Jessie Taylor H May 2017
Your eyes are so intense,
Their stare forces one foot in front of the other.
I still remember the feel of your chest against my cheek,
And the different patterns of your heartbeat.
The way you licked your lips when you felt your favorite things,
And how close you held me those very few nights.
Every time you kissed me I could feel your soul,
And the faint taste of your last cigarette lingering on your lips.
But you let fear tear us apart
Because you grew scared when you lost control of your heart.
(Not Finished)
Jessie Taylor H May 2017
Is a heart ever truely locked away,
Or can it slip through walls just waiting for someone worth taking a chance for.
Risking exposure to the type of pain that most of us were wired to run away from.
Now some of us,
We’re a lot more fucked up in the head.

We see the heartache before it comes;
But the sweet rush of ectasy from holding the right person’s hand,
Is always worth the torment that follows.

Leaving us broken and scared,
Because we still haven’t fully grasped what are minds are capable of doing to our bodies.
Jessie Taylor H May 2017
For every petal that fall,
She loses a piece of her soul.
But she continues to smile,
Even though she'll never be whole.

He'll pick away at her flower,
As she avoids the abyss.
But she'll risk it all,
Just for a kiss.

Her heart is now bare,
No longer protected.
But he leaves her in tears,
Just as she suspected.
Jessie Taylor H May 2017
Sadistic minds think alike,
And our bodies create a work of art.
While, my masochistic side;
Gives you full control of my body.

Your deep moans and rapid breathing,
Feeding my darkest desires.
I'm unintentionally trusting you with my life,
As your grip around my neck tightens.

You use my body for your pleasure,
And your hands forget how to be gentle.
Leaving marks across my pale skin,
As a reminder of the night you owned me.
Jessie Taylor H May 2017
I forgot that it stung,
Silver against my skin.
But the tickle up my nose,
Makes me feel okay again.

My heart is still bleeding,
Unsuccessful with moving on.
Thinking of you under the night sky,
Staring blissfully until dawn.
Jessie Taylor H May 2017
Don't be scared, Love;
Show me your scars.
Give me a piece of your soul,
And maybe a glimpse of your mind.

I could show you beauty,
Without a field of flowers.
And an amazing high,
Without the foul aftertaste.

Just let me in,
Let me feel your pain.
I'll touch your soul,
And make you go insane.
Jessie Taylor H May 2017
Just a piece of metal,
That's stained with red and white.
Leading me to sweet pain,
And such a lovely high.

Flawless drops of red escaping,
While this addictive white dust is introduced to my brain.
My mind feels so beautiful,
And my whole body trembles.
Thinking of the taste of your neck,
While servers run down my spine.

The bitter taste in my throat,
Masking the emotions I suppress.
Feelings of you keep swelling up,
So I do another line to tame them.
Your charming smile vanishing,
Replaced with lustful eyes.
Calming down my heart,
And filling up my body instead.
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