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Dear _ _ _ _ _,
what are you still doing here;
how did we even get here to start with?

The broken glass scattered on the floor
now there from the cracked and shattered mirror
Representing broken dreams and hurting people.

the holes in the walls
Showing the power and fury of the pain
that none of us seemed able to escape for even a second.

Dear _ _ _ _ _,
Check out how far we’ve come now!
Though it is quite impossible to tell if it’s good or bad...

Paper-thin walls around different hearts being torn down
angry words from down the hall
how did we get here?

Dear _ _ _ _ _,
Where did you go, where did you fall
To which extend, through which hole did you go through?

why haven't we done anything to fix this?
C'mon, _ _ _ _ _! C'mon!
C'mon...please, c'mon and get up...please…

Let’s give it one more try
Don’t throw in the towel just yet, don’t give in
C’mon, I believe in you! let’s go
Zack Ripley Feb 3
I'm not here to tell you
how to live your life.
All I ask is that
you don't look at the knife
With admiration or longing.
Because there's so much coming
That you can't see.
So please hold on.
If not for you, for me.
Euphrosyne Mar 14
The dreams of lovers are like good wine
They bring joy or also sorrow
Weakened by your absence ,
I am unhappy
Writing you a beautiful poem
is all that I can
Because nothing is for free in life

Hope is a plate far too quickly consumed
I am used to skipping the meal
A solitary thief is sad to eat
On our game so complicated
I can't succeed
Because nothing is for free in life,

Life,Never will they tell me
That the course of the stars:
it's not for me
Let me amaze you and take our flight
We can finally be happy

I want to be with you
through thick and thin
And the celebration
will finally begin,
Get the bottles; end the strife
I lay the table of my new life
I am glad about the idea of our fate
We both know that this isn't easy but,
I'm happy to be with you in this fight
A life of hiding and then finally free
The feast is on my way
Our life of hiding and
then finally will be free
The feast is on our way
Before the light comes there's dark that always brings challenges on us both but love always trust me always trust us to have the celebration what we wanted at last for our us. Hold on we'll celebrate soon.
Euphrosyne Mar 2
Life goes on
Our own world
Keeps going on
Many opportunity
For I know
Will be beautifully
Evolving to be
meant to me,
Girl you are
Meant for me
We just need
To hold on
Life goes on
We don't need to
Move on
We just need to
Hold on
And if you are really meant
To be with me
Then, We will be,
For now
I will leave it
All to destiny
But I promise
Girl, in forever
You and I
Will be together
And so life goes on
Life goes on and so we are but don't move on just hold on do not give up we haven't started yet.
maddie Dec 2019
to anyone searching
for a sign to stay strong
well here it is
so keep holding on
Inmywritings Jul 2019
You've got the soul
through the fire
Burning out the lights
Hold on
Hold on
To something true.
Hold on everything has its time. Wait patiently.
Cc Jun 2019
Just stay awake
Just keep talking
Just pretend you love me
Just hold on
Everything is so much scarier in the dark, love.
Ameed Feb 2019
The Former
The Latter
aren't the ones that
they're both in the past
and the past is gone
and it's never returning
Don't cling to people from your past
Just leave them behind
Just As They Did
© Ameed
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