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Jessie Taylor H Apr 2017
She told him to run,
but his ears were sewn shut.
So he just watched her perfect lips move,
because he wanted to rush.

It wasn’t because she was scared;
you see, she knew he knew nothing of love.
Now maybe she could teach him,
but patience was something unheard of.

And even though she was smart,
she still thought with her heart.
So she scavenged up the pieces,
with what little time she had.
But when she finally let him in,
fear was all he had.

Now even though she felt pain,
from the blinding heartbreak that remained;
she’d always choose the ache,
over the silent nothingness from running away.
Sally A Bayan Feb 2017

Ocean plays,
pokes the shore,
waves' bubbly edges

making love,
sand and rocks,
both subservient...

ocean...fondles shore with
masochistic caresses,
love affair...


Copyright February 7, 2017
Rosalia Rosario A. Bayan
Love poem #4
Crimsyy Nov 2016
Pull me,
play this tug of war
until I can no longer
bend back for you,
as much as I love you,
I cannot split myself in half for you.
I hope you understand,
I hope you see
I cannot feed this
masochistic thrill you seek;
I want to feel, feel, feel so badly
but not bad enough to taste blood,
but badly enough to give
all the right pieces of me
to the right person.
JDK Sep 2015
Please don't hurt yourself more than I'm capable of hurting myself.
I couldn't bear it if your pain was unbearable to me.

Let's just both go to sleep.
The challenge of empathy.
Stormy Bailey May 2015
We’re not as perfect as we like to say,
it's just another game that we play,
as you fall under my angelic spell.
the demon comes out.
and it wants to stay.
Cherubs cry,
as I tighten the ties,
and angels sob,
I put the gag back in your mouth.
blood red tears streaming down your back.
leather against skin,
cause you like it like that.
Your so cute when you scream,
its your masochistic dream.
biting deep in your skin.
face in the pillow,
suffocating again.
But you like that don’t you.
nails in your flesh,
color me aroused.
what’s the safe word you ask?
put that gag back in your mouth.
Wow I can't believe I am letting the public see this.
Justin S Wampler Mar 2015
I drink beer 'cause I got
mad falling-down envy.
Thorogood once said:

"One bourbon,
one scotch,
and one beer."

Ivy Rose Jan 2015
You are what you love
You feed off of it
You yearn for it
Your desire for it is never ending

You and your masochistic mentality that eats at your heart.
My dear, do you not realize you're dying this way?

Not what loves you back
The part of the phrase which you cannot except
The thing that keeps you from trying
The part of life that you're afraid of

You and your emptiness.
My dear, I never wanted to see you this way.

Your sorrow and your beauty once combined,
can create nothing but wickedness.

But you crave the pain that comes from that emptiness.
You *need
But once you receive that emptiness....
You. Fade. Away.
Heather Valvano Jan 2015
Yet I love this extreme rollercoaster
Put me on the ride and push all the buttons
I want to cry my eyes out and feel like dirt

I'll stand in line for hours
because I like being hurt

Just another quick fix
of masochistic bliss

Dish it out because I'll gladly take it
I'll ride the ride
again and again and again
Keilah Jun 2014
If love for you
is repeatedly running away,
continuously throwing everything,
brutally shutting me down,
and forcing yourself to never mouth,
then cut me a piece of your love
and I'd gladly give it
to someone who's masochistic
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