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Rebecca Ann Oct 18
Colors are merely light
manifested by the sun.  
Prisms travel on a beam,
a rainbow of reflections.

Earth is just the canvas
it uses to create
brilliant diamond hues
of painted landscapes.

Polychromatic masterpiece
and every shade is new;
emerald blades of grass
with rhinestone beaded dew.

A bejeweled hummingbird
buzzes through the air,
magenta flapping feathers
aviate without a care.

Frosted icing mountain tops
shimmer in the background
aquamarine oceans
glitter waves come crashing down.

Turquoise dancing blooms
twirl along with the breeze.
Golden butterscotch buttercups
join the choreography.

Bronzed crystal sand
radiate in the heat
cooled with cobalt waters
by tinted tides that reach.

Succulent strawberries
that are painted ruby red,
purple sequenced pomegranates
dance in my head.

A kaleidoscope of colors
provided by the sun.
Put here for our enjoyment;
put here for everyone.

Oh, so many rainbows!
Oh, so little time!
Please enjoy the tapestry!
Don’t let it pass you by!
"Why are there so many songs about rainbows
And what's on the other side?
Rainbows are visions, but only illusions
And rainbows have nothing to hide" - Kermit the Frog
Marmaelady Oct 16
You are my rainbow connection
My red, my blue
My yellow, all of the hues
Now I’ve fallen under your spell
Hear the stories they will soon tell
Of the rainbow far up in the sky
A cloud that will never run dry
“Someday you’ll find it, the rainbow connection.”

Inspired by Kermit The Frog’s song ☺️🌈
Jessica Sep 12
I like to dance like Ginger Rogers
On the edges of funky rainbows
During the Summer Of Love
Elana Galen Aug 17
If only rainbows could
appear without the rain,
If only happiness could
be achieved without the pain

If only moments could
always last forever,
If only time would
allow us to be together

If only I had locked my
heart and thrown the key
If only you had stayed
away and ignored me

If only I was dumb
enough to stay
If only you were patient
enough to wait

If only I didn't fall
in love with you
If only you didn't say
"I loved you too."

If only. . .
For you.
Lane O Aug 16
Not all storms endow us rainbows,
Albeit the clouds depart,
But the sunshine will still assuage,
With fiery rays to a gelid heart.
Khyati Jul 19
"The world is colourful"
But, sweetheart
I am colourblind.
Rainbows might fascinate you
But Black is the only colour
I like.
Cheyene Jul 10
A wondrous expression
Anxiety driven movements
Shallow breaths and
A cigarette here and there

He watched the clouds
But I watched him
The universe has opened for us
A world of all new

The thought wondered in the back of my mind
What colors would he use?

Are the colors im seeing in him,
Mixing with the colors he sees in me
Are we two lonely people ready
To run full speed?

We lay on the patio,
The wind surrounding us in
Talking about the future,
Or how we just couldn't win

Just 2 more hours,
And a new day began
Neither one us of wanted this one to end

We snuggled in close,
And just like that I hopped off my mountain
I tore down my walls,
And swam to shore

And if he asked me to do it again,
I'd do it plenty more

After feeling what I have,
Knowing what I do,
Seeing how I feel as I stay up
Just to be talked to

I no longer ask if he'd use shades of blue
Or shades of red,

He encased my being
In greens and yellows

And he called it
Rivers and rainbows.

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