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I've never understood why people like noise
And call it a living spirit of crowds
Middle school bands when teachers leave
A gossiping friend, voice carrying through breeze
Absorb my spirit I beg of you
Take me to a world that I don't know
For even though new trials may await us there
It's better than all that's here below
I never like it when things change
When people become something new
It's easier to just keep labels on faces
It's easier to not change my whole world view
Why should I pour out my feelings
Make my weaknesses too well known
'Cause even though I might feel better, some things
Are better left alone
Sit here with me
No need to stay quiet anymore
I know how it feels to hurt this way
I've been down this road before

I'll take that extra burden
I have room for some more
I know how important it is to you
I'll treat your aching sore
Two stanzas! So rare for me.
I don't need some chocolates
Nor robes nor sapphires blue
I don't need commercial love
A single word will do
Tones 4d
Most don't get it,
they don't understand.
They use malice and spite
instead of holding your hand.
Don't  dread it too much,
think of a better way.
They're just stupid people
influenced by a stupid today.
Blinded by want,
fueled by approval.
That doesn't make the things they say
any less brutal.
Why should you care what they think?
Why should you care who they are?
If you're nothing to them
they won't care about your scars.
Live life for you,
because thats all that matters.
If you can make yourself happy
you'll climb a thousand more ladders.
Some fun with rhyming
Don't sweat it
Just get it
Got the ball
Don't let yourself regret it
Use your time to find the mind to unwind and line up your shot Against the clock like a glock mind you there ain't much time to talk
Face it, your reality is stranger
In your head, and you're still asking where's the danger
Resigning from rhyming is lamer but that's okay I found Jesus in a manger
Crying cause he's a baby
Call him crazy but he ain't lazy he just can't stay g
Like me
Not until he can do as he please
So hold the judgment, throw me the keys
And we're off
Down the block, tick tock
Finessing all the blocks
Can you feel the sweat in your socks
Cause I'm out this game
It just isn't the same
Without your name on my list
Which I can't resist
Sorry but I feel like shit, you made me pissed
Did I fail again, I ask myself
Couldn't be you, couldn't be nobody else
Too much time on the shelf
When we're just trying to find our self
But we were doing it together as a team
Living the dream
Now my self esteem is mine to redeem
Every day, get paid, get out the way
I'm here to say
Don't bottle up, just fade
And you'll be okay
Live another day
We're on the way
But don't be afraid to say that you need me
The alarm is going off like a steed on the tracks
Don't worry I got your back
That's facts
Let's take some time to relax
We're out of whack
Staring at each other through a screen
It's mean how we're stuck below this fucking regime
Fiending for the whipped cream like we see the green
Growing from the other side of the river of dreams
Can we be honest
We're hanging on this
Coughing to our coffins
I'm hungry, pass me the English muffins
Don't want to rough it
But there ain't much of a choice
Cause without you I got remember your voice
Saying all the right things
Baby you be spittin'
Line by line, like it's something that's already been written
Inspiring me to be on the top of my game
It's a shame that we gotta tame our brains to stay the same and find our lanes
Ingrained, we evolve to solve the mystery of it all
Ballin' like we said we do
There ain't nothin' we be wanting but the straight up truth
Yeah dude
I'm contagious like Rick James bitch
If you have nothing good to say then don't be sayin' nothing of this
Beatin' on my chest like I'm a boss
And you're the queen of the world of goths
Darkness, ruling them all
In the fall, you're like a bookworm eating up all the facts
Goin' hard, makin' stacks
In the end we can make this last
Pretending that this struggle didn't kick our ass
And we laugh
Capitalizing on the past
Burning through those tasks, now we passed, we work so fast
When it came down to it, we thought we could do it
And we did, the shit we pushed almost made us dead
But our heads didn't to big to fit inside the mask
That we take with us
We wear it to front
All the shit we be hidin' cause we know it's still good enough
Preserving all the gold for just me and you
My angel came to the hood, now you know just what we do
Join the crew.
inspired by Eminem's voice
Rachel Sep 12
Just called to say I'm alive but I am living in your absence

Just called to say I'm fine and by fine I mean distracted

Distracted by the thought that we were never meant to be

That punch in the gut of a fact hit me this morning at half past three

Cause if we were meant to be then we sure as hell wouldn't be where we are now

Taking everything we had built up and burning it straight to the ground

I wonder if you ever think of me are your dreams splattered with my face

But that implies that I would've meant something to you in the first place

It's bullshit how you told me I could call you and talk to you at any old time

Cause this voicemail will go unlistened to even though I can see you're online

It's fine I'll just keep looking for your car, your face, and a sign that you ever cared

Leave a message at the sound of my voice, please pick up I know you're still there
Idc how shitty this is I just felt like getting the pain out...
Jack L Martin Aug 23
I eat my rice with birds and mice
I treat my nice with turds and lice
I drink my wine with pigs and swine
I write my words with prose and rhyme
I swing my club with strength and pride
I take my steps with prance and stride

I show you all now what's inside
These words I trust; I will abide.
Updated 9/11/18
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