always outgoing
i am thankful i met a woman like you
that motivated me for my growing.
And thats it that is what I wanted to give you but you are being distant so please hear me out okay? Listen okay and let it sink in that I'm thankful for you.
Mar 14 · 229
The feast
Euphrosyne Mar 14
The dreams of lovers are like good wine
They bring joy or also sorrow
Weakened by your absence ,
I am unhappy
Writing you a beautiful poem
is all that I can
Because nothing is for free in life

Hope is a plate far too quickly consumed
I am used to skipping the meal
A solitary thief is sad to eat
On our game so complicated
I can't succeed
Because nothing is for free in life,

Life,Never will they tell me
That the course of the stars:
it's not for me
Let me amaze you and take our flight
We can finally be happy

I want to be with you
through thick and thin
And the celebration
will finally begin,
Get the bottles; end the strife
I lay the table of my new life
I am glad about the idea of our fate
We both know that this isn't easy but,
I'm happy to be with you in this fight
A life of hiding and then finally free
The feast is on my way
Our life of hiding and
then finally will be free
The feast is on our way
Before the light comes there's dark that always brings challenges on us both but love always trust me always trust us to have the celebration what we wanted at last for our us. Hold on we'll celebrate soon.
Mar 13 · 272
The questions
Euphrosyne Mar 13
Do you find it not enough?this consistency
Do me a favor don't make a move I'll show my chivalry
You know why?because I feel you are my destiny
And I find you as a perfect woman that have dignity

Do you know why I question you
Because this is an application for me and you
For the rest of our life
And do not doubt this I'm serious about this.

These questions that I need to know
Has a good benefit for us to grow
Just come close and just go to our flow
Lets heat this love just like a month ago
And have the love we deserve that we don't even need to throw

These questions that we need to know
Do not even deserve to snow
And this love do not deserve to be hidden below
Because we just need to answer these questions to be on that love we want and please take it slow.
And until now I question you in my dreams and hoping for you to answer it someday.
Mar 13 · 173
Euphrosyne Mar 13
In my dreams
I loudly scream
What a bad scheme
A ridiculous theme
Tries to take down my esteem
What are you doing?
These dark thoughts
trying to drawn me
And myself wants to flee
But these dark thoughts don't agree,
In my dreams
I can't loudly say help
These dark thoughts just tries me to
Devour until nobody can help me.
And yeah my thoughts always devour me until I can't help my own self and nobody can help me they always hide when I call for help.
Mar 12 · 151
Flower girl
Euphrosyne Mar 12
A flower girl always not in love
Her words bleeds painful terms
Her mouth scented like rotting worms
Her mind full of words that can burn
She express her feelings like thorns

She doesn't travels to the unknown
She protects her value and worth
Because she is scared
Scared of people hurting her

She was broken, but suddenly
A flower boy confessed
Flower boy showed her love
And after flower boy showed his true love

A flower girl sometimes can be in love
Her words now runs like a river full of flowery words
Her mouth now scented like a perfect perfume that lasts
Her mind now once that can burn now it can make their love in flame
She only express her feelings like she is,
A flower girl.
I dedicate this to my friends that they were once hurt but now looking at them currently happy loving someone. Take care.
Euphrosyne Mar 12
you were
always there
but not

for me.
And it hurts me because I'm just like nobody to you.
Euphrosyne Mar 11
I looked outside tonight & thought of you.
The moon was so big & bright.
The stars Oh, what a beautiful sight!
I love you to the moon & back.

After everything that happened today,
I knew a hug from you would make it all good
But you are gone so far away.
I love you to the moon & back.

Today was a big day.
Everything went according to plan.
I wish you could have seen it.
I love you to the moon & back.

What a wonderful conversation!
We texted for hours last night.
For once I felt like my heart was whole.
I love you to the moon & back.

Tonight I told you about all of those nights
That I looked up thinking of you.
Were you thinking of me too?
I love you to the moon & back.

