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if you show me your soul hidden deep inside I will admire it. show me the worst parts, the broken pieces... so I will know where to start. show me the most damaged parts and I will show you they are still lovable, unique in all the world unduplacated and more valuable than gold.
Most every person is a finger print, unduplicated, the unexplained magic of a bond seemingly to the soal burns deep into a mind and generates memories and feelings that never subside
OpenWorldView Aug 22
he speaks in silence
the poem of her beauty.
a spell unbroken
Madeleine Apr 11
You are the glue
that holds my broken pieces
together, forever
You see me as whole
Perfect and unbroken
Kit Scott Nov 2018
Imagine your body unbroken.

For a moment just consider
As your sinews stretch and muscles strain
As your bones shift and crack

Consider your body
Watch it and think
Skin stretched over flesh and tissue
Marked and scarred
Pale or tan or dark

Picture it
Look over it
This body of yours
Make it in your head
Your mind
Then open your eyes to observe

Consider your brain floating in liquid wrapped in skull and sending tiny electrical charges all around your body telling it what to do
Consider your feet, calloused or soft, holding you up (or maybe not)
Consider your hands, rough or delicate or both, helping you (or maybe not)
Consider your arms and legs (or maybe not)
Consider your stomach

Consider your heart

Consider for a moment, whatever state you are in
Whoever- wherever

Consider your body
Imagine it unbroken
Now look


Imagine your body - not unbroken, certainly - but whole

It shouldn't take that much effort

It's right there, after all

Your body may have been broken. But that does not mean it cannot heal.

You can be whole.

(whatever happens)
It's not very good but I'm putting it up anyway.
Danielle Oct 2018
And you’re here now
To wash away my fears.
No black angel,
Merely a human sacred.

No bells or prophecy
To claim your arrival.
Just one wish,
Spoken to the night’s sky

Paid in silent agony
Our tears heal.
The rainbow unbroken,
Our journeys begun.
A bit terribly ironic since I wrote this at the start of my last relationship, which meet a sticky end.
Amanda Apr 2018
I do not like being unfeeling
Hate that I'm always alone
But love does not dare find me
While I am stuck in my comfort zone

Happiness awaits my grasp
Just beyond hand's reach
I cannot get there by walking
Or by any form of speech

I need a road of hopes to come
Not a wish upon a distant star
Emotion will be my gasoline
My heart is my car

Still I stop to wonder
About promises bound to break
Pain and hurt so why should I
Make this gigantic mistake?

Once again I am safe
Unhappy, out of harm's way
Discontent but unbroken
In this place I will surely stay

Four cozy walls surround me
My prison and also my home
Scared, silent, and sound I still wait
Inside my little comfort zone
This was written long ago before i had experienced love and heartbreak
Arielle Mar 2018
Don't judge me of my size
I am still the hidden gem
You are not looking to find
Covered in dirt forever
Looking to find the heart
Don't look for me when I ask
Those who wonder have my heart,
Majid Oct 2017
Slam the door with silence, no friction
Your deathbed awaits by the sun
Facing it, with your right hand tickling the moon
Left one carrying a gun

“Ninth circle of hell awaits”
Whispers, as I wait for the sun
“Ninth circle of hell awaits”
At the galaxy’s edge, I stump

Where a dress made in heaven
Specially for her November
For her special mirror she wore
My chest shivers, as she carries me

My chest shivers, as she opens the door
Take me to the galaxy’s edge
Wear me upon your hazel hair
To let go of my old one

From a nameless stone fix me
Into living bones fix me
I sink into your mind
When it turns to be a black hole

Endless, with sensational blares
Echoing at the endless core
Take me to the sun
My only one, my only home

My mind convulses into spasms!
While I nap over her ocean
Where light wins every fight
Where darkness’s fading, I live

For a new life I live
For a new shadow of mine
Lifted by her soul
Lifted unbroken
AmateurPoet Sep 2017
I’m sorry
I’m sorry I pay attention to your wrists
But I do it because you’re beautiful and unbroken and I want the whole world to know
I want everyone too see how beautiful your skin is that your mother and father made, and how perfectly imperfect it is

I’m sorry I pay attention to your wrists
But I do it because I’m scared and worried that I won’t be able to protect you more than a knife ever did
I want you to know how loved you are and how you’re one of the best people I’ve ever met

I’m sorry I pay attention to your wrists
But I do it because I never want you to ever be hurt again; by other people or yourself
I want you to know how strong you are, and that no matter who hurts you, I believe you can pull through because you’re amazing

I’m sorry I pay attention to your wrists
But I do it because every single scar reminds me how I was too late
I wanted to be there more and even now, I continue to miss you and worry constantly, fearing that you’ll disappear from my life and I won’t be able to be a better friend

I’m sorry
I’m sorry I pay attention to your wrists
I don’t mean to do it to draw people’s attention
I know you’ve gotten enough of that already
Quick glances or long stares
I just want you to know
I’m here
Foams are flying everywhere
Music is just a blur
Bubbles soaked the dry land of Africa
The wolf with its magnificent fur has marked its prey
A butterfly as beautiful as the clear sky
There are much more beautiful creature in that desert
But the butterfly caught the monster's attention.

Unsuspecting with the danger that lies ahead,
allured by the wolf's gaze
Butterfly fly...not near but far from it.
Its destiny is already written.

Lured to the cave of a monstrous creature.
Draw closer, words were spoken. Closer.
Lips are now locked to each other.
But the wolf still made a promise, never will I break you.
The promise has been fulfilled, blood did not splatter on the floor.
Nothing is there.
Aside from a disappointed winged creature that can not fly
And a hungry wolf.
Parting ways.
I decided to write something about that strange encounter that I had with a new friend of mine.
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