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StoryTallinn Jun 1
Pieces of life
Like pieces of magnetic puzzle
Attracting and rejecting each other
Pieces that come together and fall apart with time

With each mistakes, a lesson
Each lessons like a brick in a wall
will help me build a stronger foundation
This is not perfect but it is the best I have
Hg Oct 2018
bouquets of powder
as white as flowers of zinc

skating thin ice
cutting thin lines on the sink

sniffing inhaling
until his nostrils would bleed

skip to the morning
they find his pale white body

he was so nice
in junior high when we met

his younger brother
smiled exactly like him

the death tore the team
they were closer than magnets

but he risked it all
to fall in the flower bed

is that what we get
when we encourage the dope

tuition’s forgiven
still the parents don’t cope

and i can’t imagine
how hard it must be to hold

a part of your brother
right underneath your own nose
julianna Feb 2018
Like seeing the ghosts of the people I loved
I scan through crowds and avoid their faces
Faces as magnets attract my eyes
My vision is blurry, it's time to go
I stumble through hallways
My head hangs low,
Avoiding those faces as magnets.

The girl with the piercings
The guy with tattoos
That person whose hair is a dark grayish blue

Those people have faces as magnets.
A poem about my anxiety of running into old friends and making new ones.
gbye Feb 2018
magnets snap together
any hint of attraction and suddenly they'll never be separate again
but flip one of them around
and they'll push each other as far away as they can

sometimes i wonder which one of us was flipped
Melany Garcia Jan 2018
We weren't going to make it
I knew the ending
You and that girl
Never really felt bad about it
She doesn't know
Our energy felt like magnets
Mister J Oct 2017
Whatever I do
No matter how I resist
I am drawn to you
puritypuke Aug 2017
i just want to be the person you write poetry about.
not even good poetry.
the poetry of 1 AM text messages
that try to spell out love in sloppy metaphors about stars and eyes
the poetry that swells up in your throat while you're tired so when you speak it into my voice mail it's just "you're so beautiful and wow i'm so in love with you"
the poetry of rearranged letter magnets on the refrigerator
the poetry of small notes in jackets,
half rhymed abandoned words you scribble out between classes and forget in your backpack.
i want to be the person you spend hours scratching your head, tugging at your hair
trying to frame "you're so amazing and i'm waiting for you to realize i think you're so special" into beautiful flowing words.
i'm just saying
write me poetry and i will dance
like dust on your tabletops
glimmering in the light of the sun
grim-raven Mar 2017
The rule of north and south
Opposites attract
Likes repel

But we were not opposites, you see
Tiptoeing on the branches of the same tree
Uncanny similarity and we both knew
Something is wrong and we have no clue

Evidences and theories and proven laws
All were broken for our good cause*

The improbable is what made us
And though it might seem very foolish
Breaking the rules and be as selfish
We can both admit how delightful it is
We have just beaten the laws of physics
This is what we choose
Same polarity but we have fused
Same as ever, I and thee
You are you and I am me
D Lowell Wilder Feb 2016
Strangers fall in love, zap arc light
others grab, finger dumb only to repel
those held most dear.
Seeing and sawing, gnawing ankles off in
polar bear trapped hugs.
You’ve heard this one before:
North pole lures south pole onto an ice floe, pushes her
with his toe out to sea.  
SOS magnetic flux girdles her majesty.
She drags him, dinghy wed, out bound channel
past buoys and cruise ships and seals.
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