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Nov 2022 · 30
Shut up
Madeleine Nov 2022
Let me just say two word
Many times to get it off my chest
Shut up
Shut up
You tell me I won't make it in life
You tell me I can't do this
Or I can't do that
You say I can't do it because it's difficult
Or it will take to long
You say I will give up once it gets hard
You never believed in me
Unless it was things
That were easy and in my comfort zone
So just shut up!
I don't need your negativity
Or your two cents
I don't need you to cheer me on
Because as long as I believe in me
And know that I can do it
And tell myself that I can do it
I will do it
I will prove you wrong
I will surpass all that you thought
That I couldn't do
I will go outside my comfort zone
To grow
Because I am strong
And if I want to do it
I will do it and even better
I will make it look easy
So when you attempt to do
What I am doing
You are going to struggle or fail
Unless it's something you already know
But then I'll make it look
Flawless and effortless
But don't you dare then
Act like you always believed in me
Or supported me
In any way shape or form
But you will wonder
How I did it
And I'll tell you
That you not believing in me
Started a flame
That only grew in me to want to do it
So tell me that
I can't do this
Or I can't do that
Because it will only grow that flame in me
To prove you wrong
So maybe don't Shut up
Because I want that flame
To be as big as possible
So I myself
Will Shut up
And smile
And just get to work
Proving you all wrong
Again and again
Then maybe you will support me
Because you will know
What I am capable of
Or you won't and that's okay
May add and change it some but thought to share it how it is right now. Feedback welcome
Jun 2022 · 58
Madeleine Jun 2022
Feeling kind of ******
Asking for help
On things I should know
But was never taught
Feeling only like
A pretty face with a good heart
Jun 2022 · 71
My other half
Madeleine Jun 2022
In case I haven't told you yet

Looking at you, you have
One of the most beautiful smiles
Venturing so wide
Everyone who who sees you, smiles

Your eyes Like the galaxies
Once you look you're lost in wonder
Until you blink do you return
Jun 2022 · 145
Broken trust
Madeleine Jun 2022
Trust me they said
In thinking that I could
Met with hurt instead
Eventually, will time heal my wounds?
Jun 2022 · 146
Madeleine Jun 2022
A Beautiful soul YOU are
Wild and free, will YOU be mine?
None alike YOU do stand out
May 2022 · 154
Unknown #3
Madeleine May 2022
Around you I am calm
When I'm down you make me chuckle
Your scent, A beautiful aroma
I feel I have forever known
May 2022 · 701
Madeleine May 2022
Roses not always wanted
On special days
So take me away I'm
Eagerly awaiting adventure
Since memories last till end of time
May 2022 · 152
I love you
Madeleine May 2022
I understand now

Looking at you
Only able to see you
Venturing for more
Even though I've given so much

You clearly don't want me But,
Only as a friend
Until I hope that one day you see
May 2022 · 359
Madeleine May 2022
Make your move
Own all you do
Understanding is helpful
Never back down
Take your chances
Aim your arrow
Inhale and release
No hesitation
Seeing it through to the end
May 2022 · 53
Madeleine May 2022
An astounding soul
So unique
Holding every precious moment close
Find the name (nickname)
May 2022 · 184
Running into love
Madeleine May 2022
Meeting my gaze
And staring with wonder
Details coming together
Every second
Like a puzzle forming
Every min of our future
In your stumbling of words
No on understood
Except for me
This poem spells a name. It's not hard but can you find the name
May 2022 · 157
Madeleine May 2022
You are poison

Yet your lips on mine
That taste so sweet
Your Hands running up and down my back
Slow enough to make me draw you closer

When instead
I should be pushing you away
Because you're killing me

As your kiss
Is paralyzing me
And your hands
So gentle
Yet fast enough
To bruise me
That I hurt

For I don't know how to decide
On who I love more
Or myself
May 2022 · 436
Madeleine May 2022
If I had to choose
between Heaven and you
Does that make you Hell
You make me happy
So is Hell not so bad
As they make it out to be
Sometimes people are poison and other times they are our antidote
May 2022 · 229
Message in a bottle
Madeleine May 2022
To whom ever finds this bottle
My message is to you
I want to say now
I'm sorry If It sounds like I'm venting
But really I just want to tell someone
What's on my mind
And a little about me
But not know who I am telling
For some reason
That is comforting

I myself am not the brightest bulb
And I may make you want to
Hit your head against a wall
Sometimes many in a day
Because I spoke faster than my mind
Was thinking
My mind is weird
For if you ask something of me
I know I can do it
But yet my mind has a panic mode
And in a way forgets how to do it
Or the item you wanted me to grab
I question it for some reason
Even though I shouldn't have

