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Madeleine Mar 2019
Whispering of sweet
nothings from the pick up lines 
to cute sweet nicknames 

Windows to see all
everything and everyone 
colors and beauty

The sniffer to smell
From the indoors to the outdoors
Rotten and the fresh

The gateway to taste
sour candies, chocolate cake
and homemade hot dish

Holding and touching
From soft to hard, smooth and rough
Living and the still
each section is from each of my five different poems I just took the first section of each.
Madeleine Apr 2019
Comes in many forms
From Harmless to dangerous
Sometimes even death
Madeleine Jan 2022
For most of my life
I've felt pain
and loneliness
But who I am
in wanting to help others
wanting to take away their
and hurt
Just to see them
and being happy
I would take it
Because to me
Pain and sorrow
is just another day
written a few years ago.
Madeleine Apr 2019
My daughter
You are Beautiful
Madeleine May 2018
This not so dark cave
I go to train
To practice and learn
To obey and help
To practice my skills
that I have harnessed
From kicks to punches
I release my energy
I come angry
other days I came happy
When I leave
I am always filled with peace
so relaxed as I should be
Madeleine May 2019
Just a fancy cover up name
For ******
Madeleine Jul 2019
If I could have,
anything in the world
It would be,
to ask for my best friend back
Madeleine Feb 2019
A flower
So beautiful
That throughout time
She slowly begins to bloom
Slowly opening up to the world around her
And with the slow revealing
Seeing more and more of her beauty
Beacuse the outside
Doesn't matter
As much as the inside does
For we not only help ourselves
But the bees
Our friends
For our pollen we have
But for some
We are cut and trimmed
To be given
To someone special
To make a day
Or to remember
But like all else
Slowly withers
A life
Well lived
But never forgotten
By loved ones
Madeleine Feb 2019
Close your eyes and Imagine this
Morning comes and ready to wake
It’s all you see
You say you’re dreaming
You’re not
somehow your colorful world
turned black
you call for anyone
no one responds
remembering all are at work
you try and remember
your room
your reflection

Your heart pounding
your mind and body in panic mode
you struggle trying to find your phone
to call for help
takes minutes on minutes
everyone thinks it’s a joke
for it is April 1st
to stumble from one room to another
slowly remembering where
what everything looks like
breaking down to cry
for it is all you can do

Making your way to the kitchen for some food
The easiest is cereal
For fewest things are required
The day passes and
All you can do is sit and think
On anything and everything

It’s close to bedtime
For your eyes are getting heavy
You close your eyes
When the whole day it already felt
As if you never opened them

Morning comes but afraid to open
You do so admitting you’re now blind
And will begin to adjust
You open
The room?
Your reflection?

What if for one day you were blind?
Madeleine May 2019
Working the week days
Eight to five on beautiful
Days, makes me feel blue
Madeleine Aug 2019
Relax, my child
Everything is going to be okay
For I have everything under control
Madeleine Nov 2021
When you ask me what I am doing
If am bored
Or doing nothing
My response to you will be
Madeleine Jan 2022
A Broken heart
Has many paths
Many stories that don't part

The shattered pieces
Connecting to another
Value and lessons increases

Getting glued back together
Only to take a chance at love again
Being soft as a feather

Each crack
All different
Some just a deep black
Like an abyss
Too much to attack

To a healing path
That starts with a long hot bath

To take time alone
In order to hone
Your true self in the unknown

A Broken heart is beautiful
That to you, yourself it's suitable

A Broken heart is strong
For all that's been done
Still moves along

A Broken heart is always growing
Not always flowing
But getting through life slowly

