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Ren Jul 2020
Sin tempts the just.
Vices attract the pure.

Blood becomes a lust.
Honor fails to endure.

Society needs to adjust.
Chivalry is the cure.
Chris Saitta Jul 2020
All is gone, all my kingdoms, all my sons,
All of valor, all of disenchanted love, but for eyes
That see the world of nothing, slow in its demise.
Michael R Burch Apr 2020
Merlyn, on His Birth
by Michael R. Burch

I was born in Gwynedd,
or not born, as men may claim,
and the Zephyr of Caer Myrrdin
gave me my name.

My father was Madog Morfeyn
but our eyes were never the same,
nor our skin, nor our hair;
for his were dark, dark
—as our people’s are—
and mine were fairer than fair.

The night of my birth, the Zephyr
carved of white stone a rune;
and the ringed stars of Ursa Major
outshone the cool pale moon;
and my grandfather, Morydd, the seer
saw wheeling, a-gyre in the sky,
a falcon with terrible yellow-gold eyes
when falcons never fly.

Legend has it that Zephyr was an ancestor of Merlin. In this poem, I suggest that Merlin may have been an albino, which might have led to seemingly outlandish claims that he had no father, due to radical physical differences between father and son. This would have also added to his appearance as a mystical figure. The reference to Ursa Major, the bear, ties the birth of Merlin to the future birth of Arthur, whose Welsh name (“Artos” or “Artur”) means “bear.” Morydd is a another possible ancestor of Merlin’s.
Keywords/Tags: King Arthur, Arthurian, Merlin, round table, knights, England, chivalry, Camelot
Euphrosyne Mar 2020
Chivalry is not dead
Because I'm not yet dead
Euphrosyne Mar 2020
You deserve the love
That I have, a true love,
You deserve flowers everyday
Because I want to show you I'm not cliché

You deserve a cup of joe
That every morning you sip, you glow,
You deserve poems that I write
That I'll send it to you every night,
You deserve ice creams at midnight
And I'll tel you that it'll be alright.

You deserve to be reminded
Every second I am attracted
And that you are beautiful
Every moment that you're blinded
By them, don't listen they are all mindless

You deserve honesty
Forget those awful sanity,
You deserve my consistency
And I believe it is still not dead, my chivalry.

I know you're scared
But I'm prepared
Don't worry too much
I'll be here, I'll keep in touch.
You deserve what we both want in love.
Euphrosyne Mar 2020
Do you find it not enough?this consistency
Do me a favor don't make a move I'll show my chivalry
You know why?because I feel you are my destiny
And I find you as a perfect woman that have dignity

Do you know why I question you
Because this is an application for me and you
For the rest of our life
And do not doubt this I'm serious about this.

These questions that I need to know
Has a good benefit for us to grow
Just come close and just go to our flow
Lets heat this love just like a month ago
And have the love we deserve that we don't even need to throw

These questions that we need to know
Do not even deserve to snow
And this love do not deserve to be hidden below
Because we just need to answer these questions to be on that love we want and please take it slow.
And until now I question you in my dreams and hoping for you to answer it someday.
Peyton L Jan 2020
Time should mean more to me,
I know.
I shouldn't write about what I've barely
come to understand,
but you, my love,
make words so easy
music so sweet.

Chivalry isn't exactly dead, not yet
and I can't help but think about
properly courting you,
stealing kisses when our escort isn't
paying attention
or writing you disgustingly cheesy love letters
that sound nothing like me.

Despite the short time
I've known you,
I catch myself thinking
about what it might be like.
If the world would be so kind
if Fate wouldn't intervene
if I could get to keep you.
My own little slice of paradise,
of heaven.

I must confess I'm not much of a
believer in what I can't see or feel
but you
pop questions into my head
abut even that.
How can there not be
something inherently pure and good
when you're with me?
How can I not believe
that we were meant for something more
when you feel so right?

Our lives have not been fair,
this I know.
But I think my hardship
might have been worth it
if they brought me to you.
About a girl I've fallen for quickly.
Beneath the bracing maple tree
Awaits a beau, pursued heart's key

Cold sweaty hands, timid was he
As if he's dosed with ecstasy

To woo this beautiful princess,
Hath played a fiddle effortless

Heart beats loud beneath pastel dress
Mind's been puzzled, soon she'll confess

She don't regret, she won't forget
For that so moment felt kismet

Will they be lovers? Make a guess,
It all depends if she said yes
Let us reminisce and appreciate the efforts of an unfeigned gentleman to win the heart of his fairlady through traditional courtship.

With all my heart I give you "The Suitor", enjoy!
inreticence Mar 2019
Chivalry dances
around its neighbor’s
fresh new grave.

       Integrity sits in silence.
       He has nothing more
       to stand up for.

              Empathy brings flowers
              but she can no longer feel.

                       And Hope’s cries fill the yard,
                       as she was the last one
                       keeping the new settler
                       from his grave.
                                  Today, the whole yard mourns,
                                  for everything is doomed
                                  once humanity is dead.
Don’t let humanity die.
Haylin Jan 2019
My knight does not need to be
in shining armor,
nor blessed with prestige
or countless honor.

It only needs to be you,
someone who could wield
a sword, respectable enough
to be able to strike a heart of gold.
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