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zebra May 2018
**** bomb
monsoon girl
thunder roll with falling arms
the war of hot ****
flicker hive
i take your head while your mouth rims
chatters and wimps
your feet kicking
limbs slant wide
all desperate sliding
my ribs infernos
i'm your
your my hot pepper stew
on a killer bed
your soul
eager torn clouds
a dragging nail tongue
sends you alabaster screams
like a winged sun drinking blood
your saliva diamond drool
black braids around ghost throat
a hemophilic dance
your center a wheezing fortress
my foot prints on your face
muddy kisses
that cant wait
honey Feb 2018
Scittering across the forest floor,
My thoughts dance,
and twirl.

Trailing down your skin,
With lovely touches.
I am not good enough.

I want to hurt you,
Hurt myself,
Let myself ******* fall.

I wonder what it would be like if you watched the whole thing.
I have no words to describe how I felt writing this.maybe melancholy? Bittersweet? Not very sure.
zebra Nov 2017
she didn't know it
but she had been bitten
not really by any body
more like a vision
of a vacant stare
and girating open mouth lips
like a strange idea
for a face
that caused a gnawing hunger
evoking a devils form
maybe a virus
that consumed her
while groaning as if almost human

she would wake up in the dead of night
imagining vividly
a veiled man
wet with sweat
a blood spilled mouth
raw and naked
sloping between her legs
biting her inner thighs
his teeth like syringes
with a lapping black sapphire tongue
it hurt so
but she let him
strangely she loved every second
and stroked his thick black hair
as he consumed her
and called her mommy
in a thick accent
that reminded her of summer heat
and wild groves

it happened every night
after she woke
she looked forward to it
she would wait
her **** an oozing wound
and recite

*come sweet demon
come and eat
drink your fill
my blood is sweet

my flesh is willing
my soul is yours
do what thou wilt
on all fours

come to me
this very night
crack my bones
do it right

will i die
a long slow death
keep drinking love
take my breath

my ******* hard
bite me deep
my legs spread wide
you are my creep

i need you so
your blood **** berry
don't stop now
my **** is cherry

finish this thing
you started cruel
i need you so
watch me drool

now i slip
take it all
kisses tender
watch me fall

a dark abyss
veins run dry
hold me close
let me die


she wept
she loved the pain
almost finished
dissolved like rain
zebra Jan 2017
for some
their sexuality
is intimately tied
to curves and licks of pain
and their own
abject destruction
trussed, ornate
for a brutality
that accentuates
****** lucidity
in the dark caverns
of a perforceive mind
and o so willing body
like bruised piano keys
in a triumphant concerto
of ecstasy
to be played hard
like Rachmaninoff's
beaten ivories
finding immense pleasure
in constant crises
between the entwined
demand of desire
and the need
for a
a depraved ritual
of exquisite subservience
by an idyllic master

sweeten the world
my darling
honey machine
industrious slave
bend my beloved
like the weighted ridge pole
are you ready to break
oh princess
of cruel inflictions
that intoxicate
with onerous dark thrills
the sway of your writhe
where pleasure is piqued
by perfect suffering

blood glitter paradise

she beckons
from hells shadowed doorway
enter my love

zebra Jun 2017
come with me
to the ****** motel
it could be so tender
as **** as hell

we can kiss awhile
i'd lick you sweet
and then bend you over
and cut your feet

*** honey
you can't walk anymore
no matter darling
i'm a blood **** *****

**** me daddy
soon i'll be dead
i want it in the mouth
crush my head

not so soon
my sweet little ******
first lose some blood
to get you all woozy

stand on the toilet
a rope around you neck
on tippy toes
you'll soon be a wreck

i'd love to shoot you
want it in the ***
in the intestine
the bullet will pass

ooow honey yes
let me spread wide
then shoot me through
is that how i died

no baby
that was just for fun
i cumed in your ***
my **** was the gun

oh **** me soon
you begged and you cried
i need it my love
so your hands i tied

i ****** you and ****** you
ready to ***
i yanked your head back
and you licked up my ****

are you ready sweet girl
you lifted your head
my **** in your ***
a dagger of dread

i slit your throat
ever so slow
you ****** and you shimmied
and the blood did flow

you got on top
your **** in my face
i drank from your throat
you bled out with grace

i loved you so
and called your name
you fell over dead
but who's to blame

oh my darling
you wanted to go
black emerald death
an ******* show

pretty dead girl
im still kissing you
but i have to leave
boo hoo hoo
A sick poem unfit for consumption
which is exactly why i had to write it
It's only for certain people
I'm sure
you know who you are
and yes i do love you <3
zebra May 2017
are you my lover
in a dark heaven
come to me my beloved
kneel at my feet
as i penetrate your veil
that shrouds cryptic ravenous ardor
and ask of me
your hearts desire

dissolution you say
that i may be eternal
for loves sake
bowing at the knees
as you tremulously brush and sweep your fragrant  hair
over my thighs
and run your pink tongue across
my butter filled velvet sheath
our kisses will be born over and over again
a spinning ring of desire

