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You glare into the lens with smoldering eyes
Your ghost
A fiery whisp of your soul
Hungry and straining to yank itself out from under your clenched jaw
Bite down hard
Watch the blood spill from your stone tongue
Into my plastic solo cup
Your tooth floats to the top
Quickly swarmed by genial bubbles
Mocking our leaden embrace
Pop pop pop
We fall to the floor
Breaking our bones in a fit of giggles
Happy New Year
I keep your polaroids
in the scarlet pouch
laced with memories of our childhood

I have your polaroid
glued on my journal with
some dried fragrant
dandelions to keep you alive
in my head

I keep you caged in a polaroid
and maybe that's all I have,
that's YOU
Addie D Feb 2021
I keep looking
I keep drawing
hanging onto memories
(they're slipping away)
The starless night scene
illuminated by city lights -
a small canvas
I keep at my bedside table.
A Christmas polaroid, a photo taken
by the tree
two years in a row.
The memory of home
it's slipping away.

I keep looking,
keep staring
at the unfamiliar faces
i put up
trying to connect.
Pretty eyes,
pretty lips,
dimples and freckles cheeks -
I'll never be like them,
I'll never have them
Then what's the point?
to keep looking,
searching for memories
never made
never will.

i don't like empty walls
ugly stains filling a void

is there anyone
to erase it? -
my dark stain -
cover it?
paint it?

nothing can cover the empty walls
but the memory
of me.
Something different I'm trying. If anyone wants to let me know on anything I can improve or has general thoughts, please send a message or a comment :) Thank you for reading, I hope you like it!
Ace Aug 2020
funny how now you only live
in that polaroid
Carlo C Gomez Mar 2020
Kept in a box
Back of the closet
Remnants of time
Curios of place
Before she was
Someone's mother

London Bridge
Out on the water
Fun with inner tube
Pink lipstick
Little black bikini
Games afoot
Cocktail in hand
Sunny smile
Saucy wink
Natural grace
Hair let down
Playful air
Provocative pose
Naked as a Jaybird
Happy as a Lark
Euphrosyne Mar 2020
one thing we are never told
pictures taken in polaroid
have a way of fading over time

very much like you and me
and the picture we used to be
no longer has that kodachrome shine

it happens to the best of us
the color fade of wanderlust
bringing out the worst in black and white

one thing i'm relying on
although i'm barely hanging on
is the picture of us left in my mind.
Yeah it looks like our polaroid are fading, would you mind to give another chance of this love?
Pyre Oct 2019
I've been trying to fill a void
It's gruesome work really
So many ******* Polaroids
With nothing to see really

I still don't remember when
This dark empty whole appeared
I just remember you left, then
He sat there, as if he'd been here

At least the night, she holds stars
This presence, sits next to me
Smoking cigarettes, eating bars
I think it too wants to forget me

He's even tried to swallow me whole
Taking over every single blood cell
I was so drunk, he almost had my soul
I couldn't do anything, but ******* yell

Now he just sits next to me
Trying again...
Every other sad week
Vivek Gupta Sep 2019
I can smell your perfume on the polaroid!
I can still taste your lips when I lick mine!
I was somewhere lost in the deep void!
Emptiness of your eyes looking just fine!
Surrounded by the full white chaos!
I don't remember where I was!
We made some great memories!
Captured through eyes in our brain!
I have collected all the stories!
I have collected happiness and pain!
I have collected mistakes and crimes!
All we were doing was havin' a good time!
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