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Poetic T Jun 2020
The pretty birds perching,
          I stared chalky .

I was just a pendant waiting
                             to be worn.

But I just sway here loosely,
          gravity is paused till
I intend to collapse into


But the birds are my friends,
           perching here keeping
me company, I feed them...

Not of wanting,
                                but of necessity.

                                     I stare blankly,
I've nothing left to give..

But the flock, they keep me company..
it has become
the daily accessory
hated and loved alike
sign of bad times
and limited mobility

by some
   equanimously accepted
   as yet another fashion piece
for others
   a threatening symbol
   of prescribed orders from above
for many
   just a necessary nuisance
    that will go away in time

we certainly need to change
our reflexes upon the sight
of persons masked

    before Corona
         at least in our latitudes
    masks were a sign of robbers and bandits

    now it’s the good guys who wear them
    the bad guys who don’t
    and … how can we be sure of that?

a real challenge to find out
just from the movement of the eyebrows
whether you face a friend
or not
Face masks seem to be a serious problem for more people than one would think, for a variety of reasons. But they also force us to change our interpretations of visual perceptions..
Shounak May 2020
they say pain isn't good
it only brings harm
but then how would his poem glow?
if it wasn't there
who would bring out the depth, the meaning
hidden deep beneath
his song needs the lyrics
the lyrics to make me say
how does he know how i feel
Euphrosyne Mar 2020
everybody was cheering for you and me we were voted
after all of those waiting i have done do you see that I am Devoted?
because of you I made myself a writer
you given me light on my darkness
you are my precious igniter
until now I'm still Inspired
because you are admired
you are not required
to give back what i just gave
just watch me until our love transpired
love is truly a leap of faith
i know it might end up becoming a wraith
and goes to a bad abruptness
but i will avoid those shortness,
because of you i Accomplished
one of my goals in my life
to fulfill what I promised
that i can wait for you and I think it's polished
so listen to my golden words,
let my silver ballads sink in
and let my lovely sonnets abide you,
because you are my Necessity
of my prosperity,
you are my love that is Easygoing
that is always outgoing
i am thankful i met a woman like you
that motivated me for my growing.
And thats it that is what I wanted to give you but you are being distant so please hear me out okay? Listen okay and let it sink in that I'm thankful for you.
VKBoy Mar 2020
Never fall in love with money
For it will break your heart apart
Like gold does to hundred silvers
Silver to hundred coppers
And copper to twenty faces
The said pieces when put together
Never add up to the necessary.
A poem from the novel Shambala Sect.
Amanda Kay Burke Oct 2019
"All you need is love"
-The Beatles

If there is one thing we need in life
It is not water, food, or air
Money, power, success, or fame
But somebody to be there
We do not need talent, luck, or skill
Or all the above
The single essential in life
We cannot exist without is love
Day 10: pick a song lyric to use as an epitaph then write a poem to accompany it
John H Dillinger Sep 2019
Make The Bed

Today I made the bed
so it will invite me back in.

I cut the wood for winter,
stacked it against the house,

for Autumn will begin.

Today I listened to Her,
She told me what I'd missed.

I smiled at the arching sun
knowing where to go,

as if we could ever resist.

My body hums aloud,
I blow into my tea;

The fire sings it's song
As the bed calls out to me.
M Solav Jul 2019
There is sunshine all over my face,
Oh but when will I see the light?
A bright blue veil covers all of space
Yet only clouds seem to be in sight.

And figuring out a way out of it
Feels like swimming in the dark
Being dragged by the undercurrent
Holding breathe to find a spark

Yet I’m bathing in the sunlight
But the wind is growing cold
Merriment remains a surprise
With all the things that I can’t hold

So I grasp onto this feeling
A promise in which I can hide
I call vain hopes my fortress
Holding solitude by my side

I see the light is still abounding
Outside the confines of where I’m bound
All the plants are thirst aquenching
Necessity cannot be found.
Written in March 2019.

— Copyright © M. Solav —
This work may not be used in entirety or in part without the prior approval of its author. Please contact for usage requests. Thank you.
Olivia Nery May 2019
I'm in need.
My self doubt like a snowball
and it's picking up speed.

I'm in need.
I look like a flower
but I grow like a ****.

I'm in need.
My head trapped in a cage
and it must be freed.

I let the feeling in of loss spread in my chest like a devious seed.
Why do I do these things when they cause me to bleed?

If I just keep pushing
I will never succeed
I will reach too far down this road
Where it is too late to recede
Down into my throat
These false fixes i force feed


What do I need?
In times of deep insecurity, support is needed most. And most times, rarely acquired.
Colm Sep 2018
Walk away from everything
Take steps without your feet
Stride as oceans turning break
And stumble upon like fallen leaves

Step-over caution endlessly
With a rustling wavering ease
And walk away from everything
In your walking you are free

Because only you, yourself can keep
In your walking you are free
It's not necessarily wrong to need something like this.
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