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setting down the kettle,
in the light of the setting sun,
pouring water, the green tea leaves settle,
at the bottom of a teapot, brewed for no one.
Raven Feels May 27
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, it's been a while; but through the harsh I can't even comprehend my feels, let alone put to the writing:-)

do you think I'm capable of writing???
because what I'm feeling is hell in front of the brutal I put into the typing
**** with bringing my torture to the rhyming

I don't get no sleep without tough
always be with a not enough
yet I miss that when not even when hurting much

I wanna-----feel
I wont say feel some love from the real
because I know that no one is there for me but in my dreams

so rest in peace my heart and grow
some bones that would crack and show
the past holds of the wisdom known

because happy sweet remains in the air to float
so high to reach too much for me the above ought
champagne problems destined sought

The apple was never forbidden,
It was just out of reach.
The fruit so long hidden,
Its nectar sticky and sweet.
A scripture written
To punish Eve
For a sin that brought civilizations
Down to their knees.
The world’s population
To Eve’s unbecoming,
Sinful silence of creation.
Skin on skin, dark revelation,
Fingers dipped slowly
In glasses of wine,
Pensive *******.
Bottles emptied overnight.
The world’s grandest design,
To make poison out of fruit.  
In church, we wept
For the sins we kept.
Prolonged punishment,
Sacrificial liberty, lightless beacons,
Cages in the garden of Eden.
Lei Apr 29
Our favorite word when there's no more left to say.
4 letters that made me feel you are safe.
One word that made me feel you'll forever stay.
4 letters that made me feel you'll never play.

But one night why are you walking away?
so now im listening to lany.
Lei Apr 29
Staring at the paint on my wall,
Colors of red, yellow, blue, black and all.
Different shapes, sizes, lines and angle.
Oh I wonder, how this masterpiece made in a paper so small.

When I stare at this paint,
I imagine I am inside that place.

Where the sky is dark and gloomy.
The sea is dark blue and shiny.
The buildings tall and bright,
As the people talk and ignite.

But the moon has finally came,
So I evaporated in this beautiful paint.
this poem is inspired of the paint my dad bought when he was on california. inside the paint is 9 planets and the san francisco bridge :> my dad knows how i really adore the galaxy.
Norman Crane Apr 28
The world inside / the house
is empty, and you're hanging on-
to the railing one final time,
before your father starts the engine /
you're moving out / you're gone
deep into your book, the one
you took (from the library with no
intention of giving back) so long,
childhood; so long: shadows
expanding on the lawn as you sink
into your thoughts / into the wall,
feshly painted so the house would sell,
reading: receding: what you could never tell
your parents. [ ... ]
"Let's go," your mother calls,
but you're no longer there. She doesn't
notice that you're staying / it isn't
you who is obeying, exiting the door.
Norman Crane Apr 26
every day is a second chance
as the first is already lost,
every love is a second dance
as the first still plays in your thoughts,
every life: a second glance
at a past at present not worth its cost.
Tommy Apr 10
It's hard to explain.
What's wrong with my brain?
Even my loved ones have called me insane.
I feel like I'm numb, I'm seeking some pain.
I just bought a gun, I'm Tommy Cobain.
I'm already dead, I'm dying again.
Admire the beauty — my lifeless remains.
I'm going to hell, but I cannot complain.
'Cause hell may be hot, but at least there's no rain.
I'm cutting my losses, I'm dying in vain.
Awaited some changes, but all was the same.
I'm broke in the heart, and it's looking for change.
I envy the joy that I cannot attain.
Clive Saffron Mar 26
To the blushing bride to be,
This rite of passage you’ll not be spared.
Let your hair down, be wild and free,
Allow your tales and secrets to be bared.

Not designed for hearts too weak,
This night’s when us girls misbehave.
In our tutus, fairy wings and pink feather boas,
We’ll paint the town red and rave.

We’re like one dysfunctional family,
But we’ll bond and shout tonight.
Cocktails and Prosecco will flow freely,
As we dance the “Macarena” ‘til morning light.

We’ll have a blast and be merry,
For girls just want to have fun.
Adorned with “L” plates, you won’t stay sober
And your makeup will inevitably run.

On this, your last night of freedom,
It’s your final fling before the wedding ring.
Your head may be sore tomorrow,
But, oh, the stories these walls could sing!

Remember this night always,
With all your girlfriends at your side,
For you’ll soon tie the knot and be married
And embark on a magical ride.
My name is Clive Saffron, a published poet with the desire to use my writing skills to bring the feel good factor to others. Creating rhyming poetry is my passion and favourite art form and born out of my joy of the English language. For me, it is a wonderful form of catharsis and self-expression. As somebody who likes to sing too, the rhythms and lyrics of so many songs inspire me to play with words and arrange them in metrical patterns to create rhymes. I have established Rhymes For Times to offer a fully personalised, bespoke and rhyming poetry and speech writing service for individuals and businesses worldwide and for any occasion. I always take exceptional care and pride in creating poetry and aim to touch the hearts of those who read it and have them connect with the deeper meaning of my words. It is a highly satisfying feeling to arouse people's emotions with my poetry and make them laugh and cry and put smiles on their faces.
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