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Grey Jan 26
I search for my reflection
but it is here no longer.
EmilyBatdorf Aug 2020
pull out the knife,
from where you slid it in my side.
Let the blood,
rich and rosy,
drench your hands,
a reminder, a memento
to the times we passed
untainted, warm in the sun.
Avert your eyes,
from my prostrate pain,
out of sight,
you can raise your head,
pretending the role you played
didn’t bring me down.
Ankita Dash Jun 2020
two tickets to barcelona sants
I told you I missed my flight

my bus broke down halfway into London and tonight
i'm crashing on someone's boyfriend's couch
it's a quarter to three and all I hear is
arctic monkeys inside a funeral hall
where I wore black lace like an unburnt witch
and resurrection like a diamond ring
and I feasted on the thought of how close I was to being whole again

because you thought I'd die without you
but life is more than just a memory of you
Dreamer Jun 2020
Such a strange world in here
I write about my broken heart💔
And for it I get an unbroken heart💓
Well I don't mind it
annh May 2020
If you place me on a pedestal,
I can’t help but disappoint you;
For no one is infallible,
No one survives unbroken,
No one remains unchanged.

When it all turns to custard,
Who do you blame?
Me for letting you down,
Or yourself for doing the same,
By expecting too much of me.
To shamelessly paraphrase Yotam Ottolenghi: ‘I am inordinately fond of pedestals...and...custard in any shape or form.’
annh Dec 2019 surfed my uncertain heart,
a wind sea
of ebbs and flows;
waiting for the unbroken to break,
white water
into ocean’s

‘I think of the horizon at midnight, the sky and sea blurring together.’
- Sophie Hardcastle, Breathing Under Water
Michael A Duff Sep 2019
if you show me your soul hidden deep inside I will admire it. show me the worst parts, the broken pieces... so I will know where to start. show me the most damaged parts and I will show you they are still lovable, unique in all the world unduplacated and more valuable than gold.
Most every person is a finger print, unduplicated, the unexplained magic of a bond seemingly to the soal burns deep into a mind and generates memories and feelings that never subside
OpenWorldView Aug 2019
he speaks in silence
the poem of her beauty.
a spell unbroken
Madeleine Apr 2019
You are the glue
that holds my broken pieces
together, forever
You see me as whole
Perfect and unbroken
Kit Scott Nov 2018
Imagine your body unbroken.

For a moment just consider
As your sinews stretch and muscles strain
As your bones shift and crack

Consider your body
Watch it and think
Skin stretched over flesh and tissue
Marked and scarred
Pale or tan or dark

Picture it
Look over it
This body of yours
Make it in your head
Your mind
Then open your eyes to observe

Consider your brain floating in liquid wrapped in skull and sending tiny electrical charges all around your body telling it what to do
Consider your feet, calloused or soft, holding you up (or maybe not)
Consider your hands, rough or delicate or both, helping you (or maybe not)
Consider your arms and legs (or maybe not)
Consider your stomach

Consider your heart

Consider for a moment, whatever state you are in
Whoever- wherever

Consider your body
Imagine it unbroken
Now look


Imagine your body - not unbroken, certainly - but whole

It shouldn't take that much effort

It's right there, after all

Your body may have been broken. But that does not mean it cannot heal.

You can be whole.

(whatever happens)
It's not very good but I'm putting it up anyway.
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