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Edoardo Alaimo Jun 2023
We feel each other with gravity and tides,
Sharing warmth at each embrace,
A treasure trove of love and light
That time and distance can't erase.
Dedicated to my PAA fellows
Written with free friendship in mind

Love and live ♥
grace Jun 2021
It’s been four months since the sun last shown.
Since I last said goodnight.
The stars twinkle,
And the lamplights are an illusion.

Sometimes, I can pretend that it’s the same.
Sometimes, I remember that the sun is also a star.
The stars I see now are just a bit further away;
They don’t shine as bright.

I want to get on a rocket ship
And fly far far away.
I want to forget about this sun and its tragedy.
I will find a new sun

The new sun will shine brighter.
The flowers will grow taller.
The world it shines on will be more beautiful.
I will say good morning again.
Abner Ros Dec 2020
A rocket ship cannot be orange and red with white open hatches.
A rocket ship cannot live only on cotton.
A rocket ship cannot have wings of blue taking it high.
A rocket ship must be up in the blue sky.
A rocket ship needs to see stars above.
A rocket ship is not yours to keep.
A rocket ship blanket, however,
May be orange and red with white open hatches,
May exist on your soft cotton
And have wings of blue which take it high, though,
Not in the sky to see the stars above, but
Remain yours to keep as you nuzzle for comfort
In a world where real rocket ships rise.
Zack Ripley Feb 2020
My stomach churns as I get ready to fly away.
Adrenaline rises as I hear a voice say...5, 4, 3, 2, 1.
Then my rocket blasts off
toward the milky way.
Before I know it, 2 days have gone by. And as I look out the window,
I can't help but cry.
Because floating in the moonlight, even though I'm all alone
in a sea of stars,
it really hits home how small and connected we really are.
S I N Feb 2020
First it hits - then there’s a blast
It is so simple man
But when you come to think of it
You dread
For how you could
But well
You know
You wouldn’t know
That’s all
That’s how it is
How Was and will
And ****** be ye if not feel chill
For it is scary
Just you think
You live and die in just a blink
Erian Rose Apr 2019
I stare above
Straying away in the lonely gloom
Watching rockets patter higher
Touching the shining moon
One speaks out to the other
Swinging without grief
Far from what to come

"Why do you fear the stars?"
They call down to me

My shoulders sag
Though a smile grew
Each star reminds me of you.
11:11, and still no you.
MisfitOfSociety Apr 2019
My feet are above the ground,
Like a rocket ship with nothing in the way,
I take off,
And I keep going.
I just keep going...

No longer restricted by the confounds of flesh,
By birth and by death.
I leave behind who I was, and now I’m I am.
I am not my name.
I am just I am.
/                        been                       \
/                      thoughts                    \
|                           my                           |
|                         have                          |
|                  LANGUAGE                  |
|                           my                           |
|                            by                            |
|                 INFLUENCED                 |
|                              is                             |
|                            feel                            |
|                              or                              |
|                              do                              |
|                              or                              |
|                            want                            |
|                              or                              |
|                              say                             |
|                                i                                |
|                             that                             |
/                     EVERYTHING                     \
/                                   if                                   \

^                                   ^                                ^
^                                   ^                                ^
^                                   ^                                ^
| language instructs | the way we think |
^                                   ^                          ­      ^
^                                   ^                                ^
^                                   ^                          ­      ^
This poem is rooted in play. If you read this poem in a linear fashion based on the rules of the English language, it will be nonsensical as if Jabberwocky wrote it.

If you take a step back and look at the form and structure and forget a little of what you think you know then you might understand how the narrative flows. And if you dig a little deeper, you might find a few Easter eggs for further contemplation.
Maxim Keyfman Sep 2018
I fall into a dream I
I fall into a dream
in a dream I fall
I fall into a dream

and the arrows go
they do not stop and
arrows go their
never stop

I fall into a dream fall
in a dream I
I fall falling into a dream
and in the sky a rocket

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