are there not the debts of love
will you promise not to anguish to much
as one harm heaps upon another
you swear to give yourself fully
thrill to kisses crepuscular
aching to be bitten and bitten
and bitten through
your scent
blood perfume

everything about you excites me
long stretches in a stained white gown
wet summer fruit
and spilling seed
your body filled with waters mellifluent
and lush
yield unto me
you are a titillating voluptuous awe
of wild torments
dancing on a floor
that melts scorched feet
hallucinations invisible shadows
of burning witches *******

sweet girl incandescent
ridge pole bending
throat swollen parched
crude hair pulling
Medusa vipers in the grip of a god fist
loving you
with a hard drubbing
your all squeals and caresses
stay with me through the long night
of tender kisses and worship
and then prepare for release to paradise
shall it be fast
will you spread wide
and plead
for all and more

what does it matter
fluttering with wild abandon
in the temple of rituals dark
to see you writhe
inviting ruin
we are a party of hydras
writing in blood and thunder
in the book of wonders

our hungers endless
Gods and Devils
thrill to our theater
of mortal coils unraveled
in the thick torture tuileries
of Dark Heaven
zebra Mar 2017
she viewed the sword blade
coming out of the floor      
and whispered      
i need this            
pulling her ******* down      
watch me drill my self to death
for you my beloved      
her ***** swollen      
******* and eyes radiant      
as she sauntered to the upright blade      
carefully placing her **** over it      
looking at me sweetly      
i should do my ***      
don't you think      
yes please do it slow my love      
i want to savor you my darling      
at first she stood over it      
on flexed tippy toes      
careful to position herself just so      
running her soft fingers over the blade      
willfully cutting them      
and slowly bringing her slender slit hand      
to her lips          
with pink tongue licks    
like blood diamonds      
in cherry red saliva      
and then smiling      
standing over the tip of the blade      
she said      
holding my self up is such a bother      
im sure if i let go      
gravity will help      
this blade  
slide right through      
tender little me      
i asked      
do you want drugs for pain      
no she  protested      
i need to feel  
every stitch      
every tearing inch          
she lifted her arms      
like a ballerina      
forming a rainbow arch      
looked straight ahead      
and descended slowly upon the blade      
our eyes transfixed upon each other      
her face resolute      
giving way to a hideous twist        
she a contorted kabuki      
a raging storm    
in hooked embrace    
of Eros and Thanatos    
a charmed grotesque        
trussed in a gauze wrap      
**** the little *****      
she called to hell      
blood and a little excrement      
slid down her milky thighs      
a helpless resignation          
am i pretty yet      
she quivered      
as she released her stance        
and let gravity      
do its ghastly work      
shall i finish this she asked      
for dark thrills embrace          
yes do it i called out          
tears falling like sapphire mist    
undo yourself with grace    
she extended her arm towards me        
with her sweet blood drenched hands      
and then in slow motion      
she fell through the blade      
up her center      
like she was      
buttery gruyere      
blood gushed      
face ivory white      
the floor washed    
in pomegranate and rust      
puddling at her feet      
she whispered      
im dead soon      
let me have      
jelly ****      
i slipped in her mouth        
she looked up tenderly
aglow like      
midnight on fire          
i grabbed her drooping  head,
forcing her downwards      
impaling tremulous mouth and throat      
her eyes fluttered      
and blinked      
as she drank me      
and then a long stare      
eyes wide    
a grateful gaping horror  
before leaning into the blood stained floor      
a slumping spire  
thumping like an echo      
im hypnotized      
as she looks on blink-less  
a mesmerizing shell        
as if to say        
ohhh my darling      
am i not your sweet clamoring      
***** of death          
still loving you  
in my reckless way      
use me my love            
devour me          
she dissolved      
like white sugar    
in the heat of summer balm      
her last words      
as if pure spirit      
there are those who dare      
to give themselves permission    
to entwine      
desire and death    
an eroticism rooted      
in the irreducible discontinuity of life..      
i consumed her entrails      
i licked the blood and excrement from her tender feet      
i ate her tongue and eyes      
i pulled her off the sword      
dragged her leaking corpse    
over my naked  body      
like a blanket          
to drown my self      
in her death      
caressing her till darkness came over me      
let them find us i whispered      
in her sloping      
hollow mouth      
our bodies fused in each others      
her corpse melted over mine      
like blood butter      
dread on dread      
o so dead      
princess perfect and i in bed
My poems remain explorations of the subconscious ******
If i where a film maker or a novelist  you  would see me telling a story, although i admit to my paraphilias
These poems  are lunar anamorphic streams of consciousness from the deep chaotic subterranean glitz of transgressive  impulses we all share
Read them if you dare...You might find that part of yourself that you don't want you to know about and then again  you may feel more complete some how if you do....I always loved that dark thing that sleeps with in me
#death  #***  #adult  #explicit  © zebra    love poems • death poems • sadomasochism poems • ****** poems • explicit poems
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