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I never wanted to change the sheets,
    as I always smelt you even though

you weren't there.

I loved you from the distance
             from a kiss from you to us.

But I knew that I needed you to know,
          that I was here even though
you weren't between the pillow
           and sheets keeping me warm.

Sleeping without you, clutching the
             pillow that you head rested

next to mine..

Closing my eyes I'd imagine you looking
               lost into mine.
Breathing deeply I feel a moment
       when you loved me.

I felt lost till you were next to us,
       we weren't apart.
      But I lost you every time you
             closed the door.

But now your next to me, no longer
               cuddling pillows of dreams
I  have the real thing, you next to me.
Euphrosyne Aug 16
As the rain drops
And the time stops
A memory of you pops
And craves for your voice box.

I just missed you
Hoping that you think of me too.
A long rainy day
Hoping that you stayed.

As I close my eyes,
As this tears dry
With the memories having you by my side
Hoping my pillows absorb our cherished times.
chang cosido Aug 15
you cant always make pain leave.
it knows its directions.
it knows how to follow you home.
pain knows its way to your sheets.
it knows which side of the pillow is colder.
if it ever visits you tonight
just let it in,
lead it to the blank pages
of a notebook.
it will stay.
between these lines,
this is where it stays.
Clouds are like pillows in the sky.
Oh! how I wish that I could fly.
To touch the soft white,
To lay there till night,
When the moon gazes down with its silvery eye.
Another old one from my childhood... I have no idea when I wrote this... I wish I had developed the habit of writing the date on things earlier... X'D
Amanda Dec 2019
Keep puffing poisonous clouds
I feel stress decrease
Lost like my former self
Keep searching for inner peace

Things are so out of place
Been ****** up for awhile
Try to keep my mind right
Hosting self-blame and denial

I obstruct noise with music
Block distractions with volume
Worries barge in large groups
Interrupting speakers loud tune

Nothing quiets my ever-screaming thoughts
No sound drowns my troubled brain out
Tried but am incapable of
Changing what I think about

Sometimes I lose control and cry
It's the only thing I can
In bed dreaming happy futures
Hope to get there but have no plan

Fall asleep before pillows dry
Fall apart when dusk creeps in
Negativity held in place by lies
Like laundry hung on clothespins

Love is our ultimate weakness
Only great fools believe otherwise
We escape life through others
That is our true demise
If we cannot escape death, let us at least escape life; through love.
Anastasia Jun 2019
I seem to write
My best at night
When I can't sleep
And I've turned out the light
When I've said goodnight
To the darkness under my bed
Twixt my pillows
And neath my head
Once I've said goodnight
To the the bits of light
That has bled
From my window
And the streetlamps
I'm kinda-sorta-not really tired
indigochild Dec 2018
pillows are just sponges for the choppy waters on my face
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