So yea I am not all that smart
Sometimes I feel really ******
And just worse than dirt
And it's hard because I know
I am
And better than that

I do have my moments though
Where I don't always think, rather act first
But it manages to put a smile on your
Face and make you giggle
That usually helps to make me feel better
But thinking back I feel dumb
But remember that I made you smile
And so I smile

I try my best to do better
For I love learning new things
And doing anything
That sounds different
Or fun
And an adrenaline rush
I will say yes to
Because that is such an amazing thrill

I may not always make sense
And sometimes I struggle
Putting together my thoughts into sentences
I get there eventually
But I get there

So if you're okay knowing
this little Bit about me
I hope this message
in this bottle
In your hands
Finds me
But if you do not wish
To want to know me
Then toss me back
Message in bottle
for someone new to find
Mar 2022 · 1.0k
Miss your kiss
Madeleine Mar 2022
I feel like not remembering
Your lips on mine
Is a beautiful thing
For I yearn to come back for more
Making every kiss special
Since I only remember
When in the moment
Feb 2022 · 227
Win win
Madeleine Feb 2022
I believe I win
You believe I lose
It's a win win
Feb 2022 · 886
Madeleine Feb 2022
You are the needle
To my compass
Where you go
I will follow
Feb 2022 · 986
Madeleine Feb 2022
I feel like Hell
But you make me
Feel like Heaven
Jan 2022 · 783
Madeleine Jan 2022
I remember when
It rained so hard
That I had trouble breathing
Because I was crying so much
That I was drowning
In my tears
It felt like a thunderstorm
Rolling inside of me
The pain I felt
Was so strong
That trying to catch my breath
Was a challenge
For hours I have felt like this
Until I drowned myself
Into a dream
After hours of sleep
I awake in a somber mood
And puffy eyes
Like dark heavy clouds
Ready to water the earth
Except I have no more
Tears left to shed
Wishing my tears
Could bring you back
So you could continue to grow
Like the plants
Nearing death
Only to be saved
By the tears of the clouds
Missing my fur baby
Jan 2022 · 1.1k
Broken is beautiful
Madeleine Jan 2022
A Broken heart
Has many paths
Many stories that don't part

The shattered pieces
Connecting to another
Value and lessons increases

Getting glued back together
Only to take a chance at love again
Being soft as a feather

Each crack
All different
Some just a deep black
Like an abyss
Too much to attack

To a healing path
That starts with a long hot bath

To take time alone
In order to hone
Your true self in the unknown

A Broken heart is beautiful
That to you, yourself it's suitable

A Broken heart is strong
For all that's been done
Still moves along

A Broken heart is always growing
Not always flowing
But getting through life slowly

A Broken heart
That can't help but to restart
Jan 2022 · 62
What if
Madeleine Jan 2022
Why so many
What ifs
Why not more
Firm answers of
Yes and no
Why so doubtful?
Why so scared?
Why the ifs?

Drop them like it's going to burn you
Cuz they are holding you back
You are overthinking
And sometimes
If not more
losing your chance
At doing something
Probably amazing

Shut the what ifs up
I don't care what you are thinking
Because If your thinking
For longer than 30 seconds
Your already letting
The ifs drag on
Letting them ruin a moment
Don't let them catch you
You need to grab your moments
Grab your memories
And run with them

What if
I stay home
Instead of going out
What if
I take chance
And be real
What if
What if I told you i don't want to hear it
What if I told you
That I want to see you
Or hear you
Getting out of your head
And doing instead of thinking

Maybe one day
to start your day
Your adventure
Don't think, just say yes
And yes
Unless it gets you killed
Or behind bars
And no not the ones at a club
By all means say no
and don't think
Those two words
Right next to each other
Of what if

Go and live your life
Don't have regrets
Of not taking those chances
Jan 2022 · 133
Allow me
Madeleine Jan 2022
For most of my life
I've felt pain
and loneliness
But who I am
in wanting to help others
wanting to take away their
and hurt
Just to see them
and being happy
I would take it
Because to me
Pain and sorrow
is just another day
written a few years ago.
Jan 2022 · 345
Madeleine Jan 2022
What a good percent of people
see as negative
and a small percent as positive
but if I could change your mind
with one phrase
I will
Failure is the foundation to success
let me say that again
but slower
is the foundation
to success

let me explain
if you choose to try something
you have never done before
you are bound to make mistakes and fail
now if you are determined
and not ready to give up
you will keep going till you succeed

