Dear rainbows,
Thank you.
Thank you for showing that out of every storm comes
something so inexplicably beautiful that we often stop all that we are doing to admire you.
Thank you for being a bright light at the end of every struggle.
The day that you don’t shine after a terrible storm is the day that I give up.
Thank you For your every hue.
Larger than life, your bright colors streaming across the sky,
Thank you for being a beacon to all of our allies.
I reach for you and your beauty.
Thank you for being the symbol of an identity I hold so dear
For your colored stripes are ever so often my only hope.
Thank you for giving me strength when I need it most
You tell us, not to give up when life is unfair, to not succumb to our despair
Thank you for being this, Mirage of heaven
The prettiest woman, a reborn Marilyn Monroe
Thank You For I can feel your hands guiding me
Down every bumpy road
Thank you for standing tall
Like paint trickling down from the sky
Thank you for being the bay and meadow
While the clouds fly high above your head
Thank you, for defining all my colors
All the colors of my rainbow eyes
Thank you for your rare kind of beauty
For, heckling the rain
Thank you, for brightening the sky
The vibrant shades of the world
Thank you for cheering me up
Even on the darkest of days
Thank you, because after the world glistens with rain
It's fun to explore what lies beyond your end

Jasmine Skye Jan 2

I am torn between two colors:
Black and white, rainbows and darkness.
One beautiful, the other grounding
One a figment of my imagination one real (and tangible). To be able to see past the imaginative sight of beauty and go blind to your touch what senses do I have?

Scarlet M Dec 2017

I have colored
my life
in rainbows
once more,
the life you once
tainted in black
and sadness.

Garry Nov 2017

Rainbows crashing into my house,
Busting through the windows
and smashing up the place,
Like great big
colourful things,
You used to be all white you did -
What happened?

Rebecca Nov 2017


Like freshly chewed lips
And warmly flushed cheeks


Like the energy none of us harbour
And dry crumbling October


Like towering sunflowers
Like a flowing summer dress


That bleeds out through his eyes
And covers the walls like creeping ivy


Like how you've felt for so long
And the sky above our heads


Like the future, overwhelming
But it's always been calling me


Like the truth
Like peace
Like acceptance
Like growth
Like healing

It all feels so saturated at times
Dovey Oct 2017

It wouldn't be so hard, y'know
If I understood
It'd be so much easier to deal with
if I wasn't quite so confused

Babbling quoted poetic stereotypes
I'll state firmly
"it's not black and white"

But it's not quite gray either, is it?

One color bleeding into different shades of itself
each one struggling to retain uniqueness

"Life's a rainbow!" She announced grandly

And while some are willing to dance upon
each spectrum of color
hopping wildy from light particle to light particle

I stand balancing precariously on the edge
Wishing to be back in the black and white

good and evil

of splattered ink on water soaked parchment

Because the colors are bewildering

Where red isn't basic red
and green isn't always envy

We define ourselves

If there's no set definition, what rules do I play by?
What words do I use?

What do you do when you're not sure what the colors mean, where you are on the spectrum, or if it's even //okay//?

No one ever cared to explain what the colors meant, or where I stand in all of this. Red isn't just red. Its multiple shades all blurring into each other, until that one color is it's own crimson rainbow.

Everything would be easier to deal with if it weren't so confusing, y'know? Like, it wouldn't hurt so much if I understood if //I'm// the one making the mistakes and messing up and being one big sin.

But you know what they say, not quite black and white, huh?
Acina Joy Oct 2017

Blue and red looked ridiculous in the sky,
but he made it all look beautiful.
A fracture of light from the tears of his eyes
Ingraining a feeling so indelible.

But there's a distance between him and I
A sky's length that are filled with voids.
When I try to reach out my hand,
The only thing that can reach is my voice.

So he's a rainbow on the ends of the earth,
With his legs cut off from the ground
And there will always be a sky's length between us,
As I look up, to see him look down.

-because he cries as it rains down on earth, for his sadness only entailed our distance in between.

I never came to fully realise it. but I like one of my best friends. It's strange, and I didn't want to ruin anything, so I decided that I could just let myself swallow my feelings, instead of tear ourselves apart. It was enough that I already had  a chance with someone else slip through my fingers, that I might just ruin our friendship with this one. I'm still too young to be like this.

Funk-a-delic Child,
Mistress of Rainbows.

She's the anesthetic of the ages,
the art of the town.
Where heckles resound,
she's from classy underground.
Big boots, loving leather---
best laugh get-togethers.

You can't tame her--- can't tether,
the wholly misunderstood.
She's the Queen of Hearts
in jean jackets,
no one could hack it.

She's brave, unforgotten,
the woman of the wanton.
When she speaks---its RELEVANT,
words not bought in---
any kind of store.
She's the book of lore,
and no ring could rule them all.

She's the funk-a-delic child...
Mistress of Rainbows.

A woman with Love.

G Rog Rogers Aug 2017

Their Love was such
that people smiled
when their hands touched

When they kissed
the people bowed
their heads

As the lovers embraced
all the good people
gave thanks

And then when
they made love
the people fell to their knees
and thanked God above

All this in those days
when the golden mist
of the Divine
was found where
rainbows bow to grace
Our Good Earth

In the days when She whispered,
"Let them know
how We Loved."



G Rog Rogers Aug 2017

Genre; Western Ethereal Cosmic Cowboy Hard Country Rock
Sub-Genre; Cowboy Rant!

Listen up now
'cause I heard the rumour
Best take heed
there won't be any warning
Son of a Gun
goodness knows He's comin'
Cowboy Dread,
Justice He's a walkin'

Riding three horses,
Death, Plague and War
He'll send you to Hell
and burn you to the core
Give you the nightmares
of your worst fears
I told you so
and I know you hear

He'll salt your fields
and disease your castle
Poison your wells
and slay your cattle
Sell your stuff
in a two dollar raffle
Lightening strikes
when the Cowboy's
sabre rattles

The damned will see
the smoke and dirty shadows
Stumbling down
through the thistles
and the cowards
Crying out to God
who never was a listenin'
They'll hear His answer
when Justice shadows passin'

The good folk say,
You know they had it comin'
He's given' good to the good
and the rest
are gettin' nothin'
All the downtrodden
and the caste
they been lost in
clapping their Hands
seein' hope on the horizon

The children see
the rainbows
with the showers
The children see
the meadows
and the flowers

The children smile
'cause their tired of cryin'
They been saying
their prayers
and the truth
it ain't a liein'

Innocence cries
Goodness is flying
Goodness sighs
Justice is riding
Justice arrives
Truth is in the saddle

The good folks say
this is all about to happen

'Cause they heard
it's all been written
a good mans riding
They can plant their seed
and live to see the harvest

He'll set things right
'cause He's on a mission
Gonna' send them to Hell
so we can live in Heaven

He's ridin' three horses
Faith, Hope and Love
Ridin' night and day
on the breezes from above
Ain't hearin' nothing
but the whispers
of His doves
Ain't got nothin'
but for the ones He calls Beloved

Listen up now
'cause I heard the rumor
Best take heed
there won't be
any warning
Son of a Gun
goodness knows
He's comin'
Cowboy Dread.
Justice, He ain't just a talkin'.



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