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Euphrosyne Mar 26
Not a man of so much confidence
But I have to say this now,
of all the smiles I've seen on earth
Your smile is more than others worth

I'm not a man who’ve seen other worlds
But I've seen more in your eyes
That brought me into the beautiful skies
Even though we revolve in different worlds
That finds us a new environment
I'd still choose you more

Not a man of material things,
But I'll give you all I've got
No expensive gifts nor shoes to give
But all I could give you is my entire heart

I'm not a man with so much confidence
Getting to the point that I can't tell u the words of how I feel, but,
I'll express them on my paper
I'll write them for you to understand
What I feel for you inside.

if you are the poetry
You'll be the words that
ryhmes to the beat
of my heart.
I was too shy to tell this to diane but I have my confidence now.

— The End —