so in order to succeed
you need to fail
failure is how we learn
success is not

Now don't get me wrong
I love to succeed
on my first try
but where is the fun in that
when you don't learn
unless you have failed
to where you have now somewhat perfected
what you were working so *******
then all is well

let me throw another example your way
babies learning to walk
prime example of not giving up
because even though you may not have realized
you failed so many times
because you were so determined to succeed
to stay on your own two feet and walk
you realized that when you dragged your foot
and fell that, that was not going to work
so you try and move faster
even though you can't do so slowly
and you fall
so unconsciously put the two together
so you can then stay up and move forward

so if you are ever stuck
try combining things that worked
even though you failed
till you can come up with a way
to succeed
because eventually
you will nail it
and you will succeed
if you just push yourself
and tell yourself that
I can do this
never saying
I can't do this
because a negative mindset
will not get you anywhere
stay positive
and realize that
Falling Again Is Learning
Jan 2022 · 41
I got you
Madeleine Jan 2022
I always mean it when I say I
Got you, Because I do
Otherwise who would I be
To lie to you. I wish not to
You make me smile without trying
Oh, doing things for you
Undoubtedly comes easy
got you truth
Nov 2021 · 446
Move, stay
Madeleine Nov 2021
Made my thoughts known
Out loud over text
Very nervous
Even though I knew your answer
**** as you are
Time is what you need
And I let you have it
You know where to find me
I won't rush you but I'm happy we still talk and hang out ^-^
Nov 2021 · 101
Help me
Madeleine Nov 2021
Hiding my pain behind a smile
Everyday convincing myself that
Life will get better, this is just a
Phase. Soon I can be real
Masks aside
Nov 2021 · 607
Madeleine Nov 2021
Help me, I'm hurting
Another day of smiles
Prepared for the best and worst
Planning an unknown future
Your happiness matters most to me
Nov 2021 · 180
Madeleine Nov 2021
When you ask me what I am doing
If am bored
Or doing nothing
My response to you will be
Nov 2021 · 1.0k
Madeleine Nov 2021
Suicide isn't the way
Talk to me, I'm here
Allow me to help
You are worth it!
Nov 2021 · 915
I love you
Madeleine Nov 2021
I miss you always
Loving everyday
Outside alone or by my side
Very quiet to being talkative
Everyday I came home You greeted me
You loved the belly rubs
One and only, my baby
Undeniably my greatest, best friend
My fur baby (cat) passed on Oct. 30. I miss him everyday and love him always.
Oct 2019 · 190
Leaves of Fall
Madeleine Oct 2019
Mustard tinted with orange
A dark monochrome red
Greens blending to yellow
All gracefully falling to the ground
Leaving the trees naked and bare
But instead of green grass
Always showing
A colorful ground remains
Oct 2019 · 197
Madeleine Oct 2019
I don't have any
Nobody is perfect
Someone is going to hurt you
Or just leave you for good
Don't trust anyone
Not even yourself
Oct 2019 · 230
Madeleine Oct 2019
The worlds mirrors

Are the lakes below

Reflecting all that is above
Sep 2019 · 507
Time loop
Madeleine Sep 2019
Did you know that everyone
Is in a time loop?
For everyday has 24hrs
Before repeating
Every week after seven days
Will repeat
After twelve months
And up to four seasons
Will eventually repeat
Back to the beginning of the loop

Each day
We wake up
And do our things for the day
And at the end of the day
We all fall asleep
To repeat the loop
The next day
But different tasks

Even the planet's
Will eventually rotate
Till they are back to where they started

The sun
Rising and setting
Each and every day

The clock
With their hands always moving
Eventually both restart at twleve
Aug 2019 · 231
Madeleine Aug 2019
It will either
Make sense
Or be a jumble of words
That might make sense

Be about true love,
being alone,
just broke up,
Or getting broken up with

To being about
Your best friend
Whether its your human best friend
Or your furry little friend
Because humans are too much

To I love myself
Or wanting to end my life
Because people make me feel
Like a complete failure
And ***** up

To loving yourself
On what you look like and personality
Or feeling like you need to change
Your body or personality to fit in

To being about nature
And the things in the wild
Or how your home
Can feel like a jungle

To being political
And voicing your opinion
To being religious
And speaking about ones faith

