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Illya Oz Apr 2018
A life without gender.
Giving me my freedom that was taken.
End to my imprisonment by gender roles.
No I am not mistaken.
Don't ask me if I'm a girl or a boy.
Either is just not me.
Rather I am a person, a human being that is free.
I identify as agender meaning I don't have agender. I'm not a girl, I'm not a boy, I'm not anything inbetween, I'm just kinda... Me.
I hope that one day people of all different gender identities can be accepted and treated equally within society, because even after all the labels and categories we put ourselves in, we are all humans and no one deserves anymore or anyless them anyone else.
Eugene Aug 2017
Hinahanap-hanap ko ang iyong pagkalinga,

Inaalala ang mga sandaling ako ay yakap-yakap mo pa,

Marami mang pagkakataon ang nasayang noon sa umpisa,

Lagi kitang naiisip sa tuwi-tuwina kahit pa ang layo mo na,

Ang puso ko ay sabik na sabik kang makausap at makita,

Yari na ang hihimlayan ko at sasalubungin na kita,

Ako ang unang lalapit sa iyo sa lugar kung saan ka huling nawala,

Nang ang puso kong sabik, nagdusa, nasaktan, at umasa ay tuluyang makatulog na.
Silverflame Mar 2017
We almost made it
Hence the word almost
You left with no trace

Do you regret leaving?
I* am a mess without you
Don't pretend we were nothing

You promised you'd be there for me
Only me
Unfortunately, you lied

Liquor is now your replacement
Eating seems pointless
After you left, everything lost meaning
Volcano meets tornado
Erase my foolishness

Maybe I still love you
Even now, when you don't deserve it

This is an acrostic poem I wrote a long time ago...
Danny Wolf Sep 2016
Dark of night ignites moonlight.
Ancient self awakened.
New eyes peer into the vast and open.
Nature is alive and dancing,
Yet my mind is silent and still.
Words have escaped me,
Only instinct remains.
Like breathing for the first time,
Forever I am changed.
So this is inspired by the first vision I had of becoming a wolf-it was seamless, hence "Danny Wolf" .. from this body into spirit animal, without anything in between.
Eugene Aug 2016
Halina at pakinggan,
Ang kanilang ipinaglalaban,
Lalo na sa usaping kapayapaan.
Adhikaing kailangang panindigan,
Lahat ay dapat solusyonan,
Asikasuhin ang kahirapan,
Nang mamamayan ay matulungan.
I am invisible
And I have a temper
Most people ignore me
I'm noticed by nobody
Never listened to
Visible to nobody
I want to
It wouldn't make a difference though
Because nobody would
Listen, and
Even if they did, they wouldn't care...

— The End —