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GaryFairy Apr 2022
What if logic isn't the most logical after all?
What if it could trap us into a way of thinking that ruled over the sub-conscious, and the conscious mind?
What if the laws of nature were broken? How would we know?
What if the laws of man were broken? How could we tell?
What if the most illogical thing could change logic, as a thing?
Is logic just an idea, to rule over all ideas?

Blue your mind, in the skies before your eyes
Bryan Dec 2021
Yazad Tafti Apr 2021
you pull me in so deep
until i don't want to find a way out

you say make myself at home
and then i start redecorating all the walls

you are a magnet with a north pole
but i remagnetize both my poles to only be south

you welcome me with open arms
until i recognize that as the only form of greeting

you say my clothes are yours
and i reinvent your whole fashion line

you say what's mine is yours
and i write my name on everything to commemorate

your eyes are the ones i stare into
until they are the only ones i still recognize

and when you say LEAVE
i say you are the one in

comfort in uncomfortable territories leads to discomfort for the comforter
don;t comfort someone you aren't comfortable with :::DDD
Euphrosyne Mar 2020
I love to hold magnets in my hands
and feel them pull toward each other.
It is such a force of nature
that I don't really understand,
but without failure
those two magnets will always want to be together.

But what happens when there is a brick in the way
Or another magnet
or even a tiny piece of paper.
When there is space between them
or something blocking their way,
do the magnets forget about each other?

But even if that paper is there
once it is taken away
the magnet doesn't change its desires
or listen to those who tell it not to want
Or what it wants.

Wouldn't it be great if we all were just like magnets?
But maybe we are,
attracted to one magnet.
We are like magnets we desire both of us and nothing can get through us.
KMarie Jan 2020
Like magnets
Our push and pull depends on
Which way we turn
Lately you’re the one I find
When there’s something on my mind
You’re my weakness
My strength
You’re my happy
My sad
I’m your passion and heat,
Your daydream, I think
A drink takes the edge off
When we’re hot or we’re cold
I wonder if this feeling will ever get old
Nothing changes life but time
That’s what we both need
But when our eyes meet
Or our lips lock
That rush makes me wish
It could be today
And I get carried away
In so many songs
That always seem
To end up being about you
StoryTallinn Jun 2019
Pieces of life
Like pieces of magnetic puzzle
Attracting and rejecting each other
Pieces that come together and fall apart with time

With each mistakes, a lesson
Each lessons like a brick in a wall
will help me build a stronger foundation
This is not perfect but it is the best I have
julianna Feb 2018
Like seeing the ghosts of the people I loved
I scan through crowds and avoid their faces
Faces as magnets attract my eyes
My vision is blurry, it's time to go
I stumble through hallways
My head hangs low,
Avoiding those faces as magnets.

The girl with the piercings
The guy with tattoos
That person whose hair is a dark grayish blue

Those people have faces as magnets.
A poem about my anxiety of running into old friends and making new ones.
gbye Feb 2018
magnets snap together
any hint of attraction and suddenly they'll never be separate again
but flip one of them around
and they'll push each other as far away as they can

sometimes i wonder which one of us was flipped
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