A Broken heart
That can't help but to restart
Madeleine Jun 2019
My brokenness
Pieces of me
Being put back together
By you, God
Piece by piece you put me together
Showing me the way of where to go
My pieces
The map
I cannot see it so
I rely on you to show me the way
Once I find my way
With your help
My pieces are slowly getting glued back together
One by one and
Once I hit the end of my adventure
My pieces are glued forever
As if I was never broken
For in you I am found perfect
With you I am found perfect
Because that is how you see me
Perfect and unbroken
Madeleine Jun 2022
Trust me they said
In thinking that I could
Met with hurt instead
Eventually, will time heal my wounds?
Madeleine Mar 2019
Eyes like the galaxies
You cannot help but lose your thought
A smile that warms your heart
To the core
That you get so nervous
You still cannot remember
What you wanted to say
You look over their shoulder
For your thought process to begin again
You clear your throat
Look down
Deep breath
Just relax and
Let’s try this again
Madeleine May 2022
If I had to choose
between Heaven and you
Does that make you Hell
You make me happy
So is Hell not so bad
As they make it out to be
Sometimes people are poison and other times they are our antidote
Madeleine May 2019
Like a giant cotton ball
Moving at its own pace
In the giant blue ocean above our heads
Of many shapes and many sizes
Thick to thin
Streched and clumped
One color
To some
Making it like cotton candy
depending on the morning or night
An hombre of colors
Making them pop
As if in a pop up book
Light and white
Or darker and grey
Being filled with rain
Ready to cry on the earth
To water the lands below
Most times you are there
And sometimes you are not
But when you are up there
Floating around
Making shapes
I could sit or lay down
And look up all day
Madeleine Jan 2019
How can something
so beautiful
So white
bring so much joy
yet cause damage and pain
Bring laughter
And cause tears
Something so pure
Be both a happy memory
And a sad memory
Madeleine Feb 2022
You are the needle
To my compass
Where you go
I will follow
Madeleine Feb 2018
I cannot see
My heart longs to move
As I start to
tap tap tap
Neon lights shine all around
getting brighter the more I tap
and move
My soul perks up
like a flower getting water
after going a day without
My face begins to glow
Dancing is life
It is all I know
that brings light to my world
Madeleine Jan 2019
Every morning we wake up
get out of bed
Get dressed
Eat some breakfast
But I want to ask you this
What kind of breakfast do you have?
Do you have a bagel with some cream cheese?
Or a bowl of frosted flakes
Yea it may be the important meal of the day
For your physical health
That is
But what about your spiritual health?
Does your soul thirst for God’s loving words?
Do you long to take ten or twenty minutes out of your day
To read His words that he gave to us
And to spend time with him
Or do you forget about it and say
“I’ll read tomorrow I know will”
And the next day passes and you say the exact same thing
And it continues as each day passes by and by
You start to lose your taste for the truth we all need to hear
For the love we want to hear and feel from our heavenly father
We should be dead because of how much we don’t read His word
How much we don’t talk to him
How much we push him to the sidelines
When He longs for us to spend hours telling Him everything
Whether good or bad
He wants to hear our voices praising Him
Uplifting others around us everyday
We are alive when
We know Him and continue to know more and more
Until we fall over from being stuffed of food
That we can’t get up but think and ponder until we fall fast asleep
And dreaming about what we just learned
And what we chatted about
That’s what I want to dream of
I want to wake up and the first thing I think of is
And say
I am coming to my secret place to meet with you
To feast on your word
To memorize
To dig deeper than I have ever dug before
To just spend a whole day with you
Others will ask me where I have been
I’ve been trying to get a hold of you
I will be oh yea
Well I have been busy getting to know my Father
And drawing closer to him
I can just hear His voice when He is speaking to me
I spend so much time I don’t care for all this worldly stuff
In the world because it will all just disappear
But I will go out one day and tell everyone what I have learned
I want others to know who God is
What he can do
Because there is no one else like God
Who is and was able to send His only son
As the payment for our sins
So one day we are able to come home
“Well done my good and faithful servant”
That is what I want to hear
I want to wake up and thirst for my Father’s words to me
I want to hear everything he has to tell me
I don’t want to miss one word
But to take it all in and tell everyone I see
I want us to wake up starving for spiritual food
That’s what I want
I don’t want to hear
But what do you want?
I’ll be praying for you all, to long for what I long for
And to wake up thirsty and hungry for the truth
To have the chance to make someone’s day better
To start the day of with a positive attitude
And Joy
With a beautiful smile for all to see
And the others to see the light in you because
There is just something different about you
Be different with the light in you everyday
One I wrote some years ago
Madeleine May 2018
A smell so divine
My heart skips a beat
With a smile as big
As the east is from the west
With a beat so unique
Each and everytime

The sight so beautiful
I could dance outdoors
With a strobe light in the sky
And booming drums to follow
Echoing in my chest
Madeleine Apr 2018
My mind is running blank
As if quicksand absorbs all my thoughts and sank
Wonder if that's what life feels like
When things are falling apart
Madeleine Mar 2019
My mind is running blank
As if quicksand absorbs all my thoughts and sank
and my voice, my speech
slipping through the cracks like sand on the beach
I cannot write for my ink is out in my pen
and my thoughts are stuck in my den
I feel like I have lost my voice
but I still have a choice
I need to continue walking the path
but of course I don't need any math
because that would be absurd
Or am I insane that I just want to be heard
part 2 the edited and added to version
Madeleine Jan 2019
Whispering of sweet
nothings from the pick up lines
to cute sweet nicknames

sweet elegant songs
from music, loud and gentle  
written just for you

from indoors to out
bird singing sweet melodies
thunderstorms rumbling

doors slamming all day
food sizzling on the stove top
people snoring late

your majestic voice
so cool, calm and Collective
your voice is my guide
Madeleine Oct 2019
I don't have any
Nobody is perfect
Someone is going to hurt you
Or just leave you for good
Don't trust anyone
Not even yourself
Madeleine Apr 2018
Windows to see all
everything and everyone
colors and beauty

