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frog Sep 12
fishing                        fishing
loose nibble               all alone
on the lure                 on the water
pulling                       swaying
trying                         with the waves
failing                        thinking
trying again              about my goddess

this is inspired by my D&D character Cyan!
Kenneth Gray Dec 2020
Tick tock
  Tick tock
Throughout the years
   I've always thought
Of faith to be
  A clicking clock
With hands
So persistent
So determined
To never miss a single beat
  Nor stop

Throughout the years
  This faithful clock
Built up a longing in me
  My solid rock
Through which,
In times of trouble
I would pull
From my everlasting
  Love-filled stock

Brace yourselves,
My friends
  And do not
Let this coming news
Be some sort
  Of terrible shock
For the time is coming
  When this faithful clock's
Hands must,
  Inevitably stop

For you see -
The battery in me,
So to speak,
    Is nearly diminished
The continuation of
its intermittent
Clicking is
    Almost nearly finished
The gears within
This 'ol faithful clock,
Are most definitely
    Fatally blemished

I am so
   So very sorry
For this very moment
Marks the end
   Of my journey's story
I hate to say it,
But not every person
   Goes out in a blaze of glory






The clock has stopped
I feel like my faith is failing.
Jamie Nov 2020
I knew I had an issue with some people,
But I never thought I would struggle with you
Sometimes I don't know what to say
And it turns into you shouting at me
I just sit there and I take it
Because I don't wanna make things worse

One day I won't just sit there and take it
And I fear what will happen that day
You say you hate conflict
But it seems like I hate it more
So I sit there and I take it
Because I don't wanna make things worse
sometimes this is how I feel
Jack R Fehlmann Nov 2020
Ask it.

And mirror marked
Of grime, and dirt

Lines, white
Razor perfect

Eyes that haunt
My own

A simple device
Of a vice


I find myself
This familiarity
Strings to hands
Leading feet

Want, need
To not
And no longer
Be that one

This used to numb
Thoughts are
Are not

The intentions
Put to sound
Shaky tired voice

Help me

Breathe it in
While facing
His gaze is


Denial addiction struggles medicating disappointing failing sick weak disease excuses forgiving needs bad choices helpme
what happens when we die?
i don't think i really want to know the answer

what happens when we fail to live?
i have always known that answer
dying and failing to live... are they the same?
TS Lefort May 2020
Deeper than these scars within,
Cuts the fear of failing you;
Runs wider than the seas combined,
Tides of time are crashing down,
I cannot stop this drowning man;
Gasps of truth still hurting you,
Sinking now in waves of shame,
I can never find my breath again.

TS Lefort
Mrs Anybody May 2020
my tongue
to speak
my mind
the unspoken words

but what
do i do
when my mind
fails to speak
also check out my other poems! :)
Artem Mars Mar 2020
No one calls me smart
They all check my grades
Mockery of the success
Shameful of the less
Trophy for being a disappointment
I try my hardest
Just for the attention
The approval
Is what keeps me going
I want an A
But I’m labeled with a B, C, D, or F
The attention is all wrong
The ridicule
Not reward
Nothing feels retained
I want a place to post
To show I’m more
To feel seen and liked
To see mean and nice
To share what I do with a brush
What I can do with facepaint
See others
Share songs
But it's about **** time
That they see it isn't
The showing to others
That ensured my demise
The help they would give me
The eyes and the ears
To feel seen and heard
The spotlight again
It will shine on my face
As if everyone cared
As if I wasn't so scared
And I would feel cured
But the labels I gain
Seem to be retained
Without a constraint
Of worry and pain
School is no longer about learning, it's about passing
Michael Stefan Mar 2020
With hard hammers and soft glibness
They approached the forest,
It's encroaching majesty looming,
threatening to overwhelm

Sharp tools were used to trim,
To tear and rend through supple vine,
Felling great trees
As flames engulfed the underbrush

Each man and woman smiled,
exchanging thoughtful pleasantry,
Hi-fives and good-hearted jokes;
Completion of a hard days task

They returned the next day,
Trucks full of building materials,
Tools in rough calloused hands
Only to find the forest renewed

The forest had returned
With a mighty vengeance,
Unapologetic at it's thicker growth,
Looming over the workers

Greater tools of destruction were wielded
Attacking the forest,
Until barely a stem or stump stood
And cries of shared victory echoes

Yet the following day
The forest stood again, in quiet majesty,
Man and woman will never learn;
No matter the tinkering
We are not the masters of nature
But mastered by it
Brooke Feb 2020
My thoughts are racing
And my heart rate’s climbing
I wish I knew
how to calm down

But once the spinning starts
It’s impossible to stop
The crazy seeps in and
I can’t make out

A single thought
My mind becomes a blur
And my breathing, stops
Or so it seems to me

It feels like I can’t breathe
But maybe that’s just my lungs
Failing me
The way my mind breaks me

I wish I had a way
To escape this pain
To release this fear
That I am holding, onto

It looks like a lifeline
But it’s a sinking weight
That pulls me down with every wave
Of every mistake that I will make

My logic has abandoned me
and i can’t think straight
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