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Follow the leader, not
Left me on the heater hot
Like teeter tot four meter drops
For me to stop you need more than you come with

Done it one two three times
Higher than the tree climbs
Never said i wouldn't fall
Never let a rhythm stall never

Ever in my mind prime stand tall
Level off the time binding bands fall
******* fans call up on me hands on the long haul
Land of the free and brave ah **** wrong song

Cyclic I'm like which way
Sick like this may break a *****
Knowledge this more than tip
******* every sentence ****

What sense is this aye
Like sending ships back to bay
**** I couldn't stay
Couldn't face it so I change my ways

Meta on the surface
Met my purpose
Not too certain still I set a course and work it

Know it's worth it
When I render words
When I send these verbs
Conquer this and and that

Hella bad
Hella abstract
Leave ya
With that
listen here:
Swore i'd be better this time
Boy you better get after them rhymes
If nothing changes nothing changes
Busted chains and ******* for days and

Locked in a way like a fox does prey
Like a doc does say you'll never be fully healed
**** it all up my life goes round like a wheel
Nothing to feel

Willing to grind willing to put in my work
My time my mind really hurt
Fill in the ground cover with dirt
Give it a second I beckon to burst

Still with the check in i wreck it or worse
Still with the weapons I'm ready for war
Still whip it out and **** down a *****
Still wigging out cuz i needed more

**** with you on no ******* biz
Pull it ***** put it on my lips
Put it on all my ******* chips
Put it on em' yeah I body ****

Body it like a tsunami hit
No hobbyist they can't copy it
Just watch the **** - my cockiness
Never going to stop on my prophet tip

Bending to nothing - here I am
Been in the coming to my land
Sending you something - fall of man
Here come the drumming humming hands
listen here:
Twisted mentality
Call it a bio hazard
Whatcha want from me
Death from a thousand daggers

Hold up - Stop, can't control an animal
Man's tyrannical
Pull up - Drop, on my radical
So, so bad I had to handle 'em

Many did try - i bodied 'em all up
Many may stall - I'm in it for the long haul
Many enemies - i bring em to the knees
In a sea of gasoline like ah ****

Speed on a melody go so loco
No amphetamines go for the flow whoa
All of my life i was ******* around
Why hit a ***** twice she ******* me down

I stick on a curve as I cut up a verse
Came with the force - Like I'm glued to the source
Like i groove into the work - Like i'm losing no worth
Like i'm look for pain - Like i think that they heard aye

All about the journey I'm living this life
**** too many worries I might end em tonight
Tight bends in my stomach i love it alright
I keep it ignited?

Unpredictable with the craft
I Keep ya guessing like some math
Listed lessons - leave you with one
my essence is the best to come

No more top  - I'm licking shots
I put it all up in the sky
Bound to boss i pay the cost
You ought to look me in the eye

This is worse i get so low
Bones be trudging through the snow
I blow it all  showing off
I'm never slowing up

Twisted mentality
Call it a bio hazard
Whatcha want from me
Death from a thousand daggers
listen here:
I could say a whole bunch of ****
May not mean a lot to you
Hole'd up in while i write these grooves
Watching what this pen can do

Right these wrongs - I know I've been sinning
Fight head strong - I know I be winning in the long haul
When they all gone
When I come back from a long fall

One shot - who takes
Lose that I grew face
True to myself - homie don't lie
Fight for my right to live this life

True cat - new grace
You lack as I wait
Few really willing to light up the sky
Stuck in the past nah I'm living tonight
Imma keep on coming on it
Sloppy when I combat ****
Copy this I think you need more
Lost in locks I hide between doors

Lost in metaphors
My meta for my metamorphosis ****
Never met a matador
With manners manic, ya admit

Max oh man I handle damage
Oh my ammo slam like anvils
While i work that angle
Let it bang and watch it hit

Watch me spit I send a sentence
On my Sensei **** I swear it
Bring em in I'm ready for war
Beast within me hear it roar

I'm keep on coming never fall back
Never on that i stay ready
Come and get me if you want it
Let me bomb it

Let me on it get me started
Go so hard my lips may bleed
I feed em lyrics barely eat
Beat it up and lick em clean
listen here:
When it all gets to me throw up these hands
Let it all stop let it drop where i strand
Sympathy no i sync up with the beat
Say what I mean as i lay up with the heat

Look at what i made let make a stain
Never lack always on my gain ****
Am I in a cage with the world as a stage
Imma keep on it, keep engaged, sit with pain and beast sonnets

Imma be on it, venom in my veins
Imma be honest Imma get it any which way
Any may imitate but they not the boy
fated, faded fill up the void

Dark night, light wave - I lost all direction
Start my last take - cross me out in sections
When will it stop this madness in my head
Off axis watch this skin when i shed it quick