Nature and all life
Pets to wild animals
season to season

From the storms of spring
to the colors of autumn
to snowy winters

Windows to the soul
your own mixed with dark and light
One, not just one shade
Madeleine Jan 2022
What a good percent of people
see as negative
and a small percent as positive
but if I could change your mind
with one phrase
I will
Failure is the foundation to success
let me say that again
but slower
is the foundation
to success

let me explain
if you choose to try something
you have never done before
you are bound to make mistakes and fail
now if you are determined
and not ready to give up
you will keep going till you succeed

so in order to succeed
you need to fail
failure is how we learn
success is not

Now don't get me wrong
I love to succeed
on my first try
but where is the fun in that
when you don't learn
unless you have failed
to where you have now somewhat perfected
what you were working so *******
then all is well

let me throw another example your way
babies learning to walk
prime example of not giving up
because even though you may not have realized
you failed so many times
because you were so determined to succeed
to stay on your own two feet and walk
you realized that when you dragged your foot
and fell that, that was not going to work
so you try and move faster
even though you can't do so slowly
and you fall
so unconsciously put the two together
so you can then stay up and move forward

so if you are ever stuck
try combining things that worked
even though you failed
till you can come up with a way
to succeed
because eventually
you will nail it
and you will succeed
if you just push yourself
and tell yourself that
I can do this
never saying
I can't do this
because a negative mindset
will not get you anywhere
stay positive
and realize that
Falling Again Is Learning
Madeleine Feb 2022
I feel like Hell
But you make me
Feel like Heaven
Madeleine Apr 2018
Six months later
I'm finally over
I hope it stays that way
With you
Madeleine Mar 2018
Your first time here
Lines are short
Almost your turn
Mintues pass
Your turn arrives
Heart pounding
Eyes wide
Mind racing
Fear rising
It begins
Slowly you move
Up and up and up
You go
As you think that you are about to stop
You move
fast and faster
More quickly than your heart can keep up
Screams are released
Arms are waiving
open or shut?
Shut, too scared
Open, you know what's next
A **** here
A stomach drop there
The end appears
A halting stop
To a slow finish
A smile begins to form
Heart still racing
Ready for round two
Ready for more
Madeleine Apr 2019
You are the glue
that holds my broken pieces
together, forever
You see me as whole
Perfect and unbroken
Madeleine Mar 2019
Holding and touching
From soft to hard, smooth and rough
Living and the still

Pets of many kinds
Cats, dogs, with fur so soft
to turtles hard shells

To holding newborns
Teaching them to read and write
Caring for others

To Going fishing
Climbing up the steep mountains
and ending in bed
Madeleine Nov 2021
Help me, I'm hurting
Another day of smiles
Prepared for the best and worst
Planning an unknown future
Your happiness matters most to me
Madeleine Apr 2018
I met you, I know you, I have you
bur for how long?
Is what you say really true or
just words coming from your lips
am I just another girl
that you say these words to
is what we have real?
is it true?
am I gonna get hurt maybe more than the last?
If I do I may deserve it
I've heard of him, I met him, I know him
am I going to get pulled down
while I have you?
is my 180 going to be a 360?
I don't want to do another 180
the turn I did
helped me, changed me, and made me new

