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Euphrosyne Apr 2020
Hold your head close to the ground
So you can hear my voice as it starts to sound

Can you feel it now, you feel it in your veins
Cuz I feel it now, I'll never change

Hear these poems what I say is true
Every word I write I write them for you

Can you feel it now, can you feel it in your veins
Cuz I feel it now, I'll never change

Just settle down this beating heart
And hold me close right from the start

You set my world on fire but I can't explain
There's no light to guide me if you're not the flame

Hear these poems what I say is true
Every road I take it leads me to you

Just settle down this beating heart of mine
I know we'll be fine because you're the sign
That we'll be fine we'll just give some time
Ain't gonna change my line for you to come and shine

Just settle down this beating heart
And hold me close right from the start
Euphrosyne Apr 2020
I love you kore than words could ever say
I feel it growing in my heart each and every day
All this love I feel
Has never felt so real
You gave me something no one has ever given me
Its something you cannot see
It makes me think of only you
You're so strong, so true
This wonderful feeling you have given me
Makes me want to be with you endlessly
I want to be in your arms each and every day

To feel your warm embrace
It makes me feel so safe from harm
I love to look into your eyes
To look through your disguise
To feel your hands within mine
As our finger gently entwine
Your eyes filler with unconditional love
Your hugs so soft and so sweet
It makes me crave a thousand more
I wonder how your heart keeps a steady beat

Because mine just soars
I love the way you let me know
Just how you appreciate me so
I love how kuch you care
The love you shown me is beyond compare
I love the way you smile secretly
My eyes are kept on you all the while

I love to hear you say okay
You say it at least once a day
I love the way you apologize
Because it makes me realize
That what you did, was done unintentionally
And you still remain

Even though I'm strange
I made myself change
You say I'm right
Everytime I take a flight
I hate to see you mad
I hate to see you sad
It makes me feel so bad

What you feel, I feel
Because i think our love is real
I hate to see your teary eyes
I always have to wonder why?
I'm sorry sometimes I do the things I do
That makes tou feel blue
I am sorry if I hurt you so
My anger I know sometimes it's hard to control
I don't like it when you feel not enough and insecure
Don't worry too much, because I'm sure
That no one can replace you
Because I love you more than words.
My feelings for you are more than words
Euphrosyne Apr 2020
Someday we'll be okay
Because someday will be our day
Some say after all the struggles we've been on they know we'll both stay
So someday it'll be so much okay

Someday, you'll be mine
Laying by my side,
Fighting each others war
After that fights we'll soar.

Your love please don't give it away
Because someday I'll show you the love you deserve everyday.
Someday we'll be exchanging words
That someday I'll be yours.

Someday I'd like to say
It's so much better with you everyday
Because your the love that I don't need to throw away,
I know people ignored you and stayed away
So I'm here keeping you anyway.
Don't you worry my sweety you'll never be castaway.

And just like the Hispanics say
(incluso la gente bloquea mi camino)
Even people block my way
(Te amare todos los dias)
I'll love you everyday
When we get to that someday.
Maybe someday we'll be our day.
Euphrosyne Mar 2020
Chivalry is not dead
Because I'm not yet dead
Euphrosyne Mar 2020
You're my guiding star
You're the driver of our car
You wash away all of my scar
And that's why I love everything you do

You're the every line
Everytime I get too far
You're just like my mother
Guides me to be better

You're my ice
On a hot summer day
That keep me at bay
You're making me your everything, so stay

I know life is hard
So we play like life
Dont pretend i know we're fine
And I find it so cute you play it hard
So here I am playing your game
Just to be your man
To change your last name
To mine

You make my heart sing
You changed my perspective to a new theme
I can't believe it, I thought it was a dream
Thank you, you increased my esteem

You're my everything
before that I thought life was joking,
You know exactly everything you do
And that's why I love everything about you.
I literally described who is my loved one and I'm proud of it. Thank you my everything.
Euphrosyne Mar 2020
Fine, you electrify heart of mine
Electrify our golden time
Can't look at those eyes
Without sparkling skies

Fine, don't gas me up with lies
Because it cuts me into size
We can fly together with multiple tries
And have sweet compromise

I'm fine, I know we'll rise
Even I can't look at those eyes
Because with your eyes I can vaporize
But with you I can suffice
Maybe I can survive
With your sweetest eyes
That makes me vaporize
It makes my heart pop likes dynamite

