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She dreams in aqua blue,
seasons melting into one another,
dancing among fallen leaves
or beneath the golden sun,
     her fiery green eyes shimmering
     like emeralds in a jewelry store case,
     skin like water running through  fingers,
     dancing, dancing,
hands thrown to the sky
casting rainbows like ribbons
to celebrate the dawning of her joy.
Aaron LaLux Sep 17
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Michael Hole Aug 23
Boxes are good to carry things
or to keep things in.
We use them for lots of stuff,
To move, to store... for bins.

My feelings are not boxable,
they're complex, changing, free.
If you try to box up my emotions,
then, you're trying to box me.

If you could box a rainbow,
would you really want to try?
I'd rather let it live and die
its short life in the sky.
Joyce Jul 27
it rained today
and i saw
hundreds of rainbows
reflected on the streets
as it is in the sky
LGBT pride parade on my way home
Joanna Jul 14
Her lamp is lit and clearly burning as his bride enters.

Her heart is gentle yet discerning of the hour at hand and a new day

While she is held captive to satisfy his longing, she is spelled by her beloved as he comes near. This place is a magical habitat of grace.

His lamp is lit with precious oil. And yet it remains hidden deep
within, a treasure chest of gemstones of the purest form.

She presses on knowing, in him, there is a rainbow of shelter from
every new storm.
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Robin Lemmen Jul 3
Goodbye is just a word. An empty promise? You tell me.
Goodbye looks so romantic in the movies. And so **** when it finds you.
It doesn't sound like a song. Doesn't taste like anything but ashes. It doesn't look better dressed in greys or rainbows.
Goodbye is as empty as it is full of emotion. You tempt it every day. We say it too often. Not enough when it counts for those who want it. A small token of comfort for those who deserve it.
Music background:  
Mendelssohn Violin Concerto no.2.
Figure: two beggar sisters
Background: autumn, double rainbow, butterfly, accordion, birds, horses, cattle, and sheep
Scene: a large meadow
Not far from the painter’s window
two beggar
sisters sitting in a large meadow
He whistles the birds’ melody,
the distant mountain,
he sees horses and cattle lowing,
after thunderstorm, autumn day
The painter silently watches the two sisters
Has she finished playing and dropping her little accordion without noticing?
Will her sister tell the blind girl double rainbows in the darkening sky?
Wind heavily blowing at the worn-clad pair
And he sees the red haired blind girl gently hold her sister
Can you tell me of these autumn colours?
The painter sees the  double rainbow across the eastern sky
He swiftly sketches through the window
He paints his heart  sympathic love
Will the blind girl feel joyous like yellow?
Perfumes dark green,
vibrant like red enrich their hope
Where the double rainbow appears in the eastern sky
The painter paints his inner calm,
butterfly tranquil mauve.
Themed poetry writing exercise on oil Painting from Millais‘a ‘ The Blind Girl’
Joanna Jun 19
The colors of the rainbow that once shined bright have changed,
to a third dimension that hides at night.

The wings of an eagle, so wild and free, live deep in the heart
of me.

The waves of the ocean that have created such a storm have
been silenced, so that peace can be reborn.

Thunder and lightning have been subdued, and a beautiful butterfly has emerged, in a time of renewal.  

Reflecting on all of this has created a moment that can not be defined.  Revealing a hidden garden that grows lush in time.
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Zoe Grace Jun 2
I am Pansexual
No, that does not mean i am romantically or sexually attracted to kitchenware.
It means, simply, that:
I like boys
I like girls
I like everything other and in between.
I will support you and love you
No matter what you want to express yourself as.
You do you.
You are amazing.
Don't let anyone tell you otherwise.
I just wanted to say this <3 Happy Pride Month everybody ♡♡♡
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