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I-sun Aug 31
I have a message for you,
If my handwriting is not readable,
Hear my heart reading it for you:
Boom Boom, Love you, Boom Boom.

you're going to through that bad **** ,
you're strong enough ,
i know its hard to do it but believe me it's going to be okay soon ,
people who don't always be there for you will gonna regret to lose a precious person like you ,
i love you remember that ,
take time for yourself and do not rush ,
i know you're worry how this world gonna work,
just be yourself ,
just believe yourself not others even its your BFF ,
they all gonna leave you one day like mine ,
i hope you have a happy end ,
you're the most beautiful SOUL ever i met .
i love you beautiful soul , keep smiling , you're amazing
Do you know what hurts? Liking someone you have no chance with. Denying your feelings towards them because it’s stupid to love them. Having your feelings towards them is pointless until all of them come out from hiding when you see them smile and your heart beats so fast you can't even think clearly. That tiny part of you that has hope that only leads you to disappointment. That's what hurts, knowing something has a 99.99% of not working out the way you want it to but having that 00.01% chance it could keeps you dreaming about it and stops you from moving on. That 00.01% keeps you happy because even that 00.01% is everything you want.

See I loved a boy once, and I think I still do. I don’t think I could ever say it to you how much you mean to me. How much I want to be with you. See I’m just the girl from your past and I know you have no future plans that involves me. See for a very long time I thought that I might be over you. For a very long time, I thought that being over someone meant you didn’t love them anymore. But with you, I’m not sure that’s ever going to be true.  

I may not love you the way I used to but I think a part of me will always care for you. I’ll always want you to be happy, even if I’ll be sad in the process. I’ll always smile when someone mentions your name, or I see a picture of you, even if it also makes me crumble. And I’ll always love the memories I have of each other, when we were both crazy for each other, even if those feelings within you are still long gone.

There are days where I don’t miss you. I sigh with relief that the war I was fighting within myself to get through this is over, that I no longer have to cry begging God to help me let go. I smile knowing its not an aching kind of love anymore, but I wish we could’ve worked out. Sometimes I’m grateful you broke my heart because now I’m stronger.

There are days when you are the first thing my mind wonders too. The days I think of scenarios where you’ll come knocking my door to hug me and tell me that you’ll never let me go again. There’re days where I sit with my heart throbbing knowing I’ll never be a part of your family in the way I thought I’d be and building a life with you - by my side.

You will always be my person, but I will move on. It’s a weird anomaly, loving someone with every piece of you but it’s just not enough. It’s a struggle between holding on to what we were and letting go of what we are.

I know I’m not easy to love. I am stubborn and I breakdown constantly wishing I can tell you about my rough past. But I promise to love you. I promise to give you all I possibly can give. I promise to hold and kiss you every chance I get. I promise to show you off to the world because I will truly be the luckiest ******* earth if I have you by my side. I promise to always make sure you are taken care of and I promise to never let you go to bed upset. I promise to give you all of my attention, regardless if I’m out with my friends. I will always put you first and I will always make sure you’re smiling. I promise to give you the world if you promise to stand by my side, no matter how rough things may get. If you love me, I promise to love you unconditionally. Alway.

I haven’t forgotten about you, in fact, when we started talking to each other again I thought it was a sign. I thought maybe God finally answered my prayers. All the begging would be answered. But now I’m not so sure. We are at a good place now but sometimes I wish you were more than just my friend, that you’d be the person I’d spend the rest of my life with. That your eyes that are warm pools of honey bathing in the sunlight will be next to me every day when I wake up. But before I let myself be dragged into that fantasy I pull myself out knowing that I’m just the girl of your past and you will never know how much I’d like to rewrite my wrongs making everything right…
Nidhi Jul 6
I know im in love with you
I know it because
because I just do
everything feels right when im with you
I feel like...
how can there be words to describe how much I love you
I just know everything will be alright as long as we walk down the path together
I just know nothing can break a magnetic bond
we are like butterflies
we have different wings
but we both love the flowers in the gardens
we never get tired of visiting the garden of flowers
You forgot who you are
You forgot what sets you apart
You forgot what makes you special
You forgot what you've been through
You forgot what prepared you for now
You forgot your victory over pain
You forgot you are chosen
You forgot you are set apart

You traded it for the pain of the world
The standards of the world
The pain of the world
The darkness of the world
The vices of the world
The pleasure of the world

And it made you forget

How amazing you are
How everytime you fall you get up
How determined you are to love
How excited you are to change
How beautiful your soul is
How you exhude life
How you came to do great things
How you are set apart

I enslaved my mind
believing by dwelling on thoughts
of you
will keep you around

~ For you anything
I still want you...
Miss, you just wanna kiss you
Kiss you till I miss you
For kissing you is better than missing you

~ Your lips
Every child has a family, that cares about them and always there

I once knew  a friend name Amelia, her family will play the fair.

I think I like it better there than I do here,  I am speaking the truth.

My whole life I liked it better when I was just little youth.

Why do I keep trying to send letters to the baby me.

i once felled on my knee, I got right back up and start

to  climb back up that tree, when we were young

we were young and free. And alive just to see the sea.

My family is okay, but I miss those days when my brother will ***

his pants cause he had no idea what to do.
I think of you
  in the vast, deepest recesses of my mind,
among whirlpools, and fountains
fairy forests and sienna deserts,
Californian sunlit highways,
  anywhere I could find
all the sweetest memories held by the two
of us in these oceanic landscapes.

I think of you
underneath the covers,
in these familiar sheets, on this lonely bed.
Eyes fluttering like shy butterflies,
soft noises and long sighs
embracing a pillow, like how I will hold you close
kissing you everywhere, head, eyelids to the nose
and finally your full lips
to have them part underneath mine
is a flavor I crave for.

I think of you
  miles and miles away,
where lockdowns and quarantines have become a normal
planes are stuck, hotels empty, airports have become ghost towns.
All the worlds' gatherings have been silenced, only nature has become Queen again.
We have resolved to think about what we have done,
in between pages of privilege, empathy, understanding and faith
and like all the people of the world
who are separated by oceans and unfamiliar lands,
I think of you in love,
with light
and with hope
that someday you will come to sleep and wake up in my arms
as I pray to be in yours.
Long Distance Relationships: Pandemic Edition. *******, Coronavirus.
Anurag Apr 28
You are,
A bright sunshine with a little hurricane,
A beauty without any brain,( just for gigs)
You house ideas that are insane.
But, You are
The person I share my worries, woes and pain.
The salt in a dish so plain.
I never measured this bond
Based on loss or gain.
We are more than a priceless diamond,
Or a happy rain.
Unlike them,
We will never drain.
A letter to my Bff, Here, I'm a plain dish.
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