trolls have a lot of idle time
on their aggravating hands
and it has been noticed that
they move in trolling bands

were these individuals to
find a more useful pastime
others wouldn't be sensing
their provocative lime

oh yes the trolls are well
and truly on the loose
causing much mayhem like
an uninhibited moose

they patrol both by day
and by night
dispensing their plaguing
sort of blight

if you've ever felt a troll
breathing down your neck
it'll make you cry out get
the abhor off my deck
Rachel Jun 30
I spend my hours tossed to the wayside wondering where you are

And christalmighty oh mercy it hurts the longer we're apart

Breaking my every bone would be easier than living without you

But the truth is that I've lied too much to ever tell the truth

I've taken all the cautions i can take and still I'm cautious

And the sight of your perfect body is enough to make me nauseous

I imagine what it's like to spend a night tangled in your bed

I'm standing in the frozen foods and this store is completely dead

These fantasies of you and me have left me bruised and beaten

Let's lose our heads and clothes tonight now that you have me defeated

The drink you're raising to your lips falls to the floor and shatters

We're wasted as we waste away the only thing that matters

Is it vain of me to think that this is love that we have started?

Or is there no more feeling than the first time that we parted?

I spend my hours tossed to the wayside I wonder where you are

I fear that we have ended before we had the chance to start
he dreams
of having complete
he dreams
of the mightiest
he dreams
of being the influential
he dreams
of a domineering

he dreams
and he dreams
in wild
he dreams
and he dreams
with such a lasting

what he dreams
will never
as his dreaming
isn't of a humble
Jordan Jun 20
There’s a hole that can’t be filled
In my fragile heart so still
So holding my breath I wait
Trapped like a dog in a crate
But it comes and goes so often
So it always seems forgotten.
And until one day if it hits you again
Just remember that you’ll always have a friend.
M Ward Jun 20
The air was crisp and faintly green
The wind was light, the scene serene.
I gazed upon a sprawling field,
As viridescent waves revealed
A lone black cat, soldiering on.
His eyes as verdant as the lawn.

He strode with purpose, without pause.
He writes his tale with the path he draws.
Black dagger, shimmering bright,
Piercing the grass, a shard of night.

Where was he going with such haste?
What delights of life would he taste?
It did not matter to him nor I,
But he knew a freedom that could not die.

I daydream often of that field,
And of the life that it might yield.
To trot assuredly through lush domain,
The burden of choice all that remains.
To feel the wind upon one’s face,
The grass and sun, a warm embrace.

The black cat’s life proffers this wisdom,
The path is forward that leads to freedom.
Natalie Jun 18
one day you asked me to write a song
just for you and me
and gladly i did
in secrets the song hid
for it was only for you and me

we sang the song everyday
even in a one horse open sleigh
until the song got old
and every lyric was sold
and you asked me to write a new song

you asked me to rhyme with laura  
and i asked why
and you said my songs were so beautiful
you wanted to share one with your mother

so i wrote a song about laura
how she is as sweet as flora
and as i walking through the park
as it was about to get dark
and i heard the song about laura

and i looked to see if i'd be seeing you serenade your mother
but no, instead
a red head
was laying by your side
listening to the sweet melodies of my song

i decided to join in
to celebrate this girl who replaced me
and you were shocked
and said it's not
what you think it is

i didn't want to hear it
i didn't want to see
her lips touch yours
the photos of us were shoved into drawers

and to this day i think of your song
what joy it brought me
but it was replaced
with sin and disgrace

no more will i sing the song
because all along it didn't belong to me
Hg Jun 8
you can’t want love
love’s not a want

you can’t write love
cause love’s not a font

you can’t say love
love’s not a word

you can’t hurt love
but man love can hurt
emnabee Jun 1
Once I met a girl
Who spoke poetry
Not literally
But practically
Everything she said
Had a rhyming quality.

I was struck by her beauty
In form and face
In words and ways.

There is no other like her.
And I hope that I can be so lucky
To have her.
I wrote this while projected into the mind of my Prince Charming. He is talking about me, of course.
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