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Johnny walker Aug 15
And I still go to bed with Helen's perfume sprayed
on on my pillows as I fall to dreams of Her but In my dreams she's not old like me
young and so pretty just like when she was sixteen for
can't age her she walks young and pretty so free within my
save from this world that Is so full of hate that I now remain alone but she will not have have to go through the ageing process
that I'm now going through so when spray my pillows with her perfume then
drift off tonight to my dreams of my oh so young and pretty girl to whom I never want
to wake
Anastasia Jun 27
I seem to write
My best at night
When I can't sleep
And I've turned out the light
When I've said goodnight
To the darkness under my bed
Twixt my pillows
And neath my head
Once I've said goodnight
To the the bits of light
That has bled
From my window
And the streetlamps
I'm kinda-sorta-not really tired
Johnny walker Apr 23
There have been tears on pillows since she left me
so many tears
have been so many times I've cried myself to sleep at night
I never wanted to be left
In this world all alone
tears that flooded all the way through my dreams at
I felt I was drowning In my own tears lost In a
I no longer recognised a world of being lost all alone without my
I was frightened afraid of being alone, twenty
I had with Helen then all sudden found myself having  to face life
So many tears on my pillows would cry myself to sleep, can't help loving her she was my one and only true love
Johnny walker Mar 11
I dreamed a dream last night I awoke to find my sweetheart sat on my bed watching
I'd been awoken by the beautiful scent of her perfume that how I knew she was
The unmistakable smell
of her Estee Lauder Youth Dew the only perfume Helen would
Dreamt of Helen because I still spray my pillows at night with her beautiful
That of Estee Lauder Youth Dew the only perfume that Helen ever chose to
A spay on my pillows before going to sleep and It feels as If Helen still here beside  
The only perfume Helen would ever wear Estee Lauder Youth Dew and a beautiful perfume It Is
indigochild Dec 2018
pillows are just sponges for the choppy waters on my face
E over c2 Jul 2018
let me lay down some facts

fact is; the minute before i meet you i still get butterflies.
every photo of you that you send makes the whole world quiet
you made me pick up my guitar again
you made want to pick up the microphone again
the violin
to sit down at the piano and learn.
you made me want to be better not only for myself, but for you.

fact is; the smell of your hair can send me to sleep
the sight of your eyes can make the floor seem steep
i'm falling.
the touch from your hands set me on fire
the taste from your lips like sweet oxygen brings me back to life
as if for the moments before, i wasnt really alive.
the sound of your voice makes everyone else's fade away...

fact is; your laugh
oh my dear girl your laugh....
makes me smile like angels are singing.
and your cry
makes my arms automatically fall open
aching for you to be within them
because darling within them
no one can hurt you
no one can touch you
and everything is okay.

fact is; you taught me that i can trust again
you taught me what making love means
truly means.
because in the winter we learnt what it means together
and i wouldn't of had it any other way.

fact is; i cant stand the thought of you being hurt.
so i ask when i seem too persistent or annoying when asking you
it's only because i care.

fact is; when it feels like no ones out there
when it feels like the world is too big to handle
i promise you i'm still here
i promise you i'll hold your hand
i promise you that everything will be alright
because i care.
because i will do anything to make sure you're safe.

fact is;'re the first and last thing i think about in the day.
if my pillows could read minds
my bedsheets would be covered in your name.

fact is;

I love you.

and i just thought maybe you needed reminding of that.
Yusof Asnan May 2018
Her pillows damp
with her tears.
For what she felt
was the worst.
Broken to pieces
and left
She will never
love again she

Then he came and
changed the
Wiped her of
those tears,
And calmed her
Stayed there till
she stood on her

Along time then
she smiles.
Ridden of her
sorrows and pain.
He stayed with
her till then,
She didn't
realize she was
falling again.

Raf Reyes Mar 2018
Natuyo na ang kaalatang pumapalibot sa kanyang mga mata

Ilang papel na ang nasira sa pagtulo ng mga basang kalungkutan sa mga salitang pinagsikapang idikta't ibuga
Umaasang, balang araw
Ang sakit na kinikimkim ay tuluyan ding


Lumipas ang mga buwan, humina ang katawan
Nagkulong sa loob ng sariling kasakiman't kadiliman sa takot na muling masaktan.

Pero tama na.

Sa wakas, dumating na ang realisasyong matagal nang inaasahan: Nakakasawa nang magtiis matulog sa mga basang unan.

Panahon na para ito’y labhan.
I've been trying to write more poems in my native tongue. Lately, I've been falling in love with its rythmic flow. I hope that the people who got so used to my english poems can appreciate this new direction.
vanzilla Jan 2018
I used to love sleeping.
But I dreamed about losing you.
losing you. lose you. l.o.s.e.
So, I stopped sleeping.
I soon hid the blankets
                   the sheets
                   the pillows
I told you about my dream. You laughed
I told my friends about my dream. They laughed, too.

Now, I used to love laughing.
But I can’t laugh if I’ll lose you.

So, I married you.
I soon prepared the blankets
                             the sheets
                             the pillows
And sleep by your side. Now, I can sleep.
Poetic T Dec 2017
I weaponized love, collected the
pheromones of
                        every smile.
A heart beat,  
    my hands laid upon everyone.

I stole one maybe
                           two seductively,
They thought I was smitten with
there motions.
                     But I stole every petal
that had laid upon there blossoming eyes.

I will steal every happiness,
                                      that is gloated
from the hands of others
                                       to feed ego's whims.
Where they stole the reflections of others hearts.
And I slept, why they wept on lonely pillows...
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