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Madeleine Oct 2019
Mustard tinted with orange
A dark monochrome red
Greens blending to yellow
All gracefully falling to the ground
Leaving the trees naked and bare
But instead of green grass
Always showing
A colorful ground remains
Madeleine Oct 2019
I don't have any
Nobody is perfect
Someone is going to hurt you
Or just leave you for good
Don't trust anyone
Not even yourself
Madeleine Oct 2019
The worlds mirrors

Are the lakes below

Reflecting all that is above
Madeleine Sep 2019
Did you know that everyone
Is in a time loop?
For everyday has 24hrs
Before repeating
Every week after seven days
Will repeat
After twelve months
And up to four seasons
Will eventually repeat
Back to the beginning of the loop

Each day
We wake up
And do our things for the day
And at the end of the day
We all fall asleep
To repeat the loop
The next day
But different tasks

Even the planet's
Will eventually rotate
Till they are back to where they started

The sun
Rising and setting
Each and every day

The clock
With their hands always moving
Eventually both restart at twleve
Madeleine Aug 2019
It will either
Make sense
Or be a jumble of words
That might make sense

Be about true love,
being alone,
just broke up,
Or getting broken up with

To being about
Your best friend
Whether its your human best friend
Or your furry little friend
Because humans are too much

To I love myself
Or wanting to end my life
Because people make me feel
Like a complete failure
And ***** up

To loving yourself
On what you look like and personality
Or feeling like you need to change
Your body or personality to fit in

To being about nature
And the things in the wild
Or how your home
Can feel like a jungle

To being political
And voicing your opinion
To being religious
And speaking about ones faith

The list could go on for miles
But its true
Poetry is life
And about anything
Your heart desires to write about
Madeleine Aug 2019
A choice i once made
Gave me this feeling
Of discomfort
A feeling that never sat right with me
For some reason this feels
Like a stay or go
Stay with me or be free from me
I hurt
But i know you ache with pain
That should not be there in the first place
Im sorry
And if forgiveness is not an option
Then to be free it must be
For to move forward
We need forgiveness and to move on
To leave it in the past
I promise to you
That I want only you till I die
My mistakes
Are stupid
And i know who i have and how much
You mean to me
So to lose you
Would be too much
That my mistake
Would be the breaking of your heart
And mine
Madeleine Aug 2019
To finally shut a door
Lock it
And giving You the key
To never return
Has been such a peaceful feeling
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