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Zach Sep 29
A Simple moment yes a ripple on time
Ample, omnipotent and I'm out of my mind
Symbol like a trojan horse I'm one of the kind
Thimble full of potion watch as I fly
Commotion causing kamikaze
Caustic cancer causing ******
Only hobbies piling bodies
In the lobby from the shotty
I dont care to be the villain
Long as stack them millions
To the ceiling I'm concield in
Hiding out in private villas
Everything I write is killer
Got a pen with venom filler
It eats a whole through all my paper
Exposes targets to the ether
Either way watch them decay
You cant play with razor blade
I was brought up raising cain
Take a rock and bash your brains
Something I'm working on
Natasha Sep 21
the sun she hides,
cease the birdsong call
the leaves frozen, frail

the darkness long,
quiet river weeps
silence but scurry, settle

lay still to rest,
flaxen unfold
dying carefully, cautious
I haven't written in so long so just a little piece of whatever about the weather and stuff
i just wanted everything to be still,
but when you came it was really big dill.
you gave me a chill, a really big thrill;
nothing i could express,
because i was mentally ill.
Poems need your listening,
Though I'll do the reading,
And though it has the rhyming.
You need to feel the feeling,
Hope my poem will be heart touching,
And I hope it will leave u smiling.
Jay Aug 29
I'm tossin' around,
I feel like a clown,
The world's rollin' over me

I'm goin' to town
I keep fallin' down
This atmosphere's killin' me

It's been a long day
And the night is gettin' longer

I ain't no alley cat
Or a black and white striped robber

I need to go to bed,
So I'll wake up in a morn,
With some pepper in my step,
Feelin' like I've been reborn
But the clock is tickin' by
And the well is gettin' dry
So let's all go to sleep
For a while.
blues blues blues, I'm feeling blue
Zia Aug 19
Not that I can’t
but I simply won’t
until you can
then I shall...
Katherine Aug 7
I keep eating things I shouldn’t.
Dreams, cars, ink, brick
These are the things that make me sick.
Skin, bone, flesh and scars
Topped with sugar, flush with stars
Love, death, silence still
Down the gullet, living will
Though I swore I wouldn’t
I’m eating things I shouldn’t
Zia Jul 26
we knew forever was not for us
we didn’t even have to discuss
we squeezed out what we could
and moved on like we were good
Zia Jul 20
in my mind we looked good together
in my heart we felt right for each other
but fate showed me i didn’t know better
that i needed that chapter to get stronger
for what would come for me would be greater
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