I've always been asked about it.
"Why are you so into the night sky?"
I wonder if anyone will ever understand.
I love you to the moon & back.

Next 5 months is my birthday.
I wish you could be there.
I will be looking up. Will you?
I love you to the moon & back.

Whenever everything is coming to an end,
I know you are going to be here for me.
Do you know how happy I am to have you?
I love you to the moon & back.

For every day we've been apart, there is a moon.
For every day we will be together, there is a star.
There will always be more stars than moons.
I love you to the moon & back.
Gravitational love part 2,Yeah. I'm hoping for you to come back after the night goes down and the sun goes up shining through our love. I love you to the moon and back.
Mar 11 · 452
A love in polaroid
Euphrosyne Mar 11
one thing we are never told
pictures taken in polaroid
have a way of fading over time

very much like you and me
and the picture we used to be
no longer has that kodachrome shine

it happens to the best of us
the color fade of wanderlust
bringing out the worst in black and white

one thing i'm relying on
although i'm barely hanging on
is the picture of us left in my mind.
Yeah it looks like our polaroid are fading, would you mind to give another chance of this love?
Mar 10 · 123
Letters never sent pt. 9
Euphrosyne Mar 10
this poem
has no
to rhyme

like how
I have
no reason
to give up on you.
Yeah. I have no reason to give up on you Diane.
Mar 10 · 211
Notice me will you?
Euphrosyne Mar 10
What do I have to do to get you to notice me?
Change my hair, the way I walk?
My clothes, the way I talk?
We've known each other for some time now,
Yet I'm still invisible to you.
My feelings run deep and how
I wish you only knew.
I see your face every time I close my eyes.
To me, you just seem so different from the other girls
To you, I'm just a friend,
Nothing more, nothing less.
I settle for friendship in the end
Even though it hurts like hell
Because I don't want to make a mess.
Instead, I'll keep my secret to myself
And take my pride back off the shelf.
Until one day you finally see
That you and I were meant to be.
I'll wait for now
Because sooner or later
maybe I'll be gone.
To let you be in your life
Because it looks like that you are happy without me
So when will you notice me?
Until when you won't notice me? Please at least one chance again please?
Mar 10 · 566
Twisted fate
Euphrosyne Mar 10
That is twisted fate,
Fly you higher than you've ever flown
Love will pick you up
And then drop you
Maybe it will catch you
You'll never know until you are in place 
In faith
Maybe it wasn't love,
What a cruel twisted fate

Now read in reverse
This is for my friend who is at the same situation. Goodluck on your relationship.
Mar 9 · 158
Can we
Euphrosyne Mar 9
Can we
Just go to the sea
And let's see
What's beneath of that deep sea
After I saw that sea

Do not leave me
I don't want to be lonely
Because I'm starting to see
The worth of you that I'd like again to see
After you let me
Dive into your deep sea

You were gone
I thought it was done
But here I am stunned
By the light of your sun,
You came back,
After the moon comes
And the bird hums
And a bright light succumbs
You were there standing and saying
We have feelings in tons

