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Claire Billings Feb 2021
A simple glance causing colors to dance
upon my pale cheeks

Your smile and wit full of nonchalance
leaving me stumbling for an adequate response,

to fully express the way I feel

But alas I'm left tongue-tied because I'm head over heels
I barely know you yet you fill my head constantly
Claire Billings Feb 2021
I'd let you tear my heart out
step on it and toss it away
and light the remains on fire
if it means you'd be there to ignite me with a kiss
and use your touch to cut my heart out in the first place
Joe Workman Nov 2020
I'm asking you to look at me
What do you think you see
Chances are it's not what's really there
A color faded through overuse
In search of a simple truth
Chances are it was never really there

Can't pacify the unsatisfied
Or rectify hurt caused by lies
Can't change the past
Can't change the past

Dying behind a liar's grin
Just let me sleep again
Chances are I'm rotten to the bone
If I'm around you should walk away
I've nothing good to say
Chances are I should always be alone

Can't justify how I terrorized
Your entire life with all my lies
Can't take it back
Can't take it back

A billion or so other men
Would treat you better than I ever can
They'd give you the world and
Ask nothing in return
Honestly I'd like to see
You kick the dust from your tired feet
And never look back
Just let me ******* burn

But your eyes show another life
Where maybe I can make things right
Forget the past
Forget the past
Euphrosyne Mar 2020
She's just so out my league.
So many guys want her-
Who’d consider any other?
Seems no one can have her.
She’s just so sunny sweet,
No other girl can compete.
All my friends and I must concede-
She’s out of my league.

She’s seems out of my league.
But is she out of my reach?
Those guys give her the eye—
Discouraged, won’t even try--
Feel I don't even qualify.
She always walks alone.
Maybe I could walk her home.
If I can see past her mystique
She’ll not be out of my league

“Nothing ventured, nothing gained”,
I told myself again and again.
I could strut beside her.
I should smile and talk to her;
Always be kind to her.
Gotta step up, swing for the fence-
Exercise some confidence.
Maybe I’ll slink away in shame;
Or I might set her heart aflame.

She's just out of my league,
But there's no mistake on trying
So this is me doing the impossible, applying,
Because after I confess we might flying
And I must avoid this pain and crying
And I'll deliver my own intrigue
Just to be on her league
Because she's just out of my league.
I found my girl best friend are so out of my league and maybe I can confess to her.

— The End —