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Lauren Connolly Jun 2023
The passenger seat of someone else's car
is a place that I can get lost in.
The seat that was off limits
until I was 10 years old,
now my introspective throne.
The world passes through my window like
memories I've long since forgotten.
A blur of aced tests and overachieving I want
to soak my brain in.
The wasted time in long lines,
my first standing ovation,
emotions that blend
with the Little Trees Lavender.
All the pain of the world can't penetrate
my secluded steel fortress,
so I sink deeper into the cushion.
Hammad Oct 2020
Love is like a sailboat
when the tides are high
and rough,
in the midst of storm
We throw off the bowlines,
surrender the helm
to the winds
and choose to
adrift - into the unknown
Hot summers sun on my long hair,
skin tans and cold drinks with the smell of fresh fire wood burning under the moonlight stars.
Warm kisses, and soft hands touching, time when we feel free out of hibernation.
Sound of the rumble in the smokey air, my boyfriend's here and we go for a ride down the summer roads on my black motorcycle.
These are the summer's i will remember, that become nostalgic.
Longing to feel your skin against mine under the summer heat, we sweat, breathe and kiss more to the sound of our own heartbeats.
Laughing, talking and making memories together, we unite as one when the journey continues with us together. 2 people and 1 soul. I can feel yours. Can you feel mine?
Kewayne Wadley Nov 2018
With the lines small in attendance.
We made haste,
Skipping to the front.
A ceremony of shoes,
moving inch by inch.
We felt like kids again.
Amusing ourselves before a rush of anxiety.
Being slung in the air.
Our hands and feet lifeless by our side.
Nothing but stretched nylon and belts keeping us in our seat.
The ****** of seeing her eyes light next to mine.
This was how I felt being by her side.
The anticipation of knowing that at any given moment.
A strange metamorphosis was bound to happen.
The simplest thing such as walking became that much enjoyable.
The endless patter of feet.
Pounding over and over.
Walking about,
Reviewing our love of food.
Funnel cakes, fried Oreo.
A festival of taste buds refined by hers.
An obese smile,
Both our stomachs full.
The anticipation of reaching our peak.
Let out as a loud yell, covered by the sound of laughing.
The sound of bells and dings.
Large to small plush bears & animals given to the winner of each game. 
Her being the best prize there.
Life size
Just Maria Sep 2018
This year I went to the Fair
I couldn't believe how many people were there
There were rides, games and so much food
Taking everything in brighten my mood

On what to do next I couldn't decide
So I thought I chose something to ride
I don't do heights all that well
So I just rode the carousel

I played a game trying to get a prize
I didn't win, wow, what a surprise
I ate some nachos with a lot of cheese
I sipped a cold slurpee and got brain freeze

I saw an owl, a zebra, a camel, and a raccoon
Also a little boy crying who'd lost his balloon
On the way out I stopped and bought a souvenir
I'll definitely be back again next year
a M b 3 R Jul 2018
the carnival rides
sitting on the sides
swinging from left to right
going the highest ups and the lowest downs
turning and twisting
so swiftly
as the chilly wind blows ever so slightly
knees wobbled
stars seem to be around me
the whole world seems like its spinning
going round and round
and till i fall down
collapsing to the ground
everything seems so dark
can’t seem to see anything
in the dark
someone please wake me up
from the dreams
as i continue sleeping
life is full of ups and downs like a roller coaster! accept it and don’t run away from it.
Jessica Jarvis Apr 2018
Take a second to jot down a few words directly into the post box.
Be thankful for the moment you got away today and drove with the windows down to pick up pizza for dinner.
You didn't want to step away from your computer,
but your parents told you to, so you ran the errand.
What a nice relief.
Remember the music that played and how the wind brushing your arm reminded you of that liberating feeling when you would ride motorcycles in Estero, and it felt like nothing mattered...
You just drove and hummed whatever song made you feel the happiest.


Your procrastination is over, so seclude yourself out on the lanai;
brace for the long night ahead.
Maybe your friends will wish you a good night and it'll motivate you for the long haul.
It hasn't been too long since you last stayed up until 2... 3... maybe 4am, right?
Put on that playlist. (It will help.)
Let Son Lux provide that numbing white noise,
loud enough to keep you energized, quiet enough to let you type.
Maybe you'll stay out until you get it done.
Maybe you'll just get it over with tonight.
Maybe you'll want to stay out, to see the sunrise.
but for now, finish up your word doodles,
your little mindless rants,
so you can apply your mind to the "important things".
You'll make the best of it. (I know you will.)
Maybe you'll have fun with it.
Maybe you'll be proud of it.
Maybe you'll forget everything you've learned,
but for now, this is your time to write,
your time to prove yourself,
so you can tell the rest of the world,

"I did it."

What motivates you?
Madeleine Mar 2018
Your first time here
Lines are short
Almost your turn
Mintues pass
Your turn arrives
Heart pounding
Eyes wide
Mind racing
Fear rising
It begins
Slowly you move
Up and up and up
You go
As you think that you are about to stop
You move
fast and faster
More quickly than your heart can keep up
Screams are released
Arms are waiving
open or shut?
Shut, too scared
Open, you know what's next
A **** here
A stomach drop there
The end appears
A halting stop
To a slow finish
A smile begins to form
Heart still racing
Ready for round two
Ready for more
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