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Madeleine Jun 5
My brokenness
Pieces of me
Being put back together
By you, God
Piece by piece you put me together
Showing me the way of where to go
My pieces
The map
I cannot see it so
I rely on you to show me the way
Once I find my way
With your help
My pieces are slowly getting glued back together
One by one and
Once I hit the end of my adventure
My pieces are glued forever
As if I was never broken
For in you I am found perfect
With you I am found perfect
Because that is how you see me
Perfect and unbroken
Madeleine May 31
Working the week days
Eight to five on beautiful
Days, makes me feel blue
Madeleine May 29
The first gleaming light in the early Morning
Is the beginning of my happiness
To see that sun hitting the tree tops
As its rising
Brightening the land below
A smile as big as the east is from the West
Seeing the colors come to life
Hearing the birds singing
A cool breeze brushing against my cheek
Taking that deep breath of fresh clean air
Like twizzlers I cannot help but smile
Being thankful for yet another day
To have some fun and explore
And seeing the day go to sleep mode as the sun begins to set
More colors as beautiful if not more so
As the sunrise
Leaving me to rest with a smile and a happy soul
Madeleine May 27
You walk your soaked
You run your wet
You wait for the bus
You have your shower for the day
Madeleine May 27
Like a giant cotton ball
Moving at its own pace
In the giant blue ocean above our heads
Of many shapes and many sizes
Thick to thin
Streched and clumped
One color
To some
Making it like cotton candy
depending on the morning or night
An hombre of colors
Making them pop
As if in a pop up book
Light and white
Or darker and grey
Being filled with rain
Ready to cry on the earth
To water the lands below
Most times you are there
And sometimes you are not
But when you are up there
Floating around
Making shapes
I could sit or lay down
And look up all day
Madeleine May 27
Many colors
Many shades
Morning and night
More colors than day
Daytime rays break through
The giant cotton *****
Hidding the light
But pop with color
The light falls
Striking the highest points
Nightime comes
and the light goes
and many smaller lights appear
Madeleine May 27
Just a fancy cover up name
For ******
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