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Alex McQuate Jun 21
I'll never be a good enough partner,
I'm failing right out of the gate.

I let you down,
I see it in your eyes,
I breached that trust you had in me,
And didnt live up to my own ideals,
A moment of weakness,
A moment of idleness,
Looping in my brain,
**** this tormentable guilt!

You say I get stuck in my own thinking,
Like a bird that's fallen into tar,
But thinking back,
If my brain is the tar,
I need to clean it some dawn.

Please let this storm pass,
Let the thunder die down in my mind
Let the lightning strikes fade,
For all that's holy,
May you forgive my trespasses still,
Let me be the man you said I could be,
And fly free,
Above the ooze and filth.
Nat Lipstadt Jan 30
tilt of my seesaw
is decidedly downward facing dog:

and there’s no rush to judgment, for the powers that be,
be delighted by slow-walking, making the waiting
max-tortuous, but am of an age when everything,
even the long buried sins and unkept promises,
poke and **** nonstop, and the formulae once
relied upon to ease incipient self-deception,
to temporize and salve the consternations

of unkempt aggravated remorse fail,

as aged misdemeanors be matured felonies,
I blurt and declare guilt to all, alas, and yet, in the
ultimate crushing of tardiness, knotted by indignity of silence,

no one is desirous
of taking my


Thu Jan 28
Eyithen Nov 2022
Loss of Motivation. Check.
2. Procrastinating. Check.
3. Lowering Grades. Check.
4. Health Problems. Check.
5. Exhaustion/Lack of Energy. Check.

I can't help but stare at the F.
Like a crime scene photo of the ****** of my grades.
I missed classes. Deadlines.
Struggled with anxiety and depression.
And yet even though I am haunted by these feelings.
I can't bring myself to care.
I thought it was so many things.
but perhaps I have just fizzled out.
It just me.
My problem.
There's no foul play,
My brain just decided to commit academic suicide.
We threw the toaster into the bathwater,
and jumped right in.
Madeleine Jan 2022
What a good percent of people
see as negative
and a small percent as positive
but if I could change your mind
with one phrase
I will
Failure is the foundation to success
let me say that again
but slower
is the foundation
to success

let me explain
if you choose to try something
you have never done before
you are bound to make mistakes and fail
now if you are determined
and not ready to give up
you will keep going till you succeed

so in order to succeed
you need to fail
failure is how we learn
success is not

Now don't get me wrong
I love to succeed
on my first try
but where is the fun in that
when you don't learn
unless you have failed
to where you have now somewhat perfected
what you were working so *******
then all is well

let me throw another example your way
babies learning to walk
prime example of not giving up
because even though you may not have realized
you failed so many times
because you were so determined to succeed
to stay on your own two feet and walk
you realized that when you dragged your foot
and fell that, that was not going to work
so you try and move faster
even though you can't do so slowly
and you fall
so unconsciously put the two together
so you can then stay up and move forward

so if you are ever stuck
try combining things that worked
even though you failed
till you can come up with a way
to succeed
because eventually
you will nail it
and you will succeed
if you just push yourself
and tell yourself that
I can do this
never saying
I can't do this
because a negative mindset
will not get you anywhere
stay positive
and realize that
Falling Again Is Learning
Valya Oct 2021
My head is spinning
Everything's running loose
I can't remember the last time I won
I've just been failing all of my mere tasks
Am I going to plummet even faster
Or will this just be the rock bottom
I climb up from
I literally have 1 good grade ffs and my love life is in shambles and like so much other **** and i just hate life so much rn
frog Sep 2021
fishing                        fishing
loose nibble               all alone
on the lure                 on the water
pulling                       swaying
trying                         with the waves
failing                        thinking
trying again              about my goddess

this is inspired by my D&D character Cyan!
Kenneth Gray Dec 2020
Tick tock
  Tick tock
Throughout the years
   I've always thought
Of faith to be
  A clicking clock
With hands
So persistent
So determined
To never miss a single beat
  Nor stop

Throughout the years
  This faithful clock
Built up a longing in me
  My solid rock
Through which,
In times of trouble
I would pull
From my everlasting
  Love-filled stock

Brace yourselves,
My friends
  And do not
Let this coming news
Be some sort
  Of terrible shock
For the time is coming
  When this faithful clock's
Hands must,
  Inevitably stop

For you see -
The battery in me,
So to speak,
    Is nearly diminished
The continuation of
its intermittent
Clicking is
    Almost nearly finished
The gears within
This 'ol faithful clock,
Are most definitely
    Fatally blemished

I am so
   So very sorry
For this very moment
Marks the end
   Of my journey's story
I hate to say it,
But not every person
   Goes out in a blaze of glory






The clock has stopped
I feel like my faith is failing.
Jamie Nov 2020
I knew I had an issue with some people,
But I never thought I would struggle with you
Sometimes I don't know what to say
And it turns into you shouting at me
I just sit there and I take it
Because I don't wanna make things worse

One day I won't just sit there and take it
And I fear what will happen that day
You say you hate conflict
But it seems like I hate it more
So I sit there and I take it
Because I don't wanna make things worse
sometimes this is how I feel
Jack R Fehlmann Nov 2020
Ask it.

And mirror marked
Of grime, and dirt

Lines, white
Razor perfect

Eyes that haunt
My own

A simple device
Of a vice


I find myself
This familiarity
Strings to hands
Leading feet

Want, need
To not
And no longer
Be that one

This used to numb
Thoughts are
Are not

The intentions
Put to sound
Shaky tired voice

Help me

Breathe it in
While facing
His gaze is


Denial addiction struggles medicating disappointing failing sick weak disease excuses forgiving needs bad choices helpme
what happens when we die?
i don't think i really want to know the answer

what happens when we fail to live?
i have always known that answer
dying and failing to live... are they the same?
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