I met you, I know you, I have you
don't lead me to the dark side
but let me lead you instead
in a new direction
the direction that I am heading
that I know is good and true
what I have I want you to have also
I've heard of him, I met him, I know him
Madeleine Apr 2018
For something so delicate
yet so strong
for the beating of this unique instrument
we have life
for without we would never be
Madeleine Nov 2021
Hiding my pain behind a smile
Everyday convincing myself that
Life will get better, this is just a
Phase. Soon I can be real
Masks aside
Madeleine Jan 2019
She is just like me
I had wanted her but I rarely pay attention to her
She sits and looks for someone to pay attention to her
Yet she will get some and then nothing
Feeling replaced
Probably thinking I’d be better of alone and out of everyone’s way
Just pay attention to me
Just invite me in
Don’t leave me outside in the cold
Talk to me
Don’t just glance at me every now and then
And saying hey or something relating to the conversation
Minutes pass and I’m still as quiet as a mouse
My mind starts to wander
My heart starts to sink
My eyes just want to make a river
Take me in
Love me
As a friend
A sister
Walk with me
Talk with me
Play with me
Make me smile
Just stop
Making me cry
And feeling left out and
Alone and
I am like her and she is like me
We are the same in many ways
But in all its changed me and maybe her
I wrote this one a while ago some years past
Madeleine Jan 2019
I know that no matter where i am
I can always say to my Father
Up daddy up
And feel his arms around me
Holding me tight
Calming my nerves
As i focus on Him
Being held in his arms
That are always open
Madeleine Mar 2019
How do you say you're sorry
to someone you love
right after you just stabbed them in the heart
With so sharp of words that it dug deep
You want able to be able to take it right away
But the knife sticks
And you dont fully catch what you said till minutes pass
Feeling so guilty
Stomach is churning
You just feel sick
How do you say your sorry
When it may be to late
Is forgiveness even an option
Wont know till you ask
Just hope for the best I guess
Madeleine Jan 2019
Now I have thought about this for a long time but recently
I asked and figured it out because I was confused on how it worked
You see in the end of Romans eight it tells us
That nothing can separate us from the love of God in Christ Jesus
But in Galatians five in the end of verse 21
It says after listing the works of the flesh and that if do such things
We will not inherit the kingdom of God
I wondered how that could be because it just said in Romans
Nothing will or can separate us from the love of God
And Galatians that doing the works of the flesh even though we are saved
Cannot inherit the kingdom of God
But let us go back to Romans but back a chapter to seven
It says
“For I do not understand my own actions. For I do not do what I want, but I do the very thing I hate. Now if I do what I do not want I agree with the law, that it is good. So now it is no longer I who do it, but sin who dwells within me… Now if I do what I do not want, it is no longer I who do it, but sin that dwells within me.”
So it’s not us?
Yes but no because it’s our flesh
But if we commit sin and know we are committing it then it sin
Because we know the right thing to do but fail to do it
But going back to my main thought
We can go to first John and it tells us that
“If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness”
We are confessing our sins to God
We are admitting that what we did was wrong
We are asking for forgiveness
We ask for forgiveness and can still inherit the kingdom of God
Because we are his and he calls us each by name in Isaiah
It says
“Do not fear, for I have redeemed you; I have summoned you by name; you are mine.”
We are His
We are no longer conforming
Or we shouldn’t be conforming any longer to this world
We became aliens once we let Jesus in
He is alive
In us
We are a new creation the old has gone the new has come
So what are you waiting for?
Get out there and be different
Don’t just say you’re a Christian or a Christ follower
Live it out
You are a child of God
So nothing in all of creation can ****** you away from the hand of God.
One from time ago
Madeleine Mar 2018
Another word
Replacing for doubt
Madeleine Jan 2022
I always mean it when I say I
Got you, Because I do
Otherwise who would I be
To lie to you. I wish not to
You make me smile without trying
Oh, doing things for you
Undoubtedly comes easy
got you truth
Madeleine May 2022
I understand now

Looking at you
Only able to see you
Venturing for more
Even though I've given so much

You clearly don't want me But,
Only as a friend
Until I hope that one day you see
Madeleine Nov 2021
I miss you always
Loving everyday
Outside alone or by my side
Very quiet to being talkative
Everyday I came home You greeted me
You loved the belly rubs
One and only, my baby
Undeniably my greatest, best friend
My fur baby (cat) passed on Oct. 30. I miss him everyday and love him always.
Madeleine Mar 2018
My Other half-
You are the one I am lucky enough to call my best friend
To spend my years with
To fall over my stumbling feet
Into your arms
How much I adore you is beyond words
I would walk through hell over and over again just to get to you
Your hugs make me feel safe and at home
Our moments of being completely
Silly and random
With laughter to go around
Day after day
To be kids together
Work out
And many adventures
My vows to you
Will over time be met and went beyond and added to what I vow to you.
My one and only
Love is hidden in the poem
Madeleine Jan 2019
what is impossible?
Learning to walk after an injury
passing a test in a class you're struggling in
Or learning to love yourself when others do not
achieving your goal when even you think you can't
or raise your children alone because they left you or passed away too soon
Score a goal or hit a home run you try so hard but cut yourself short
is all that and more impossible?
How do I know?
Because you are stopping yourself and making it impossible
you are the one who needs to take those steps
to move forward
To Push yourself and tell yourself that you can do it
no one else can do it for you
they may help you get started
but that's it
after that you need to drink the water
you need to believe

if it is truly impossible
then ask the one who laughs at the Impossible
because to Him nothing is impossible and everything is possible with Him
and with faith
For He heals the sick
The broken hearted
The diseases that to us are incurable
The broken bones
The moving of mountains
The calming of the storms
The addictions we ourselves can't overcome

So I ask you again
what is impossible?
or should I say why are you limiting yourself
and saying you can't
when really you can
whether it is by yourself
or with God's help
Still a work in progress but thought to share what i have so far
Madeleine Oct 2019
Mustard tinted with orange
A dark monochrome red
Greens blending to yellow
All gracefully falling to the ground
Leaving the trees naked and bare
But instead of green grass
Always showing
A colorful ground remains
Madeleine Mar 2018
We are told them everyday and
Believe them more than anything
Even when thought of protecting
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