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Latifah Dec 2018
The screaming
The shouts
My heart’s bruising
The sword-like words
Like a scolded little kid
I run to the corner
Cover my ears
Pretend I don’t hear
At the cats i stare
“Can they feel my pain”, i wonder.
Abby Dec 2018
The first time i met you i told you "Everyone is the same"
"Everyone leave"
You seems a little angry, you told me your not like everyone else, i stayed and conutine wandering around ur arms, you really prove my words wrong.

I've never cry infront of anyone but

I've never see someone did so much for someone

never ever see someone being upset because of me.

But time pass by, its getting colder and colder

I guess you had enough of me
And you left like how everyone did

I really trusted you, i thought you would stay forever, i guess I was too relax, i put all my trust on you and get hurt so badly.
Paul R Hensley Nov 2018
covered in blood
cover in blood
all i see is blood
all you gonna see is blood

They might run,
they wont hide,
I am  going to slaughter
they all fall below me
build me up
suspense intensifies

door open
here i am
blood coated shirt
aw the joy of ending breath '
i will send the earth
to a dark decent

Tell god
Tell god

They wont make it
Woah... did i write that ?
Abby Nov 2018
Feelings don't die easily because we keep feeding them with memories

Its so painful, the aching feeling in my heart isn't fading.

Please hug me like how i used to hug you
Please come and find me like how i used to find you when you're down
Please pet my head like how i used to pet urs
Please lend me ur shoulder to cry again.

You're the one who brought me out of the darkness and also the one who pushed me in again.

You promised me you won't leave. where are you now? Little do you know every night my tears is shaking for you.In
If it still make you cry, it still matters.
Abby Nov 2018
I gave you my best,

I've never travel down for someone when they're down.

I've never comfort someone the way i comfort you.

I've never worried others like how i worried about you.

I've never go this far for someone but for you.

I've never cried for someone so badly just because knowing i did my best but it's not enough.

But you left me because its not enough.
Why do they keep promising the things that they don't mean it?
As he
is a
sign that
all things
save this
mud as
spines wither
eventfully that
he vowed
the riverbed
was her
current that
declined their
notion of
incidence here
with this
eternal surmise
A law of incidence
Elliot K Sep 2018
Depression is a war, one that i’m trying my hardest to battle but still no matter how hard I try, I can’t seem to fight. The words are painful, they hurt more than the ones kids at school would yell.

The words I tell myself daily, like “**** yourself” they are the echo of this world I was brought up in, they are my fathers words, the bullies, the ex boyfriends, the ex friends. Those are the words that ring in my head, as I tell myself daily how much I would be better off dead.

I look in the mirror and I can’t find anything else to say except ‘ew’ the once pretty boy I knew is now a ghost, an empty shell of someone who tried to take on the world but ran into the wall of reality, that this world isn’t perfect like it’s said to be.

I struggle some days to get out of bed, I stay awake at three am, grasping onto any happy moments I can find in this empty ******* head. I need happiness, I crave it like it’s a drug, and **** to me, it is.

My life is like a dumb game, one that I don’t want to play. I would think I was dead if it wasn’t the constant heaving of my chest as a reminder that i’m still alive.  

Depression is a war, like I said. I’m not a fighter, and one day, I’m going to be dead. Maybe not now, or even in a few years but I struggle to live. This life is ****, I have no friends, no family to care. Poetry is my only escape from here.
Aishwarya Ezhava Sep 2018
They can
They can love
They can be lovers
They can be lovely couple
They are a lovely couple, now
They were lovely couple, once
They were lovely couple
They were lovers
They loved
Diane K Pak Jul 2018
When you emptied yourself inside because things outside made you cried.
When your sacred self startled shattered to stutter without flutter.

When no one hear this mumble yet fumble and tumbled to hear me as troubled, but why instead themselves wanting to become more humble.

Who is everyone that added anything and everything to my voice;  screaming stopped, yet heartbeat ignition, and grumbling papers with and without written symbolism.  

I needed you to be here with the gem of treasure and filled with muse of your soothe and yet I waited to hear your amused with joy and listened to this delighted sadness of how really isn’t something to be amused or nor abused.

Wanting to wait for the return of the u-turns, so I became emblems of I said I’m sorry but it was actually an reoccur of it not being the chance to say that was my own turn.

Tears, aches, and screams didn’t swivel, its shriveled.
Yet, the eyes of the stars dreamt of awakening beaming bright, and if so it's beneath dimming the lower lights.
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