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3 months in
I gave it my all
I thought it was secured
How wrong I was
When you give 100%
When you are at your best
It doesn't guarantee your place in a company
Or guarantee a job
It's just you giving your all
So take my advice
Nothing is guaranteed
So don't waste or ware yourself out
Giving your all or your best
Its just you wearing yourself out
for something you won't be
recognized for
and can be taken away
So give yourself a break
And always have a backup
plan ..
That's my advice to you
© Jennifer L DeLong 🦏
Nermine Marei Dec 2020
Why do people shout?
If no one will hear a sound..

Why do people fight?
When they don't have the right.

Why do they suiside?
While God is by their side.

Why do people steal?
While they live in fear

Why do people stare?
While they know its not theirs

Why would people share?
If love was never there

Nermine 💔
Euphrosyne Mar 2020
Do you find it not enough?this consistency
Do me a favor don't make a move I'll show my chivalry
You know why?because I feel you are my destiny
And I find you as a perfect woman that have dignity

Do you know why I question you
Because this is an application for me and you
For the rest of our life
And do not doubt this I'm serious about this.

These questions that I need to know
Has a good benefit for us to grow
Just come close and just go to our flow
Lets heat this love just like a month ago
And have the love we deserve that we don't even need to throw

These questions that we need to know
Do not even deserve to snow
And this love do not deserve to be hidden below
Because we just need to answer these questions to be on that love we want and please take it slow.
And until now I question you in my dreams and hoping for you to answer it someday.
Euphrosyne Mar 2020
you are
the thorn
i’d rather
to hold on
And that's the truth I'd rather hold on to you even though it hurts.
Euphrosyne Mar 2020
How I miss those morning haze
With your beautiful bare face
With that gloomy and shiny face
Keeps my heart in pace

A face that I can not forget
Every moment of my day
Willing to be with you everyday

Our daily first sip of coffee
I miss those days
I miss you
I miss the feeling secured by you

I just miss how we bond with each other
In every morning in everyday
and in every hour
I miss you so much
Would you mind to come back?
I miss those days can we go back? I just want to replay those moments because I cherish them every second I'm with you diane.
Euphrosyne Feb 2020
You were the one to keep me safe,

Helped me get over my fear,

Pushed me to go beyond the limit,

Stopped me from crying,

Told me around, three billion times that I am beautiful.

You were the one that took my heart away,

Helped me remember what love was,

Pushed each other closer together,

Stopped my anxiety from getting the best of me

Told me around, five billion times that you believe me.
This is for you diane.
Euphrosyne Feb 2020
feel secured
With the
Presence of
Thats why I felt like I don't even need to confess my feelings to you but I still need to because I might lose you.
I stood out on the porch tonight
and looked up at the endless sky,
feeling more nostalgic than I have
in a long time.
I think I might have cried a little.
It was hard to tell.
I think I might be a bit scared.
It’s hard to tell that, too.
I think I’m beginning to learn
bit by bit
more about who I am,
but so much of who that is
is still so uncertain—
so uncertain that I stared at this blank page
before I even thought of a title.
if I have made twenty years today
then perhaps tomorrow
is not such a frightening step.
I haven’t faced everything,
and I know I won’t.
But today
marks two decades.
still stands.
I pray I will, too
aniket nikhade Nov 2015
Once you participate in a race, if not anything else, you know one thing for sure.
Your own calibre.
It's then you realize and understand you need to make an active participation in every race from here onwards.

Your first experience teaches you a lot, since what follows later is an active participation from your side.

Over a period of time everything of which you are part starts changing
Now it's time to look for a better future
Always keep in mind that a secured future cannot be achieved if efforts are not been made
An uncertain future not only remains uncertain, but also keeps the present on hold.

What is thought upon is not the aim, but also the efforts that need to be made.
Always keep in mind take one step at a time while climbing the ladder, then it does not matter how long the ladder is.
The only thing that matters and also will make a difference is when you fall off the ladder.
At that point in time you will have to decide for yourself whether you want to climb again.

It’s not a mistake or an error, something which is done intentionally when you fall off the ladder, since mistakes happen.
Better learn from those mistakes and keep going
A moment in time will come when you will realize and understand how everything started
That will be the great moment in time, since that moment will be important
Till then keep going.

It’s success that everyone wants, but there is a price for everything, which you pay, including the success that you want.
Success comes at a price.

Better understand the outside world carefully and then act according to your own experience.
Once a step it taken, there is no point in looking back
Agreed it’s now or never, but only for those who know what they have been through in the past.

Once decided upon something, stick to the same
Understand and realize one thing for sure, time and tide waits for no one
Always be truthful and honest to yourself, even when you are making all the efforts.
Efforts never go wasted when the right direction is sought.

Compromise and negotiation is part of the game
What’s important to remember is mending your ways for short terms gains, something which remains unacceptable.

Act wisely, but be sure that there is no shortcut to success.

So it’s the passion and desire in you, inside you
The willingness to take the risk and go out for something of which you are absolutely sure.

The never give up attitude in life will make everything clear in mind
Once decided and everything is set and settled in mind, then from that point onwards proceed towards your aim.

Finally all that matters is success.
So don’t waste a single moment in time of your life and act according to what you have planned.
Definitely a moment in time will come when you will gain success and then the world will be at your feet.
Till that point in time comes keep going.

— The End —