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Beckie Davies Nov 16
Strength can come in many forms
Sometimes invisible
Sometimes tangible

Strength can be a phoenix feather
Strength can be a lotus flower
Growth from the ashes
Growth from the peaceful waters

Strength can come in many forms
A feather or a flower
Both lead you home
strength can come in many forms
Billie Marie Apr 29
The mind clings to forms
to hold against the silence
to guard itself from you
the secret deadly enemy
hanging out on your own front stoop
winkin’ at your little sister
and begging for an invite to dinner
you can let him pass too
onto the vapor of a conjured illusion
you can let the words
coming from here get stronger
you can hear me more clearly and louder
the self that you buried
under the rot of yesterday’s tomorrow
all that chatter is of no matter you can tell

But don’t tell of the nonsense
of nothings wrapped in desire
that’s old news
from days when newspapers were read
that talk takes the time
of a 20th century backpacker
hiking Truth’s trail
NOW is the only time that there is
for waking from the ringing of the bell
don’t stomp out the silence
the one answer screaming
the reality one is

Only in silence you remember the key
to the treasure in the chest
holding your heart crafted in love
isn’t that the whole happiness quotient
wrapped up like a perfect peace package
I just can’t comprehend the human species
and its endless repeating crimes
how many life sentences
does one have to get
to see only the Self and be free
burn off the rest of the pride
every lyin’ thought’s last roar into dust
forms can’t hold true life
it’s real light making ghostly forms known
Inspired by Mooji's pointings
Faizel Farzee Oct 2019
My hearts free falling for you
No ground in sight
In love and falling for miles
these happy feelings ticking all the boxes
In my mind I undoubtedly know it’s elated feelings is right

It's more than just your captivating smile
It’s your enchanting independent fight
Your sparked passion is relentless
Fueling wanting to be a better me
A desire you always unknowingly ignite

My love equivalent to flooded rivers
Their destinations the ocean of love in your heart
Your every kiss a breath of life I live for
Your silken touch seductively excites my skins thought

Emotions closely related to shivers
Excitedly freezing my mind
There is no Angel I would rather imprint on
We believe in past lives our souls were heavenly entwined

Yours is the smile that I live for
Your sweet taste embedded in my soul
I pledged my love to you for eternity
Even in the afterlife we promised to be betrothed
Even though you were stolen by death
Like a thief in the night
My heart I buried with you
Only for the reason
My heart will then forever know light
C Cavierre Jun 2019
The man by the flowers
is giving with his tender care

The woman by the shelves
is giving with her dusty hands,

Him, by the trash bin,
gives with his inconspicuous hard work

Her, by the street, gives with the brightest smiles

Them, by the office, gives with their protective minds,

And father gives with his visionary love.

Mother gives with her fine-honed instinct

Sister gives with her passionate dreams,

Brother gives with his inspiring character

Nephew gives with his contagious laughter.

You and I, by our flowers, by our shelves, by our trash bin, by our street, by our office, with our care, with our hands, with our work, with our smile, with our minds, or our vision, or our instinct, or our love, or our dreams, or our character, or our laughter,

We give.
Forms Of Generosity
Madeleine Apr 2019
Comes in many forms
From Harmless to dangerous
Sometimes even death
old forms will never go out of fashion
if poets keep scribing them onto the page
there's timelessness in their long staying stage
as seen by writers who hold a passion
tonight one reprises the sonnet's stock
bringing past master back for a re-run
so readers twill enjoy couplets of fun
e'en including some lines that shall rock
let not tradition fade on the paper
tis said things of age can be new again
yesteryears vogue showing its surviving
well into a modern era's draper
penning the craft of the lasting refrain
whereby we'll see them always reviving
Mary-Eliz Jun 2018
I often wonder if Robert Frost
in all his life ever got lost
did that road he took need corrections?
if so, as a man, did he ask directions?
Hadn't heard of this poem form (Clerihew) till recently. Had to give it a whirl. :-)
Danielle Jun 2018
I see you world...
Through my mirrored eye,
Those nuanced shapes of yours.
Animal forms in all.
Sheer frustration at the human race prompted this poem.
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