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Hello Poetry raises money by advertising to passing readers like yourself.
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Jaden Apr 23
a character representing one or more of the sounds used in speech

these no longer fit together to form the words i need to talk to you

a single distinct meaningful element of speech or writing, used with other words to form a sentence

these seemingly simple elements of speech don't seem to work together to become the sentences i want to say to you

a set of words that is complete in itself

i look at you and suddenly my mind is no longer capable of putting together the sentences i long to give you
this started out as a poem for a boy but became a poem about my difficulty to communicate at times
"its as if the taste never leaves my open mouth"
"that kiss only coming about because leaping into your body was easier than crawling"
"and the need to breathe was so strong"
"with the mint smoke that rose into the sky surrounding and smothering"
"everything the eyes could swallow without fear of choking"
"because feeling complete was more important that simply living in distant agony."
                                            ---------- "Excuses"---------
starchild Jan 19
“i love you, but you make me feel cold on the inside. my bones start to ache; no, not in desire. they’re trying to warn me”

“- being alone like that must have been awful
          - you say that as if i’m not still alone”

“don’t you understand that you won’t be happy until you love me? this is for you. all of this has been for you”

“i don’t have enough time”

“i thought it would be easier, you know? after all of.. this. i just thought it couldn’t get any harder, but like usual, i was wrong”

“the idea of us together makes me gag”

“what happened to you? you used to be so warm. now you’re ice. i’ve tried to thaw you out, but it’s hopeless. no one can help you anymore”

“this darkness is the only thing i can truly rely on these days”

“do you know how many times i cried over you?”
all of these sentences were either said to me or i said myself.
triztessa Sep 2017
of the
            to you
you are
on which
I feel
           I am human.
n Aug 2017
she tells me words i never
want to recite again. i don't
start sentences.
i become sentences.

the nights pull me in.
it's fulfilling.
they tell me to wipe up the
poison and bury the cloth.

a tree grows from the cloth.
it's leaves are sickeningly green.
something inside me wants
to cuts it down.

i bite into the fruit it bears.
it tastes like warm pie.
it heals my wounds
as i live in fear.

my hours become smiles.
i lumber deeper into the trunk.
fires don't die in there.

i fall for a forest nymph.
she bathes in a river eight
acres away. the river i
bathe in is only an acre away.

a human is no a match for
a creature woven by nature.
the forest and the river blends.
i cut down the tree while
it's spirit converges.

my hands are stained with poison.
i flush it down a void. the darkness
replaces what has hitherto been empty.
something about pain
Bisaal Jun 2017
take simple words
with merely a plain meaning
and put them together
to make pure work of art
that can only be understood
by extraordinary
and peculiar
such as themselves
The most amazing part about poetry is that a poem can be interpreted differently according to the person reading it.
shåi May 2017
language has become
fool's talk
we gibber and gabber
to prove unimportant points
we speak
to disturb the silence of the world
we write
irrelevant symbols
to tell stories
we wish
to make noise
for the simple
to be heard

Isha Kumar Jan 2017
The littlest actions,
the smallest words,
the shortest sentences
the largest differences.
Meanings mull within mulish minds

Letters like lingering halitosis

Words waft with each exhale


swirling, sliding, sighing

Phrases pant per pulmonary systems

Tumbling through teeth,

Vocabulary resonates outward

Into the stagnant air

Permanence spills over tongues

Word vomit condemnation

Speak your life sentence
Poem based on how our words are/can be our own crucifixion
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