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Anushia Oct 2020
he infused blood into my vein
so i could
i exchanged ring with him
so we could
Renée Brookes Jul 2020
Dark is to light, as black to white.
When we write, from what place?

I wrote,
dwelling there,
amongst the shadows,
without face; leeching for love,
my cup empty,
heart scattered into pieces.

I write,
divinely guided;
exploring unclimbed mountains,
where weakness and courage elope,
advancing towards freedom,
My cup fills,
healing below the glimmers of hope.

I accept,
my world of black,
as it mends into white,
for I know, what is in the dark,
is to rise to meet light.
Euphrosyne Mar 2020
Dont stop chasing your dreams
Until you got that power of your beam,
Do no forget those who got you through,
Always thank them for your success too.

It's like you walk on a storm
That'll challenge you until you got harmed,
But honey don't get too affected don't return,
Because all of the flowers bloomed and it's your turn.

It's okay to be late, just don't stop
Until you get to the top
Just stay at your lane there's too much
Temptation don't swap
I believe that after you get to the top it'll be nonstop.

There'll be demons that'll want you to stop
And if they made you flop
Don't listen to them, listen to me I'll call the cops,
And I'll help you to be in the top.

Remember, do not stop
The rewards will be nonstop
After you get to the top,
So after this I'll be happy and always I'll be at your back.
You'll be okay remember okay? You'll be on the top of your own world don't be sad now I believe in you.
Euphrosyne Mar 2020
You're more than a dime
Come lets make our time
Feel this love anytime,
What are you waiting for?

Breathe, feel how much we should
Talk and take a walk around our neighborhood
Feel blessed but don't get stretched
You gotta get that sun on our sunday best.

Get up, don't be lazy our day maybe wasted
Everything might be challenging but I know we're tested,
Come on get up lets be positive
Leave those on your bed all of the negatives.

If you're hurting I know a remedy
Get up and I'll give you my exciting energy
And forget that hurting memories, let it be
And say you're worth it and tell them "this is all of me".

Just slowly open your eyes
Come right in, take off your saddest disguise
Leave your worries right at your door
Watch them as they drop at the floor.

What are you waiting for?
Come on get up lets be positive
Leave those on your bed, all of the negatives,
It's worth a dime
To take your time.
For the pips that been down lately be positive there's some people who loves you and depends on you.
Jenny Ochoa Mar 2020
L  LovelySmilez he nick named her because

O* On her darkest days her smile shinned

V Very bright  like sunshine ray's

E Even though she doubted her own natural beauty

L Laughing with her you'd realize

Y You'd fall for that naturally smiling cutie

S She with held the perfect smile you know the type that

M Made you smile thru your pain and her smile

I Incredibly would stay imbedded in your brain

L Little did she know that the impact of her smile and

E Even her unique energy she gives out will

Z Zap you from hundreds of miles
Mystic Ink Plus Dec 2019
No doubt

That day
You will be happy
When less is more

And it will be
All around
Genre: Observational
Theme: When i look back, happiness is the art
of offering and hoping nothing in return.
Patrick Austin May 2019
For many years
I felt tormented and undervalued,
now I have a lot more peace.

If I live with my heart on my sleeve
it may hurt at times but at least I know that
I did the right things for the right reasons.

I used to worry about next year or next month
but if I can just be happy in the moment
and live through today with positivity and being present,
I feel that is the best chance at happiness.
It's never too late to turn it all around.
Choose your own adventure.
Mystic Ink Plus Apr 2019
Let the truth be heard
You are not just

You are
Poetry to me

Having the space for
The sun
The moon
And all the stars
Genre: Romantic
Theme: The Muse || Inspiring Vibes
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