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Madeleine Nov 2
Let me just say two word
Many times to get it off my chest
Shut up
Shut up
You tell me I won't make it in life
You tell me I can't do this
Or I can't do that
You say I can't do it because it's difficult
Or it will take to long
You say I will give up once it gets hard
You never believed in me
Unless it was things
That were easy and in my comfort zone
So just shut up!
I don't need your negativity
Or your two cents
I don't need you to cheer me on
Because as long as I believe in me
And know that I can do it
And tell myself that I can do it
I will do it
I will prove you wrong
I will surpass all that you thought
That I couldn't do
I will go outside my comfort zone
To grow
Because I am strong
And if I want to do it
I will do it and even better
I will make it look easy
So when you attempt to do
What I am doing
You are going to struggle or fail
Unless it's something you already know
But then I'll make it look
Flawless and effortless
But don't you dare then
Act like you always believed in me
Or supported me
In any way shape or form
But you will wonder
How I did it
And I'll tell you
That you not believing in me
Started a flame
That only grew in me to want to do it
So tell me that
I can't do this
Or I can't do that
Because it will only grow that flame in me
To prove you wrong
So maybe don't Shut up
Because I want that flame
To be as big as possible
So I myself
Will Shut up
And smile
And just get to work
Proving you all wrong
Again and again
Then maybe you will support me
Because you will know
What I am capable of
Or you won't and that's okay
May add and change it some but thought to share it how it is right now. Feedback welcome
Madeleine Jun 7
Feeling kind of ******
Asking for help
On things I should know
But was never taught
Feeling only like
A pretty face with a good heart
Madeleine Jun 3
In case I haven't told you yet

Looking at you, you have
One of the most beautiful smiles
Venturing so wide
Everyone who who sees you, smiles

Your eyes Like the galaxies
Once you look you're lost in wonder
Until you blink do you return
Madeleine Jun 1
Trust me they said
In thinking that I could
Met with hurt instead
Eventually, will time heal my wounds?
Madeleine Jun 1
A Beautiful soul YOU are
Wild and free, will YOU be mine?
None alike YOU do stand out
Madeleine May 30
Around you I am calm
When I'm down you make me chuckle
Your scent, A beautiful aroma
I feel I have forever known
Madeleine May 30
Roses not always wanted
On special days
So take me away I'm
Eagerly awaiting adventure
Since memories last till end of time
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