Love and kindness Is what this world Is crying out for
a world that lacks and now has very few those qualities
Those whose every day struggles to bring love and kindness back to a world full of
My heart goes out to those
who everyday show love kindness compassion to the neediest In our
For one day they shall be rewarded for their kindness compassion that
I'm afraid people In authority have long since
These people who show so much kindness have my greatest respect It's people like these that should be running our
Thoughts for all those who bring love and kindness so much compassion the most vulnerable of our failing society
I think of you in the running showers.
I think of you in the scent of flowers.
I think of you when I am asleep.
I think of you in the memories I keep.

I think of you when I am low and high.
I think of you when I fail and try.
I think of you in summer and snow
I think of you in dark and glow.

I think of you in wrong and right.
I think of you in black and white.
I think of you in scars and screams.
I think of you in hopes and dreams.

—Poetry by Paras.
Sarah Lane Dec 2018
The rising tide brings peace
Healing brokenness in this place
Sweeps and swirls and doesn’t cease
There in the depths of His grace
Holding back just on the verge
My wounds are only kissed
No fears within submerge
In merely strumming mist
Long drenched by anxiety
But completely parched beneath
My failing shelter of piety
Like a fearful sword in its sheath
Now I’m discontent just to be
Held in such a mighty hand
Longing with pride to use me
But immobile at His command
Yet grace crashes at the rubble
Each rock was a feeble attempt
To build above my trouble
No carpenter to preempt
The cross a simple design
Has stood throughout the ages
So all this mess I will resign
To redeeming force that rages
Though this awesome sea I dread
It will overcome my doubt
If by tattered wood I’m led
Until life as loss I count
I’m standing in the middle
And my strength is growing
Beyond this frame so little
Here’s where the power’s flowing
Now the risen tide of peace
Rolling calmly over my face
Sweeps, swirls and will never cease
Here in the ocean of His grace
Pat Dec 2018
She hides herself behind a mask
Building, her main task,
piece by piece. Lies piling up
She buries, she conceals, she performs, she perfects.
Her essence deep inside
a mere presence left behind
Eyes blind
Never can they know
Never can she show
How could she? Who would she be? Who even is she?
Is she even any more?
Broken fragments, shattered shadows
Always trying
yet failing.
Always failing
yet smiling.
A spiral of despair constantly consuming her,
yet smiling.
Sinking, drowning, failing
Always failing
Always wondering
Is she even any more?
Is she even good enough?
Piece by piece, walls fall apart
No longer burying nor concealing
nor performing nor perfecting.
Breathing at last, free from the past
for broken means fixed
No faking, no smiling
From now on she is.
Poetic T Dec 2018
Only a weak man would intrude
                    on virtues of another.
For a strong man knows that within him
                 is the virtues of a woman's birth.  

And with out them, he would be nothing.
            Those that intrude on the innocence,  
         have a weakness not of man
but of value and are neither of morality or humanity.

But the sinking ventures of humanities folly.
                For all of creations bindings are
                                but a creation of before.

And even those that are  pure some are always
                              damaged to the point of sorrow.
Never guise all under one brush,  
   because each is a different ******.

And some are just not meant to be allowed
                                                   to paint a canvass.
          let alone a memory upon another's ever
                                                changing innocence.
Justyn Huang Dec 2018
I wonder which bird
was the First to
step off its perch
enough times to Fly

Or were all birds born that way?
Then what is the average number
of times each one fell until their
wings could carry them High?

Definitely not the penguins or the dodos
But I know that anyone can try.
arian Nov 2018
I've been trying to erase you from my mind,
But I'm scared now that I almost accomplish my goal.
I miss seeing your face and hearing your voice.
arian Nov 2018
I'm stuck.
I'm stuck in the past.
No, not 5 months ago nor 5 years ago,
But 5 hours ago.
'Failing t-t o'
She has 1 regret before she closes her eye's forever, 2 night, she wishes she could take back that moment after she found that razor blade, she shoulda burned that bottle of sleeping pills and never filled the tub up with that water. Well now it's a lil too late, and she can't stay awake, Everyone that promised to be her savior turned out a lil too fake, She can't lift her head now and yet she can still feel the pain where she cut her vein with the **** old blade. Yet she still feels the same, cold and all alone but her rhymes are failing to: my rhymes are failing t-t o
~SacredInkedBlood same as  
Author Ven J. Author.
VenJencie Clifton Arnold
Please know there is help for you if you can ) to this poem at all. It never has to end this way for anybody.
Click on any link below and *** does love you. You are worthy and you are good enough but just get help to realize it yourself and to get help to act on it. Blessings to you al
Suicide Shatters Families
Suicide Prevention Awareness
It's not that I want to fail. . .
just that, if I am going to anyway
why not do it spectacularly?

At least there's gossip. . .
that counts for some,
-thing, doesn't it?

Doesn't it?
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