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Euphrosyne Mar 2020
A life that would suffice us in pink
Just think of the happy hours and don't blink
You might end up in your dream in just a brink
Don't hesitate you might lose your chance so do not think

We live in a lie
So everytime it feels right
Do it, say it, tell the truth despite of your
Tongue ties

Are you now disappointed?
Because you didn't tell the truth and you're now blue painted
And the situation now is so complicated
Now you regret the things you did and you were bombed by the truth you're so devastated.

You and her was more than an imagination
It was more than an romantic action
You felt right so you tell her you have an attraction
But its barmecide you often get happy
Because we live in a lie you are now in a big destruction
We think of barmecide and then truth hits us we usually think and disappoint ourselves about the truth.
StoryTallinn Feb 2019
When he was my age,
my father was already a dad.
At twenty-five I still drink as much *****
He told me: “you are making your mother sad”

My colleagues all have lovers
I am married to an imaginary dog
That cute bartender was flirting with me
So I could start a relationship with beer

I don’t know what annoys more my roommates
My clumsiness or my messiness
I blamed my fictional pet
That animal should try to stay sober

My friends stop talking to me
Once they started dating
I should try to figure out my problems
But not today, it’s Friday
Don't worry my life is not that sad! I was just listening to some Pop-punk while writting....
hindrance Dec 2017
to hang around is hard you know
to face today when you know you have to face tomorrow too
every day the same
every set of eyes seem to see it all the same way
i don't need to be better than anyone else
i just want to be better than myself
the wasted days and disappointments pile up
the tomorrows always behind the todays always behind the yesterdays
never better
never new
me? i'm never going to catch a clue.
you? you're probably stuck in it too.
Breanna Ables Jul 2017
I do not understand why my mother cries at night
I do not understand why my father is disappointed
I do not understand why he hurt me
I do not understand this numbing feeling
I do not understand the scars littered across my skin.
I do not understand this fear.
do I understand? no,
I may never understand why
I feel this way or why my family
is torn apart.
I do not understand. cant you see?
I do not have a reason to be confused.
I should understand.
I cant understand.
make me understand.
Nathan Mar 2017
My eloquence left me long ago
My patience left me too
My irreverence took over me
My hatred then shone through

I'm dying on the inside
It's becoming a disgrace
It's taking all my will power
Not to punch you in the face
Anna Oct 2016
Swirling around the testimony
Are my words with a hundred meanings
The customs set
And the laws enforced

Words that may not render wisdom
But support the sense of speech within

Hindering with the grammar
So the thoughts can flow raw

Words that cut through
And seeps to infuse with the red messenger
Of all those who breathe
And all who take decisions

Phrases that ,when set alone
Can bring mass to a cause
Can dwindle the roots of a humongous

But these are only chain of thoughts
Which may never be able to have a voice
As hundreds of such voices persist

It's just a cascade of thoughts
Of a city with a lone inhabitant
              My dreamville
Many a times we have points to explain but since we are no one in the eyes of the world dominated by the people who loves flattery, we are not able/willing to let our thoughts br presented ,which we know are worth telling, but surely be wasted if told
Rachna Beegun Feb 2016
Everyone is good at something and I'm good at getting disappointed by people.
Nathan Wilson Jan 2016
What the **** am I doing here.
They tried to tell me but I didn't hear.
I pushed foward too hard, lost in my dreams.
Now my life is coming apart at the seams.
Depression sets in and I hate myself.
Emotions escape, no longer caged on the top shelf.
I want to be saved but I don't want to be.
I pull away but cry for someone to save me.
But maybe they should do nothing.
It's comforting to wallow in self-loathing.
aar505n Oct 2015
I am always late.
I wish I wasn't but I am.

My friends, they wait for me -
This time.
But they won't always be there.

The day they stop waiting -
Is the day I stop being late.
I am just the worse
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