Send me to the brink don't even have to push me
Can't even think right now the current took me
Over and over and over again
Said it I went and I scratched with the pen

Let it all go - Let it all end
Let it all flow - Let it all in

I write letters to my ghost
He knows me better than most
I remember when he said
You'll never measure even close
Is this enough? I think not.
Wanting to grow, stuck in the same spot
******* I'm some ******* monster
On and on I ******* wander

Wondering how i can say this
I didn't ask for this ****
Hoping it leaves me painless
Bound till I'm ashes in the wind

Wondering how i can say this
I didn't ask for this ****
Hoping it leaves me painless
Bound till I'm ashes in the wind
listen here:
LeoH Nov 3
The pain I have gone through
I still have favorable
Thoughts of you

I wonder where you are
And how life is treating you
The “what ifs” bubble up
And cloud my view

I try to let go
Saying “it wasn’t meant to be”
Yet my love persists
Even though I told you you were free
We wander, we wander,
By moonlight, I ponder,
Whilst sailing my ship towards that shimmering star!
How we who are pirates, so willingly wander, both hither and yonder, no matter how far…

Methinks to myself, “Not a bad life to lead, no longer a ***** to the land like before…
The wind at my back, so utterly freed, to seek out adventures, on any fair shore!”

“Why do it?” Methinks, as I stand on the prou, the breeze on my face, lightly tossing my locks,
For any a man would be called crazy now, for braving the sharks, and starvation, and pox!

Is it the gold, that calls me to sea? Where hurricanes howl, and sturdy  sails rend!
Or is it the freedom that calls out to me, and gold is not more than a means to an end?

For me, ti’s the freedom, to do what I love, to sail by the light of the stars up above, And stand on my deck, under moonlight, to ponder, how we are those pirates who willingly wander…

My ship, a fine lady, a handsome thing too, a good set of guns with a competent crew, her holds full of treasures, and finest apperal, and row upon row of *** by the barrel!

So drink in the morning, and drink in the evening, and I would be lying if I didn’t say, We guzzle the *** from dusk until dawn, and me-thinks I’ll be sipping it all through the day!

We dance on the deck, for the music is playin, the chilly night breeze has our ship gently swayin,

Then off once again, for we willingly wander, “But why?”  Says I, as by moonlight I ponder…

Wouldn’t we like to at some place belong? Would dropping our anchor for ever be wrong?

Perhaps there’s a place with a temperate climate, and someone to care for a salty old pirate?

But till that day comes, I shal willingly wander, and whilst I’m the captain, by moonlight I’ll ponder…
I borrowed this poem from my friend, Captain Herraldo, who is in fact a pirate. I took out some of the more gruesome bits —all true accounts— but tried my best to communicate his over arching ideas. He’s a good guy for a pirate!
Zia Oct 25
To let it all go
and let it all flow
before I lose my glow
he adds as if he know
I need to take a mo
for I to further grow
Over to him I tiptoe
and I say, no
I’m not chasing rainbows
I bloom through tornadoes
Rachel Oct 12
I think I understood the moment I felt that doubt in my mind

I think I understood when you left me alone here all those nights

I think I understood that i was being blindsided

I think I understood but I tried so hard to hide it

All the red flags waving in my face but i put my blinders on

I guess when you care that much about someone you're already too far gone

And in doing so i get to enjoy the product of my actions

I knew i was setting myself up for a fall but you made a **** good distraction

You filled the void so well and played your part without missing a beat

We put on quite a performance highlighted with passion and deceit

And now the crowd goes wild while the stage we set goes up in flames

After all the bows are taken though it's time to dole out the blame

Make sure we both get our fair share though to be fair there's plenty to go around

An extra helping of guilt wouldn't hurt since we're already going all out

Be sure to get your tickets to the show before it's much too late

A not to be missed performance compellingly morbid, entitled

"Our fate"
Maya Oct 11
Wake up with a jump and a start.
This isn't just prose,
this is an art.
To weave your stories, through and
through, with
broken pen and missing shoe.
With mixed conviction,
perfect diction,
convicts swoon at your traditions.

As long as you believe
the lines make sense, they'll breathe
your soul and lack pretense.
Self-defense from knives to words and songs to birds,
o'er the roar and o'er the dives,
through the skyscraper's windows, break a floor and seek to strive.

Words are not just words,
I've heard many a stern voice
attacking a sturdy herd of
wavering wordsmiths who have
forgetten that they have a choice.
Alliteration counts as craftful creation
and the tale of poets shows it: these
sentences are paintings of a nation.
Decorating time and space
and all its stations of making a

You're a poet,
perfectly pathological,
hurting through rose- colored
opticals and bleeding for something
beautifuly better, just getting lost calls
but keep searching for the right letters; don't let the sands of time make you hate your written desert.
It's worth your weary hands.
silly rhyming poem for myself and all the others out there.
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