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This year taught me people will leave if you love and care about them so much.
James Dec 2019
Cross the faded line where the
Sea meets the sand, stand
Between your world and our lives,
Doubt never the power beneath you,
Within you.

Deny yourself nothing pertaining to
Pleasure. May the wind kiss you,
May the sun warm until it burns you and
May your lovers never hurt you.
Rain will hide your blush if you
Can learn to enjoy the chill.

Sounds of your breath can
Bring you comfortable proof of
How deeply the universe loves you
In the deafness of coastal cities.

Tell those you’ve never known
That I love you, take ownership
Of your stand-in position as a mouthpiece
Of the hypothetical heavens,

Hold no contempt for what is
Uncontrollable, weather as an
Obstacle, creeping fears and
Bad drivers. There is
Nothing which can permanently
Stop them but acceptance of
Their inherent right to exist
and immediate cause for dismissal.

Love, for you can never regret it.
i found this poem written on the back of a page of notes from AP Statistics
Amena Sep 2019
I always believed that there is no such a thing as unconditional love, because to me there is no way someone can love you with no boundaries.
And even if there is a chance that this person exists I will take all the other chances that says otherwise.
It is a belief, and it takes more than one person to change someone’s belief, right?
Yet when you came I gave up on all the other chances to take only yours.
Because in the end it only takes one person to change all of your beliefs.
Love unconditionally for there’s no other day to do that, love your people, love your work, love your dog or cat or even your bird but make sure to love them
Tahlia-rayne Jul 2019
I lost my best friend recently
It's been months and I can't think of it without the pain in my chest becoming too loud to think over
He was only here for a small part of my life but I was all he knew
A pet became family and a protecter and someone that will stick with me for the rest of my life
I should have spoiled him more
Taken the time even on bad days to give him attention
Did I appreciate him enough?  
He loved me unconditionally despite all my flaws and I wish I had that back every day
I love you and will never forget you
Took a lot for me to write this
I didn't get to see you go so this is my goodbye
purple heart May 2019
now, I feel alive.
not because someone walked in, whom I love now.
but 'cause I found myself, who i can love now.
unconditionally, for the rest of my life.
love for yourself, is the most precious one.
Penelopejayde Mar 2019
I loved her,
Growing up together,
But the separation of tertiary education,
I became more selfish,
I saw you were hurt,
Majorly hurt,
I hurt also,
But it was you,
And I had to withdraw myself,
Away from you,
I didn’t understand you see,
I was being selfish to survive,
To live another day to be selfish
And to be able to be in your aura,
Even though I knew you were hurting
I needed to get better before
So I could just see you
In all that is a strong light.
But you were hurting and I didn’t do anything,
I selfishly sustained my desire over you to only see you later.
We are still friends, but I’m still finding my words to tell them. Should I tell them? And if I did would my heart understand something my brain tried too. WIP - will probably edit
I’m so aroused
By the love of yours.
The love which makes me elated
Every single day I witness you.

I’ve kept you in my heart,
I visualise you in my dreams
As if I’ve endured every bit of it.

No matter how distant or adjacent
You’re to me.
I’ll always be the one
Loving you insanely and unconditionally.
I’m aroused by your love!
Little puppet was made
Like a fairy angel in shade
She was dressed in pink
And so was named Rosy in ink
Lime was her taste
Ants were her mates
Littering was her weakness
Loitering was her meanness
Eyes are red with blue *****
Life are blue with red falls
Ocean chiseled her heart
And purgation baked her to frost.
Now time has come for her
To let go off what is not hers.
But still the sculpture is busy
And her emotion is again in fussy.
Love* can't be *bought
Neither sold
or earned
Love is not taken for granted.
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