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I'm saying goodbye to your lies
I've held my stress my whole **** life
Every time you'd cry I tried
To cope with the pain so your sane
I came to text or come see you
My lame checks are nothing to you
I just wanted the best for you
Goodbye, it was nice knowing you
These old memories in my head
They take over me in my bed
Even in school I said I'd try
To forget but its hard to why
I just wanna leave it behind
It must be just me, my time to cry
I'm hurt, I suffer, you bluffed or
Made it up, faked and covered
I take I loved her it's over
She was so great to me I thought
We would live days together ought
To be better I let her take
My mind over I gave her phase
A chance it would have gone away
It's gone the past I ask you laughed
Your smile I was glad you had
That look but I look back and lack
The sense to see what I did wrong
This song is a goodbye, I'm gone
JoJo Pantoja Feb 2016
I wish you good luck,
Good luck in finding someone who is willing to actually be patient with you…
someone who will sit down & listen to your pointless drama that you had with your family or friends
Someone who will HOLD you when they see you cry in front of them
Someone who will try and HELP some way that is possible
Someone who is willing to STAY even though you try to push them away when you’re mad at something randomly
Someone who sends you a “Good Morning Beautiful” text every morning just to put a SMILE on your face…
Good luck finding someone who is willing to actually LOVE you even though you can be mean & violent sometimes when youre upset.
I wish you good luck finding someone who is willing to put up with your Bipolar and try their best to understand you…
because its all I ever done for you…
I was good to you. 
Never once have I raised my voice, 
never once have I gotten violent or mad with you 
But you walked away…
and now you said you didnt love me…
You couldnt handle the 1 hour distance…
When you realize how good I was to you & that you will not find someone with the same kind heart & patience as me…
You’ll realize iv moved on…
You try to apologize and try to hold on to me again but…
im sorry…

— The End —