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Chad Roman Mar 7
Why does sin linger at my porch
as if I know not what it brings...
Destruction has eyes of fury
in the eyes, it stares me down

My door swings open at the wind of malice
but shuts at the remorse of guilt
Ashamed of my roots, my being is questioned

do I deserve it?
No, How dare I...

I am not to feel as if I deserve, but to feel out of gratitude
to push on as if my breathe was to go a top everest
longing for the day of ever rest with my Father

I beg, do not scorch me
I am wanting to diverge,
Though my home has a porch of dirt that snaps at my ankle while I escape
my door shuts...

It's too late
evil has entered,

we are back at the start.

My cry is loud Lord
My wailing is a top the waves
I know you hear me, I know
David Hilburn Feb 10
Easy does it
Break for now, only if will
Secrets in love, begin to wit

The rhythm of voices
Sated to defer, to the difference of occults
When enamored becomes romance, are we ready to seek choices?
Of clamor and sincerity, to direct a chance to what will...

Exception, in time
To wonder abroad, to a definitive course
Of stares worth the older, history is mine
With a song in our heart, is actuality ever worse?

Looking the misery of another, if not its mystery...
Was a facade of hereafter, the notion of decency?
Alive, and making the time of a wishes intimacy
Do I have one more smile? yes, yours for poignancy
Finish my pout:
Still in silver service, silence for stone
Speed of specialness, I implore to route
A friends smile, to a season of its loan...

Brazen, the tooth of intimacy
Even to the point, of reticent doubt
We are the sigh, of a debacle, ready for instancy
That has come and gone with needs, the many is now...

And the taint of a maligning lip
So sovereign, for a river of couth's, wage
*** and deliberation's share, in the stoic misery we whit:

Is a taste in wishes with none's voice, for more?
Set in mutual distrust, the music of completion...
Is a hardened drive for poised meager and tumultuous, war?
Of sincerity to fathom the just, the tow of comprehension with sin?

I hate, therefore I dream in colors...
Of heaven with a remembered plea:
Sated with your soul, and the intricacy of what honor; force
I have given not, the heed of history, in the voice of youth to be free...?
Drunk enough to kiss the clown, with a certain moment to fare: Does a wild youth make you my best or worst, earwax?
David Hilburn Oct 2022
Patience, fate
Trees and treasures of kind
The tale of inclined sate
Has a sunny disposition, as if time

Care for a threshold of dissuasion another day?
Real regret, is the purpose behind our musings
Anger and delves of uniqueness, are to begin with may
A choice of shoulders, save itself for what patience looses...

Salt, is a final run to safety, a hug in the wind?
Curious speed, the irony of candor, to exist
Bred upon balance and the common, the tone of a new voice
That was a care, the towardness of you, an embarrassed list...

With no man's land, came the wish of potential
Sulking and denoted to be, the vice of remembering
The otherwise certain specific, the tongue of quintessential
Looks of responsibility for a question to guidance, sometimes humbling...

Will you marry me?
Places of blossoms, and the callous through and due, today
Of a quiet simplicity, for the anecdote of when boding is anarchy
Isn't a world of itself, the only reason a challenged voice, was anyway?

Persist and pout
The devil and the deed of the bluesy's...
Right to contain and contemplate another good intent, shout
Upon a caring rainbow found in the mere, all more, and me...
Dread says, ask for a tattoo only when you can afford it, unless you want it in all ways my pillow...
Chad Roman Feb 2022
My mind cries out for one more memory
I wouldn't  mind it myself
I just wonder if it will happen... soon
we are apart but...
yeah I still love you
Do you know this?

I know the decision was worth it
at the moment it hurts
I wish to see the day you realize what it was for
For now, please escape my thoughts
don't linger in my head

how can I forget?
it took a lot
please understand...
Yeah I still love you!

anyway as the night fades
the sun comes up
24 hours seems like forever
the pain doesn't leave
yet, you did...
wait, I did.
I'm selfishly thinking about you
yet selflessly we split

I await the day we meet again...
To show you how much I love you!
All that is gone isn't lost
A heart break story
happy ending loading....
Beautiful you are, a pretty shower.
You wash away all the dismay,
so gentle you are with me, falling
each day so that we may meet
even if our river runs dry you peak
at a point that touches rain's feet.

Surrounded by birds and tree's,
an atmosphere with calm scenery
and yet still your eyes pour down
drowning like a pool of love only;
upon me.
Midas Aug 2021
i see you sitting there
a few feet from where i'm sleeping
the wind caressing your hair
your right hand's busy scribbling.
the weather all bright and good
birds chirping from the distant wood
i just lay here in bed unmoving
memorizing the moment unfolding.
tho you might have noticed me looking
'cos you turn to me smiling
brightening up the room more than ever
i just want it to last forever.
then you walk up to me with grace
eyes holding on to my gaze
you snuggled and hold me close
our bodies molding like petals’ rose.
and when i feel you smiling in my neck
that makes me all ticklish and weak
it is also making me braver
i hope you'll always remember.
Alicia Moore Mar 2021
The dawn of humans unknowingly sparked a debate in sincerity.
While praising dexterity, one may neglect the warmth of a tender heart.

Is it better to ablate the ***** —
do we intend to berate its kindness?

I wish to travel to the beginning of evolution,
when no pollution of such harshness is clear;
that may be our only solution here.
Chad Young Feb 2021
When attributes like courtesy seem insincere, what ails me?
The litany of my words drowns out all others.
My words are for me, not necessarily the reader.
This voyage I was on by myself.
Who invited the entourage?
Affection and love have no existence here, He says.
This is the arena of insight, not imitation, He declares.
The truly righteous know that sincerity is the king of courtesy.
O Hashem, stop my words, stop my attributes, for evil awoke me four hours ago on this mat, and I know that that soul awaits truth.
I have 1st world problems in a city of Ahriman.
Will I be despondent enough to know their pain?
Or will their plight spark my vanity again?
Sometimes silence exalts the downtrodden in the head of those who have had it easy.
If your heart be so far away, how can I come to thee through small talk?
There must be something true to you that would ignite the fire of Hashem.
John McCafferty Nov 2020
When entering the realm of another
Try to connect by being receptive
Relate to appropriate space
Approachable pathways through
principled heart centred objectives
Display the routes to sincerity by
observing a faithful open perspective
(@PoeticTetra - instagram/twitter)
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