We're fine, we'll make it through time
Just like hikers and mountains we'll climb
Through ups and downs we'll be fine
Because there's a sign
That we'll shine
Just be mine.
I'm hoping we're gonna be okay. Inspired by jack stauber's song "buttercup"
Euphrosyne Mar 2020
Asa labas ng inyong bahay ako'y haharana
Lumabas ang iyong angkan ikaw nalamang ang hinihintay halina
Lumabas ka na diyan sa iyong bintana aking dalaga
At pakinggan ng mabuti ang aking aawitin kong kanta
Na naka paloob ang tamang sukat at tugma

Itong pag ibig ayokong masayang at pumanaw
Hindi naman sa nagmamadali at uhaw
Sadyang binigay lang ang simpleng babaeng mamahalin ko sino pa ba iyon kundi ikaw
Kaya't hindi na magpapaligoy pa dahil ayoko ng may kaagaw

Ito na haharanahin na kita na masarap pakinggan
Huwag kang umalis at makinig ka lamang
Pasensya kahit sintunado ako
Ang mahalaga ay payagan ako ng magulang mo at ikaw na maging tayo

Marami na naka silay nagmumuka na akong tanga
Itutuloy ko parin ang pag awit sa isang dalaga
Siya lang naman kasi ang rason ng aking pag gising tuwing umaga

Tatapusin ko ang pag harana
Sa isang napaka marikit na salita
Na tatatak sa utak nila
Na aking sinta, mahal kita.

Bawat sukat at tugma
Ng aking kanta
Ikaw ang aking inspirasyon na pinagmulan ng aking harana
Na siya naman nagtulak sa akin gawan ng tono at musika

Kaya pagdating ko sa dulo ng kanta
Sa aking hinaharana hindi ka mapapahiya
Dahil hindi ko sasayangin ang pagkakataon na magmahal ng katulad mo aking dalaga
Haharanahin kita ng mga tulang sulat ko na may sukat at tugma
Wala ka nang kailangan gawin pa dahil  sapat na sa akin ang sabihin **** allen mahal kita
Euphrosyne Mar 2020
You taught me how beautiful life is,
Everything from your words, your touch, and your hugs kiss.

You gave me hope, you gave me love,
And I know you were sent from heaven above.

The way you showed me the person I could be,
It's something you, and only you, would see.

You were always different and unique,
But I never guessed it was me and you would seek.

How someone like me would end up with someone like you,
I honestly don't believe it; it cannot be true.

But it is, and I know every day
That I have YOU, and it's needless to say

You've made my life beautiful and taught me how to live.
To show you how much I'm grateful, anything I'd give.

So thank you for the biggest highlight of my life.
In doing so you've taken away the sorrow and strife.

You put a smile on my face and a skip to my stride
And I know you'll always be there by my side.

No one will surpass you, I know if life didn't choose us my life would been on a knife
Thank you my love.
Euphrosyne Mar 2020
For every step we take
For every move we make
The feelings that sorround us
We always feel that we are Godsent

Under the beautiful skies
As I look into your eyes
We dance through the night
Only you can suffice

Even though there's so much many reason
Just not to be your partner,
But we always fall the same on one season
And that's the only answer I want to hear.

The song has been done
But my love we're not yet gone
I thought I was sleeping
Because it feels like I was dreaming.

This dance was all along true
There's no reason to get the blue
You lit me up, changed my hue
And now I can finally say I love you.
Euphrosyne Mar 2020
I'm not that good looking and smart
But you bring my life into a beat of heart
Because of you and your art
For you, I will never be apart

A man of not so many words
But I'll think of writing you a poem is a must
That writes you a tarnished stardust
That brings us to wanderlust

Had so many masterpiece
But the artist I adore brings me at peace
Even though the lyrics are chaotic,
The art itself needs understanding, the art is so harmonic

Ignorant people just walk away and leave
Didn't appreciate what the artist want to perceive
Trust me now you make me complete
Not just your art but it makes us acrete

If another art comes out, gonna check it out
But I know who's my one and only artist no doubt
I have written so many poems you should know I am devout
My poems showed it as your name they shout

Gonna come back as my heart always search for you
My art and you I wanted them to grow
We'll get through this rain gonna have our own rainbow
We'll be shinning through those past of tomorrow
Even though I check those beautiful masterpieces made by other artists I always search for you my favorite artist.
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