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Jeremy Betts Apr 14
Living and breathing
The caretaker of a broken heart
One that's half assed patched together
And worn on my short sleeve in any weather
Right out in the open for everyone to take a shot at destroying
Taking quite a beating
Almost succeeding
Breath unanimously labeled a necessity
It's the only choice we can't make
For fuuck sake
No one's never, in the history of ever, ask to be here
Not allowed to choose when you leave here
It's looking like a cult is what we got here
It's the only thing you're not allowed to be bad at
What do you do when it's the thing you are worst at?

Nat Lipstadt Dec 2022
the ink of succinct…

is this a poem?
is it a sufficiency?
it self, itself is in
possess of two f’s,
two i’s and two c’s,
thus, is it necessary?

necessity, a quality qualification?

the moment, this moment
is both over and forever,
a sufficient and a necessary
condition for art, for your art,
think - is your condition,
necessary and sufficient?

then you are an artist and a poem…
Fri Dec  30 2022
benedict Jan 2022
would you like to hear a secret?
i liked you. liked you on and off for years
new york, model un, this year
it was the proximity
i needed to feel like somebody gave a ****
i am sorry for telling you with my eyes and
i am sorry for not telling you with words
your smile, your laugh
the way you hurt me sometimes
oblivious to the fact that
your opinion mattered.

and now i read this,
reflecting upon the aftermath.
you told me the words i wanted to hear
but out of necessity, not want.
you have taken the small secrecy of my
emotion away from me and i
cannot forgive you for that sin.
personal notes to a universal tone
Poetic T Jun 2020
The pretty birds perching,
          I stared chalky .

I was just a pendant waiting
                             to be worn.

But I just sway here loosely,
          gravity is paused till
I intend to collapse into


But the birds are my friends,
           perching here keeping
me company, I feed them...

Not of wanting,
                                but of necessity.

                                     I stare blankly,
I've nothing left to give..

But the flock, they keep me company..
it has become
the daily accessory
hated and loved alike
sign of bad times
and limited mobility

by some
   equanimously accepted
   as yet another fashion piece
for others
   a threatening symbol
   of prescribed orders from above
for many
   just a necessary nuisance
    that will go away in time

we certainly need to change
our reflexes upon the sight
of persons masked

    before Corona
         at least in our latitudes
    masks were a sign of robbers and bandits

    now it’s the good guys who wear them
    the bad guys who don’t
    and … how can we be sure of that?

a real challenge to find out
just from the movement of the eyebrows
whether you face a friend
or not
Face masks seem to be a serious problem for more people than one would think, for a variety of reasons. But they also force us to change our interpretations of visual perceptions..
Shounak May 2020
they say pain isn't good
it only brings harm
but then how would his poem glow?
if it wasn't there
who would bring out the depth, the meaning
hidden deep beneath
his song needs the lyrics
the lyrics to make me say
how does he know how i feel
Euphrosyne Mar 2020
everybody was cheering for you and me we were voted
after all of those waiting i have done do you see that I am Devoted?
because of you I made myself a writer
you given me light on my darkness
you are my precious igniter
until now I'm still Inspired
because you are admired
you are not required
to give back what i just gave
just watch me until our love transpired
love is truly a leap of faith
i know it might end up becoming a wraith
and goes to a bad abruptness
but i will avoid those shortness,
because of you i Accomplished
one of my goals in my life
to fulfill what I promised
that i can wait for you and I think it's polished
so listen to my golden words,
let my silver ballads sink in
and let my lovely sonnets abide you,
because you are my Necessity
of my prosperity,
you are my love that is Easygoing
that is always outgoing
i am thankful i met a woman like you
that motivated me for my growing.
And thats it that is what I wanted to give you but you are being distant so please hear me out okay? Listen okay and let it sink in that I'm thankful for you.
VKBoy Mar 2020
Never fall in love with money
For it will break your heart apart
Like gold does to hundred silvers
Silver to hundred coppers
And copper to twenty faces
The said pieces when put together
Never add up to the necessary.
A poem from the novel Shambala Sect.
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