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Zack Ripley Nov 2023
I know. I've been holding on
to things I should let go of.
Lost memories. Lost life. Lost love.
But, as scary and painful as it can be
being lost in the past, knowing how evanescent the mind can be, a future without them somehow seems worse.
Dave Robertson Dec 2021
No pressure to be up today,
blessed or cursed, hold on

the hands in yours may be tiny,
of passion, steady, familiar,
frail or memorial

they touch the same
and need you here x
Zack Ripley Aug 2021
They say that sometimes,
silence says more than words ever could. Which is good.
Because right now, I can't think of any words that could comfort you.
I can't think of any words
you haven't heard a million times before.
So, for once, I'll let Silence take the floor
and hold you in my arms and my heart forevermore.
Dave Robertson Apr 2021
Your sick incarceration
held against a shining will
‘til unmoored you walked

a light you couldn’t see,
that lifted others,

each step seeming free
with inexorable gravity
drew to the woods

your last embrace
brought cold release
and all our griefs became
Dave Robertson Mar 2021
A day will soon come when you will wake
after a full, unbroken night
with no asides other than kooky dreams,
and materials for breakfast
will be at hand and in date

and your plans will be loose
and peopled with easy love
and activities that boost your soul

the weather will be just the way you like it:
that crisp, bright, balmy, bracing, intoxicating kiss
you’re perfectly dressed for

the memories you carve will remain
to glow in the dark
like the stars on your bedroom ceiling

a day like this will come again
so hold on my loves,
hold on
Ronna M Tacud Jan 2021
I'm leading my way in my own grief. Pretending to be nowhere but the truth is I'm fully wide-eyed. A lot of what ifs? What if I let go? What if I won't? What if I pretend that nothing happens? What if I stop chasing? What if i stop caring? What if we shouldn't met? And what if I shouldn't love you? Does the waves stop? Does the floods can go back to its rightful placed? or does the moon and sun can be together? I know it's impossible but I'm still trying to hold on with someone whom I couldn't have.
Dave Robertson Jan 2021
Cast forward to those first days
where half clad trees
coax memories of freshness

though you’ve stepped out
wrapped still in winter blues,
insistent sun and boisterous green
beguile you to disrobe
and give skin to this

welcome discomfort
at being over-encumbered
as the new season embraces,
the shedding can begin
Its not always easy to be patient,
I know
They tell you it gets better
But they don't tell you when

Its not always easy to wake up,
I know
You keep doing it anyways, but sometimes your bed feels like quicksand and you just barely make it out.

Some days, you don't make it out,
I know.
Some days you sink so deep into your sorrows that suddenly you're drowning in an ocean of hopelessness and your bed is the only place safe enough to land.

It's exhausting some days,
I know.

You go to work and you put on a smile even though everything inside you is falling apart, and they don't see,
I know.

You wonder how much longer you can keep pretending things are fine
But they keep saying that things get better
And you want to believe them,
I know

You want to find your way back to the surface, that is a life you're not just surviving, but actually living
I know

I know you want to get better. And I know right now you are struggling and I know that on the days where the only thing you accomplished was simply breathing, you feel like a failure, but hunny you are the exact opposite of that.

You are a fighter.
You are a survivor.
You are braver than anyone will ever know, surviving constant battles clawing at your mind every second of every day.

This does not make you weak my love.
This makes you strong.

I know people keep saying that things get better,
But they never tell you when.

You just have to take it one step at a time.
Pride yourself on accomplishing the little things that don't seem important in the grand scheme of things, but they are the things that are keeping you alive.

One step at a time my love,
One breath, one hour, one morning, one shopping trip, one shower, one day.

Some day, I promise you
All of these little things will eventually lead you back to the light.
Back to being hopeful for tomorrow's.
I know,
Mystic Ink Plus Oct 2020
The whole world

Wake up

And witness
The starry night
With a rare beauty

A warm treat
Theme: Everything will be fine. You didn't choose this life, it chose you.
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