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Nikolette Oct 13
For we all describe the same world
    In many different languages
      But we all have the same idea
        Of what this corrupted world thought us
Although we all have different and unique lives, we all have the same story to tell
Kristina Sep 6
What if
we were all once made
to shine
like the stars
in the sky?

What if
we were meant
to be beautiful?

What if
we were light?

But then
we got

What if?
Euphrosyne Mar 28
Three corrupted men
Lurking through the night
They feel safe because they think they have their right
Groped a minor and said it'll be alright

Covered some stains
Just to hide their nasty remain
Tried make a public apology to their crime
Yet the minor they groped they paid and promised to be a mime

Defended by their colleague
What a shame ester and joe,
Known to be a famous comedian
Yet they made Deliah's story a joke

Until now they're convicted
We all know that uncle changed the system
Even though the true story were written
And there it goes people didn't believe to the victim

The minor got traumatized
Her brain and body got paralyzed
She were gone wrong and despised
And decided after 4 years of trauma she planned to suicide.
A true **** case from the year 1990's. Labas mga Pilipino HAHAHA kilala niyo to
basil Mar 3
there's someone
inside of me
that is good

but i wouldn't
know them
if they looked
me in the
and told me
i was
CautiousRain Sep 2019
"It's not love."

Okay, sure,
so suppose I were to concede.
Then you're positing that
more than half the love I've ever received
has always and forever been null.
this has been sitting in my drafts forever
Jordan LC Murphy Mar 2019
Corrupted and corrosive,
Interrupted and so broken,
Scattered memories,
Shattered destiny,
Curdle up my feelings,
Until they bubble over,
Cursed with bad luck,
The ceilings getting closer,
My world is falling down,
And no one wants to catch me,
Or lend a helping hand,
The bottom is where I'm going,
I just wish I had a plan,
To escape this ******* *******,
Life is ******* hard,
I'm just a razor or a rope away,
A stowaway from Mars,
Just another 'overdose',
My bro I'm dead and gone,
No more feeling anything,
no more stupid puns.
Q Mar 2019
the distorted view
of your true nature has left
my soul untrusting


"I don't want to deal with the pendulum that are your emotions anymore."
Elizabeth Zenk Sep 2018
Downing glasses of boiling hot milk.
That must be why they are passed out.
Ignore the yelling that sprints through my innocent ears.
Hug your stuffed rabbit,
and go to bed.
Let the words escape through your head.
Their shouts and screams
manifest in your dreams.
no monster in your closet,
so what claws at your heart?
who tears it all apart?
Leaving you with only
ragged blue bunny,
a stack of money,
and a plan to flee from this place.
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