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Alexander T Oct 2018
these thoughts in my head
they're destroying me

I wish it was slow
so I have more time

I am losing it
I hate this
I am trying
but I am failing

she is hurting
and I cant do a thing

maybe i should just accept that
that could be the answer
but I have to help
I cant leave yet

I cant leave her
she is the one

I would give my life
just for her happiness

I am at a loss of words
I dont know what to do

I hope you feel better
I hope I can help you
because you helped
my life
you helped me
Grey Oct 2018
Pity my weary soul
Yearning for beautys' soft touch
Nothing short of miracle, you've warmed my heart so cold
Pray to all the gods that this won't hurt so much

A dream, dare I hope to come to life
Eternity searching for you, my darling
Reckless thoughts, will you be my wife?
Though, this would be nothing short of daring

I find myself worrying about the next outfit to impress you with
I find myself wondering if you'd be mine
I find myself waiting for the right moment
I find myself wanting to just hold your hand
I find myself willing to be whatever you need me to be

Dear sweet rose.
Silly beautiful amore.

Love be kind
Love be sincere and sweet
Love be understanding
Love be cute and caring

Pray I will, amore, that you will love me too...
I have recently been given the opportunity of meeting a wonderful woman and she is truly beauty. Yet her heart has been stolen by a man. And she has stolen my heart...
Grey May 2018
A Psycopath and A Sociopath
She was my one and only
You may think I'm crazy for still loving her
I suppose a Joker and Harley love never lasts
I was the one who broke her heart
She was innocently in love and I broke her
While I had my fun and games she worried
While I played with the devil she pleaded
I should've seen it before.
The Girl who danced with the Devil was a free colorful soul
She deserves better than the rotten demon
She deserves more than a broken beast.
Now he showed her life and she fell for flowers
Roses and Life are what she deserves.
Blood and Death are my life not hers.
McKenna my dear I will love you till the end of time..
Leeann Rose Jan 2018
The bond was complete, and I realized she was one of the most amazing people, I’ve met.
Her smile is bright and bold.
I love her soul, the ones who thought she was just there, who really doesn’t notice her or even know her, I knew it was so much more to her.
Her energy and vibe , bounced off the wall to me, It was like we was meant to be connected.
From the world, she was so disconnected. I'm the one who loved her, and showed her affection.
Chirayu Writer Jan 2017
"When I close my "Eyes"
I find "your picture inside
my oval shaped eyes,
it shows a screen
with black and white
frames of channels
where "you switches
with different memories"
I forget to change the next
channel of life
"Where you are with someone else"
time goes on,
but I'm still on the same place,
waiting for you
from inside the windows
of heart "Searching you,
"whenever I woke up.
You Fly somewhere
" it Switches you off, at the end
the reality is "you aren't coming back".
That Random Guy Dec 2016
How can I love you 24 hours?

"I can", He said in a very low voice.
Things you said during the bad time reminds me what exactly I mean to you.
Shai Tibbs Oct 2016
At first he said hi and he treated you with respect, something you never thought you could get.

Suddenly he leaves and for a day you do not see him

You begin to think, I wonder what he is into, how is he doing.

Realizing you've cling to someone you are into but don't truly know what he is about, yet it  doesn't bother you, for it is he you let your guard down hoping one day you can feel what you felt before.

How could you ignore such a feeling.

Then that day comes the day you see him again, in that same building standing in the same line maybe a few people ahead, but he is right in front of you.

He says hi and he treats you with respect, you say hi and do something you regret.

Somehow now he has changed and u wouldn't believe some of the thing he be saying.

Treating you with neglect, giving you disrespect, he just played his cards right just to give you good ****.

Now you question your heart, insecure torn apart. you took a chance but the state he left you in ....
tears and pain from the disconnect ...

Chirayu Writer Sep 2016
Time to drink
the syrup of love
drowned in her eyes..
Chirayu Writer Jul 2016
Life is faded against the time,
                                      Love is failed again,
                                     Yet hope is still alive
                     Someday, I'll meet you here to complete
                                    the endless story of life.
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