Before I let this poem done
I just want our conflicts to be gone
And have the love we want on those long runs
And again this time, can we?
Can we do it again? Can I dive into you again? I won't disappoint you this time. I know that I'm not perfect but just let me show you how much I love you.
Euphrosyne Mar 9
i saw
in your
i  found
in your
I'm pretty sure that I saw eith my both eyes that you are my home and love can we do it again my love?
Mar 9 · 159
Euphrosyne Mar 9
Meeting you was fate,
becoming your friend was choice,
but falling in love with you was completely out of my control.
God created men first,
coz you always make
a rough draft before a masterpiece.
You are the light in a dark room
and I am the moth who can't resist it.
Explaining how much I love you
is like explaining how water tastes.
I don't want to be your whole world....
just your favorite part of your daily chapter
I'll love you today because tomorrow may be too late.
Meeting you has been delightfully refreshing!
I thought of something wonderful today.... You!
Meeting you was fate and loving you was by my choice and I don't want to stop what I'm feeling for you Diane.
Euphrosyne Mar 8
if you ever get lost,
i'll be here
helping you
to find yourself
even if
i get lost and
you're not there
to help me too.
Because I'm willing to give my all of me to you because of you my perspective in life has changed. Because of you I can now control my anxiety.
Mar 8 · 273
Euphrosyne Mar 8
If friends were flowers
I would not pick you
I'll let you grow in the garden
cultivate you with love and care so
I can keep you as a friend forever
A true friend is someone who reaches
for your hand and touches your heart.
Friendship isn't how you forget but how you forgive
Not how you listen but how you understand,
Not what you see but how you feel,
and not how you let go but how you hold on
True friends are like mornings,
u cant have them the whole day,
but u can be sure,
they will be there when u wakeup tomorrow,
next year and forever.
I dedicate this to my friends especially boom-booism. Thanks to Maia she challenged me to make a poem about my friends.
Mar 8 · 135
Euphrosyne Mar 8
A life that would suffice us in pink
Just think of the happy hours and don't blink
You might end up in your dream in just a brink
Don't hesitate you might lose your chance so do not think

We live in a lie
So everytime it feels right
Do it, say it, tell the truth despite of your
Tongue ties

Are you now disappointed?
Because you didn't tell the truth and you're now blue painted
And the situation now is so complicated
Now you regret the things you did and you were bombed by the truth you're so devastated.

You and her was more than an imagination
It was more than an romantic action
You felt right so you tell her you have an attraction
But its barmecide you often get happy
Because we live in a lie you are now in a big destruction
We think of barmecide and then truth hits us we usually think and disappoint ourselves about the truth.
Euphrosyne Mar 7
I still cry at night
Because of the abandonment
Of you
But not in my mind
But in my heart.
Maybe you did not abandon me maybe you're just trying how faithful I am but hey I'm telling you I'm faithful to you whatever happens I will still choose you.
Mar 7 · 382
Euphrosyne Mar 7
Sabay nating binili ang pula
Na doon siya namang nagmula
Ng pagkulay ng aking puso't mundo
Noong sinabi nilang couple shirt tayo

Dama ko namang
Sinama mo lang
Kaibigan natin
Para di siya iwan.

Dama ko namang
May nararamdaman
Ang inosenteng puso mo
Na ako namang tinanggap ito

Lubos akong natuwa
Sa kadahilanang inalay mo
Ang puso mo
Sa isang nilalang na katulad ko

Kaya sa araw na pula
Papangitiin ka hanggang mamula mula
Mga pisngi **** kay ganda
Sa tuwing ngingiti ka

Ano ka ba
Bakit mo ito ginagawa sakin
Akoy lalong nahuhulog
Sa tuwing nakikita kang nakangiti

Kaya sa araw na pula
Papangitiin kita lalo
Hanggang pisngi mo'y mamula mula
Kahit hindi ko na sabihin sayo ako'y lalong nabibihag mo.

Kaya puso ko'y kulay pula
Dahil sayo binigyan **** kulay
Ang puso kong dating patay na
Kaya namang nasulat ang tulang pula
Dahil namula narin ang puso kong dati namang hindi kulay pula.
Dahil sayo nagka kulay ang aking mundo. Salamat sayo mahal kong Diane.
Mar 7 · 218
Euphrosyne Mar 7
I'm not trying to be pretentious
But for me your simplicity makes it very contagious
So I try to impress you with my own inventions
And shower you with all of my good intentions

I ain't tryna give you complications
I just want our us to have good foundations
So no one will motivate us to have fluctuations
And because of your simplicity I'll love you for generations
Iki means simplicity and Diane you are simple and I love that you are being simple in every way.
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