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i had an idea to
in the middle of
but only if
on christmas day
i tried to make a sentence
but your interruptions got in the way
your interruptions got in the way
Riya Aug 2020
the words
i put out
can't be said
out loud
would they even
make sense
to you..
would they?
if i were
to write
about you..
would you
even know
that the words
mean more than
just meaningless
sentences on a page..
would you even try
to figure it all out..
or would you say
nice things
just to say them
cause you wouldn't
actually understand
these words
that i put out
for you..

would you?
《ignore tags》
Trefild Mar 2020
hardest party with floozies & saddo
wrathful wifey is choosing bolt cutter
**** gets naughty with ****** at brothel
problem youngin threw toolkit at father
wanton hottie is looking for lovers
step-son keeps eyeing good-looking step-mother
some ****-dropping is pooping on flower
punk's just gotten caboose-kicked by copper
dumbest blondies as students of Harvard/Oxford
Trump went shopping with Putin for armor
[oops, the last one is risky]
US Eng
Lilly F Jul 2019
sometimes the shortest sentences
show the most meaning,
from the first "I love you"
to the final "I do"
the words either send chills up your body,
paint a smile across your face,
or, if you're lucky, both

Arisa Mar 2019
**** the deadline.
****** the word limit.
maul the teacher.
tight sentences,
so concise,
stabs my heart
wasn't worth it at all.
I don't want to shrink my work, you hellcats.
Isaac Oct 2018
If letters on a keyboard are building blocks,
I want to build the most beautiful masterpiece.
Fitting different letters together into words,
And words into sentences.
I want these sentences to deliver thoughts that will make people's lives better.
Written 21 October 2018
Denise Uy Oct 2018
Can you read what you read?
I'm sure you can and there's no need to ask.
But it's weird.
Feeling through symbols.
Understanding symbols.
Writing symbols.
Combining symbols to make sense.
But some combinations are wrong.
Making sounds for symbols.
Saying the symbols correctly.
Different accents for symbols.
Drawing symbols, making them look pretty.
Fonts for symbols.

Imagine. We are ruled by systems of symbols.
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