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Anna Aug 28
Sometimes it's blue,
A stormy sea of emotions
Coming, uninvited,
Into a newly built home,
Crashing the windows,
Filling the rooms,
Leaving me in my bed,
To drown on my own.

Sometimes it's grey,
A dim, colorless sky,
With the clouds standing still,
And the wind barely blowing.
And I am standing there,
With my umbrella,
Waiting for the storm to come,
Staring anxiously at the horizon.

Sometimes it's red,
A disastrous fire,
Tearing down everything in its path,
Burning it to the ground.
And I am paralyzed,
Looking at it come towards me,
With nowhere to go,
With nowhere to run.

Sometimes it's green,
Sturdy vines wrapping
Around my arms and legs,
Taking control of me.
Making me do things
That I would never do.
No matter the cost.
No matter the circumstances.

Sometimes it's yellow,
A hazy desert,
Sand that has piled up for ages,
Forming into dunes.
And there I march,
My feet heavy with desperation,
My throat dry and sore,
Consumed by the sun.

Sometimes it's pink,
An overdose of sugar,
Delighting me, Exciting me,
Then leaving me hollow.
I stand there, blinded,
Not knowing I had one cube too many,
Convinced that I'll smile again,
And the sweetness is soon to return.

Disaster is a spectrum,
One is never like the other.
They all have a different weight.
They all have a different impact.
They all have a different temperature.
They all have a different sound.
They all have one thing in common -
The ache in your chest.
B D Caissie Aug 23
I chewed on your words a hundred times, then washed them down with  tears of wine.

Your words they trickled within my  heart, so full with them it split apart.

But now your words they have no clout, I broke them down and ****** them out.
Osiria Melody Aug 10
I am worthless

No one could ever convince me that

I deserve to live

Please read from the bottom to the top.

1st read (top to bottom): I don't want to live anymore.
2nd read (reverse): I'm willing to live and won't let others bring me down, despite being told that I should die.
Yes, I'm doing fine. I felt inspired to write a short reverse poem after reading some online.
Silverflame Jul 3
I'm still not over you're gone,
I cry too many salty tears.
My fingers run a marathon,
each day trying to make you reappear.

You're the reason that I have to fight,
because of you, I tasted tomorrow.
I'll keep you in my thoughts at night,
my guardian angel with no halo.

I won't lie, it hurts too much,
losing you; I lost myself.
My heart will never bleed enough,
the loser's hand I've been dealt.

I'll wait for time to harvest me,
I'll endure this piercing pain.
I'll walk past fragments of serenity,
just so I can see you again.
I’m the queen of self-destruction
watching each bridge go up in flames.
A basket case of pure dysfunction
torturing others with my childish games.

I’m the perfect psychological warfare
collecting broken hearts along the way.
A gorgeously horrifying nightmare
waiting for my next vulnerable prey.

I'm the monster you lured into light
after you showed me how worthless I am.
A poisonous snake ready to bite
leaving ****** ring fingers in the sand.

I’m the swinging wrecking ball
destroying everything I can see.
A broken mess on a spiraling fall
after loving you nearly killed me.
I wrote this a while back when my divorce and separation was still fresh and I went through a phase of very self destructive behavior.
Mary May 23
Your words are like an arsenic drip
  slowly destroying me from the inside
divinity m May 12
liquor lips
cloudy eyes
the bottle downs
oh, how time flies.

a life relived
a tale retold
a realization made
i'll never grow old

memories flood in
of a cruel cold world
always tarnished
and never pearled

once it's all over
at the end of my dream
i have one dying wish:
that the world would be less mean.
They say when your dying
You relive your life
Once more
Before you pass
CJ Mar 13
The most hurtful pain
is the one without expression.

The most hurtful loneliness
is that I still love you
Forgive me, I still can't forget you...
My emotions are boiling into one

My heart is hotter than the flaming sun

It beats, beats, beats like I had a run

My words were stronger than a loaded gun

You see I was stepped on

You see I was left alone

You didn't see me crying

You didn't see me breaking and dying

You didn't see me on my bed lying

You didn't see me denying

You didn't see me justifying

You didn't see me roaring

Cowering, tripping, stumbling

You only saw what I wanted you to see

Are you ok?

How can I be?

When all of that is loaded in me?

Are you ok?

Why can't you see?

When nothing fruitful is coming from me?

You never cry!

Of course I do!

But never to you!

Why have you changed?

I never did...

You have forgotten what's been said

I try to feel better which is hard

Never thought it'll hurt to part

I keep going back to the start

When you deemed it simple to break my heart

I feel everywhere, I feel apart

Eyes won't close, can't depart

Was I bad? Mad? Hard?

Loud? Clingy? Embarked?

Too loving? Too gentle?

Too mental? Too regretful?

I broke both hearts, with my hands

I hope one day that I will understand

That I did this for you, then for myself

And maybe this poem will die on my shelf

I want to move and not wait a second

Yet I am held by something I recon

So ****** I feel, that I had to kneel

Why did you do it? Why did you steal?

Never have I felt so alive and real

But you simply wiped me like dirt on your heel

For that I am saddened, that this was our end

Where would I find another heart to lend?

Mine is all broken it's all over the place

Should I collect it? Or wipe my tears off my face?

I will say something, I will cut to the chase

I am too crowded inside my own space
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