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Jessie Taylor H Aug 2020
A poet never really stops writing,
only sometimes, we lose the strength to write it all down.

But when we write,
we spill our hearts upon the pages.
Every ink filled line,
giving full access to our minds,
for whoever dares to read them.

I apologize for the tears and blood stains,
sometimes my pen reveals too much.
As I close my eyes,
and my hand glides across the page,
my soul speaks to me in the best possible way.
Jessie Taylor H Jul 2020
You are a piece of art,
crafted with the most valuable materials.
A sword forged from perfection,
with blood stained tears;
from the times you had to stab your own heart.

I'll become the blacksmith,
crafting over dents to help you become whole again.
Using my own veins,
to stitch together every open wound,
you've left untouched.
Jessie Taylor H Oct 2019
Your eyes are so intense,
their stare forces one foot in front of the other.
I still remember the feel of your chest against my cheek,
and the different patterns of your heartbeat.

Everytime you kissed me I could feel your soul,
and taste the faint hint of your last cigarette lingering on your lips.
But you let fear tear us apart,
because you lost control of your heart.
Jessie Taylor H Oct 2019
Sadistic minds think alike,
our bodies create a work of art.
While my ******* side,
gives you full control of my body.

Your deep moans and rapid breathing,
feeding my darkest desires.
I'm trusting you with my life,
as your grip around my neck tightens.

You use my body for your pleasure,
while your hands forget to be gentle.
Leaving marks across my pale skin,
as a reminder of the night you owned me.
Jessie Taylor H Oct 2019
He's disappointed in her,
she's falling even deeper.
He witnesses the side effects,
of her new dangerous addiction.

His eyes filled with concern,
he pleaded with her to stop.
He doesn't understand her pain,
and slowly they drift apart.

She still feels broken,
from when he destroyed her heart.
She tries numbing the pain,
with such a short-lived high.

But her heart wants only thing,
and she can't bare to worry him.
Even though he's the cause of this nightmare,
she'll never let him go.
Jessie Taylor H Apr 2019
If I'm being honest,
I want to be angry with you.
For giving up on our love,
When fear whispered in your ear;
"Run now or this pain will continue."

Your sweet lips still stained into my brain;
And my own personal brand of love will forever seep into your thoughts.

Whenever you held me close to your chest,
My body would subconsciously sway from side to side;
As if I could feel a silent melody vibrating from your soul.

It was like two individual beings,
Craving to forge into one beautiful piece of perfection.

A life full of possibilities,
And strength to break the curse;
That we've seen plague the hearts,
Of those who came before us.

But sadly our adventure is ending,
Before the first chapter is even complete;
Because you were so terrified of being out of control,
That you destroyed the purest love you'd ever behold.
Jessie Taylor H May 2017
Is a heart ever truly locked away,
or can it slip through walls just waiting for someone worth taking a chance for.
Risking exposure to the type of pain that most of us were wired to run away from.
Now some of us,
we’re a lot more ****** up in the head.

We see the heartache before it comes;
but the sweet rush of ectasy from holding the right person’s hand,
is always worth the torment that follows.

Leaving us broken and scared,
because we still haven’t fully grasped what are minds our capable of doing to our bodies.
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