More to her revelation
Speak words not wonder
I cannot I'm lost with all
Oh, she
Oh, her
Please, see for yourself
When you lift the pressure
With puffs of marijuana
I simply see her in my mind
And everything stays calm
A single piece of beauty
A master piece of art
A mystery none could solve
Her smile could lift my soul

I love my reflection in your eyes
I love my smile in your lips
I love my shivers in your body
I love my heart beat merging in yours

'Cause our love is the reflection of me
'Cause our love is like flowers
A pure force of nature

And I love your eyes looking at me
And I love your lips smiling at me
And I love your shivers next to me
And I love your heart beat next to me

'Cause we are perfect
'Cause we are forever
A pure force of nature

I love her more than I love myself and this is what love means to me... s26'
alan May 26

Not a poem, but I'd like if you read

To a friend who depended on only one person, who eventually let them down...

If you lean on a wall for support all the time and don't balance yourself out
as to not fall over,
what will happen if that wall were to suddenly disappear?
You would fall because you depended on that wall wholly and had
nothing else.

Say you were a toddler, learning how to walk.
When you really were one, you would often fall over, but what did you do then? Maybe you cried a bit, maybe someone came to help,
you always got back up again,
Mane Omsy May 24

Like clothes to each other
Like the closest to you
Like the warmest of all
To imbibe your sweat
And relish your touch
where ever you go
I'd protect you from stares
Dust and pointy things
I'll keep you warm and safe
So, please wear me
Love me like I do
We could be one
A one hearted creature
A single cell in goodness
A weaknesses

Rising Imaginations for Passion is on now...
A really beautiful collection of poems..
13 May 5

Of what violins and vaginas singularly sing,
Is a creation unbound by the vestiges of sin.

A persona unchained by the compounds of life,
Forever in fury, an eternal delight.

Inexorable, inexplicable, impeding time
A fatal addiction for articulate lies.

Lies, in truth, are not what they seem—
Bold, these words are beautiful, and serene.

Twisted entirely by the sleight of a hand
That would never touch the soul, the thought, the man.

By what dreams and nightmares are haunted—
Red lips that can never be daunted.

Posted on May 12, 2015
Mane Omsy May 5

Take the mask away
I love you
Not the cover outside
It will wash away
And distort your glow
Making it harder for me
To reach inside you
When your tears flow

Let the tears row
Your cheeks still glow
Like crimson roses
Let me hold them
And kiss you relief
For I'm here
And always will be

Take the mask away dear
Mane Omsy May 3

I'll have to grab you
And tell
You are a gift
The droplet from heaven
To slake my thirst

You are the crown
On my head
So prestigious
than my innocence

You can only be
The one
For me

You are my only one forever
I'll be with you forever
BE McComb May 3

we were two
hands wound
tight as we got
our first tattoos

and last week i
was the arm
stained with
your tears

(the last time i remember
seeing you cry was the
night last summer when i told
you i was planning to die
and you told me it was
selfish but you needed me)

it's not selfish to need
someone its selfish to
think you're strong enough
to make it all alone

oh you
are so

but sometimes we need
someone to give permission
to let us be weak and i know
that for you i am that someone
and for me you
are that someone

yet i'm sorry that i am
not always so strong

(and now comes the point
in the poem where i feel
guilty for a few stanzas
but we both already know
that part by heart so
this time i'll skip it)

a long time ago you
fell off the face of
the earth and i still
don't exactly know where
you went but there are parts
to every long and somewhat
dark story that eventually
become so hazed over with
dust and grime it's better to
forget them entirely

but i wrote you a letter
and i don't remember
what i wrote and i don't
know if it changed anything

but i know after that
you came back and
i don't know much
but i know maybe

you didn't need me
to have the answers
you just needed me
to be out there somewhere

i can't promise you
perfection or
good advice or
stability or
anything helpful
like that

but that's okay
because i'm human
and i can't promise you
i won't cry but i
promise you i'm not
going anywhere

our relationship
lasts because
it is both
selfish and selfless

(you told me asking
someone having a
panic attack to "breathe
for me" triggers guilt
which causes them to
be willing to do it
for the other person
i know it works because
you've walked me out of
enough panic attacks
and because sometimes
i'm over here staying
alive because i know you
need me to which is probably
selfish for both of us but
it's working so hey)

and staying alive is
the hardest and in the end
most selfish thing
i've ever done but
for you i'll try.

Copyright 5/2/17 by B. E. McComb
Twinkle Mar 28

She lost her heart inside his the words his mind composed...inside the myriad memories of this emerald eyes...that shone with a light she had never know...a longing she thought was hers alone...

She loved him more than life itself..
But feared that even the shadow of her
scared, wounded heart would cast
an evil that could not be dispelled.

The proof of her love was in her eyes..she loved him each moment...knowing well that even the sight of him killed her a thousand times over...
She wanted the best for him...even if it meant being without her.

His future, his dreams meant more to her than that ache deep down to see him behold her with a longing she saw in his eyes alone....none ever looked at her like that...ever
Lust was all she got....disgust if at all.

He made her feel beautiful, feel complete..seem ageless...almost magically as if his love alone could transform her demons into ashes....
He was all she ever wanted..hoped for..he was the answer to her aching heart!

She loved him like she would die every day just to be held in his transcendental embrace...

But then she ran away...frightened at the plethora of emotions that coursed through her hopeless body..afraid of her own shadow...afraid of what it meant...a reality she couldn't dream of..cudnt imagine..
worlds colliding.. hopes shattering...
she dare not love again...she dare not love again..she promised herself.."Not this time...not again"

Tay Mar 27

When I was born you smiled so big I thought you were going to hurt your jaw
When you play football with me I know you let me win
When you go shopping with me you have no clue on how to shop for girl clothes but that's ok
You don't always understand me but that's ok
You always cook and I love that
You always support me in the sports I do
Even if I hurt myself in stupid ways playing it
If I make a bad grade your ok you help me study harder
If I fall your there to catch me
You laugh at my silly jokes
Even though they are not funny
You cry when I cry
You worry about me even when I am asleep
You always are proud of me
You tickle me till my stomach hurts from laughing
And you hold my hand when times our rough
You scare those boys away that teased me
You take me out to eat to celebrate my birthday
You always know what I want for christmas
You always forgive me if I do something wrong
You ell me I'm the most beautiful girl  in the school
When I doubt myself and try to go on diets
Even though I look fine
When I doubt myself you say you don't need makeup
Makeup is to cover up flaws and you do not have a single one
You don't always get why I'm so obsessed with makeup and shoes
You always tell me I'm perfect even if I think I'm not
You always tell me you love me
And I always will love you
Rights Reserved To Taylor Riley

my dad means the world to me so this just is a sign of how much my dad means to me I'm so lucky to have a dad like mine who is always there for me and catches me before I fall he's careful but still protective
He's loving and everything I could ask for
Dad if you see this I just want you to know that this poem cannot not even start to explain the things you do for
me  and I love you so much thank you that your always there for me
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