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MM Feb 2022
You kept sending me mixed signals
A week ago, you were telling me you miss me
Now you're saying you wanna call it quits
Remember when you joked about being obsessed with me lately?
I so badly wanted to know what changed
between you being sober and after a bottle of gin
Found some of my notes from last year.
azzan Jul 2020
the journey commences,
both here we begin.
assured in our senses,
content in our sins.

suddenly you grow cold,
our horizons freeze.
this life we planned to mould,
you neglect with ease.

i escape this dream, everything turns bright.
the roads feel calmer, we're lost in the night,
'til we gently approach a traffic light.

the lights glare green, as you grow keen.
the lights trigger amber, you erupt with anger.
the lights turn red, our love turns

posted on jan 6th
Euphrosyne Mar 2020
I know I might be the one
I just wanna give you some fun
A chance to have it all
Before we part in fall

So let's give it a whirl
Make you a happy girl
So much I've never known
Never experienced this on my own

So, stop leading me on
If the chance I had is gone
You send such mixed vibes
Should I send silence or send bribes

We're bestfriends, of course, no doubt
But the level is what I wonder about
Are you asking for your hand
Or seeking a friend - high in demand

My desperation is great
I'm scared I'll ***** up our fate
Longing for more than what's meant
'Stead of the friendship on which we're bent

Still look at me the same
And smile when you say my name
I know when that smile hits your face
You're the reason my heart starts to race

In my head I've perfected
And the scenes I've directed
But in real life I struggle
Cause your heart I can't smuggle

So make up your mind now or tomorrow
End my self doubt, end my self sorrow
All I ask is you give me a chance
So come this time, in your heart so we can dance.
And here we are got a good signal after we talked,hoping that we'll be okay and still follow the flow and take it slow please believe on us.
eve Feb 2019
don’t know what you call this,
it’s labeled a whatever thing.
you’re leading me,
to inconsistency.
tired of your mystery,
this isn’t suppose to be a puzzle piece,
can’t you see that i’m falling apart without you?
call it emotional dependence,
but if you cared just as you say you do,
you’d prove who and what you are,
instead of eluding to the truth.
burning through these possibilities,
how about you,
light a match, and,
guide us to the direction of nevermeanttobe.
do I have to remind you again?
how to act,
and listen.
just listen,
you make me feel like i’m high above,
the clouds of doubt that fill your mind at the worst of night,
causing me to lose track of time.
when it’s time to go,
we pack our bags,
forget to say goodbye.
if you were truly what i gained,
you wouldn’t mind tiring or lying to me.
i’ll accept it for what it is,
cause you’ll reminisce,
leave me to guess,
then wrap me all up in your head;
not as a present,
but to mark the esssence of having the nerve to speak to me.
i shouldn’t have to open the door,
place the keys on your front lawn,
just to see you move on from me again.
advice runs around my mind,
telling me things that i do not like,
how you like to lick your lips,
to marinate a thousand more lies and excuses,
feeling unashamed and inveterate every time.
shamelessly you make me yours and I make you mine;
oh, i don’t know what to call this.
memories of you and me,
raid through these homemade remedies,
for once and for all, trying to forget you;
for the love of Christ, why do I feel inclined to you?
you’ll call me once,
or maybe twice,
and i’ll pick up,
just to hear you cry, and whine,
about the things you can’t achieve in life.
because this life is like a marathon to you,
don’t race along when you feel rushed,
you’ll just forget to pace yourself.
my innocence is wearing thin,
you’re wearing me all across her chest,
and neck,
tell me you’re numb and can’t go through it again,
don’t feel nothing.
i’ll convince myself that you are here,
that you are here to hear what i feel is true and finally listen.
as the days go by,
i allow time to slip through fingertips,
time after time,
you make me out to be the biggest fool.
when i brag about you to them,
they suggest i don’t get too fond of you,
nevertheless, i’ll drift and float to dizziness;
disregard the past conversation,
while actively pursuing to revitalize the old one again.
these perpexlexing parts are hard to find,
i look around, note one to none,
and none to suffice;
there it goes, so i, lose track of you.
I suggest listening to Yellow Lights by Harry Hudson, it’s been running through my head these past couple days and sparked an interest in me to write about a personal anecdote. I hope you enjoy, see you all soon, x.
D A W N Feb 2019
"she loves me, she loves me not."

those six words rang on my eardrums like alarum bells
reminding me in every beat my heart makes.
they swam through my throat and into my chest; knocking on my
rib cage telling my heart not to fly whenever she says hi.
doubt comes barging on my door like an unwanted guest.
reminding me that in every moment, every gesture she makes are a product
mixed signals.
written: 1/30/18
ever been in a one-sided relationship?


a small digital image or icon used to express an idea, emotion, etc., in electronic communication.

The first I saw one,
You had thanked me for a good deed.

The second time I saw one,
You had thanked me for a favor.

And these emojis,
Theyre so disorienting
Its a first
A boy sending them

Perhaps I am looking in it too much
Maybe Im looking for something, hoping for anything
Maybe its all in my head

Maybe I want
Something that isnt there
A mystery to pester my brain
An assumption
That may pull me down.

These heart-eyed emojis. It pulls at me.
This school year has just newly started and Ive been real busy. But Im glad to have been able to make a poem again!
// Juliet C. L. Jimenez
Jamie Rose Oct 2017
You tell me you don't want a relationship
I'm okay with that
If you don't want a relationship why do you treat me as if we're dating?
You tell me you love me
You tell me good morning, good night
We talk on the phone for hours on a daily basis
You get jealous if another guy flirts with me
You want to meet my parents
But when I ask why you're acting like this you just change the subject
You are giving me mixed signals
Messing with my emotions
You had a dream we were dating and you said you liked it
But you don't want a relationship
What are we doing anymore?
Maybe you're scared I'll hurt you like the other girls?
Maybe I'm just overthinking?
I can't handle these mixed signals...
Jayantee Khare Sep 2017
His mixed signals
Her insecurities~
The deadly blend,
had the power
to erode
their golden time.
A fact observed in toxic relationships....
She's in love with a man,
Whose nothing but a myth.
A mystery unsolved,
But she won't stop at this.
The ending is a must,
One that has to be found.
Clinging to an theory,
As thoughts circle around.
She still can't read his mind,
As he send her mixed signs.
Not knowing what he wants,
She reads between the lines.
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