Star BG 1d

Rainstorms of rhymes
echo in mind.
They tickle senses
giving steps momentum.

They whisper in ears
to dance with umbrella closed.

Rainstorms of Rhythms
open consciousness.
They launch dreams that vibrate
behind thunderous clouds.

And when music ceases,
to radiate in cells for new starts    
a gift appears-
A Rainbow Heart.

StarBG © 2017

inspired by Cynthia Henon

Let us write
up waves of
Navy blue
thunder clouds
Just to
run madly
Into translucent
Driving rains


Drink us up
some orange
With our
Full of

See them

Together like
Her tail
In the wind

Let us write
Ending it
All tired
Stories do

Where shall
We begin


trying to bake up something fresh

All my locks and chains
Are buried
Underneath one end
Of a secret rainbow
In black and grey

On the other end
Lies a forgotten pot
Of gold
Lost in darkness

After freeing myself
Deep within the eye
Of the sun
Everything now
Comes to calm

Storms subside
Bringing color to the arch
So the light can guide me
To my forgotten fortune

©James Dennis Casey IV
Tsaa Jun 24

oh, wow, it's bright out today
there's color everywhere, people shining smiles at you as if you've known each other for years
somehow, you feel home
but do you remember what it was like in the dark?
or well, what it was like being in the closet?

the closet was a cold place where i was surrounded by the same four corners and in these four corners i had very little space to be the person i am
i try to stretch out but there's not enough room so i limit myself so as i'm not a problem
i limit myself so people don't have to take the time to build a bigger closet for me
i mean, if they're happy with the way the closet is why should they change it right
why would they waste time on something that they perceive as a mistake to society

the closet was a place that made me feel alone even though i was out in a crowd
it's like i see people but i can't act pass the limits that this closet provides for me
i try to break through this closet but this closet has long been under maintenance honey
one wrong move and this wood could crumble and people will look at you as if you were a joke

the closet didn't allow me full access to opening its door, or doors if that's the kind of closet you'd perceive
i'd open the tiniest little peek, and only a few people saw me open up that tiny space
they'd approach and wonder, but they approached me differently
i knew that no matter how beat up this closet was, they came with no harm and they'd even help keep this closet in tact as long as it's my safe space for the time being
i'd tell them how much i love the closet, and they'd tell me of the life outside it

the closet was a place that i considered a home while hiding from my family who called the closet names
they hated the closet, they'd rather have nothing to do with it
but like most people, why would they waste their time on a beat up closet

the closet was a place where i hid from the girl i liked knowing that she'd never like me back
it was where i could sulk for all the times i wish i could be the one she smiled at every single day
but for now all she sees a fabricated person hidden behind a beat up closet, and not me for me

but now i'm tired of the closet, it's boring, the wood is being chipped off, my friends who understand are waiting for me
the day came when i finally decided to step out of the closet
it was a slow process but i managed to pull through it
there were people who forced me back in but there were even more people who helped me step out
and looking back at that beat up closet, i decided to break it apart myself and it was the best i've ever felt in a long time

and i'm telling you, it really is bright out today
there's color everywhere, people shining smiles at you as if you've known each other for years
this, this is home
this is what i missed in the dark
this is my safe space

in celebration of pride month and my first time at pride

She had a blue smile
A smile that sparkled rays of sunlight
A smile that giggled rainbows, shades with an endless forever of sunshine.

But, she wore sadness like a dark sky
She cried clouds of tears
And her fears pierced the sky like lightning.

Loud, and quick.

Like lightning, she made a sound moments later, but her actions struck at the speed of light, leaving nothing but a trail of her brokenness.

There's days when she'd rage cubicles of ice, and even under my umbrella, I was never safe. I found solace indoors, away from her.

I remember visiting her.
I had to put on a raincoat, and hide under my umbrella.

We used to share an umbrella, Rihanna.
No matter the weather, we would still walk on sunshine.
We would take breaks, somewhere under the rainbows, and our shadows were always behind us, but her shadow consumed her, and now she hails with torment, with winds travelling at speeds of depression, and this forecast is done by one who had her heart like it was his only possession.

This storm, classified as hurricane "I've never seen this before" with predictions of "I wish I could save you."

The weather man is telling me to stay indoors until it passes, but I can't stand to see her pass with the storm......

With a trail of destruction behind her, under the rubble... you'll find me... collateral damage .....

Star BG May 17

Looking out window
a cumulus cloud was stalled above.
What lurks within the cloud I wondered.
Is is energies ready to explode upon earth with torrential rains?
Could it be a space ship filled with visitors wishing to get a closer look at our world.
Or maybe, it’s just swirling within generating a highway for rainbows to be born.
Its a matter of being patient for all answers come for those who wait.
Wait with an open heart.

Inspired by Eric W's picture

Be a child again
come along with me
to make-believe and magic
hopes and fanciful dreams

that's where you'll find it
the peace you're looking for
when you drop your defenses
your masks and your schemes

just believe in fairies
elves and leprechauns
watch for rainbows
pick some flowers
dance out in the rain
sing silly songs
laugh and play

wave madly to a passing train**

find a world of simple pleasure
be a child again
come along with me

**I had an aunt who lived at the end of a street on a slight hill...below the hill was the train track. We loved to visit her because we knew we'd have a chance to listen for a train coming and run out and wave to it. When the caboose passed, we waved the hardest And when the conductor was there and waved back we were thrilled and felt so special. A favorite memory that's why I let that line have its own space. :-)
Paula Sullaj Apr 30

Bare feet grounding firmly
Distant whistles of soulmate songs
Your name still playing in the back of my head.

It's been a month.
I would have kissed you by now.
Manny Arriaga Apr 19

Screaming goes the midday sun
As voices move and footsteps chatter
Words of promise and love and romance rise
Onto the forest green of the world

Never did her skin match the surface of her crimson heart
Never did her eyes shine nor blind the people of her choosing
Never did her face seem to catch the sulken view of suitors
Nor did her voice capture the attention of the world

The world denied her and she denied the world
Yet her feet painted colours of their very own
Making a masterpiece
A collision
A line-by-line pattern of golden streaks of colours
That kept at their place
Kept where she stood
Aligned perfectly with the rise of the sun and the fall of the moon
According to the ones who saw
According to the ones who knew
And according to the ones who left

Misinterpretation never dignifies the righteousness of a canvas
Nor does it eliminate the mere reason for it’s purpose

A single streak can own much value,
While a collection could just be patterns;
A child’s word can be easily heard
But intertwining it around your mind is much harder.

She glazed her ground with the rainbows of her tips
Her voice not heard but her creations seen
And while an audience of words is not received
The birds of heaven don’t forget.

Chasing rainbows in the dark
Nothing is perfect
For him I am perfect
Then I remember something
I never like the sexual look on his face:

The poor chap couldn’t recognize the
New double act:

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