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Claire Sep 16
Those are the times
Where mornings seems shorter
And the nights seems longer
Those are the moments
Where you lay in bed
With nothing but thoughts
Thoughts in your head
Feelings in your heart
Sometimes even just wondering
Why everything fell apart?
Sometimes you’ll just feel empty
You’ll just feel tired
You’ll feel like being happy
Was a facade you always lied
Sometimes you’re just there
Laying in bed
No thoughts in your head
Sleepiness wasn’t knocking on your door
Seeing times passes by more and more
You lay there with your eyes blinking
Staring at the ceiling, thinking
“Why is this happening to me?”
“What was happening?”
“What’s wrong with me now?”
“What changed?”
“Where did I go wrong?”
You start to retrace your memories
From the very beginning
You start to think back about those times
Even some bad endings
That’s where the tears starts coming
That’s where your eyes starts blurring
You didn’t know what was happening to you
You didn’t know if the sadness you felt was true
Was it the sadness you kept for so long?
Or was it just because you were tired of being strong?
You didn’t know
But you laid there
Just letting out your emotions with this cry
Without even knowing why
But as you finish crying
You started thinking
Now you’re staring
Not knowing what you were looking
But you felt empty once again
And the cycle starts over again
Until sleep
Finally comes to you
Your eyes now feel heavy
Your mind feels light too
But you know that was already too late
You accepted your fate
Sleep was always came slow
So now it was morning again
And the night became another

Sleepless night
I’m tired of being loved only half the time.
Lynne Aug 14
why do your lips
tell me things
your heart denies.
let me love you.
GulRukh Feb 2018
You are untouchable
like scent of sand after rain
more I breath in
more it makes me insane
I am invisible to you
Erica May 21
all i've done is wish for you
wish for you to love me like you say you still do
wish for your hand in mine
wish for your happiness
wish for you
then i later realized i wasn't wishing
i realized i was falling for you and those were just my hopes and dreams
and i was...scared
but...happy with you
and you seemed happy so i went along with it
and now here i am
in the middle of math class wishing i was with you and only you
Butterfly May 17
In my life there were a lot  of people who talks about my weight.
Like "You are to skinny!"
"I can literally see your ribs!"
Even people in my family.
Negative not in a lovely way with support.
My friends did the same thing.
But I found a person that loves just the way I am, classic right?
This beautiful person is about to text me, because she is actually worried.
Well this came out really wrong and I don't know how to fix it ,so yeah
Jaxey Feb 14
Love (down)

I love you
And you will never hear me say
That I don't
I know
We are meant to be
I can't believe that you think
You're not beautiful
I'm sorry but
You are mine
You can never say that
I'm lying

Evol (up)
Reverse poems are great my doods
Nie Feb 7
why don't you notice me
like the way i notice you
tayarose Feb 5
Yes I want to love you, but where do I Start?
With your mind?
yes, we can become entwined
Your eyes that change color, not far apart
or your lips that are the color of rose
or maybe your nose?
small, round an cute, just like art
your round tummy or your small toes
I can't choose, I love all of me
Right down to my beating heart
Be strong, love your self
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