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David Hilburn Oct 2023
Birds always fly south
When, a winner has a moment...
Sour old fall, of life into bed with a crowd
Of feelings; never a spoil or relent?

Acceptation and divorce, artily
A shrewd person knows more than a cup of tea?
Lights and party's, fights and smarty...
When a dalliance has the floor, a candor can be...

Hair is a smile, if first and foremost denial?
Simply airs, and the deified soul to prove...
A habit in the gray, hosts of decency known a while
You are the hero, I am the pact and the silence of love...

A wager in the shadow of a waterfall?
Since rainbows are so expensive, or a mutual cause...
Where is a life more naked, with terror or mercy for a salt?
The price of love has become even more, a sit with laws...

Knowing what I do, a reason has a voice to win every argument
Spill of light, or cover of darkness...
The tooth you share, is a peace with a realm to its redoubt, patience?
Has the time to remember me; when shame has become a seen,  bless...

Sleep or sunshine, the dream is the same...
Sport of since, and the charity of a simpler sake
My moment in the borrowing of still, has come and gone with fame
Of a new time, in the shared forces of wishes, we've come to hate or make?
Sweet teeth, and the naive of rampant heath, has you by the coat tails...
David Hilburn Jun 2022
Panic's jewel...
Or, is that pride?
Poor relenting, to you...
The question of irony on your side?

Places and things, together
With a real appetite for life's regency
So, sophisticated, the liberty of kind to bother
An open air, of a wish that found deception's history...?

My undone mercy, my marveling hope
Is with a ghost of a chance, the truth
In a guarded fist, to promise a shared cope?
If any pout of lore, is a wish that sought your youth...

I will follow...
Despairing consciences, with a blinking stare at honor
That defies home for one thing only, that is to harrow...
The dread in a tear, found for a salt that told a story:

Once upon a time, and the tenderness of couth
To wake upon a simple bed, the taste of harmony in league
With itself, the role of unity and vice, come the riches of who
Is a part defined, and who is a smarter focus divine, of each?

Which will the tows of remorse...
Work as we said, they have the skill's of duress to laud
And heraldry of a looming proportion, to understand the worse
The life of another lords prophet, the can and the callous odd...

Here is such, the lies or levity we fate
With a rekindled fire, for what is a stranger look, of desperation
Sincerity or since charity is a fool for itself, the world of sate
Is a kindness only a lover could afford, the very gift of intimation?

And the ides of heathen politeness, are here
To simply move forward and borrow
The truth in an order and repute, that has oneself to bless, with another's fear...?
Prove me the notorious, and the nefarious will **** a night-mare
I S A A C Jan 2022
I water myself daily, play my heartstrings like a ukulele
the music makes me smile, my art child
I can no longer blame me, for the times you were shady
cannot stay hostile, the negativity is vile
I move on and I move in, to my new skin
I got into my groove and I let myself in
to the world of violins that play for my smirk
I was ******, hurt, and overworked
but now as I rest in my throne of pillows
I realize true peace as I watch the wind bend the willows
M Solav Mar 2021
So this is how it feels
To be nailed to a cross
On a backdrop of pillows.

That mattress on which we lie...
The bedsheets are like the wind
Floating amidst your thundering sighs;

Yes, they are hammering me down
As you hold me there with your thighs
Beneath mine.

I am powerless,
I am breathless
As I tread upon the night sky
And the echoes of your rest.

There is a crossroad as I follow the path:

One to sorrow,
One to hopelessness,
One to indifference
And one to the divine.

And now at last there's a silence
That may linger til the morn.

We’re all prepared for renewal
From a past that won’t be left behind.
Written on January 7th, 2021.

— Copyright © M. Solav —

This work may not be used in entirety or in part without the prior approval of its author. Please contact for usage requests. Thank you.
Poetic T Sep 2020
I never wanted to change the sheets,
    as I always smelt you even though

you weren't there.

I loved you from the distance,
             from a kiss from you to us.

But I knew that I needed you to know,
          that I was here even though
you weren't between the pillow
           and sheets keeping me warm.

Sleeping without you, clutching the
             the cusion that had
                        you head rested

next to mine..

Closing my eyes I'd imagine you looking
               lost into mine.
Breathing deeply I feel a moment
       when you loved me.

I felt lost till you were next to us,
       we weren't apart.
      But I lost you every time you
             closed the door.

But now you're next to me, no longer
               cuddling pillows of dreams
I  have the real thing, you next to me.
Euphrosyne Aug 2020
As the rain drops
And the time stops
A memory of you pops
And craves for your voice box.

I just missed you
Hoping that you think of me too.
A long rainy day
Hoping that you stayed.

As I close my eyes,
As this tears dry
With the memories having you by my side
Hoping my pillows absorb our cherished times.
chang Aug 2020
you cant always make pain leave.
it knows its directions.
it knows how to follow you home.
pain knows its way to your sheets.
it knows which side of the pillow is colder.
if it ever visits you tonight
just let it in,
lead it to the blank pages
of a notebook.
it will stay.
between these lines,
this is where it stays.
Emily Mitchell Feb 2020
Clouds are like pillows in the sky.
Oh! how I wish that I could fly.
To touch the soft white,
To lay there till night,
When the moon gazes down with its silvery eye.
Another old one from my childhood... I have no idea when I wrote this... I wish I had developed the habit of writing the date on things earlier... X'D
Amanda Kay Burke Dec 2019
Keep puffing poisonous clouds
I feel stress decrease
Lost like my former self
Keep searching for inner peace

Things are so out of place
Been ****** up for awhile
Try to keep my mind right
Hosting self-blame and denial

I obstruct noise with music
Block distractions with volume
Worries barge in large groups
Interrupting speakers loud tune

Nothing quiets my ever-screaming thoughts
No sound drowns my troubled brain out
Tried but am incapable of
Changing what I think about

Sometimes I lose control and cry
It's the only thing I can
In bed dreaming happy futures
Hope to get there but have no plan

Fall asleep before pillows dry
Fall apart when dusk creeps in
Negativity held in place by lies
Like laundry hung on clothespins

Love is our ultimate weakness
Only great fools believe otherwise
We escape life through others
That is our true demise
If we cannot escape death, let us at least escape life; through love.
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