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Nathalie Feb 26
I wake to this peace
lingering in my soul
I can feel the pull
of love and
I'm ready
to dive right in...

I do not know
what awaits
for me at the end
of this journey,
but I do know
that I want
to live it with
an open heart...

For the only
way for me
to embrace
this life that
I have been given
is to surrender
and to trust
in the miracles
with love...

Kivanc Feb 7
I will dive into desolation before sundown,
If the weather gets darker, I will be lost before tasting
One who likes daylight in sweet sound of tune.

We have to look up to sky to see what's inside of it,
Temple of breath is shaken cause of the sadness,
And excuses disappear in sound of love.

I didn't realise when moment explained fact of separation,
Necessaries of love is appeared slowly with effects of sadness,
I have to lose you and me in sounds of instruments.
Peter Balkus Jan 30
Sky in her eyes
has no limit.

Sky in her eyes
makes me dive.

Sky in her eyes
scrapes my heart.
Jaemy Jan 12
another story
sank away
in the endless pool of her mind
she looked at the clock
and although it clearly was
time to sleep
she decided to take the dive
i don't sleep enough
I dive into myself
to hide away from this world,
but the deeper I go,
the more I am near to you.
Annie 5d
Between the oceans deep-sea shades
Hides in the abysmal ground
The darkness whom the light craves
Down in the deep-sea fishes cave

A riddle to all brave explorers
Since nothing but shadows appear
But crawling under erratic orders
The invisible deep-sea fish hears

No single movement of alien light
Nor living that sneaks through the dark
Escapes the glooming deep-sea fishes eyes
That see every enlightening spark
Danny Nov 2018
Dive so refreshing
Free of all inhibition
Pure without constraint
Anya Oct 2018
It’s a very difficult thing
Guarding 50 meters
Covered in
Full body pads

My teemmates
Were playing
“Field hockey rugby”
With the “goal”
End line

A goalie
Meant to
Guard a
4 meter
To sprinting

A foolish decision,
You may think

It was mine

You may ask
What could have possibly
Convinced one to make
Such a choice?

The fitness
For one

Imrpoved speed,
In my pads
For another

Of practicing
Boring goalie drills
At the other side of
The field,
As well

Stalking the ball
For a fourth

But mostly,
The feeling
Of running your
Heart out
Laughing your stomach
Your throat out
And finally
Getting down and *****

With all your might
Full body
And mind
Giving their all
With one goal
-to stop the ball
Puffball Aug 2018
Falling down the windy planes,
Go diving down until insane,
Dropping into a wonderland,
Spiraling like a living fan,

From little eyes made out of glass,
Looking into the shadow past,
Seeing myself wake up again,
Restart the new simulation

I'm a hider, you're a seeker.
When did I become a peeker?
No running there's no stopping.
I can't stop myself from crying.

Why do I keep freaking trying?
I can't stop myself from crying.
I can't stop this ******* crying.
Please help me stop ******* crying.

From plastic beds to rocky roads,
I've lost my mind, I've woke up cold,
When did I get into green robes?
I am a sacrificed lost soul,

I can't help thinkin' I am dreamin'
My head can't work when it is steamin'
I've gone insane, i'm falling down,
A bird diving into the ground.

A bird diving into the ground.

Chained to the concrete rained-on ground.

I've lost my head, seeing in red,
I'm not the same as I once said,
I won't go down till I am dead,
Next, to the next, that's being led.
We're all a little loopy.
Salmabanu Hatim Jul 2018
I yearn to drown into the deep pools of his gentle blue eyes,
I want to dive into the depths of his beautiful soul,
I hunger to taste his firm lips on me,
Get lost in our desires,
That is where I am alive.
And hang on to every precious moment of it.
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