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leolewin Sep 2022
There were 2 chairs,
But I'd rather share 1 with you.
Love 2 my Say
Jason Apr 2021
Caution: Objects in poems are deeper than they appear.

The more shallow it looks, the deeper it is.

Please wear your life vest at all times,

And may we take this moment to highly recommend the buddy system?

We happen to have one available if you are unable to locate a buddy.  😊
Ghostverses Aug 2021
I forever stand with you
even if it's till our dreams end
if I told you to stay in
would you break my little rotten apple?
Just cause' you ended up in a grave?
Look at the end and read the end words :)
basil Mar 2021
Today it would’ve been your birthday.
I would’ve made a handmade card for you as always
signed with a “love you” phrase and painted bouquets
together with some real tulips.
It would’ve been a perfect day.

But it is not the same this year,
I am alone and you’re not there.
God had another plan.

You taught me to be brave
and faced with trouble never to complain.
Even while fighting so much pain
you were a rainbow after rain.
You taught me on a stormy day to be a wave.

But it is not the same this year,
I am alone and you’re not there.
And out of habit I have made your card.
For my aunt
ICN Mar 2021
I’ll kiss whoever I’m with tonight
to take you off of my mind.
It’s not the first time
that I’m fighting to keep you out,
but I don't wanna close my eyes.
In the dark you’re all that I see.
He’s laying in my bed but I'm staring at the ceiling, reminiscing you.

I’ll make out with three strangers tonight.
None of them will make it back to my room
but if they did it still wouldn’t matter,
I just don't wanna be alone at times.
Need to feel someone else on me,
so I can stop feeling you,
so I can forget you.

Cause I’d run to you
even if you were just a mirage.
And I’d follow you,
Through a desert.
Through a blizzard.
Through the eye of a hurricane.
I’d run to you!

and it’s been six months,
we still haven't talked.
I don't know anything!
I miss being your everything.
Tonight I’m all alone,
no one touching me, I’m on my own.
I tried the hook-up thing but couldn’t keep pretending.
When I look in their eyes I just see yours, blue and green.
Where did you go?
Why’d you stop loving me?

It doesn’t matter
If I never get an answer.
If you hit me up one day
I’ll still remember your voice,
but I’ll also remember
how pathetic you made me feel.
Alone even when we were together,
looking back is bittersweet.
Fond memories and love,
welled up fears and disappointment.
I’ll always remember you, love.
But I won’t go running back,
even if I want to,
I won’t go running back.

but I hope that you do
I hope you’d run back to me too.
nina Jan 2021
although the years have come and gone,
still my heart aches
each year, it repeats
the same pain in my chest
at first so slow i almost don't notice it
quietly dripping in the distance
like a leaky faucet
and suddenly i remember your smile,
your laugh, your curls
and as if Zeus himself struck me,
the ache in my heart returns.
overcome with emotions
all i can do is sit and cry
and i mourn you all over again.
and yet you're still breathing.
and i should have let go already.
it happens around the same time each year.
sometimes it comes a few weeks early,
sometimes it's right on the nose...
i know it's all rose coloured glasses
i know it's all a fantasy i cling to.
just know, i pray for you still
i pray that you're happy and at peace
i pray that life is good to you
i have no selfish bone left in my body for you,
but one.
only one that somehow prays
that you'll find me
and tell me it wasn't a lie...
so that we can go back to loving from a distance.
this year it came early,
the ache, like a car crash.
so forgive me for being early in saying this..

and i know you probably don't miss me
or ache over me like i do for you...
but i loved you once,
i love you still
i always have
and always will..

happy birthday tj
Grace Jan 2021
today, i dont want to do anything. just stay in the dark living room in my pj's and read some of your poetry.

too bad i also did that yesterday.

this site has so many nice people on it who are so supportive for everyone. love you all
Your green eye looks down
with shyness,
Brown eye looks up
with confidence.

Green eye contains empathy
to support,
Brown eye with focus
to find solutions for problems

Pair of brown eyes
shut up shop for every delicate kiss,
Pair of green eyes
stare intensively into my soul and heart.

Start of dates is introduction of chartreuse eyes,
Letting me in, not judging my stutter,
End of dates the evaluating chocolate eyes,
Silly but, one mistake, you’ll ask for the bill.

I’m apologising through poetry
for yesterday’s date
‘Cause your pair of different coloured eyes
made me panicked!
I got game plan when your beautiful eyes deny synchronicity. So i just have to be me.
letters to basil Dec 2020
dear basil,

a name is

not the mouth that
refuses to say it

been a while,,, changed my name again <33

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