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I am
With flaws
With fragile heart
A sensitive soul

I believe you
You will
Never break
Let's face it together

I am
Not as decent
As you thought

I believe you
You are the One
I can blindly
Genre: Experimental
Theme: Sincerity
bakunawa Jul 13
fashion your altar
from the tongue
in my mouth
i shall never
cease to sing
your highest praise

use my bones
make them yours
as a temple
wherewith you grace
with your blessings

and with all
the living skin
of my flesh
carve your image
that no one
shall ever forget

as i whisper
of your name
then every knee
shall simply surrender
and every tongue
soon shall confess...

that the sweetest
most sacred sacrilege
is the sin
to savor you
nothing ever better
nor would you
give any less
used to be a fragment of a poem i wrote before, but kinda reimagined.

*explicit but worth it*
still thank you for reading^^
Batya May 22
When it’s finally quiet  
I can’t help but hear  
The pained melodies
My soul sings to me
Yanamari Apr 23
In bringing to light
The darkness that surrounds us,
I understood more about you.
In the things that you do for me and
The way that you treat me.
I had always questioned why you did
What you did;
Was it an act of indebt?
I want your sincerity
Something that I've never really felt deeply...

Thank you for these acts.
I hope that you reach a point of sincerity
So that in the future,
I can understand why I was willing to be
Close by as you
Tread at a distance lightly.
One instance that I do remember that I was closer to feeling a person's sincerity towards me was when I was told that I influenced a person to step out of their bubble. I'm thankful that this person told me even though I don't fully understand how.

The Aura Series: IV
A Simillacrum Mar 25
Welcome back from the break.
Last time I checked, I was a social outcast,
now I'm a godless heathen by margins
too expansive to measure.
You expect me to do what?
Break down, scrape my face with a muzzle?
No, I think for my sake,
I will embrace disdain,
disgrace, displacement, as if my blood is
dependent on it, just less than water.
Welcome back to
the decadent disaster,
robotic masterpiece of emulation,
emulating emotion it once contained.
It was exposed to Alexithymia,
undiagnosed for too long,
and can't grasp that anyone might return
feelings of love, lust, or interest,
with any sincerity.

Please, touch my face.
Draw me out, as if your hands were the pens
bringing life to still frames.
Please, touch my skin.
Make promises that my rusted metal
must hold more than debris.
Amanda Feb 18
I will never again say "Baby" instead of "Paul"
This body will not be yours
Days of blissful chaos are over
Had my fill of slamming doors

The world holds endless possibilities
Not one close to my true desire
Freedom may have been my decision
Was broken until my trust retired

It hurts more than I could believe
Sincerity in your eyes
Wish I could remove my heart
Before it is exposed to your lies
You believe your own lies and that is the real problem
Yves Feb 15
Her eyes were a sea of chocolate, trapping sailors one by one in the warmth they held. Unmistakably the most beautiful of the Seven seas. A loyal companion, they said. It never leaves, watching, acknowledging us in our light and our dark moments. They say, if you close your eyes, you will feel her nocturnal predominance, her luminary reflection, her constancy under all her phases, and if you concentrate hard enough, you may even hear the faint whispers of the lost souls who watch her, wishing to be seen, wanting to be listened to.

She smelt sweet, like an addiction yet to be discovered by man. A dependency so intoxicating that it was soon familiar territory for lethality to become prominent in her victims, as they desperately aimed to cleanse themselves of her – but trying to forget her was like trying to forget human instinct. It was like trying to forget to breathe.
Let my Absence teach you what my presence did not
Let my laments teach you what my songs did not
Let my disloyalty teach you what my sincerity did not
IQ Jan 1
The excitement of my heart vibrates against my chest

Feeling wide awake under the moonlight
Makes me want to dance with you all night

My voice wavers when I see you
I'm shaken by what I want to see

My feelings come back without a degree
The emotions come back without a degree
Calling every night, not being conscious
Sincerity without a degree

Oh I often wonder,
I always want to prove
That there is something behind your kindness
There's something behind that move.

Is it because you are sincere- profound from the heart?
Or is it because you, yourself is a major key braggart.

Is it because you want to prove something, the simplest thing ; that you can't say no

Or you're  just in need of a good name
If it's not genuine it's not an inch of fame

Kindness varies in many different forms
Yes there's quite much

They're only kind to give you their eyes,
Their peering grudge to touch

Music, dance, poetry,
Writing freelance,
Are the only thing some people give, their hands are tightly closed,
Words and movements are the only thing that grows..

They'll give you their sense of humor,
To you they'll gain your trust
But if you choose to ask for something tangible,
They'll cry,  Ooh how that's too much!

One of the major trick is to give when you have too much,
You don't want to waste your treasures, you'd  rather give it away than keep facing all the dust;

Many give only to exchange ;
Oh I'll give you that sneakers in exchange for that beautiful dress

You can't say that I'm not giving
Only if you knew kindness was just my guest!

Peek  a boo

Don't be surprised
Yes I've noticed those unidentified marks

Yes you say, you are kind
Which are you?

Say something I won't ignore your remarks.
Echoes of talent in the hands of a poetess
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