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KM Hanslik Dec 2022
tell me you love me through gritted teeth
while your demons rattle in their cages
fresh blood trails in the snow
initiate more questions than answers

sometimes I think I have an epiphany
it’s really the voices laughing at me
sometimes they argue over a chorus of steel-and-bone
sometimes they offer up death in the form of hope

or my severed head on a silver platter
because taking the time to disguise a ****** is
a display of ill privilege
the wealthy need no cover-ups, no covert operations

and if you’re already well-sustained then where’s the personal risk
if you drive to close to the border in your bulletproof vest
and shout that everyone else should just calm down
as bullets rain upon them and enter their chests?

who’s the true enemy of life –
the hollow tin man,
or the murderer made of flesh?
Sya Aug 2020
You stare at my eyes as i sit down
Telling me that they're pretty
Even when all i do is look at the ground
You asked me to sit down, and eat. Then tell me that i should be skinny

Then you wonder why i'm always in my room
You wonder why i refuse to look in your eyes
It because whenever i do you assume
That i'm nothing and then you lie

You compliment me everyday
Saying things, but not because you mean them
But you have to or else ill go away
You stand there scared that ill become

Better or stronger than you
Unlike yours my eyes shine in the sun
Or at least they did until the moment you blew
The glitter inside them away. Thats when everything begun

It was in that moment that you replace my shiny eyes with cold dead ones

My eyes were once filled with every possible emotion except negativity
But you took that away, you took away my sight
So i questio how you can still tell me theyre pretty
When stole theyre light

When i look in your eyes i see nothing
Theyre like a void devouring everything

And that scares me
You had once made me fear my own safety
in my own home. Can you not tell your the reason i came to be
You left me shaking with tears,  i was once your baby

Apparently that ddint matter, or simply did not care
My eyes hide stories in them
Waiting for the moment they can be released into the air

If you were to look in my eyes
not just glance over their color
You would see that most emotions have said their goodbyes
Leaving my life to grow smaller and smaller
Hiding away in the only place i can call my sanctuary
Hunched over my computer constantly typing
Away, the clicking of the keys have become my personal fairy
Fairy godmother, that vanishes when you come inside along with memory

Of the last time we spoke
You had once more left me breathing heavily and collapsing on the floor
You must think this is a joke
When its not i'm speaking facts, so leave out the door

The brown irises were once the color of honey
Now they're the color of the dirt
The same dirt that is stained bloodied
From the wounds you caused with your voice, causing me to hurt

Almost constantly,
The black pupil has seen things
If my life was  movie, it wouldn't be a comedy
It would be instead a tragedy
Bryn Kennell Jul 2020
Lyrics of pain
A song so dark

She had no shield
Inhaled the words
Right into her heart

Melody severed
Just danced along
A tree in the wind
Enslaved to the song in her head
What happened to the days we'd wake up together and talk.
What happened when you couldn't wait to meet me, how i struck your eye when i was a stranger to you.
Now that you know my deep dark secrets you don't want to stay.
Didn't i tell you before you came through this door that you will never be able to fight my demons.
I guess it became to much for you...
You changed,
You changed because i remember when we would have phone calls when we weren't talking because i'd call you to find out why you weren't online.
You changed because you wanted me, you fought for me to leave others just for you and that i did.
I feel like you're slowly leaving my heart astray, is this love a silly game you like to play?
I'm waiting online for you, you haven't came on, but you come on just to tell me that your internet was out and now your grandma is sick and i said i need to go for a walk and i come home to you gone again...
waiting for you, all night to hear a good night cheer and still nothing...
Where have you gone?
What have i done?
What is the matter?
You changed, something isn't right...
Do you still love me?
If so, tell me, if not tell me...
Let me hear your heart one more time, let me see what it is you truly want from me.
Was i just being used for pleasure?...or do you truly love me?
You see, no one like's to be played with, but they do it anyway...
I'm still waiting for you, you said you'd be up a certain time and you're not.
I hope all is okay and hope what you say isn't just a lie to get away.
You Changed, for the better or for the worse...
But don't leave me astray and cast me away to the dark deep depths of loves despair.
Bury me in Ocean's tears, drag me away, if this love ends, no love will ever begin again.
Jennifer Herbert Jun 2020
Your eyes are an inferno
I cant help but look away
Slow burning in my chest
It's not your gaze, but what you say

Your words set me on fire
Slowly hushing the embers
Charring what left inside
Pacing your slanders

Every tomorrow will rain
To wash away the ashes
But your words left a stain
And you still hold the matches
Kelly Marie Jun 2020
Isn’t it exhausting
Pulling all your tricks
Picking out your mask for the day
Seeing which one fits?
GreenWitch May 2020
well let me think on this...
am I stupid too?
for loving You?

yes, I guess I am...
Goddess Rue Jan 2020
The heavens were mad,
So the clouds thickened and rained,
Tearing on the earth.
Your grips are too tight,
Cycles of day and night,
Enraged, yet unsatisfied,
Still, you didn't realise,
The hand in your right,
might shrink down to size.
Oh Nov 2019
Love is messy, not what they make it out to be
I carry the pain from this love, it doesn’t disappear like they say
This love is reckless, maybe even toxic
It’s a high I’ve learned to depend on
It puts damage to my thoughts, drains me of every last drop
Something I can’t abandon when I see the happy days
Love is messy, will it ever be as happy as it seems
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