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Euphrosyne Mar 2020
That is twisted fate,
Fly you higher than you've ever flown
Love will pick you up
And then drop you
Maybe it will catch you
You'll never know until you are in place 
In faith
Maybe it wasn't love,
What a cruel twisted fate

Now read in reverse
This is for my friend who is at the same situation. Goodluck on your relationship.
Euphrosyne Feb 2020
Nothing is worth feeling anymore
Don't ever think that
You deserve the things you love
Because you know
Only the fog is left to fill you
And you no longer to believe
Magic and miracles
Because your soul contains
You do not live on
Ambition and hopefulness
Because you have found
Only disappointment
You are not destined to
Find your joy
Now try to reqd from bottom to top
Jaxey Oct 2018
As I stare into the mirror
Her face scrunched up
Is she disgusted
Does she know that I am
Waiting for happiness too
Does she know that I am
Trying to hide as well
I try to relate as I am
Reaching forward to comfort her
My hand
Meeting glass
My eyes
As I stare into
the mirror
I look into the mirror
(reversible poem)
Vale Luna May 2017
Now read it backwards.
Know you're lying when you say you're
Beautiful, purposeful, and wonderful
Because you're
Rotten, misshapen, and broken
Let these words define you
Say you hold perfections in your faults!
Know that's a lie
Tell yourself you're just misfit and
Let negative thoughts consume you
Please don't
Try and boost your self-esteem.
Now read it backwards.
(Yes, you really do have to read it backwards, line by line)
Vale Luna Feb 2018
(read forward, then backward, line by line)

I ran.
Not knowing what else to do
There was so much blood on my hands
It was mine
The kitchen knife
Caught in my chest
Consumed by
I was heightened by
But running on
Wasn’t enough
While trying to stay calm,
Losing control
It was me that would end up
Dead. Because
He was
In front of me
The whole time
It was too late
I found myself
Locked in chains
My fate was
Forward: from the victims perspective.
Backward: from the murderers perspective.


— The End —