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Lovely Nobody Jun 25
things can be different
from different point of views.
the same sceneries can be dull
or they can be filled with hues.

the flickering flame can burn
or the flame can be warm.
the water can quench thirst
or the water can bring storm.

we don't have to think alike,
we don't have to be the same.
for some people my words could mean
and for some they could be lame.
I see a world where everyone bleed feelings into everything they do
you might see it as a labyrinth  of forgotten people.

if we are not different then, who are we?
Stara Feb 24
I just met you
Yet I feel like I know you
Not a type from a box
But someone who got out
Explored the world for yourself
I see myself in you
But I see so much more
You have a depth
But you are still so very much here
Your happiness isn't a given
You have worked to be who you are
I don't  think I would have been ready to meet you
I forgot I had a crush on you
When you leaned in for a kiss
I was distracted by your mind
And our hours of stimulating words
Our visits from others throughout the night
I noticed your sense of hospitality
I feel like I can articulate myself with you
We both have passts
That led us to the people we are

And to each other

Maybe we are too alike
We are alike
Almost alike

Once I told
I like your vibes
Be a family

[Silent, she was]
Now she is
Recognized as
Status of liberty
One can't deny
Her beauty
Genre: Experimental
Theme: Silence has the loudest voice
Madeleine Jan 28
She is just like me
I had wanted her but I rarely pay attention to her
She sits and looks for someone to pay attention to her
Yet she will get some and then nothing
Feeling replaced
Probably thinking I’d be better of alone and out of everyone’s way
Just pay attention to me
Just invite me in
Don’t leave me outside in the cold
Talk to me
Don’t just glance at me every now and then
And saying hey or something relating to the conversation
Minutes pass and I’m still as quiet as a mouse
My mind starts to wander
My heart starts to sink
My eyes just want to make a river
Take me in
Love me
As a friend
A sister
Walk with me
Talk with me
Play with me
Make me smile
Just stop
Making me cry
And feeling left out and
Alone and
I am like her and she is like me
We are the same in many ways
But in all its changed me and maybe her
I wrote this one a while ago some years past
A Harris Dec 2018
These tears I cry aren’t meant for you
They are for the girl I long to return to
The girl with dreams that carried her away
To ideas of travel and love and to change the world,
but something led me astray
My heart demands that I return to that little girl ,who I held so close.
My heart screams and tugs, unable to ignore, who I was once before.
I’m taking my power back, the power of a girl.
I take her hand and make sure to never leave her behind.
I wrote this as my soul somehow needed to share to the world what I feel other women feel at times too
Joanne Russell Sep 2018
It shook me from my skin
It sent shivers down my bones
It caused my head to spin
Because I thought that I had been alone

But as I laughed at my fear as folly
It stared at me is dismay
For to it right now, I was far too jolly
And it wasn’t sure if I was okay

I told it my mind was fine
Yet it still looked concerned
So I told it that I’m crazy like this all the time
And that sanity I’d never learned

It then shook in its skin
And had shivers down its bones
But at me it grinned
Because it had thought that it would always be alone

And it stayed with me
And we were dark and crazy together
And that’s how we’d like to be
From now until forever
I fathomed this poem around midnight.
A M Ryder Aug 2018
Sometimes our lives are made up of the same stories with the same beginnings and the same endings and things happen the same way almost every time.
Mystic Ink Plus Feb 2018
I feel

I feel, we are alike      
A bit different,      
A bit reserved,      
A bit silent,      
A bit lost,      
We are,      
I pray you,      
Will you feel comfortable,
If we share the same dream?      
my inspiration,      
my strength,    
As you are.    
In one way, or    
We are the same.
Theme: Then, nothing matters.
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