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Euphrosyne Mar 2020
For every step we take
For every move we make
The feelings that sorround us
We always feel that we are Godsent

Under the beautiful skies
As I look into your eyes
We dance through the night
Only you can suffice

Even though there's so much many reason
Just not to be your partner,
But we always fall the same on one season
And that's the only answer I want to hear.

The song has been done
But my love we're not yet gone
I thought I was sleeping
Because it feels like I was dreaming.

This dance was all along true
There's no reason to get the blue
You lit me up, changed my hue
And now I can finally say I love you.
Nylee Jul 2018
If I had all the questions
                   entire universe
    and every answer
          full dimension space                    
what would be tomorrow
      the end is just today          
         the world wouldn't suffice          
        I'll be on my own device    
     nothing to rule      

    my soul would be full.
V Feb 2018
Your touch lingers on me, it burns my skin in a way the heavens could never heal.

   Even the divine impunity of the whitest rays couldn't cool the blistering touch you left, for they weren't strong enough to win the battle.

   Your touch was that of darkness, but it had its own light of onyx, one so abrupt and real that it held me captive, for no one's touch could suffice to yours.
aniket nikhade Sep 2015
Assurances will not make any kind of difference, what a good performace will make
Word of advice will suffice in the present, however not good enough for the future
Better learn from your own mistakes
Learn to accept them
Later also learn how to correct them
Gain an experience of your own
Enrich your experience
Avoid same old mistakes
Learn from new mistakes
See to it, make sure
Every new mistake adds to your experience
As and when you learn from a new mistake

Rise in level of experience will enhance the level of confidence
Definitely the ability to take risk depends upon level of experience
A setback or two must not deter the level of confidence
Experiences from past will rescue when steps are taken in the right direction

In a moment or two
Things never settle
Efforts need to be made for everything to get settled
Confidence and experience serve as a key for taking steps in the right direction

Think in the present
Think about yourself
Think about your willingness to go an extra mile as and when required
Think about all the efforts that you make
Think and focus in the present,
Better to concentrate on the present

Pretty simple
Life becomes pretty simple, if you are a good listener
Listen to the rest of the world, but always have a voice of your own
Over a period of time it will bring a sea difference in your life
Just wait and have patience
Wait for the right moment of time to come.

Hope never fades away in life since expectations get built up over a period of time
Be truthful to yourself
Be honest
Hope will always remain an eternal part of your life
As and when expectations are met and even when expectations are not met
In either ways, life continues since success and failure has always been part of everyone’s life.
Myaja Black Sep 2015
Last Night was fun
But the next day you were a stranger
Upon this relationship we made no promises but a warning wouldve been nice
             Why do you need more than one?            Why couldn't I suffice ?
Your phone is going to explode if you keep collecting numbers  Pretty boy please dont make me me feel dumber
Lets pretend were more than friends so I can make myself feel better
Abigail Ann Jul 2014
I love how you say my name without even blinking
the way you scold me every time I am overthinking
I'll never forget the way you cover your mouth while we're both laughing
and lastly, the way you traces me every time we're kissing

I love the way you eat your meal together with an extra cup of rice
Thank you cos you show me love without any price
Your tight hugs and warm kisses will always suffice
These memories will always be in my heart til one of us dies

I love how your long lashes flutter
and how you ask me question that makes me wonder
Thank you because we figure things out together
and this is something I'll always remember

I love how you stay awake with me during wee hours
and how you hold and lock me tightly in your arms
I love the way we do things without any force
and this is what I love about you the most.

Hi Babe, this is why I love you

— The End —