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Jaxey Dec 6
it is 11:59 PM
and i love you

and i don't know about you
but in one minute
when a new day begins
when wifes are questioning
where their husbands are
when the city awakens
for their nightly mistakes
and late night distractions spiral
in minds of regret
i will be thinking of you

and if it's possible
i think i will love you even more
than i did one whole minute before
I love you
Jaxey Dec 4
I will love you
The same way
I did the day
Before today
And the 2 days
Before the other day
I promise to hold you today
Just as tight as i did yesterday
Just as sincere as I did
The day before yesterday
And two weeks from today
I will not lie to you today
I will only say truth like yesterday
Because I know you don't always
Believe me when I say
That I
Will love you
Love me please
L Nov 29
Here i am.

Begging, pleading. Forgive me for all it is that i have done.

I would say that i knew no better but i know for that would be false.

And my lips can no longer speak of fallacies.

I give myself unto you.

Do what you will with me.

I am yours.




You complete me.
As I woke
I walked over to the pool
The lights rays bursting into my eyes
I don’t mind it

I grab a chair and take in the silence
Surveilling every detail
To the birds
The clouds
The movements of the water
Even me siting there all alone

As I come back to reality
I see that I wrote you a letter
“I’ve felt you leave me. Your presence.”
“So to my dearest Angle, I will start to move on.”

One day I’ll wisper this to a hole in the ground
And bury it
Planting a sunflower seed with it
I’ll watch it nourish and blossom
Both in the earth
And in me
“Love, me” not “Love me”, there’s a big difference.
I’ve know your beauty ever since day one
I’m captivated to be just like you
The part of you that I long to rule over every persona
You don’t try to be good, you are good
I’ll remember this till the day I die
As we speak of this while on the shore
we see the woman watering her dandelions on the hill side
We wait patiently for the sun to come and to end
Never viewing ourselves, but viewing the world surrounding us
Rebecca Nneka Oct 12
Loving you is so easy...

I get nothing but pains and aches..

Love me the harder way..
Sweep me off my feet..
Make me feel like the love of your life and not the gal of your dreams..
Love me the harder way by being the man momma told me I deserved..
Love me the harder way by not putting a tear on my face..

The hardest way to love me is to be the personification of truth..

Can I ever find someone who stands for this?

Rebecca Nneka
They love you and still do hangouts, it's the commonest part of love today..
Love has been simplified..

I need a love that's so HARD..

That will never look outside..
That's be contented with me...
Pico Escasa Oct 1
Please don't love me
I'm not worth the pain
Its like working really hard
With nothing to gain

You'll just hurt yourself
Because I'm not who u see
You see me as good enough
But I'm not enough for me

I keep a cool facade
That hides a storm
I'm just a broken doll
In a human form

You are so much more
Than what I ever deserved
And for the best like you
The best should be reserved

I'd prefer you hated me
Than let me break your heart
Because in tearing your soul in two
I'd be torn apart

I'd rather love and lose
Than let you lose your love
I'd rather live below
So you can live above

Who cares what I feel
Whether true or not
Who cares of the battle's won
As long as I fought

I just want to fight for you
Just to keep you protected
And I wouldn't mind if my
Love would be rejected
Hannah thomas Sep 28
I think I'm beginning to understand
That the galaxies under my skin
Were never made for public consumption

That the stars in my eyes
And the moonlight in my hair
Would be more than they could handle

That the planets within my veins
Would remained unexplored
Until the day that HE comes

And gets lost within
My milky way skin
and solar system mind

Too in love with my space
That he never wants to
Come back to the ground

More alien than human
It's the only way he'll survive
That's the only kind of love
I want

The kind that's out of this world
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