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Beneath the bracing maple tree
Awaits a beau, pursued heart's key

Cold sweaty hands, timid was he
As if he's dosed with ecstasy

To woo this beautiful princess,
Hath played a fiddle effortless

Heart beats loud beneath pastel dress
Mind's been puzzled, soon she'll confess

She don't regret, she won't forget
For that so moment felt kismet

Will they be lovers? Make a guess,
It all depends if she said yes
Let us reminisce and appreciate the efforts of an unfeigned gentleman to win the heart of his fairlady through traditional courtship.

With all my heart I give you "The Suitor", enjoy!
JKJI Mar 14
Chivalry dances
around its neighbor’s
fresh new grave.

       Integrity sits in silence.
       He has nothing more
       to stand up for.

              Empathy brings flowers
              but she can no longer feel.

                       And Hope’s cries fill the yard,
                       as she was the last one
                       keeping the new settler
                       from his grave.
                                  Today, the whole yard mourns,
                                  for everything is doomed
                                  once humanity is dead.
Don’t let humanity die.
Haylin Jan 20
My knight does not need to be
in shining armor,
nor blessed with prestige
or countless honor.

It only needs to be you,
someone who could wield
a sword, respectable enough
to be able to strike a heart of gold.
It’s not by force of credo
that I extend my hand for thee.
It’s not for want of glory
that my heart offers you its key.

I don’t catch you when falling
to save a damsel in distress.
Not a shoulder for crying,
rather a haven from your stress.

Not your knight or hero,
Simply a man and aching heart.
“Should” shapes no motivation,
My goal to play the part

Of your lover, of your boy.
Of your home away from home.
Of your confidant, your healer.
Of your guide ‘ever you roam.

Some cling to old rules and honors,
In truth Chivalry is dead.
Antique code is dry and dusty,
I give you Romance instead.
Shubham Solanki Dec 2018
I sit by the window
Staring out with hope
Gloomy face eyes low
Captive in this castle
A solitary dreamer
Waiting for the one
Riding with her sword
My dauntless damsel
To rescue me away
far-far away from
this deranged world

I wonder though
What amuses you more
Am I less of a man
Or do you doubt
A woman's valour
Capable of Creating
Life in her womb
Open your petty mind
Break thy stereotypes
Crush the misogyny
Prove to the feminine soul
Chivalry isn't dead anymore
As it should be,
for the greatest honor
           one can achieve
     in being chivalrous
     is dying chivalrous
                (a loyal death
           for a loyal cause)
     but where is loyalty
        in leaving behind
everything one swore
to protect?

   to blind loyalty,
  is man always
achieving perfection
in all ways
man can in order
to achieve the satisfaction
of the greatest
  state of being
   he can be in:
to the Lady,
to the King;
to the Lord,
                      but never loyal
                            to that loyalty
                     as if being loyal
                 is an excuse
             to transcend into
a separate reality
that asks no more
than the least
of a person's life
who would give so much.

                is blind loyalty
         to the blinding offer
        of honored dignity
  (of death with dignity);
of offered death
and dignity.
dying in order
to be satisfied
in leaving behind
the thing that one
is terrified to lose
because a blind man
is never terrified
to choose honor
an be glorified
of a life misused.
NOTE: Chivalry is death
Diana Garcia Aug 2018
Man, all you ******* start out the same
Oh honey I can appreciate you, is all you claim.
Where’s the chivalry, why can’t y’all be gentlemanly. It’s such a shame
Can’t even walk around without being hounded by one of these ******* lames

Yes I said hounded cause y’all can be bunch of dogs.
If I look good, politely let your glasses fog
Try not to stare, a quick glance, don’t stare maybe you’ll have a chance, that’s fair.
I don’t expect perfect Prince Charming
But the lack of manners is ******* alarming

Ask me how I am, whatever you do dion’t say how you can give it to me
Or how you can make my day.
A nice conversation can go a long way.
Don’t ask me about my man, or why I don’t have one
All I’m gonna say, this would of been nice but now that fool won.
If he was putting it down I wouldn’t be hanging around.
If he asked how my day was
Id be all kisses and hugs
Yes I have a man but his selfishness
******* bugs
I thought I wanted a sweet man
Now I’m more attracted to thugs
At least now Im familiar with the ***** made
I don’t even feel right throwing his mama shade
She treats him like he’s a gift from god
The way she coddles him makes me ******* nod.
I’m done talking about this!
**** is making my sob.
Débijonne Jun 2018
He asked me out,
and I said yes.
So I didn’t bring a sweater.
We walked through the night,
I got cold.
But his jacket, he didn’t offer.
bakunawa May 2018
once upon a time
you hurt me badly
so i swore to myself
i'd never let you
be happy anymore

but then
i saw you
in a corner
so i made a promise
i'll do everything
to make you smile again.

and we
It's not always a fairy tale
but a fair tale is all i ask.
Kwamé Apr 2018
I'm too old for fairy tales
Don't entertain me
With myths and tall tales
Of a fair maiden that
Awaits a top a castle
In a land far far away
Chivalry is dead
And you killed it

With this catch and release,
Find a mate, toy with them,
And when bored cast them away,
cleanse your hands with bleach
And forget they exist
I should count my blessings
But this obsession with all
This shame and rejection
Got me playing memories
Like this on a loop
Previews of purgatory
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