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-elixir- Jun 28
The ocean ahead of me,
with its beasts,
have my knees shaking,
as I try to dive again,
and tame the fear
of oblivion,
One more time.
Sitting outside, i close my eyes to the sound of Tycho-Dive,
Middle of the night, stars wrapped around the night stormy sky,
Moon is finally asleep, and all is dark and quiet.
Deep breath, cool wind surpasses my warm skin on this cold summer stormy night.
Thinking deep thoughts about my life, these are the moments i feel free.
When no one is around, i can finally think calm to myself, and feel finally at ease.
Wish these calm moments can last forever.
They say night time is when our demons come out to play, but i feel so much comfort in this earthly darkness that my emotions escape me, they escape me because i can be me.
No one can stare at me
No one can talk to me
No one, just no one around to bother me
I want to feel free,
Just now as i do,
Have my heart set at bay,
to feel, think and breath this life we live.
Calm rain pellets dash above the porch roof.
Aroma of the heated pavement from the hot sun during the day.
Let me breath.
Let me be me.
xavier thomas May 26
My love for you runs deep like the ocean
Stretching far beyond any set of eyes could see
Our bond grows stronger of every minute we sink
From the pressure, traveling down deep deep deep under the sea
Huge tidal waves of emotions clash above the surface
The bounds of my love know no limits when it comes to you
annh May 9
I want to fall into myself - to leave should’s, must’s,
and need to be’s scattered inconsequentially in my wake.

I want to dive deeply - to loosen my shoulders,
relax my arms, and slacken my griping fingers.

I want to uncoil my imagination - to revel in a crystal night sky,
a cool breeze, and a pink moon rising.

I want to meet the nomad - solitary, suspended in a sky-borne
playa, and blazing a trail to infinity.

'In order to understand the world, one has to turn away from it on occasion.'
- Albert Camus, The Myth of Sisyphus and Other Essays
by Michael R. Burch

Eagle, raven, blackbird, crow . . .
What you are I do not know.
Where you go I do not care.
I’m unconcerned whose meal you bear.
But as you mount the sun-splashed sky,
I only wish that I could fly.
I only wish that I could fly.

Robin, hawk or whippoorwill . . .
Should men care if you hunger still?
I do not wish to see your home.
I do not wonder where you roam.
But as you scale the sky's bright stairs,
I only wish that I were there.
I only wish that I were there.

Sparrow, lark or chickadee . . .
Your markings I disdain to see.
Where you fly concerns me not.
I scarcely give your flight a thought.
But as you wheel and arc and dive,
I, too, would feel so much alive.
I, too, would feel so much alive.

I don’t remember exactly when this poem was written. I believe it was around 1974-1975, which would have made me 16 or 17 at the time. I do remember not being happy with the original version of the poem, and I revised it more than once over the years, including recently at age 61! The original poem was influenced by William Cullen Bryant’s “To a Waterfowl.” Keywords: flight, flying, bird, wheel, arc, dive, nest, scale, eagle, raven, blackbird, crow, robin, hawk, whippoorwill,  sparrow, lark, chickadee
no, the weather is cold
the time is so old
and she wanted one word

the hero appeared
carrying a sword
wearing a strong shield
may give

it was penetrated
by the weakest
bad and lowest
must dive

help the older
smile to the younger
said every morning

help us our highness
Euphrosyne Mar 9
Can we
Just go to the sea
And let's see
What's beneath of that deep sea
After I saw that sea

Do not leave me
I don't want to be lonely
Because I'm starting to see
The worth of you that I'd like again to see
After you let me
Dive into your deep sea

You were gone
I thought it was done
But here I am stunned
By the light of your sun,
You came back,
After the moon comes
And the bird hums
And a bright light succumbs
You were there standing and saying
We have feelings in tons

Before I let this poem done
I just want our conflicts to be gone
And have the love we want on those long runs
And again this time, can we?
Can we do it again? Can I dive into you again? I won't disappoint you this time. I know that I'm not perfect but just let me show you how much I love you.
aya Jan 3
kung ganito nga talaga
kasaya ang malunod
wag niyo na akong sagipin pa
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