The list could go on for miles
But its true
Poetry is life
And about anything
Your heart desires to write about
Aug 2019 · 258
Madeleine Aug 2019
A choice i once made
Gave me this feeling
Of discomfort
A feeling that never sat right with me
For some reason this feels
Like a stay or go
Stay with me or be free from me
I hurt
But i know you ache with pain
That should not be there in the first place
Im sorry
And if forgiveness is not an option
Then to be free it must be
For to move forward
We need forgiveness and to move on
To leave it in the past
I promise to you
That I want only you till I die
My mistakes
Are stupid
And i know who i have and how much
You mean to me
So to lose you
Would be too much
That my mistake
Would be the breaking of your heart
And mine
Aug 2019 · 398
Madeleine Aug 2019
To finally shut a door
Lock it
And giving You the key
To never return
Has been such a peaceful feeling
Aug 2019 · 311
Madeleine Aug 2019
Relax, my child
Everything is going to be okay
For I have everything under control
Jul 2019 · 322
True beauty
Madeleine Jul 2019
True beauty lies within
True beauty doesn't involve a mask
no matter how small or big
True beauty isn't fake but authentic
True beauty is loving who you are
just as you are
True beauty loves her flaws and mistakes
and isn't afraid to show others her scars
because her scars have a story
and those stories show us how strong we have gotten
how strong we have become
True beauty isn't a specific size or shape it all sizes and all shapes
True beauty isn't defined by color because one color isn't one Beauty all colors are all Beauty and most of all unique
True beauty is pure at its original core
Jul 2019 · 232
Madeleine Jul 2019
When I feel like
I could have done something
To prevent a now lost friend
From taking himself from this world

If only I had reached out
Maybe, just maybe
He would still be here today
And it wouldn't be eating at me
Knowing I could have done something
As small as sending a message
Jul 2019 · 749
Anything ever
Madeleine Jul 2019
If I could have,
anything in the world
It would be,
to ask for my best friend back
Jun 2019 · 272
Broken to Perfect
Madeleine Jun 2019
My brokenness
Pieces of me
Being put back together
By you, God
Piece by piece you put me together
Showing me the way of where to go
My pieces
The map
I cannot see it so
I rely on you to show me the way
Once I find my way
With your help
My pieces are slowly getting glued back together
One by one and
Once I hit the end of my adventure
My pieces are glued forever
As if I was never broken
For in you I am found perfect
With you I am found perfect
Because that is how you see me
Perfect and unbroken
May 2019 · 427
Madeleine May 2019
Working the week days
Eight to five on beautiful
Days, makes me feel blue
May 2019 · 402
Madeleine May 2019
The first gleaming light in the early Morning
Is the beginning of my happiness
To see that sun hitting the tree tops
As its rising
Brightening the land below
A smile as big as the east is from the West
Seeing the colors come to life
Hearing the birds singing
A cool breeze brushing against my cheek
Taking that deep breath of fresh clean air
Like twizzlers I cannot help but smile
Being thankful for yet another day
To have some fun and explore
And seeing the day go to sleep mode as the sun begins to set
More colors as beautiful if not more so
As the sunrise
Leaving me to rest with a smile and a happy soul
May 2019 · 775
Pouring Rain
Madeleine May 2019
You walk your soaked
You run your wet
You wait for the bus
You have your shower for the day
May 2019 · 675
Madeleine May 2019
Like a giant cotton ball
Moving at its own pace
In the giant blue ocean above our heads
Of many shapes and many sizes
Thick to thin
Streched and clumped
One color
To some
Making it like cotton candy
depending on the morning or night
An hombre of colors
Making them pop
As if in a pop up book
Light and white
Or darker and grey
Being filled with rain
Ready to cry on the earth
To water the lands below
Most times you are there
And sometimes you are not
But when you are up there
Floating around
Making shapes
I could sit or lay down
And look up all day
May 2019 · 589
The Sun
Madeleine May 2019
Many colors
Many shades
Morning and night
More colors than day
Daytime rays break through
The giant cotton *****
Hidding the light
But pop with color
The light falls
Striking the highest points
Nightime comes
and the light goes
and many smaller lights appear
May 2019 · 235
Another Name
Madeleine May 2019
Just a fancy cover up name
For ******
May 2019 · 653
Rest In Peace
Madeleine May 2019
The saying
You never know what you have till its gone
Isnt just true in dating relationships
But in friendships
And those you work with
One of my coworkers
Passed and I didn't realize
How much I would miss him
He had his ups and downs
Like everyone else
But its rough
And its going to be different
Without him at work
Cheery welcome greeting
And smile he always seems to wear
And his laugh
Making those around him smile
You will be missed
Always remembered
Rest in peace Ken
Apr 2019 · 525
Madeleine Apr 2019
Comes in many forms
From Harmless to dangerous
Sometimes even death
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