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Nigdaw Aug 2022
I envy you
your suppleness of body
tuned muscular perfection
poised between
a creature of land
and a creature of water
shimmering with almost naked
beauty, you dive a perfect ten
into my imagination
Odd Odyssey Poet Aug 2021
Feel like the rain in the Summer times;
I'm so sorry to rain on their Parade,
Just too down in these Empty moments;
Buried in deep thought of my own Grave.

'Come rain or shine; Come what may,'
'And in all my Hells highest water,'
'Level best not to drown in Deep thought;'
'Free in stiller waters of Grand oceans,'
'Drifting until I make it to Shore some day;'

"I'll be a bright Sun above the Storm."
Ken Pepiton Jun 2021
Math and Logic lure me, calling me
one in eight billion,
nothing special,

combinatory creative Ai and I explore
some of the more we must learn,
you and I;

if I've lived to learn
reasons, rational smoothing
shadows at the edge of known,
given grace Gauss found softens, gentles
the pre-cipice, proto indo euro old idea
do you mind ? Headfirst. Pre
precipitation (n.)
late 15c., precipitacioun,
"a casting down" (of the evil angels from heaven),
also, in alchemy "separation of a solid substance
from a solution,"

see, there. Words to the wise are plenty.
Enough is enough.

On an island,
in a bubble, being ripened,
for the seed I am, or
am I but the husk, the fruit, I bhor?

Both needful deeds done,
enter in to my rest,

or in the current game, one day at a time,
rise with new mercy, ready,
from ever before,
patience as a virtue, attained in waiting
at the jump off point

for the next loser to tell,
the edge of ever is stochastically random
- on and on, and giant steps feel like falling
-prove it
- to make it plain,
plainly, the idea in a Gaussian blur is
the edge of ever is stochastically random
- basic Photoshop
and my AI knows all about it, let me make
the blur resolve
to a point,
we live in post 2020 earth, focused on you,
mental you, enveloped as bits of attention
paid to archives of reason,
wither Gods of the Grandest Institutions
formed in children of men,
generate adversaries
for good and evil,
nets of nets of nets
to sort things worth living for, from those
worth dying for and those worth killing for…

worth, weighty, hefty, heavy, you can feel it.
worth, soft, gentle, weightless, you may feel it.

- sometimes we imagine landing and living on
After and before, at the same time occur and now seems never ending ever beginning, But you gotta go headfirst...
Kristina Tan Mar 2021
At first you wanted to dive right in.
I was the hesitant one.
But you were persistent
until you won.

It was easy for you to draw me in.
Always hypnotizing me
with those baby blues.
You always made my heart free.

Sometimes we argue, of course.
But somehow, we always manage
to stay on course.

Lately things are getting more serious.
But when people ask us,
for some reason we like to be mysterious.

Am I nervous about the unknown?
Absolutely, it terrifies me...
But I hope I'm not alone.
When you aren't sure of what's going to happen next...
Paul Idiaghe Nov 2020
what else but to scrape soil, trail your thumb, etch a vision onto dust;

what else but to close eyes, dive down dizzying depths, drag limbs back ashore;

what else but to friend the fire, hug the heat, sing the storm to sleep;

what else but to hold your hand, hear your heartbeat, taste the tip of your tongue;

what else but to wipe wounds, shed skin, build nests from broken bones;

what else but to keep breathing.
Hammad Nov 2020
Life pushed me
to the edge of a cliff
So I chose to jump
(with my own free will)
ain't  afraid
Of hitting
any stone
As i free fall
Into the unknown
-elixir- Jun 2020
The ocean ahead of me,
with its beasts,
have my knees shaking,
as I try to dive again,
and tame the fear
of oblivion,
One more time.
Sitting outside, i close my eyes to the sound of Tycho-Dive,
Middle of the night, stars wrapped around the night stormy sky,
Moon is finally asleep, and all is dark and quiet.
Deep breath, cool wind surpasses my warm skin on this cold summer stormy night.
Thinking deep thoughts about my life, these are the moments i feel free.
When no one is around, i can finally think calm to myself, and feel finally at ease.
Wish these calm moments can last forever.
They say night time is when our demons come out to play, but i feel so much comfort in this earthly darkness that my emotions escape me, they escape me because i can be me.
No one can stare at me
No one can talk to me
No one, just no one around to bother me
I want to feel free,
Just now as i do,
Have my heart set at bay,
to feel, think and breath this life we live.
Calm rain pellets dash above the porch roof.
Aroma of the heated pavement from the hot sun during the day.
Let me breath.
Let me be me.
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